Indian weddings are diverse and the ceremonies are wide and varied. No matter how advanced and modern the youth of India may be, they value their traditional customs on special occasions. The wedding was as special as can be. Indians like to follow their customs on their wedding day. Hindu weddings are the most popular type of wedding in India. Each type of wedding has its customs, ceremonies, and cultural celebrations.



Indian weddings of different castes are similar to each other, but the ceremonies and rituals performed by them say a lot about the region and culture.

There are different types of Hindu rituals depending on the country of origin of the bride and groom. There are different types of South Indian weddings and different types of North Indian weddings. Let's find out what differentiates Indian weddings in general, despite all the differences.



Hindu weddings are leisure. There is a lot of fun and music. If the family is ready for it, there is also dancing. Hindu wedding decorations include traditional marigold mandala canopies and contemporary themes.

Hindu weddings are so stunning that even though all traditions and rituals are followed, the decorations and food can be customized. No rules. So there is a lot you can do.

Hindu wedding themes are not limited to images of gods and goddesses. Music is not limited to solemn hymns and prayers. Hindu weddings can have a Disney love story theme with a Bollywood theme. However, the item is not mandatory. The origins of Hindu marriages go back to all kinds of Indian marriages and even some Western marriages.



Hindu wedding ceremonies are also tailored to meet the needs of the present times or to meet the wishes of the bride and groom involved. Most modern Hindu households are not strict with the rules. One of them cares a lot about the same rule, marriage should be a grand affair and everything should be perfect.



The presence of shehnai is a must in a Hindu wedding. If there isn't a party of bands playing shehnai, because there's a better band that will play Bollywood or real originals, or if there's a DJ you're saving up for, the shehnai has to come from at least one recording.



Hindu weddings should have many flowers. Although there are plants and more greenery, Hindu wedding decorations are not complete without marigolds and roses.



Except for black. Every color is used in a Hindu wedding, white is also used for gold embroidery is ideal for Hindu weddings. White is also a great background color to make all the foreground colors shine brightly. So feel free to use any color other than black. Make sure you use lots of red, gold, yellow, and silver. A wedding should look both pleasant and luxurious at the same time.


Lighting is very important in any wedding. At Hindu weddings, yellow candles are more welcome than any other color. Yellow lights create the appearance of knowledge. Multi-color illumination is required at the doors and on the outer walls of the building.



When planning for a wedding, remember that there must be enough space for the food stalls and enough space for people to gather and enjoy the food. A wedding is all about food. The decorations are there, they are appreciated but the food steals the spotlight.