Destination Wedding -Pros and Cons

Finally, you're being married in a stunning location with a great venue. Yes, as great as it may sound, as soon as you realise how much work needs to be done to make that destination wedding happen, your initial joy gradually gives way to panic. There are many things to accomplish, including choosing a wedding location, organising the events, and deciding who should be invited. It takes a lot of pain and effort to plan a destination wedding, but the best part is the joy of having all of your loved ones by your side on your special day. This includes lots of laughter, sleepless nights, endless alcohol, and fun. However, before you consider having a destination wedding, you should be aware of its Pros and cons.


Pros of Destination Wedding 


1. The cost of a destination wedding is less!

LessThere is a tonne of resorts and locations that provide full wedding packages, complete with accommodations, catering, décor, and planning, both inside and outside of India. An all-inclusive destination wedding typically costs less than a wedding of a similar size in your hometown, especially if you want to invite a larger crowd. These special packages also significantly reduce your workload, allowing you to focus on enjoying the planning and the wedding rather than wasting money on unneeded guests and arrangements.


2. Fewer Guests means less drama!

Few Guests

This has both pros and cons, but the pros outweigh the cons. A destination wedding's best feature is the absence of required guests, such as durrr ki bua or Chachi. A destination wedding has a more laid-back and enjoyable atmosphere. It makes the wedding more intimate and, yes, less fussy, which amplifies the feeling of closeness. Fewer visitors result in lower spending, which automatically frees you more money for your honeymoon.

3. Unique encounters

A destination wedding may liven things up, even if you don't envision throwing a traditional ceremony. It provides the chance to engage in thrilling, novel events as well as spend time with loved ones. Overall, it's a more interesting choice that may undoubtedly be an exciting trip for couples who enjoy travelling and discovering new places.

4. You two can concentrate on being a couple!

The fact that your wedding day ends in a matter of hours is one of the saddest aspects of it! When you choose a destination wedding, all the wedding customs are spread out over two or three days, plus you get to spend every day with your loved ones. A destination wedding allows you and your significant other to enjoy quality time together while planning your wedding, which is often done in your hometown.

5. Do not overspend on decorations.

As we all know, the best part of a destination wedding is saving money on every aspect of the event, so how can we overlook the second-most important component, décor, after food? As the location was already chosen by the couple due to the scenery or the view, there is no need for extravagant decorations. The environment will undoubtedly speak louder.

6. Vacation Built-In

You can decide to organise a destination wedding in a place you and your partner have been to and genuinely adore. Added choices? You may have big travel plans, which might be thrilling in and of itself. In either case, you'll have a vacation to a stunning location built right in. Additionally, a destination wedding coordinator will undoubtedly make it less stressful. The vacation will be made significantly more enjoyable by the contributions of your guests. Nothing compares to going on vacation at the same time as everyone you love.


Cons Of Destination Wedding

1. Unable to attend Replies 

Unable to attend replies
You can't expect all of the guests you've invited to your destination wedding to be able to attend. After invitations are sent out, you'll typically get more "we won't be able to come" replies than anything else. You will have to persuade some disgruntled friends and family who might want to attend your wedding but find it difficult to fly to Hua Hin for a weekend because taking too many vacation days from work is a tough nut to crack for some people.

2. Being certain It is lawful

The last thing you would want is to be married abroad only to learn that your home nation does not accept it as valid. For weddings at a destination, it's important to consider both the legalities of being married and travelling there.


3. Potentially Expensive for Visitors


While a destination wedding may be more affordable for the couple, many of their friends and family members may find it difficult to travel. Some guests may not be able to afford the cost of travelling to your wedding.


4. Planning small things could be challenging 


The planning procedure can end up being more time-consuming and difficult. The majority of your coordination must be done from a location that is far away, which might make making crucial decisions more difficult. Making a venue pick is always risky, especially if you don't have a wedding planner with experience with destination weddings or you made it solely based on your trip. And yes, how can we ignore the difficulty you'll have with direct communication? If someone isn't performing as you had hoped, you won't discover it until your last-minute tasting, at which point there won't be time to make changes.


5. You lack extensive knowledge of the country, city, or hotel you've chosen.

Lack of knowledge

Looks can be deceiving, as we all know. Sometimes, after going on vacation, a couple decides to get married there, but at that point, you have no idea if they will be able to handle 200 guests. So there is a remote chance that you won't obtain what you want. This, in my opinion, is the most negative aspect of a destination wedding.


6. Taking Language Barriers Into Account

Language Barrier

Travelling to another nation might be difficult when it comes to communication. Another factor to take into account while selecting a destination wedding is the language barrier. If you can locate an interpreter, it's not a deal-breaker, but it is something to consider.