How to Prepare Food Menu for Baby Showers & Gender Reveal

An excellent method to ensure the success of your baby shower or gender reveal party is professional catering by food catering service. Additionally, you can unwind and take in the festivities when you don't have to worry about shopping, preparing, presenting, or renewing the food.


These suggestions can help make your event as seamless as it is memorable, even though you should always base your food menu on the specifics of your event—time, location, theme, and budget.


Present bite-sized finger foods

Offering one- or two-bite finger snacks helps you achieve several beneficial goals. By doing away with the need for dishes and flatware, you cut down on both your expenses and the quantity of waste your gathering produces.

Present bite-sized finger foods

Additionally, you'll be able to give your guests a wider selection. Plan to serve five to six different dishes, with two of each, per visitor. Even if you have your event during lunchtime, there will be enough food on your food menu for all of your visitors because different guests will eat differently on average.


Double-check your themes

Double-check your themes

Yes, a theme for the baby shower can result in decorations that are impressive and have a unified look. But when it comes to cuisine, sticking to a theme isn't always the greatest option. Yes, it can be extremely adorable, but occasionally it makes it harder to make the food menu flow or have enough variety.


Choose desserts with minimal mess.

Choose desserts with minimal mess.

By sticking with cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and other finger foods, you may make it simple for guests to move around. Warm desserts and filled pastries are harder to eat when standing, so guests are more inclined to steer clear of them.


Vary Your Food Selections

Instead of filling their stomachs with just one meal item at a party, people prefer to eat a variety of foods in little portions. Try to have a variety of foods on your food menu for your gathering. Try to distinguish between food items with diverse purposes, such as appetisers, entrées, desserts, and beverages. Additionally, it aids with financial management and reduces food waste.

food selecton

The preferences of your visitors will vary, and dietary limitations will frequently be a factor. Offer a variety of foods on your food menu so that everyone has something to eat, even if they are unable to consume everything.


Start by discussing the pregnant woman's food restrictions with her. She probably won't be able to eat soft cheeses, some varieties of fish, any raw or undercooked seafood, pork, or eggs, for example. Use your discretion, but if she is forbidden from eating something she enjoys, you might want to think again about having it on the food menu.


Additionally, you might host visitors who adhere to specific diets or who have dietary limitations due to health issues. Think about including a few vegan or vegetarian options as well on your food menu.


Take It Easy on the Food Kitsch

There are innumerable blogs, articles, and pins with suggestions for foods that are pink, blue, or even transgender-revealing. Despite how adorable they may appear, keep in mind that a professional food stylist set and photographed them.

Take It Easy on the Food Kitsch

However, in most cases, your guests will appreciate having high-quality food that hasn't been ruined by the addition of additives and colourants. Your food catering service can probably handle whatever food items you'd like to have on your food menu.


Distribute the Spread All Around You


Place food stations or platters all over the area to keep the celebration moving. As they pass by or converse nearby, your visitors can pick up items that catch their attention.

Distribute the Spread All Around You

You may help prevent the snarl that forms when you provide your food in one spot by dispersing your offerings throughout the space. Additionally, you'll deter the secretive plate stackers and make sure that food is available throughout the occasion.


Choice of Color

The colours are another crucial element that you should pay attention to. Use colours and themes appropriate for your baby's gender when hosting a gender reveal party or baby shower. It will assist you in narrowing down the party. With the provider of food catering services, you can discuss this. By focusing on colours like blue and pink, they will choose and prepare food items.

chioce of color

In general, boys like the colour blue, whereas girls prefer the colour pink. You shouldn't overlook the meal quality while considering colour contrasts and other elements. Colour combinations can improve things, but they do not excuse compromising on the calibre or flavour of the cuisine. Such modifications and having a food menu of various hues always provide visitors with a positive experience. It enhances the party's memory.


Some Finger foods, snacks, desserts and drinks for gender reveal and baby shower function



Finger foods


1. Orange and cranberry scones

orange and cranberry scones

Whether you're hosting breakfast or lunch, pastries are always a welcome addition to the table. It's simple to put together a spread that includes baked doughnuts, quick bread, and scones. You can even make a compound butter to add an extra-special touch.

2. Mini sandwiches with grilled cheese and tomatoes

mn sandwches wth grlled cheese and tomato

What more embodies comfort food than ooey-gooey grilled cheese sandwiches? You can never go wrong with it. These miniature versions are excellent since they are simple for guests to pick up and consume as they interact. And if you're feeling particularly adventurous, you could even serve them with tiny tomato soup shooters.




1. Vegetable plate

Vegetable plate

On a sizable dish, arrange a variety of sliced raw veggies, such as carrots, bell peppers, celery, broccoli, or sugar snap peas. Make sure to place a dip in the middle, like ranch dressing or hummus.


2. Stuffed eggs

Vegetable plate event planet

Several dozen eggs should be hard-boiled before being split in half and the yolks removed. Fill the centres of the eggs with a mixture of yolks, mayonnaise, mustard, salt, pepper, and herbs. Use a piping bag for the best results.


3. Cocktail meatballs

coctail metaballs

These meatballs are simple to make and even simpler to consume. Simply prepare them the day before in the slow cooker, then put a toothpick in each one and arrange them on a dish.


4. Kebabs


Before the party begins, put together a variety of skewers, including chicken, beef, and vegetables. Then, grill them. You can make a dinner out of it by serving it with a crisp salad.




1. Almond vanilla cupcakes

alomond vanlla cupcake

These cupcakes, which rely on just a few pantry essentials, including vanilla almond milk for the flavour boost, are simple enough for even inexperienced bakers to make. Do you want to reveal the gender? Before baking and icing, add food colour to the batter so that when guests open the treat, they will be surprised.


2. Strawberry cake

straberry cake

Would you like to disguise some fresh fruit in your dessert? Try this delightful strawberry icebox cake; it keeps things a little lighter after a heavy lunch. Additionally, because it requires no baking at all, you won't run out of oven space.




1. Punch with raspberry sherbet.

punch wth raspberry sherbet

This punch is enjoyable since sherbet is used in it (and delicious). In a punch bowl, combine the ingredients, and let visitors help themselves. Alternatively, you could use your best decorative handwriting to set out the simple preparation instructions and let guests assemble their drinks.


2. Hibiscus watermelon agua fresca

Hibiscus watermelon agua fresca

Agua fresca is a fantastic substitute for caffeinated drinks like iced tea because it has the same fantastic flavour and a siking colour. This shower mix, which contains watermelon and hibiscus, is ideal for a spring or summer shower. Just picture how adorable drink umbrellas or edible flowers would look perched atop each glass.