An Opportunity for a Romantic Wedding Story this Valentine's Day

The official day to honour unconditional love is Valentine's Day. We have learned from our experience as wedding planners that this day serves as both a reminder and an excellent starting point for your wedding preparations. Those large wedding plan ideas may still seem a little dangerous or out of reach for some as we continue to be in the midst of a global epidemic that appears to be slowing down for certain nations but not for everyone. Stop worrying and let us introduce you to the world of elopements!

It was always frowned upon to be married by yourself because eloping usually meant keeping it from your family, but now it's more common than ever. More and more engaged couples prefer to spend their money wisely rather than on a large wedding reception with plenty of guests who will "get lost in the crowd." It has become a goal to liberate oneself from tradition, religious restrictions, or familial pressure and to plan the kind of wedding that best suits the couple. So let's go over all the aspects of eloping, and by the time we're done, you'll probably be more amenable to the concept!


Incredible Location

Don't place limits on where you can go while choosing a wedding venue. Your wedding can take place in any setting, including a boat, a lovely chapel, the top of a castl, a rural town, or the edge of a cliff. You won't regret having this unique experience if you're imaginative and daring (and, oh yeah, you'll get some amazing pictures to brag about back home!).



There are no limitations on your Big Day's schedule. There are so many fascinating locations to see, delicacies to try, and activities to enjoy in every part of wedding venue. If you're more daring, you could be interested in sightseeing. A boat ride during sunset may be the perfect option for a more upscale option. You can begin with a secret elopement, go on a romantic tour of the setting, and wind up with a dinner for just the two of you to cut the wedding cake. Watch as your wedding planners complete each activity to make the day magical as you relax!


Do You Need a Videographer?

The benefits and drawbacks of employing a wedding videographer are listed below. Given that a photographer will already be documenting all of your special moments, it might be seen as an additional feature of your wedding planning. The whole point of eloping is to reduce expenses, the number of guests, and the number of vendors, therefore it could make more sense to leave out a wedding videographer from the vendor list. However, many experts would advise that a videographer is a must-have for any style of wedding you choose, as more mementos will be produced. Additionally, hiring a wedding videographer for a shorter elopement will cost less than for an 8-hour ceremony with 300 guests.


Employ vendors

Realize that arranging for an elopement still requires time, thus getting a wedding planner is always recommended. This will enable you to accomplish your goals perfectly. Even if there are only the two of you, there are still a few things that need to be planned.

  • Timing and Place
  • Depending on the kind of ceremony, every legal document
  • Select a witness while booking a celebrant (for a symbolic ceremony)
  • Set up a travel schedule
  • Select wedding party attire
  • Invitations
  • Work with a Photographer
  • Invest in a wedding Videographer
  • Purchase a bouquet and boutonniere.

Choose further floral patterns (Perhaps you'll want a table centrepiece for an intimate meal and a wedding arch for the ceremony) is entirely up to you, your budget, and the outcome you want to achieve whether you want to have all of the aforementioned or just a few of the components. A wedding planner can organise anything you need to have your ideal elopement happen with less stress on you during the preparation process. Regarding flowers, there is no rule stating that you must have only a bouquet to walk down the aisle and minimum décor. You can up the ante on your overall design and floral details if you choose a site other than a townhall.


Legal Records

In order to obtain a legitimate marriage licence if you are planning a ideal destination wedding elopement, you will need to either schedule a date to complete the paperwork at a Greek Townhall or visit your local courthouse to do it. This can become challenging at times, but your wedding planner will help you move through the process quickly and easily.


Celebrate with family and friends

We strongly advise wedding planning a second party with your loved ones after your elopement. Your loved ones can be quite keen to congratulate you and make a wonderful occasion out of the elopement they couldn't attend. To get the most out of your second celebration event, arrange a party, a modest wedding reception, or a garden dinner with all the appropriate décor, menu options, and party preparations. You can either schedule this for 2023 or for a time when guest number limitations on lockdowns are less stringent.


Do You Want A Larger Attendance At Your Wedding?

When only a few close friends and family members attend your wedding, it is no longer considered an elopement but a micro wedding or minomony instead. Industry experts were forced to develop inventive and innovative alternatives to temporarily substitute the usual huge wedding plan ideas due to unpleasant circumstances brought on by the epidemic. There will be five to a couple dozen people present to celebrate with. Even with minor modifications to accommodate a smaller ceremony and celebration, there is still a lot of preparing to be done. Couples won't have to consider postponing their ideal destination wedding because of this move, which will allow them to continue planning. This is the greatest method to enjoy your initial wedding plan without worrying about having to change it, keeping social distance standards in mind.


The dream does come true!

Don't postpone your aspirations! Greece will always top the list of the greatest places to be married. You can find picturesque, classic, or regal sites and locales with the aid of your wedding planners' experienced advice. The benefits of an elopement, such as fewer expenses and hassles, less stressful planning, and avoiding cancellation risks, make it the ideal destination wedding setting.