How do I pick the ideal location for the wedding reception?

A wedding reception is a party that is typically held following a marriage ceremony as hospitality for guests, hence the name reception. This is the couple's first time meeting society as a married couple in the form of family and friends. Food and beverages are provided by the hosts, while wedding cakes are common.


How do I pick the ideal location for the wedding reception?

While there are many things to think about, among them are what to wear, the type of cuisine to have, the décor to select, and—perhaps most importantly—where to hold the wedding reception and since venues can fill up quickly and several decisions, including catering, décor, guest list size, etc., depending on the available space, it is best to start your wedding reception planning by choosing the location and reserving the date there.

Booking a wedding venue and a location for your wedding reception should be done as soon as the wedding date or month is set. Ideally, one should book their venue at least five to six months in advance. Event Planet wedding experts warn that choosing the "perfect" venue can be a difficult and time-consuming process that can take days to complete. Therefore, they advise following the steps below to make it simple to choose the appropriate place.



One of the first steps in preparing your wedding reception will be selecting a location, so you should start looking early. But in the end, it all comes down to preference. The earlier the better if you have certain venue requirements. Great venues are usually reserved 12 to 18 months in advance, so the earlier you start planning, the more likely it is that you will have your first choice in all of your vendors.



Keep Your Budget in Mind

The issue is more complicated than just how much renting the room will cost because locations with in-house catering (like hotels) will charge a price-per-plate. Be aware of your overall spending limit and the approximate cost to execute your design. Adding decorations and flowers will up the price as well.

When there are still a dozen other individuals to hire, it will be challenging to keep inside your budget if you chose your venue first and then discover it costs more than you anticipated. You'll need to adjust your design or start looking for spaces that are more reasonably priced if the cost of using the space plus blows your budget out of the water.



Be genuine to yourself always.

Many couples choose venues based on the wedding reception design they fell in love with online due to the growth of wedding reception on various websites. But it's crucial to consider what feels genuine to you two as a couple and choose a location and style that reflect who you are. A venue might have been stunning with a different theme or design scheme, but it might not be the best blank canvas for yours.

Be Genuine


Seek advice from your wedding planner

A professional's input is usually beneficial when planning a complicated occasion like a wedding. Wedding planners come to your aid by offering suggestions that will help you realise your vision, work out the details, and enhance the wedding reception to create a special experience for guests and soon-to-be newlyweds. In the end, your planner will decide whether the location is worthwhile given your vision and plan.

Wedding Planner


Know Who Is Attending

If you know how many people you're expecting before you start looking for venues, it will help you avoid future headaches and heartaches. Have that discussion early to determine what you're truly working with because couples usually underestimate how many guests they will invite (or how many their parents will want to add). You can find yourself in a tricky situation if you pick a venue that is too small for your guest list and more individuals say "yes" than you can fit in the room.

Know your attending


Recognize Your Guest

You can save future hassles by knowing how many guests you would like at the wedding reception. To manage event details, know how many guests will be at the venue, and determine whether most of the guests will be local or traveling for the wedding reception it is always a good idea to create an invite list before beginning preparations.

 Wedding Guests


Select a Location That Supports Your Goals

On the other hand, outdoor venues like parks, backyards, and ranches work well for a wedding reception that incorporates more natural aspects. Your reception will feel more integrated with the environment if you select a location that complements (and fits in with) your theme.



Examine the Offered Packages

If you don't have a wedding planner to hire vendors or prepare your big day, it is preferable to consider venues that offer supplementary packages like food, decor, hotel, etc. This will save you time and money while also assisting you in managing many facets of your wedding day.


Consider What you want Include in your wedding reception

Make sure to estimate all costs if you're thinking of full-service locations where you can bring in your own vendors and decorations. To compare costs after taking into consideration the cost of renting your own items, request a quote from a rental company. "A location where you are not required to bring your own equipment may be more expensive upfront than a location where you are."

Include in wedding

Additionally, bear in mind that the rental things that are already included are typically more basic (white tablecloths, normal flatware, banquet chairs, etc.), so you can still find yourself paying more to hire items that are more in keeping with your vision.

Additionally, if you're working with a venue that offers in-house catering and has a food and beverage minimum, keep in mind to take into account the tax and the tip in your calculations.