How is a Destination Wedding different from a usual Traditional Wedding


Being thrown around in a tornado of excitement by falling in love, getting engaged, and having to have wedding planning can leave you feeling a little worn out after the storm. A newly engaged couple will have to make several important decisions, one of which is whether to have a Destination wedding or a Traditional Wedding. While there are many advantages and disadvantages to each, you can be confident that any decision you pick will result in your marriage to the wonderful partner of your dreams.


What makes a difference, then?


Traditional Wedding Pros:


1. More Time for Planning

more time

A Traditional Wedding requires extensive planning, which gives the couple plenty of time to focus on small details like the reception's table runners and floral arrangements.


2. Everybody arrives


For extended family, close friends, and coworkers to celebrate with you on your special day, you reserve a venue nearby. You get to see everyone you care about at once, which may not happen very frequently, in addition to sharing this important milestone in your life with everyone.


3. Enthusiasm

It is much more enjoyable to celebrate your big day when family, friends, and other loved ones are there.


4. Added Gifts


The fact that you will get gifts is one of the nicest aspects of a Traditional Wedding in India. Although it may sound a little crude to state it, it is one of the reasons why couples opt to invite more guests in the first place. Sending out a courteous request for money rather than gifts is one of the wisest things to do if you and your spouse already have the necessary cosy touches. By doing a Traditional Wedding you can reduce the whole wedding budget.


Traditional Wedding Cons:


1. Higher Price


The headcount cost for the reception increases as the number of guests increases, so you may expect to pay more and receive a wider selection of menu items, drink stations, wedding favours, and other things. You most likely attract a larger group, which necessitates purchasing new clothing items like dresses, shoes, and accessories. Not to mention that, in addition to all the elaborate preparations, the honeymoon travel budget is a separate expense.


2. Stress


Although having every individual you've ever loved present to witness your marriage is perfect for the majority of couples, organising it can cause the bride and groom a lot more stress because it sometimes requires additional labour. It might occasionally be tough to handle the lodging and travel needs of your family and relatives.


3.  If you are staying close to home, it could be more difficult to make weddings personal and to reduce the guest list. Additionally, there's a chance that someone will bring unwelcome guests or uninvited family members to the Traditional Wedding which will require you to pay for their meals.


4.  Traditional Weddings can be a lot more work for you than a Destination wedding in India. When you make a reservation with Events Planet, our staff will take care of every detail, including finding a venue and hiring a photographer. The hiring, planning, visiting, testing, and booking will likely all need to be done by you if you decide to have a Traditional Wedding in India.



Destination wedding pros:


1. Include Affordability

In terms of overall wedding costs, a Destination wedding is typically the more affordable choice between the two. When all the details are taken into account, you could find that travelling to another country to get married is much more affordable and practical than trying to plan every last detail of your typical wedding. A couple frequently selects their honeymoon destination when they decide to go for their wedding.


So you can avoid paying for a vacation after spending a lot of money on the ceremony and reception by taking care of two major wedding expenses at once. You would still need to budget for the price of your wedding gown, suits, passports, tickets, and a few other miscellaneous expenses. This wedding style will have a smaller guest list, saving you money on extravagant amounts of food, larger locations, and all of the booze drunk at the open bar. Additionally, it makes room for a cosier and more welcoming atmosphere.


2. Travel Possibility for your visitors

What could be more enjoyable than showing off to your guests in a location where they can unwind, be themselves, explore, and celebrate with you on your special day?


3. Stress-Free

reduce stress

Many wedding planners who specialise in Destination weddings provide packages that handle all of your wedding preparation needs and remove the majority of the decision-making so all you have to do is step off the aircraft and sign the paperwork.


4. It's up to you

its up to you

A Destination wedding has a more informal atmosphere than a Traditional Wedding which is more formal. You may make the party straightforward while yet allowing for customization, being authentic, and adding a small amount of theme. You are in control.


 Destination Weddings Cons:


1.  No Presents

After asking your guests to pay money to go with you, it would be rude to expect anything of the like.


2. Guests Unable to Attend

unable to attend

Evidently, for time, financial, and occasionally health reasons, not everyone close to you will be able to attend your wedding.


3. Planning


 Organising a Destination wedding in a foreign location may be difficult, time-consuming, and stressful. Therefore, we strongly suggest hiring a Destination wedding planner who is familiar with the locale and can help you with any queries you might have along the way, choose the best suppliers, and ensure that everything is in order.


4. Exclusiveness for Honeymoon


After your Destination wedding, you might have to switch hotels, which is another drawback. Otherwise, you might keep bumping into your visitors everywhere, which would ruin the romantic honeymoon atmosphere. On their honeymoon, who wants to visit their mother-in-law, right?


Making difficult decisions is a part of planning a Destination wedding as it is in life. It shouldn't really matter where you are or who is watching as long as you know that in the end you'll be married to the one who was created for you. What will keep you steady in the storm is standing next to the person you trust more than anything in the universe and hearing them promise to love you forever.