Golden Tulip

Golden Tulip Lucknow offers the ideal fusion of tradition and modernity. Hotel Golden Tulip Lucknow in Lucknow provides you with outstanding hospitality and a carefully chosen site for your special occasion, all while being set in a picturesque harmony of comfort and elegance. They take delight in offering a location that is breathtaking to see and in sincerely caring for their visitors so that every event held there is a memory to treasure.

 The location is roomy, spotless, and furnished with catering and decorating options to suit your unique ideas. 800 guests can fit in one hall at the Hotel Golden Tulip Lucknow. If you feel comfortable about their service, make sure to grant them the honour of hosting your special day.

In the Gomti Nagar neighbourhood of Lucknow, there is a fantastic banquet facility called Golden Tulip. Choosing a suitable location is one of the most difficult aspects of wedding preparation. If the location is ideal, the wedding will be perfect. The Hotel Golden Tulip in Lucknow is the ideal choice if you're looking for such a superb location to organise any of your wedding-related events. It serves as a one-stop shop for all of your wedding venue needs. Their personnel will make sure that your wedding is a grand occasion that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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Both Lucknow Junction and Charbagh Metro Station are accessible from Hotel Golden Tulip Inn Lucknow in only 5 minutes. As a result, getting to Hotel Golden Tulip 6 Station Road Lucknow is easy regardless of where one is coming from.


Infrastructure and Capacity


For all of your pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding celebrations, Golden Tulip, Lucknow, has a lovely banquet hall and a well-furnished hotel that is well-equipped and has a choice of colourful and inventive setups. The location allows you to celebrate your wedding with all of your loved ones and can hold up to 600 people. In addition to this, they offer you conveniences like valet parking, standard lighting, electricity, and backup for a comfortable and easy encounter.

In Husainganj, Lucknow, the Hotel Golden Tulip Banquet Hall offers wedding hotels, cocktail venues, banquet halls, party halls, and marriage halls. Up to 50 people can be seated at Imperial, and up to 75 people can be floating. Up to 30 guests can sit in Aspen 1 and Aspen 2, and up to 50 people can float. Up to 5 guests may sit in the Senate, and up to 15 guests may float. The Daffodil can accommodate 150 floaters and 70 seated passengers. Ivy can accommodate 450 people on its floating deck and 300 people in its dining area. Aspen 2 has a 20-person floating capacity and a 15-person seating capacity. The seating capacity of Aspen 1 is 15, while the floating capacity is 30.


Services Provided

A committed and knowledgeable crew works hard to offer you some of the greatest hospitality services at Hotel Golden Tulip, Lucknow. They make sure to handle all the details so you can relax and take in your wedding rituals without having to worry. To ensure the highest level of client satisfaction, they make sure to fulfil all of your needs and wants. They provide a variety of services, including in-house food, multi-cuisine menus, service staff, guest lodgings, empanelled decor merchants, and a private location for special events.

The Hotel Golden Tulip in Lucknow offers a variety of delectable dishes that will fill the air with irresistible fragrances. You will be spoiled for choice with their extensive multi-cuisine menu, which offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives.

This establishment serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. This wedding venue's amenities include on-site catering and non-vegetarian options. Vegetarian menu packages start at Rs 1400 per dish, while non-vegetarian cuisine packages start at Rs 1600 per plate.



There is no corkage fee and no outside alcohol is allowed; only alcohol that has been approved for use is allowed on the premises.



At the time of booking, a 50% advance payment is required. If the event is cancelled 45 days before the event date, the booking fee is refundable.

GST will be applied as usual.


Hotel Golden Tulip Banquet Hall offers lodging accommodations, with a total of 115 rooms available for tourists at an average rate of Rs 1000.


Additional regulations

The Hotel Golden Tulip wedding lawn, which owns and operates the venue, does not permit late music. The motel has air conditioning in each room. The Hotel Golden Tulip Hotel  Lucknow accepts Barrat as well.

For wedding parties, Hotel Golden Tulip's wedding lawn provides overnight accommodations.

The Hotel Golden Tulip Hotel Banquet Hall has indoor wedding venues with air conditioning. The Hotel Golden Tulip Wedding Lawn forbids the use of firecrackers and other risky wedding customs, and parking is easy. A fee of Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 2,000 is added by the venue for an outside decorator and DJ service, respectively. Two free guest rooms are available at the venue.



 There are 80 parking spaces available at the Hotel Golden Tulip Hotel Lucknow, in addition to valet parking.



For decoration, a supplementary charge is required. The cost depends on the type of event and theme selected, and the venue has decorators on its advisory board. Outside vendors are permitted, and the venue offers decorations for an additional fee.



Hotel Golden Tulip Lucknow is a stunning 4-Star wedding hotel that is very well-liked by elite business travellers, executives, and foreign guests. Along with opulent rooms and suites, first-rate amenities, and friendly service, it has numerous gorgeous banquet facilities with small and medium-sized capacities. The hotel is the ideal location for all types of events, from weddings to business gatherings.

For your occasions, the Hotel Golden Tulip wedding Lawn offers cuisine and decorating services. All of your needs will be met satisfactorily thanks to the highly qualified and experienced workforce. The hotel offers valet services and plenty of parking space as extra benefits. You must include Hotel Golden Tulip Lucknow on your list for all of these and a thousand other reasons.