Eco-friendly Wedding Planning Ideas

While it has occasionally been said that weddings are wasteful in many ways, this is not always the case. You can choose from a variety of eco-friendly wedding options to cut down on waste or the carbon footprint of your celebration.

Since there are numerous overlapping concepts here, it is evident that you cannot accomplish every single one of these things. Some of these concepts can seem apparent, while others might seem to have little bearing.

But over time, the accumulation of several tiny choices leads to more significant outcomes. Conscious decision-making throughout the planning of your wedding has an impact. No choice is too small, and every bit counts when we’re trying to do our part for the earth.

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Eco-friendly Wedding Planning Ideas


1. Visit a library


Visit your local library to see if any wedding planning books are available for checkout before you buy every book on the bookshelves.


2.  Avoid printing out pointless documents.

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Use Google Drive or Dropbox to digitally organise your wedding planning. Another excellent tool for managing contracts, vendor research, to-do lists, and much more is Evernote.


3.  Select a green location

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Choose a location that emphasises eco-friendly procedures like recycling, composting, or donating leftovers from events. To further cut down on roadside emissions, choose a venue that can accommodate both the ceremony and reception.


4. Provide a shuttle service

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Consider setting up a shuttle service to reduce the number of automobiles travelling to your wedding if your ceremony and reception are held in various locations or if most of your guests have a significant commute.


5. Choose eco-friendly wedding invitations

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It's now simpler than ever to locate invitation suites that are printed on recycled paper or employ alternative materials, such as upcycled fabrics, leather, and wood, as wedding providers grow more ecologically conscious. Look for event planner companies that promote the environment when choosing a stationer. For each order, for instance, Paper Culture plants a tree.


For the most environment-friendly stationery, print invitations, programmes, and menus on seed paper. Planting biodegradable seed paper in a pot of soil causes it to germinate into flowers. You're sure to find the ideal item from Botanical PaperWorks' extensive selection of personalised items made from plantable paper for both your wedding and your garden.


6. Go with an eco-friendly wedding venue

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What is the simplest method to host a green wedding and reduce the carbon footprint of your event? Select a location for the wedding and celebration that values sustainability. The Green Building Information Gateway is an excellent place to start when looking for a location. Hotels and event venues with LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) and Energy Star ratings can be found through searches. There are so many gorgeous locations turning green that you won't have to give up style to be sustainable.


7.  Pick an eco-friendly wedding Favours


Indian weddings now include the essential practice of giving out wedding favours to guests. There are many alternatives, ranging from unique favours to those that your guests will use. However, to show that you care about the environment, consider giving away eco-friendly wedding gifts like seeds, saplings, plantable paper cards, bamboo toothbrushes, tulsi, jute bags, etc.


8. Choose cruelty-free cosmetics.

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Using cruelty-free makeup for your wedding is another method to make sure it's an environmentally responsible event. Check out this blog to learn about some companies that sell cruelty-free cosmetics.


9.   As a part of the event, trees were planted.

Why not include a "plant a sapling" session in addition to all the entertaining games you will set up to keep your visitors entertained and interested? This is a wonderful way to give back to nature and help the environment.


10.  Choose eco-friendly wedding food

eco friendly wedding food

The discussion of eco-friendly wedding food can become a contentious issue. Look for caterers who emphasise seasonal, local, and sustainable food. Inquire about the farmers they collaborate with and the sources of their proteins, such as cattle and shellfish. Long-distance shipment leaves a reduced carbon footprint the closer it is to home.


The same is true with wine. To help producers that are committed to protecting the environment in the vineyard and winery, look for natural, organic, and biodynamic wines. Also, keep in mind that single-serve packaging generates additional waste, so think about pouring from larger, easily recyclable glass bottles like magnums.


11. Manage food waste sensibly.

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I mean, come on! At weddings, we waste a lot of food which can be used for someone.  There will always be leftovers from major events, and buffet feasts are a particular problem. How is the excess chicken in the chafing dish handled? After the service, it is thrown in the trash. To avoid serving too much food, choose plated dinners. If you decide to serve a buffet, ask your caterer how to store the leftovers. If laws allow it, you can give any surplus food to a local food bank or homeless shelter, but you'll need to plan so that everything is packed safely and prepared to travel. Your caterer will need to create the required packaging, so discuss this with them.


12. Plan a daytime wedding

daytime wedding

Having a day wedding is the greatest choice to be an environment-friendly wedding because night festivities necessitate heavy usage of electricity and fuel-powered generators. There is no artificial illumination for midday outdoor events. It will again help you save a tonne of money and electricity if continued in decent weather, i.e. not during the summer.


13. Choose reusable and eco-friendly wedding decor

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Sustainability and reusability are the keys to being environment-friendly. You can decorate sustainably and give your wedding a wonderful, rustic ambience by utilising potted plants as table centrepieces. Even handcrafted chalkboard signs that can be scratched off and changed once more may be used for the signage.


14. Utilize the space of the venue as much as possible

venue space

Making the most of the wedding location is another approach to avoid harming the environment, especially if it is being held outside. If your venue has a large tree, dress it up with unusual decorations or use it as a mandap or a backdrop for pictures.


15. Prefer outdoor wedding

outdoor  wedding

Another choice of the outside venue. A national park can receive funds for conservation when you book a wedding there, and many beach fees go toward beach cleanup. A lush forest, rolling hills, or a picturesque vineyard are all beautiful places to say "I do." Thanks to the sun, you may reduce the amount of lighting you need and reduce your energy use. This is a wonderful way to spend your wedding day in peace with nature. Better still? Beautiful photos will be produced as a result of all the natural light.