How to choose the perfect wedding menu?

Are you ready to select the food for your wedding? Your guests and you will need some food before the dancing, bouquet tossing, and before you start drinking. Choosing your perfect wedding menu will take a little more than just ticking off your favorite foods to your wedding caterer because of things like maintaining your budget and dietary supplements. We have some advice for you if you're struggling to come up with the ideal menu, entrees, and desserts.


How to choose your perfect wedding menu is provided here.


1. Budget


You should start by talking about your budget, as you do with most areas of wedding preparation. Before choosing the appetisers and main courses for your wedding dinner menu, be sure you are aware of your budgetary constraints.


2. Number of Guests

no. of guest

Your wedding food selection will be influenced by your guest list size in addition to your budget. More guests imply there will be more people to feed. Spending less per dish is one way to make a little extra money. It's not impossible to spend more money on more outstanding dishes if you have some more money in your budget.


3.  Food Presentation

Food Presentation

What foods appear on the perfect wedding menu will depend in part on the caterer service style you select. If you decide to go with cocktail-style catering, you can serve foods like sliders, veggie skewers, and crostini. The typically plated supper is at the other end of the scale, yet it is also expensive. Your options are nearly limitless when it comes to wedding dinner suggestions because of this.


4. Speak with your caterer

Consult your caterer if creating your perfect wedding menu is proving to be more stressful than enjoyable. They'll be knowledgeable about current wedding cuisine trends and have dozens of dishes to recommend for your menu. They could be able to minimize the price of your plates by suggesting budget-friendly alternatives like food station ideas.


5. Choose the perfect wedding menu according to the wedding theme

Perfect wedding menu

Matching your perfect wedding menu to the general concept of your celebration is a pleasant touch, while it's not entirely necessary. Consider a buffet or family-style lunch with dishes like roasted new potatoes, mac n' cheese, salads, and fried green tomatoes if you're having a rustic farm wedding. Are you planning a more opulent event? Consider the main dish like seared ahi tuna steaks with seasonal vegetables if you want a more elegantly presented supper.


6.  Meals should reflect your relationship


Another choice is to use your dishes to contribute to significant moments in your relationship to give a touch of emotion. If the two of you enjoy breakfast, you could want to include a cereal bar because they're currently trendy. Pizzas, pasta, and arancini might be on the wedding buffet if you got engaged in Italy. Feel free to use your imagination, but avoid combining too many flavors.


7. Dietary restriction

Diet food

One or two of your guests may have dietary supplements, which is likely. Getting this information as soon as possible is essential since you don't want to mistakenly offer meat to a vegan buddy or for one of your guests' nut allergies to flare up at your reception. They can often be accommodated by caterers, but they must be informed in advance so they can prepare the necessary ingredients. You should make room on the wedding RSVP card for guests to mention any dietary restrictions if you don't want to individually question everyone.


8. Backups are a must


While you don't want to go crazy, it's a good idea to order a couple of additional dishes. Having a backup is essential since you never know how hungry your guests will be. On an empty stomach or with a hangry stomach, nobody should go to the open bar.


9. Keep drinks in Mind


Drinks are frequently an afterthought. Drinks are important, whether you want to design a signature cocktail menu or a mango lassi station with an open bar to end the day. Think about how your drinks will fit into the overall scheme of your Indian wedding menus for a moment. You won't believe how much it can affect your food choices.


10.  Seasonal foods


Include some seasonal foods or entrees if you're sticking with a seasonal theme. Think about seasonal foods like fruits, vegetables, soups, and salads that can be used as the foundation for a variety of cuisine and sides.

Seasonal Food

Request advice from your caterer; they are professionals and should be able to provide you with alternatives.


You'd be amazed to learn that a lot of caterers (including venue-led caterers) are receptive to ideas and willing to have their cooks create special menu items for you. Ask if you are unsure.


11.  Do not overlook dessert.

Although I'm sure you won't completely forget about dessert, I do believe that sometimes people undervalue the importance of dessert in each celebration.


The best place to introduce some variation is in the dessert. There are countless opportunities! The list of desserts includes pastries, cookies, cakes, bite-sized treats, traditional Indian sweets, and fondue machines. To make your gathering even more thrilling, you could even have a really lovely dessert bar.


12. Choose your preferred cuisine


You have the right, as the host, to include the cuisines of your choosing on the perfect wedding menu while also considering the preferences of the guests. Make sure you think of some excellent selections for diners who aren't as adventurous.


13.  Choose fusion cuisine

fusion Cuisine

Fusion foods on the menu would let your guests experience additional treats and flavors if you are having a multicultural wedding. It will make it easier for your families to appreciate one another's cooking.


14.  Friends, Kids, and Elders


Many of my friends don't mind eating Indian food, but I'm confident that they would prefer a varied, interesting menu to merely eating Indian food all weekend.

Indian Food

Consider the needs of babies, children, and the elderly. Will you provide them with food? (Consider creating a separate space for children where food will be served.) For more suggestions, see my piece on how to prepare for children during an Indian wedding.


Another way to accommodate various groups is to designate distinct stations for both adults and children, such as a dessert station with a candy bar.


15.  Spicy food, or lack spicy food


DON'T over-spice your meals. DO NOT, I SAY AGAIN, make your dish extra spicy.


I must stress this again. Most of your guests won't enjoy the cuisine being spicy, regardless of whether you and your close family members or your mom's friends do enjoy it.

Sipcy less

Having the option to add spicy sauces or spices to food is always preferable to individuals skipping meals because the dish is too spicy. Additionally, you must communicate this to your caterers regarding this point.