Eco-Friendly Wedding gifts for Bride and Groom

No matter who attends the wedding—the bride and groom, their friends and family, or both—it is always a special occasion. This is the perfect opportunity for you to express your affection and best wishes to your newlywed partners. Giving them a thoughtful, high-quality present they will treasure for years in preparation for their new life as husband and wife is a simple way to show them that you care.


But why not pick out well-made, eco-friendly gifts for the couple if they are environmentally sensitive or if you simply like to buy products with less environmental impact? Nowadays, you can get an eco-friendly version of practically anything! It implies that buying eco-friendly gifts is simple and that you can feel good about giving them as gifts to friends.


Of course, choosing a gift from the couple's wedding registry is a sure bet. However, if you'd rather purchase another item or a separate gift, we've put together a list of 13 eco-friendly wedding Gifts that eco-aware couples would adore!


What Characterises Eco-Friendly Wedding Gifts?


The item itself determines if it is Eco-Friendly Wedding Gifts, but in general, go for presents made of eco-friendly materials and those that have acquired an eco-certification. Purchase goods from companies with a reputation for paying employees fairly and offering secure, healthy working environments. A handcrafted wedding present is frequently sustainable, and it should always be of the highest calibre.


What eco-friendly gifts to look for?


Once more, the materials will vary depending on what you are purchasing, but try to go for natural and biodegradable materials like linen, hemp, cork, or organic cotton. Recycling old materials to create new items makes recycled ones another sustainable choice. For instance, you might select recyclable glass, recycled polyester, or reclaimed wood. Avoid synthetic materials or fabrics in general since they are made from oil, which is one of the most polluting businesses in the world, and should not be recycled.


Eco-friendly Wedding Gifts for Bride and Groom


1. Towels made up of hemp and cotton

Made up of hemp and organic materials. Give your favourite newlyweds two towel sets from An Act as a surprise! Each towel in the towel set is composed of hemp and organic cotton and comes with a wash towel, hand towel, and bath towel.

Towels made up of hemp and cotton

In addition to being a more original present, hemp towels are also incredibly useful and sustainable. They are biostatic, ultra-absorbent, and dry quickly. Hemp has a smaller environmental impact than synthetic materials and requires much less water and chemicals to grow than cotton.


2. Coasters made from Eco-friendly cork

 Coasters made from Eco-friendly cork

I assure you that nothing can top this. One of the most exquisite eco-friendly gifts on the market today. Handmade from renewable cork, this set of four natural cork coasters. It's a better option for the environment than conventional coasters and a wonderful present suggestion for couples organising eco-friendly weddings.


3. Wood Photo Album

wooden album

A wood photo album is a wonderful Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift for couples who are planning an eco-friendly wedding. Made by hand, this photo album is composed of design paper and premium plywood. It can be utilised for a variety of comparable reasons, including as a scrapbook, wedding album, family book, and graduation memory album.


4. Paperless Paper towels

Paperless Paper towels

The perfect Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift for a couple who cares about the environment would be paperless towels. All of those paper items may be swapped out for them, cutting down on home waste and helping the environment! Handmade with polyester thread, these towels. These reusable cotton towels have an overlock stitch for durability and rounded edges.


5. Wooden serving board

Wooden serving board

Consider a wooden serving board if you need creative eco-friendly wedding present suggestions. For increased longevity, this board is handcrafted from premium wood. It contains two white ceramic bowls that are removable and may be used either individually or inside the board to add two more compartments. Serving nuts and favourite snacks to guests is something that couples adore doing.


6. Personalized Mr And Mrs Candles

 Personalized Mr And Mrs Candles

The "Mr. & Mrs." Personalised candles in a gift box are an amazing wedding gift. The family name of the pair and the wedding date can be added to personalise it. Even better, you may add a note just for the pair to the candle. This eco-friendly wedding present idea will certainly be appreciated by them.


7. Eco-friendly glasses gift set

 glasses gift set

For couples who wish to have an eco-friendly wedding, the Mr and Mrs Eco-Friendly Glass Set is perfect. This would be a wonderful wedding present. These wonderful Black and White glasses with leaf decorations were used by the couple to spend their evenings.


8. Indoor plants

Indoor Plant

These canvas planters would be a wonderful Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift. The pair would be able to witness their love blossom as their new plant grows. This planter is manufactured from North American-sourced organic cotton canvas and has the option of a turned top cuff. You can write a special message for the couple or their favourite proverb on one side and their names and wedding date on the other.


9. Custom WaterColor Painting

Wedding guests will love receiving this original watercolour painting. On premium canvas, this custom watercolour canvas portrait is printed. Simply provide the couple's photo to have it printed in watercolour on canvas.


10. Eco-Friendly Wooden Ring Holder

 Wooden Ring Holder

This beautifully glossy, chemical-free wooden ring holder is handcrafted from select-grade oak wood and treated with mineral oil and all-natural beeswax. It's perfect for any event, including an eco-friendly wedding. It can be used to hold priceless objects like a bracelet, brooch, pair of earrings, pin, watch, and more. They won't have to worry about misplacing their possessions anymore.


11. Married Personalized Wood Wick

Mason Jar Candle

A Just Married Personalized Wood Wick

Mason Jar Candle makes the perfect Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift. The sole ingredient in this candle is pure soy wax. Depending on the preferences of the partner, you can choose the fragrance. When they were having a romantic moment together, they would enjoy lighting this candle.


12. Eco Wooden Bamboo Cutlery Set

 Bamboo Cutlery Set

It makes a wonderful eco-friendly wedding present. The set comes wrapped in a handy cloth box and includes a fork, spoon, and chopsticks made of naturally renewable bamboo. Perfect for packing for a trip, a picnic, or to carry in your backpack for a quick outdoor meal! It is a great substitute for plastic straws and cutlery because each piece can be used again and again.


13. An Organic Vegetable Seeds Kit

 Vegetable Seeds Kit

For couples who appreciate growing their food, a kit of organic vegetable seeds makes a wonderful present. A variety of seeds, hand tools, and information on organic gardening will all be included in the box. This eco-friendly wedding present will surely be appreciated by the newlyweds. The best aspect is that it is a considerate and useful sustainable Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift.