26 party ideas for Holi celebration 2023

Holi commonly referred to as the "festival of colours" or the "festival of love," is a Hindu spring festival. That represents the triumph of goodness over evil. It is a long-standing Hindu religious festival celebration that has gained popularity among non-Hindus in several South Asian countries as well as among members of other ethnic groups outside of Asia. In India, people of various ages and religious backgrounds participate in the Holi Festival celebration, which has recently gained popularity outside.


What does the Holi festival signify?

The Holi festival celebration marks the triumph of good over evil, the start of spring, and the end of winter, and for many people, it's a joyous day to socialise, have fun, laugh, forget, and mend fences.

Holi is an occasion for Hindus to forgive and forget past wrongs and to repair broken relationships. The Holi Festival also promotes bonding and social harmony.


How is the Holi festival celebrated in India?

On the first day of the first full moon in the Hindu month of Phalguna, Holi, a two-day festival, is observed. The second day is known as Rangwali Holi, Dhuleti, Dhulandi, or Phagwah, and the first day is known as Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi.

On the night before Holi, people congregate around a bonfire called a Holika and sing and dance. The following morning, participants in a free-for-all carnival of colours play, chase, and colour each other with dry powder and coloured water. Some also bring water pistols and coloured water-filled balloons for their water fight.

A traditional meal for the festival is gujiya, a sweet dumpling made of semolina, flour, and khoya and stuffed with dry fruits.


26 party ideas for Holi celebration 2023

Here are 26 party ideas for holi celebration to make your Holi celebration even more special:


Go traditional with your colours

If you want to stick to tradition, use natural colours made from flowers, leaves, and fruits. You can grind dry petals and leaves to make your own powders, or buy natural colours from the market.


Make it a themed party

Holi is the perfect excuse to have a holi-themed party idea for holi celebration! You can go Bollywood style with colourful costumes and decorations, or go for a more rustic look with earthenware pots and clay lamps.


Set up a photo booth

Holi is all about fun and colours, so set up a photo booth where guests can dress up in colourful costumes and take fun photos. Don't forget to print out the best photos for everyone to take home as a souvenir!


Serve traditional Holi foods

No Holi celebration is complete without some delicious traditional foods. Make sure to serve items like gujiya (sweet dumplings), malpua (fluffy pancakes), thandai (milkshake), and bhang lassi (a drink made with cannabis).


Have a water balloon fight

Wet and wild fun is guaranteed with a water balloon fight! Fill up water balloons in advance and let guests have them at them. You can even have teams and keep score to make it more competitive.


Play some fun games party ideas for holi celebration

Holi is all about enjoying with friends and family, so make sure to have some fun games lined up. Popular games include musical chairs, passing the parcel, and of course, colour powder fights!


Get your groove on

No party is complete without some good music, so make sure to have a great playlist lined up. Bollywood songs are a great choice, or you can go for some traditional folk songs.


Give out prizes

Encourage guests to dress up and get into the spirit of the festival by giving out prizes for the best-dressed male and female, the best colour combination, and best dancer.


Set up a DIY colour station

Let guests mix and match their own colours with a DIY colour station. Set out bowls of different coloured powders, along with water and brushes, and let guests have fun creating their own colour palette.


Have a bonfire Party

Holi is traditionally celebrated by lighting a bonfire, and you can do the same at your party. Gather around the fire and sing songs, share stories, and roast some marshmallows for a fun and memorable experience.


Make your own Holi greeting cards

Wish your guests a happy Holi in a unique way by making your own greeting cards. You can use coloured paper, stamps, and markers to create beautiful and personal cards for everyone.


Give out party favours party idea for holi celebration

Give your guests a memento to take the party home with them. Holi-themed party favours could include colour powders, scented candles, or traditional Indian sweets.


Decorate with flowers

Add some extra colour and beauty to your party with floral decorations. You can use fresh or artificial flowers to create garlands, centrepieces, and other beautiful displays.


Have a Holi party playlist

No party is complete without some good music, so make sure to have a great playlist lined up. Bollywood songs are a great choice, or you can go for some traditional folk songs.


Watch a Holi movie

There are many Bollywood movies that capture the spirit of Holi perfectly. Some of our favourites include 'Hum Aapke Hain Koun!', 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge', and 'Maine Pyar Kiya'.


Visit a Holi festival

If you're in India during Holi, make sure to check out some of the amazing Holi festivals taking place across the country. Some of the most popular ones include the Holi Festival of Colors in Delhi and the Lathmar Holi festival in Uttar Pradesh.


Have a water fight

Water guns and water balloons are a must for any party idea for a Holi celebration. Have a blast spraying water on your friends and family.


Wear white

White is the colour of purity and is traditionally worn on Holi. So make sure to don your whitest clothes on the day of the festival.


Apply mehndi

Holi is the perfect occasion to get beautiful mehndi designs applied to your hands and feet.


Give gifts

Holi is also a time for giving and receiving gifts from loved ones. So make sure to have some thoughtful gifts ready for your loved ones.


Make your own colours

If you want to avoid the chemicals in store-bought colours, you can make your own using natural ingredients like turmeric, sandalwood, and neem powder.


Play Holi songs and dance

Holi is a festival of colours and joy. So, make sure to add some fun and excitement to your party by playing some Holi songs and dancing to them. You can even have a dance competition with your friends.


Have a Holi potluck

A potluck is a fantastic way to mix up the food at your party idea for Holi celebration. You can request that your visitors bring their preferred Holi cuisine. This will increase the fun during your party.

Decorate your party venue

Make sure to decorate your party venue with Holi colours. You can even hang Holi-themed party banners and balloons.


Have a colour powder fight

A colour powder fight is a great way to add some excitement to your party idea for the Holi celebration. Make sure to have plenty of colour powder for your guests.

Have fun

Most importantly, don't forget to have fun and make lots of memories with your friends and family.