Fairfield By Marriott, Lucknow

In Lucknow, a lavish location called Fairfield by Marriott is ideal for a big event like your wedding. The venue is roomy and comfortable, and it has top-notch amenities. For all of your wedding-related events and ceremonies, they provide full event support. With their world-class offerings, you can be sure that each interaction with them will be different from the last.

The Fairfield by Marriott Hotel and Resort wedding location is a great option for your big day because it can accommodate both grandiose and understated nuptials. While offering a vast hall, the vibrant and modern Fairfield by Marriott maintains the friendliness and spirit of India. The offerings considerably exceed the standard venue and caterer standards. All of these services would be tailored to meet your requirements, needs, and financial constraints.

The Fairfield by Marriott in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow is a five-star establishment with seven-star service. You've come to the correct location if you want to feel regal on your special day and forget about the stress of wedding planning. The only thing you will need to do is reserve their event space; the rest will be handled by their courteous, professional, and experienced crew. The Fairfield by Marriott in Lucknow welcomes you to make your wedding a special affair for everyone in attendance by taking advantage of its convenient location. If you've always wanted to throw a lavish Indian wedding for yourself, your child, or a friend, this hotel is your one-stop shop.You can also visit Lebua Lucknow, Hyatt Hotel and Resort, Ornate Banquet, etc to get lavish experience as Fairland by Marriott.


Infrastructure and Capacity

In one of the chic event spaces of the Fairfield by Marriott, Lucknow, you may host the wedding of your dreams. You may easily host up to 220 guests in their largest banquet hall at once to commemorate your momentous occasions with friends and family. Additionally, their lush gardens and indoor banquet are fantastic options for a lovely wedding alternative. For your comfort and convenience, they also provide a wide range of services like furnishings, valet parking, basic electricity, and backup.

There are wedding hotels, cocktail venues, banquet halls, wedding lawns, five-star wedding hotels, party halls, party plots, and marriage halls at the Fairfield by Marriott in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow neighbourhood. 200 people can be seated in Hall 1 and 300 people can be floating. The grass has a seated capacity of 250 people and a floating capacity of 400 people. Up to 60 people can be seated in Hall 2 and 100 people can be floating.


Services Provided

Allow the knowledgeable staff at Fairfield by Marriott Gomti Nagar, Lucknow to assist you in every way possible during the whole planning process and with every element of your wedding. They provide a wide range of services, such as multi-cuisine meals, in-house catering, in-house decor, a private area for special events, and service employees. They have a kind and committed staff. They do their best to comprehend and satisfy all of your needs and wants.

A superb team of decor suppliers and caterers work hard at the Fairfield by Marriott in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, to make sure that everything is delivered to you in the manner that you desire and request. They make sure that everything is prepared on time so that you can relax and enjoy your ceremony as much as possible with your loved ones. They promise to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction with their first-rate services and amenities.


Booking Guidelines for the Location's

A down payment of 30% is required and may be applied to any wedding or other event occurring within one month. Taxes, as well as food and beverage, make up about 18.00 percent of the total.

Any event held in the yard must forbid the engagement of outside providers other than caterers. There are DJ services and bridal suites available.

Alcohol drinking is also permitted at the Fairfield by Marriott Hotel and Resort wedding locations. There are no restrictions, so you may purchase alcoholic beverages anywhere you like. Corkage fees will be assessed.



The Fairfield by Marriott Hotel and Resort wedding location has 80 parking spaces on the premises and also provides valet parking.



There are 222 rooms available for lodging at the Fairfield by Marriott Hotel and Resort wedding locations. Even though there are many rooms available at various prices, the average hotel room costs Rs. 5000.



Outside wedding ceremonies and additional decorations are permitted at Lucknow's Fairfield by Marriott. The decoration will come from the location itself.



The Fairfield by Marriott Restaurant's traditional Awadhi food has been upgraded for its patrons, who will undoubtedly enjoy intense flavour stimulation.

Specialities from Awadh, India, China, and other continents on the menu will rapidly become favourites among customers. Our talented staff of chefs makes sure that the food we deliver to our customers is both hygienic and delectable. Every meal is made from scratch with carefully selected seasonings and ingredients sourced from sustainable sources. The Fairfield by Marriott restaurant offers food, and other caterers and food are also permitted. There are options for both meat eaters and vegans.

At the Fairfield by Marriott restaurant, a plate of vegetarian food costs Rs. 2600, while a supper of non-vegetarian food costs Rs.


Added regulations

The Fairfield by Marriott in Lucknow does not permit late music at the wedding location. The hotel rooms lack air conditioning. It's permissible to play baccarat outside.

At weddings hosted at the Lucknow Fairfield by Marriott, fireworks are not permitted. The foundation for marriage might be any kind of civil ceremony. The Fairfield by Marriott, Lucknow, offers overnight accommodations for wedding parties.

There are air-conditioned wedding venues at the Fairfield by Marriott Hotel and Resort in Lucknow. Barrat is made to feel comfortable there. Although there is plenty of parking, the Lucknow Fairfield by Marriott prohibits the use of firecrackers and other dangerous wedding traditions.



The Fairfield by Marriott Hotel and Resort in Lucknow is the ideal choice if you wish to commemorate a significant occasion in a special and unforgettable location. The Lucknow Fairfield by Marriott offers a variety of stylish and modern amenities for events like weddings, birthday celebrations, business meetings, and corporate get-togethers.

Their mouthwatering cuisine will tempt your taste buds, and their friendly and knowledgeable staff will work with you to design an event package that satisfies all of your requirements. So why keep going? To start making plans for the Fairfield by Marriott in Lucknow, get in touch with Event Planet right immediately.