Eco-friendly Wedding decoration and flower ideas

Decorations may rank among the most difficult tasks to do, depending on the size and subject of your wedding. Your wedding planner provides us with plenty of ideas for the most idyllic wedding locations, which typically require losing a few hours of the day. With so many options, choosing all the particular touches can be difficult, especially when deciding whether to follow tradition or differ from it. But if you value the environment and detest pointless extravagance, aiming for an Eco-friendly Wedding may be your guide.


Greener thinking isn't only for eco-aware couples; it may make your wedding arrangements, be possibly more cost-effective, and increase the feel-good factor on the big day. Furthermore, now is the perfect opportunity to examine how a greener wedding might look pretty darn beautiful as greenery is the Pantone colour of the year.


Eco-friendly Wedding Decoration




The mismatched chairs at this lovely Eco-friendly Wedding are the ideal illustration of how the worn-in aesthetic is still very much wanted for the modern rustic wedding. The most environmentally friendly course of action when it comes to furniture, lighting, accessories, and props is to hire reusable items rather than purchase new ones whenever possible. The more locally you can source these items, the better.

eco friendly

Newlyweds may be giving away second-hand vases, candlesticks, or glasses that they purchased for their weddings. You can sell them or give them to someone else after the event.




Consider using linens produced from natural fibres for your tables if you feel that those immaculate white tablecloths are a touch too formal for your tastes. Hessian, hemp or pure linen runners and napkins go well with rustic tables made of natural wood, vintage crockery, and candles. For subtle rustic charm, add some seasonal flowers and greenery.


Obtaining ideas from a rural Eco-friendly Wedding. Think about draping driftwood branches over your tabletop and hanging glass terrariums at various heights. Some can hold tea lights, while others function as stem vases.


Hire reusable cutlery and crockery instead of using disposable items whenever possible, including plastic straws and cups. If you must use disposables, choose bamboo or biodegradable options.




There are more and more popular paperless solutions for wedding stationery. Digital invitations and Save the Date cards can be distributed via websites. Find ways to completely avoid using paper on the big day, and use eco-friendly place cards instead.


Smock Paper, which only prints on bamboo and recycled paper and uses wind energy for its printing, is one of the stationery firms that practises more environmentally friendly business practices. The handmade paper used to create the calligraphy place cards shown above has been damaged.

Write guests' names directly on leaves, stones, or sea glass, which may be ideal for a coastal-themed wedding, if you want to take the natural motif a step further.



If you host an outdoor wedding in good weather, you can take advantage of the available natural light, but as night falls, fairy lights will make the space feel beautiful. LED fairy lights that consume little energy will glitter both inside and outside. Solar power may also be an option for events conducted in more sunny climates; just make sure they have enough juice to last the entire evening. You might also think about hiring lighting from a business like Event Planet, depending on the size of your location.


Another cheap and efficient lighting suggestion is to decorate outdoor spaces with hanging mason jar lanterns at your Eco-friendly Wedding. When it comes to clean-burning, natural soy or beeswax candles are a good eco-option. However, if you're concerned about fire risks or quickly fading flames, choose rechargeable LED candle lights.



Display your menus, welcome messages, and table arrangements on framed glass or reusable chalkboards rather than printing them. To add to the informal mood, this welcome sign is displayed on an antique easel and accessorised with various vintage items.



Traditionally, confetti is thrown towards the bride and husband, but why not do it with flower petals? Petals are a much prettier and more environmentally friendly way to celebrate your marriage. Prepare your preferred petals in advance and place them in paper bags or cones for your guests. Make sure they match the colours of your theme.


Our favourite Eco-friendly Wedding flower ideas:



Instead of fresh flowers, one of the most common and well-liked Eco-friendly Wedding flower ideas is to utilise potted plants as your wedding centrepieces and decor. You can buy or even rent potted plants for your wedding ceremony and reception instead of single-use floral arrangements, giving you more alternatives like employing towering topiaries to line the aisle and potted wedding centrepieces.




For weddings in hot climes, dried flower bouquets like those with multicoloured dried roses and dry lavender sprigs work well. You can take your time choosing or purchasing flowers, drying them, and adding your own unique DIY wedding floral accents to your bouquet. You can conduct a bit of research online to learn how to dry flowers without having them get sad and wilted-looking. Since many local flowers aren't in bloom and many fall botanicals look fantastic when dried, For an Eco-Friendly Wedding flower idea, dried flowers can be your ideal choice if you're looking for wedding floral options for your fall or winter Eco-Friendly Wedding.

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Paper bouquets for an Eco-friendly Wedding are likely the first item that will come up when you search for "budget wedding bouquet bundles," especially among environmentally conscious brides. Wedding paper bouquet ideas are ideal for all types of weddings since they have the amazing potential to be extremely eco-friendly as well as being one of the most economical and cost-saving wedding flower options.



When considering Eco-friendly Wedding flower ideas, these are the kinds of wedding flowers that typically do not spring to mind. Can you picture your entire bridal party carrying fluffy, soft bouquets made of cotton with a few colourful accents? The concept is gorgeous! Cotton looks stunning when used in its natural state and is one of the most often utilised and adored natural materials with a highly rustic appearance. This new Eco-Friendly Wedding flower fad's unpredictable nature makes it one of the best possibilities for an unconventional bride who wants to look into Eco-friendly Wedding flower selections before placing an online order.

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Be mindful of your choice of flower vendors whether you decide to DIY your wedding flowers or hire a professional. Among eco-conscious couples, using wood flowers or flower branches as a floral theme is quickly becoming a trendy trend. Plant or tree branches can work as statement design elements without going overboard because they can produce dramatic heights without obstructing guests' views of one another.

There are also some other Eco-Friendly Wedding flower bouquet ideas such as sharing wedding flowers with another bride, use of herbs for the banquet, use of wildflowers, etc. Which will give you satisfaction and a peaceful feeling.