Indian Bridal Lehenga Trend For 2023 Brides

Wedding Lehengas for Brides in 2023! Designers and fashion enthusiasts will both enjoy 2023 in the same manner! It will be a real rollercoaster ride when it comes to ethnic design, especially bridal clothing. The popularity of particular elements, such as quirky sleeves, ruffled hems, non-bridal tones, period and vintage looks, etc., hints at the popularity of unconventional bridal looks in 2023. However, bridal lehengas won't undergo a significant transformation.

Organza fabric, net, sequin work, velvet textures, mirror work, and other items will make a significant comeback this year, while a preference for things like pastel tones, matte textures, and other items will endure. We have produced a list of 30 bridal lehenga styles based on these key themes. You can take inspiration from these looks if you want to be a stylish bride in 2023!


Saree like Lehenga

The double dupatta style is very popular for bridal attire since two dupattas produce a more elegant setting. Nowadays, it's fashionable to drape a dupatta like a pallu or anchal of a saree. The South Indian saree lehengas served as inspiration for this notion.

Visions in Rust

Unconventional bridal colours are in this year, and those that transport you to a bygone age have a unique place. The colour rust orange has a vintage allure, and this lehenga embodies traditional handiwork like dabka, tilla, sequins, nakshi, and cut-dana. The legacy designs and patterns on display here are taken from Mughal art and architecture, mid-18th century archival brocade textiles, giving the outfit a brightness that seems to have sprung straight from heaven.


More pastels

A lehenga in pastel pink is both very wedding and quite untraditional. This outfit is ideal for 2023 when combined with the floral embroidered and sequin design.

Multicoloured Weaving and Accessorizing

In 2023, juxtaposing contrasting multi-colour weaving or decoration will be fashionable. This lehenga places decoration in various hues together on a light peach-pink surface to produce an incredibly bright and vibrant appearance. The style is contrasted but enhanced by the beige dupatta.

Fuchsia Pink Is In

The colour of 2023 is fuchsia pink! The colour will undoubtedly dominate the bridal palette. Pinks have always been a popular colour choice for Indian weddings, but in recent years, pastel pinks and softer tones have gained greater attention. But the bling will return in 2023! Given that it also includes a significant amount of zari and gold sequin detailing, this choice is quite fitting. The double dupatta appearance, floral and peacock designs, and other features make this lehenga ideal for your 2023 wedding.

The charm of Flared Pink

This light pink lehenga also oozes vintage charm! Even the pairing of light pink and brilliant gold zari is a nod to former Mughal attire. The lehenga skirt goes one step further; it is flared and features Kalis, which creates the illusion of pleats. The way the dupatta is draped, the jewellery, etc., transports one back to the Mughal era!

Additional Poppies with Neutral

In this design, the lehenga skirt has silver embellishments and is neutral in colour. The bright red choli and the sage green dupatta offer that pop of brilliant colour even though this colour makes up the majority of the ensemble.

Extraordinary Blue

Could you ever expect that such a stunning wedding lehenga could exist in a colour that is wholly unrelated to bridal? For our client, Event Planet has made it possible! This matte gold embellished blue lehenga is to die for! Although it is ageless, the outfit looks well with the unorthodox colour scheme of 2023.

Red Substitutes or Alternatives

Reds will still be around in 2023, only in different colours. For instance, the delicate doll and peacock patterns on this light coral red bridal lehenga were embroidered using zardozi, aari with sequin, Resham, Maori, french knots, and nakshi methods on pure raw silk. This gorgeous lehenga is complemented by the lavishly embellished princess-cut top, organza light coral, and tulle head dupattas.

The Lotus Lehenga

The 2023 bridal lehenga scene will be dominated by vintage fashion motifs! Take this lehenga with a lotus theme, for instance. Directly inspired by Mughal art and architecture, the lotus motif. The choli's yoke pattern is reminiscent of Mughal tunics. The skirt's vertical panel pattern is also similar to anarkalis. If you want an Indian bridal lehenga that isn't too heavy, all this on a red alternative in wine hue is ideal for you.

The Orange Glow

An Indian bridal lehenga in an orange colour that has been perfectly customised by Orange Glow Event Planet! The lehenga looks appealingly embellishment-light! The delicate vine and leaf motifs on the skirt are accented by a band of gold that adds the ideal decorative element.

Ochre and Maroon

One of the most popular ethnic wedding or Indian bridal fashion trends in 2022 was the red and white bridal lehenga! This year, red alternatives like maroon, burgundy, and wine paired with yellowish tones appear to have taken that position. In this instance, the bride dons a stunning double-dupatta style maroon and gold lehenga. Along with the zari and gold sequin work, the embellishment also features ochre yellow components that complement each other well. The dupatta worn across the body is also a vivid ochre colour.

The Wine Tone Lehenga in a Minimal Style

What could be more fashionable in 2023 than wine tones? This plus-size lehenga features simple sequin work on rich plum-wine-toned silk.

Peach and gold pastel

In terms of Indian bridal fashion, goldwork ornamentation would never go out of style. The zari work in this instance has a matte finish. This looks captivating when combined with the lehenga fabric's delicate pastel peach colour.

Sheer Drape with Anarkali Lehenga

Sheer curtains will be popular in 2023, just like the Anarkali lehenga. An elaborate skirt and a layer of cloth on top with a split along the middle, below the bodice, make up this Anarkali lehenga's two layers. In this instance, the second layer is a sheer net fabric that reveals the skirt's elaborate and exquisite ornamentation.

