Here is the Summary about Indian Muslim Wedding food

Have you finished preparing for the Nikaah and other significant Indian Muslim Weddings rituals? But have you chosen the food for the wedding yet?

We can see why picking food from a variety of cuisines is challenging. What delicacies you should choose and what you shouldn't involve a lot of confusion and uproar. Therefore, With the help of Event Planet, you can get test some mouthwatering treats that you must include on your Indian Muslim Weddings food menu list to spare you the headache of spending too much time finalising the menu.


Check out the delectable Indian Muslim Weddings meal we've put together for your wedding this season by scrolling down:


  1. Roasted Chicken

Among your guests, this succulent, mouthwatering treat will quickly become a favourite. Simply place it on the table to see reactions of guests in Indian Muslim Weddings.

          2. Seekh Kababs

Lamb flesh minced in Seekh Kababs (mutton). The minced and shaped goat meat is combined with carefully chosen spices, and cooked in a tandoor or on a hot Tawa. makes for a wonderful introduction to Indian Muslim Weddings.


               3. Boti Kabab

Another Mughlai dish made with lamb or mutton is excellent as a beginning. The entire muscle flesh is extensively marinated before being baked or cooked over a grill. Best when accompanied by some green chutney. can also be made with beef.


             4. Bheja Fry

The Hindi word for the brain is the Bheja. It is a flavorful dish in which the animal's brain is removed and fried with herbs and spices. Eaten best with roti or pav. During religious celebrations like Eid as well as weddings and other events, Muslims enjoy its popularity.


              5. Murgh Mughlai

It is a chicken dish that comes from the Mughals, as the name would imply. Essentially, it is a mouthwatering chicken gravy that is creamy, rich, and flavoured with flavorful whole spices.

            6. Lamb Rogan Josh

Another lamb dish, indeed! This hot Kashmiri treat is now well-liked across the nation. The tender mutton pieces are prepared and seasoned with yoghurt, spices, and other ingredients. The result is a spicy, tangy curry that tastes best when paired with naan or ghee rice and is ideal for the winter and Indian Muslim Weddings.


           7. Nalli Nihari 

This is an additional mutton curry type. The Arabic word "Nahar," which means "day," is where the word "Nihar" comes from. The kings received it following their morning prayers. So you may be sure that the dish is truly fit for a king. Lamb leg parts that have been slowly cooked in addition to marrow bones are used to make the gravy (nalli). Beef may also be used in its preparation. Sometimes it comes with a cooked brain on it.


            8. Chicken Korma

This tasty, light Indian food is essentially an almond curry with an intriguing Indian flavour punch. You absolutely must include it on the menu for your Indian Muslim Weddings this wedding season. It is a delectable dish.


           9. Malai Kofta

It consists of deep-fried balls of mashed potato and cottage cheese that are then covered in malai (cream) and dipped in an onion-tomato sauce.


                10. Sheermal

Sheermal is saffron- or moderately sweet naan that pairs nicely with gravy dishes and all tandoori appetisers. Sheermal, one of the most well-liked Awadhi delicacies, is almost always the first item on the menu during Indian Muslim Weddings.


          11. Rumali Roti / Naan

These are essentially various varieties of flatbread served with any of the foods mentioned above.

Rumali: Very translucent and thin. like a handkerchief, folded. As a result, rumali. Naan: A different soft, fluffy, and lightly browned baked flatbread. butter-layered on top. Worth the shame.


             12. Shahi Mutton Biryani

For those unfortunate enough to not be familiar with biryani: The Mughals were nice enough to introduce us to a dish made of rice and lamb that was a pale orange colour. mixed with herbs, spices, nuts, etc. when cooking. And of course, meat, It is best dish for Indian Muslim Weddings.


                13. Zarda

To experience the unusual flavour of saffron, rice is sweetened and added to create a delicious meal known as zarda. Indian Muslim Weddings are the ideal setting for serving this meal, which is later adorned with nuts like cashew, raisins, and coconut.


             14. Chicken Biryani

With its intriguing aromas and unusual taste, this dish is pure delight and will enchant your visitors. To serve your guests in luxury at your Indian Muslim Weddings, don't hesitate to include this delectable dish on the menu.


             15. Gajrela

Gajrela is a sweet dish that is typically served during the winter and is made with carrots, milk, water, and sugar. In some areas, this meal is also well-known as Gajar ka Halwa and Gajar Pak.


        16. Sheer Korma

A delicious milk-based vermicelli pudding flavoured with upscale ingredients like saffron, rose water, dried dates, etc. is what's waiting for you at Indian Muslim weddings, so it's worth the effort to feel like the king you aren't.