15 Top and Trendy Groom Sherwani Style Of 2023

Trendy groom sherwani styles won't be that avant-garde in 2023! According to forecasts, this year will see a rise in the popularity of neutral tones, combinations of red and neutral shades, gold embellishment (in the form of thread work, zardozi, Resham embroidery, or sequin work), fusion fashion, unique elements, and accessories. Groom Sherwanis will also be worn with dhotis, manarakalis, pastel colours, and floral sherwanis, among other looks. But the biggest obstacle to simplicity is standing out from the crowd. Here's where we step in. You can't go wrong with these 15 outfits as inspiration for your wedding groom sherwani look in 2023.


The Neutral Layered Look-Sherwani for the Groom 2023

This ivory-coloured trendy groom sherwani is embellished with silver and golden zari work, but what truly makes it stand out is the way it is layered. The sherwani jacket, which has decorative lapel-like attachments, is worn over a solid-coloured inner kurta. It gives the appearance of having three different levels.


Trendy Belted Sherwani Look-Sherwani for the Groom 2023

The sherwani worn by this groom is ivory and has intricate silver threadwork. This outfit not only follows current fashion trends like neutral tones, Anarkali kurta with sherwani, etc., but it also has the belted look, a style choice that is expected to be popular in 2023.


Traditional Red and White Outfit

This style was trendy even a year ago and is still in style now! The all-neutral trendy groom sherwani gains some vitality from a dash of scarlet or maroon. In this instance, the stole and churidar bottoms make extensive use of a warm red hue. Along with zardozi work, it has also been utilised in turbans and as thread works on sherwani jackets!


Pastels Are Popular and always in Demand

Even in 2023, pastels will dominate the sales rankings! This groom is dressed in a pastel peach pink sherwani. Although there aren't many embellishments, the fabric's light yet luxurious matte texture compensates! It is the ideal groom appearance for a daytime wedding in 2023!


Sherwani and Dhoti-Sherwani for the Groom 2023

Just combine the two outfits if your traditions dictate that you wear a dhoti to your wedding but you really want to wear a sherwani! Fusion outfits with traditional clothing are in style this year. This groom matched a dhoti in the same colour as his off-white and gold sherwani jacket. He has worn the stole in a manner similar to how one would if donning a traditional dhoti-kurta!


The Work Cut Stole- Sherwani for the Groom 2023

The wedding groom sherwani in gold and white has beautiful zardozi embroidery. The stole, however, is what distinguishes this combo! The cutwork border has a beautiful aesthetic and harmonises with the remainder of the outfit's embellishing pattern.


The  Manarkali fashion of 2023

This year, it's all the rage to wear an Anarkali kurta with a sherwani jacket or a Manarkali ensemble! A flared-hem Anarkali kurta is worn underneath an embroidered ethnic jacket. The pairing of two vibrant hues is another new fashion trend that this particular ensemble adheres to. The wedding groom sherwani jacket and the churidar bottoms are in a dark navy tone, while the kurta is a vibrant red glossy colour. The jacquard sherwani jacket features a high-low hemline and double-button detailing. The hemline of the kurta is also high and low.


Switch the Shades-Sherwani for the Groom 2023

You don't have to use red-toned accessories with a white wedding groom sherwani! Like this groom, who wears a dark red sherwani jacket combined with beige trousers, you can still look fashionable by wearing a crimson trendy groom sherwani and accessorising it with neutral pieces. The stole's border is embellished with polki motifs, the embellished buttons line the slanted button line, and the turban is as elaborate as they come. The outfit is covered in floral embroidery in gold.


Self-Tone Enhancement

Both brides and grooms can wear this specific trend in wedding attire in 2023. This describes the application of ornamentation that is the same colour as the fabric's surface. This groom is dressed in a navy sherwani, beige pants, and a stole. Only the hemline border and collar of the groom's sherwani jacket display matte gold decoration. The rest of the clothing features thread embroidery in the same blue shade, giving it a lovely textured appearance.


The Dark Red Turban: Sherwani for the Groom 2023

It's the smartest method to incorporate red into otherwise neutral-toned clothing! The groom is dressed elegantly in an ivory sherwani with beautiful gold embroidery and ornamentation. The sherwani jacket features motifs drawn from historical attire. The groom is wearing a turban that has a dark red colour. Red is not utilised anywhere else in the outfit! This is a fantastic method to keep up with trends without completely succumbing to them.


Combining Gold and Beige- Sherwani for the Groom 2023

Once more, this is a classic combo for men's ethnic clothing! Beige and light brown tones are also becoming prominent due to the popularity of neutral tones. Due to the addition of intricate gold-toned embroidery, this look is even more regal. Around the collar, the artwork is applied in rich patterns! Overall, this is one enormous groom sherwani for the enormous Indian wedding of 2023.


Moments of Monotone

In 2023, the monochromatic wedding groom sherwani style will be quite fashionable. Dark bottle green makes up this sherwani's hue. The sherwani jacket's weave gives it a rough appearance. The bottoms of the churidars have an extra ruffled appearance. The turban has an identical hue. The only piece that stands out is the stole, which is pale beige.


The Sherwani in Off-White and Gold

This year's white and gold groom sherwani style is unbeatable! A lot of gold is used in this sherwani, including in the sequin work on the stole and the floral thread work. Tiny pink floral embellishments in threadwork decorate the stole's border and the sherwani jackets. View more White Sherwani images.


Pastel Components-Sherwani for the Groom 2023

No of their ethnicity, neutrals have always held a special place in men's wardrobes. However, this year they are back and more widely used in the ethnic attire worn by grooms, so they are matched with distinctive components and accessories. In this instance, a light pastel mint stole with a broad ornate matte gold border has been combined with an ivory sherwani.


Short Sherwani Style- Sherwani for the Groom 2023

Want to avoid wearing something overly bulky? Wear tapered pants and a short sherwani that is well-tailored. Corbin, one of our clients, requested a garment similar to this, so we provided him with a short sherwani in an ivory-toned cloth with an embellished collar, sleeve borders, and elaborate buttons. The outfit is finished off with a maroon velvet stole, a turban adorned in the same colour, and tapered pants.