The Dress of Anarkali Lehenga

One of the most popular Indian bridal lehenga styles in 2023 will be the Anarkali lehenga, also known as the Anarkali lehenga dress. This bride is dressed in a stunning ethnic Anarkali lehenga. What else do you need to create a trendy look for 2023? A neutral base tone, a pop of dark pink, and the dress' ruffled hem.

Pale colours, frills, and bling

This lehenga embodies three key trends for bridal lehengas in 2023: a continued love of pastels, the addition of frills to borders, and sequin work! Violet and faded lilac are the two pastel colours used in the lehenga. Along with that, there is a substantial amount of stone, crystal, and bead embroidery as well as sequin embroidery in a shimmering silver tone. A further item that has returned in 2023 is the dupatta, which is constructed of light net cloth. A violet cloth frill is affixed to the hem of the skirt.

Burgundy bride

The bridal lehenga sceneries of 2023 will be dominated by wines, burgundies, marsala hues, and maroons rather than red lehengas! This stunning lehenga features elaborate zari and sequin embroidery that features flower motifs, celestial objects, and a bar at the procession on the skirt. Both the hue and the design aesthetic give a retro feel.

The peacock Lehenga

In 2023, the peacock pattern and other natural-inspired themes will be popular. Additionally, the velvet will make a great reappearance as a fabric! This bridal lehenga has a folk textile and cultural resemblance to Rajasthan. Rajput art and architecture are evoked by the matte gold motifs of peacocks, flowers, and latticework, among other things. This looks wonderful set against the deep maroon velvet.

Long Sleeve

In 2023, eccentric choli fashions might become quite well-liked. These include off-the-shoulder styles, ruffled sleeves, and chilly shoulders. In addition to all of this, the elegant full-sleeve choli will undoubtedly be in demand. This bride is sporting a choli with intricate zardozi, sequin, and zari embroidery that is made of dark maroon silk. One of the biggest trends for 2023 is the contrast peach dupatta.

Velvets and Wines

It's not new to wear a deep-toned velvet lehenga! We are all aware of how popular these lehengas were in the past. This style is back this year. Along with sequins, velvet textiles are making a comeback. The vintage or retro bridal aesthetic will be in demand in 2023, and wine tones and burgundies will be highly fashionable.

Ruffles & Self-Tone Embellishment

In 2023, self-tone embellishments will be extremely popular. Additionally, you'll see details drawn from western fashion, such as frills and ruffles. Both of these styles are carried forward by this red bridal lehenga! It is embellished with self-tone! It almost looks Indo-western because of the top's off-the-shoulder style and the skirt's ruffled hem. You might desire a lehenga like this if you want to look elegant yet modern during your wedding in 2023.

The Years of Neutrals

The peaceful white components of brides' wedding gowns are very popular. Neutral colours, whether they are white, cream, ivory, or off-white, are very popular. Since silver or gold thread work stands out so beautifully on a neutral base, designers are merging neutral-tone textiles with detailed silver or gold thread work. A dash of a contrast tone, in this example peach, completes the look by making it lively and even more ethnic!

If in doubt, choose pastels.

Pastels are not going anywhere! Pastel colours continued to be very popular in 2022 and will continue to do so in 2023. This bride is dressed in a stunning mauve-tinged pastel lehenga! The ornamentation, which is primarily silver and light peach threadwork, is stunning! The finely embroidered floral and historical motifs are self-explanatory!

The Mughal Princess bridal Lehenga look

This green-tinted gold bridal lehenga with sequin work, stone embellishment, and minakari thread work employing dabka, tilla, Bakshi, and cut-dana appears to have travelled back in time to the Mughal Empire. The fact that previous trends and patterns will rule in 2023 has already been mentioned, but this bridal lehenga elevates the concept to a whole new level of excellence. You will appear to be a Mughal princess in such Indian bridal attire!

Contrasts in Aesthetics

Although this Indian bridal fashion was all the rage a few years ago, the contrast will be subtler this time. Consider this bridal lehenga in maroon and gold, which is stunning in its own right. Nevertheless, a contrasting peach dupatta has been added to make it a little more colourful!

The White Bride

No, Indian weddings in 2023 will no longer restrict the use of white! Bridal lehengas this year will be very unusual, especially in terms of colour. On the gown-like lehenga skirt of this lehenga, floral designs are crafted with self-tone threadwork and sequins. A Christian bridal veil served as inspiration for the dupatta as well. The blouse is unadorned and has a distinctive ruffled appearance.

Intricate Banarasi Skirt

When it comes to ethnic bridal clothing, Banarasi brocade dupattas were the biggest thing a few years ago. However, you can forgo the dupatta this year and opt for a skirt. Consider larger patterns and less intricate brocade work, with lots of space between them to let the rich silks' lustre shine through. Consider utilising unusual hues, but make sure to match them with blouses and dupattas in calming tones, as this bride has done.

Neutral colours will prevail

This brings up a significant trend for 2023: bridal attire in neutral tones. You don't have to use all white; instead, consider using these hues in parts with dark, rich hues. This bride matched her ivory lehenga skirt with a dark maroon embroidered top with silver sequin, zari, and crystal embroidery! This looks so lovely while also being so unique!

Sequins and pink

We're confident that this combo will be the most popular bridal trend in 2023! Both in lehengas and sarees, sequins are making the biggest comeback this year. Reds will be replaced with warm-toned pinks. This Indian bridal lehenga combines the two components. Warm dark pink with flaming red overtones, the fabric is decorated all over with elaborate and detailed sequin floral embroidery. This is the style to go for if you want a classic yet fashionable bridal lehenga in 2023!