12 Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas For 2023

Shopping from the couple's wedding is the ideal approach to finding a gift that they will truly appreciate. It is ideal wedding present etiquette to respect the fact that they gave a lot of attention to including the items they truly desire. Although you probably won't find personalised wedding gift ideas on the couple's wish list, it may be time to think outside the box if you want to present them something that honours their wedding date, a new monogram, or another significant aspect of the big day. It's not entirely forbidden to purchase items off a register.

You probably have a good sense of what the lovebirds prefer if you're a close friend or relative. As a result, you can choose a gift for them that they'll appreciate without having to rely on their wish list. If any of the couple's desired presents have already been purchased, it's also acceptable to disregard the registry, though you can still use it as inspiration. Finally, some soon-to-weds don't even create a wedding registry. Finding a suitable present is entirely up to you in that situation.

We've put together a list of the top personalised wedding presents to help you focus your search for the ideal gift. Personalised wedding gifts are a wonderful way to demonstrate your level of familiarity with the happy couple. Additionally, they frequently serve as a charming memento of the day the couple ultimately said "I do." Shop for one-of-a-kind and heartfelt presents for the (soon-to-be) newlyweds, including engraved cookware and touching art prints.


Family Name Sign

Canvas Vows offers beautiful canvas prints as wedding and anniversary presents. Their romantic wall art may also include the couple's wedding vows or perhaps the song sheet for their first dance. Of course, don't worry if these specifics must be kept a secret until the big day. You may also offer the pair a stylish canvas print with their wedding year and new last name. It is the ideal wedding gift with a last name for couples who are eager to share a surname.

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Comfortable Cashmere Blanket

For at-home romantic nights, this monogrammed blanket makes an ideal wedding gift. With a 51 by 67-inch size, it has plenty of room for two individuals to cuddle up beneath the luxurious cashmere. Choose from four flexible colour schemes. Then, if it suits the couple, add their monogram, first initials, or joint last initial. Who wouldn't want a little piece of cashmere luxury? They probably didn't think to include a personalised throw in their wedding registry.

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Set for honeymoon luggage

Personalised wedding presents can take many different shapes. There are also many sensible options available that can help the happy couple have a successful marriage. A brand-new set of honeymoon-worthy baggage is a great present if they're taking a romantic post-wedding getaway. Pick up this carry-on and checked baggage set and customise it with their initials, new monogram, or last name to go one step further. Their personalization will enable them to travel in style while the hardshell polycarbonate will keep their valuables protected.

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Cutting board

Shopping for ideal wedding presents for a couple who enjoys cooking together? A cutting and serving board with engraving will give their kitchen a tonne of personality. This makes for a particularly beautiful engraved wedding gift from Mom or Dad because it can be personalised with a favourite recipe written in your own handwriting.

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Drawing of a wedding portrait

Are you still hunting for the ideal wedding gift? More thoughtful and original suggestions for personalised wedding gifts can be found on our website. A bespoke drawing of the happy couple with their initial names or family names and the wedding date can be made by Shelly Klein. Has it been framed for a truly personalised wedding present that they'll want to display at home right away?

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Adorned Invitation Keepsake

The newlyweds' personalised wedding gift is actually a memento of their wedding invitation. Through the skill of needlework, the Etsy seller can replicate their winning stationery, complete with a traditional black frame. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time for this one-of-a-kind personalised wedding gift because the vendor will require a copy of the couple's invitation before they can embroider a replica.

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Holder for a commemorative cork

Want to contribute to their celebration of all future achievements? A clever way to remember important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, promotions and more is with this shadow box. The cork from their wine or champagne can be kept in this engraved wooden box so the couple can use it every time they celebrate anything together. Along with their initial names, the present is engraved with their wedding date.

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Beautiful Keepsake Box

What more stylish storage option exists than an elegant wooden box engraved with the couple's names and wedding date? This lovely box is constructed of pine and birch, with your customisation laser-engraved inside a charming floral wreath pattern. The interior, which is painstakingly designed to fit photos, stationery, and other sentimental objects, is revealed when the top falls off. For sentimental couples, this engraved personalised wedding present is a very charming option.

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Personalised Ring Box

Whether you're looking for engagement presents, bridal shower gifts, or a personalised wedding present, a lovely ring box is a welcome gift at pretty much any stage of the couple's wedding journey. A hardwood box or an acrylic box are the two materials available for this custom ring box. Anyone you select will have the design of your choice laser engraved on it. Select the first name, complete name, or last initial of the couple from six different options. The wedding date is also included in some of the designs.

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Retro Throw Pillow

The couple's names or any other wedding-related information are absent from some of the best-personalised wedding presents. Why not pick something customised with the location of their first meeting? One of these embroidered pillows that whimsically embraces the university they attended will be loved by college sweethearts (and more importantly, fell in love).

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Photo Puzzle with a Heart

Couples may find a tonne of cool, individualised artwork on Minted to hang in their houses. The couple's first names and a cute picture of them together are included in this lovely puzzle. It's a wonderful chance to display a photo from their engagement shoot. Alternatively, you might hold out on making an ideal wedding gift to celebrate the couple's marriage until you have a picture of their wedding.

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Stylish Map Glasses

A thoughtful gift they'll treasure always is glassware personalised with a map of the couple's hometown, especially if they're moving after the wedding. If the couple is from a whiskey-producing state like Kentucky or Tennessee, rocks glasses are a particularly unique wedding present suggestion. (However, it makes a rather unique gift for any couple that enjoys finely distilled scotch or bourbon.) The couple's initial names or the family name can be added as bespoke text in addition to the amazing map engraving.

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