Inspirational Outfits For Your First Makar Sankranti And Pongal Celebration


We look to several opportunities to dress beautifully and look beautiful as the new year begins. And what better way to celebrate the new year than to hold off until the first day of the year. The traditional Pongal Festival, also known as Makar Sankranti, marks the start of the season and if it's your first Makar Sankranti after marriage then it is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your relationships with family and friends.

We all deserve to rejoice in these happy times, especially in light of the uncertain year we have all had. The icing on the cake for us women is dressing to kill while sporting your best wardrobe pieces. wearing the greatest outfits and dresses in 2023. Therefore, if you're seeking some new inspiration for Your first Pongal festival attire, look no further. We have put together a variety of clothing suggestions so you can dress with assurance and up your style game.


Outfit Inspiration for Pongal or Makar Sankranti

Pongal is the time of year when all the crops that our fields have produced throughout the year are harvested. Warmth, gratitude, and thanksgiving are encouraged during the celebration. The tone of your first Pongal festival attire suggestions can be similar. It's best to try out unusual styles like ethnic apparel and bright clothing and jewellery designs.


1. Long Kurti and Straight Pants:

kurti paints

For the majority of us, the traditional Kurti pant style is a go-to option. There are numerous colour schemes to choose from that appear stylish and cosy. Additionally, pants are adaptable and can be worn multiple times during the four-day celebrations. This is a must-try if you're looking for a simple and understated first Makar Sankranti after marriage fashion idea. Long Kurtis also provide a variety of patterns and designs for experimentation. For an evening event, a flared Kurti or a straight Kurti are suitable alternatives. Adding silver jewellery, bangles, or Kada to this style will also make it more elegant. High heels and minimal makeup can effectively complete the outfit.


 2. Short kurtis with jacket sleeves and patiala                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Salwar suits are the best choice if you like to experiment and try new things at first Pongal festival attire. A short Kurti styled like a jacket is fashionable and appealing to all. It comes in a variety of hues and patterns and is edgy. Depending on your comfort level, you can wear it with churidaars or Patiala salwar suits. Add a stylish dupatta to finish the appearance, and you're ready to go. You will undoubtedly become the fashion icon at all of our family reunions thanks to this unusual combo.


3. Salwar Suits in the Sharara Style:

Salwar Suits in the Sharara Style:

A Sharara outfit is one of the opportunities to try something new with the approaching first Pongal festival attire. Especially if you want something elegant and fashionable. Shararas are a revolutionary piece of clothing. They come in a wide range of patterns and elaborate embellishments and are widely accessible. You can select the option that best fits your needs based on how comfortable you are with it. Shararas are a fashionable salwar suit to attempt because they are constantly updated to reflect current fashion trends. Give this a try if you want to stand out in a fashionable way at the Pongal celebration. To stand out from the crowd, match it with sleek rings, chunky necklaces, and other jewellery. This style can be improved with a modest heel and heavily worked Sandel.


4. Cotton Kurti and Palazzo:

What could be better than a cotton Kurti and palazzo, which is a simple yet elegant option? Everyone loves cotton kurtis since they are the most suited to the Indian environment. Although I'm aware that some people might think this to be too plain and simplistic, cotton kurtis come in a variety of styles. To up your style game, you might offer a straight cut Kurti or an asymmetrical Kurti. Palazzos are also timeless and come in sophisticated patterns and hues. High heel sandals or wedges, along with gorgeous jhumkas, can completely change the style. A light to medium makeup procedure should seal the deal to finish the image.


5. Traditional Sarees:

Sarees have always been a vital component of our culture and of our wardrobe. They dress women in the most exquisite ways. Sarees are an excellent choice for first Makar Sankarnti after marriage clothing ideas as the celebrations get underway. In fact, this is regarded as a traditional Pongal outfit in many cultures. Additionally, you can experiment with various sarees like silk, bandhani, or Kanjeevaram sarees. Altering how you drape them can alter your fashion game. We are confident that you will look beautiful if you wear a lovely silk saree. Try thick necklines and chandbali earrings to finish it off. Light cosmetics and comfortable shoes can beautifully finish the appearance.


6. Designed Anarkali Dresses

Anarkali dresses with intricate designs are always in style if you're seeking Punjabi clothing for first Makar Sankarnti after marriage. They provide a woman's clothing the ideal amount of attractiveness and charm. They can simultaneously make you look taller and more fashionable because they are offered in a variety of lengths and styles. When experimenting with Anarkali gowns, one is free to use various colours, patterns, and styles. Who doesn't enjoy spinning while donning those stunning outfits, after all? You can wear them with a large necklace and silver jhumkas. High heels and smokey eye makeup can also elevate your appearance.


7. Crop tops or short blouses with a palazzo:

Dresses for Pongal weren't planned? Invest in a palazzo that is readily available and pair it with a short blouse or an ethnic crop top. This is a straightforward but beautiful design that works for all age groups. Due to the adaptability they provide, crop tops and short blouses have been more popular recently. Additionally, it allows you to experiment with complex blouse designs and zany color-printed palazzos. You definitely want to check out some of the captivating palazzo prints that are available on the market! Make sure to add jewellery to complete your style and look your best for the day!


8. Ethnic Dresses or Gowns:

Can't locate anything fitting for the festivities in terms of ethnic dresses or gowns. Or have you had enough of browsing different Makar Sankranti dresses? An ethnic outfit is always in style. Online, there are several possibilities that provide a wide selection of fabrics and stylish outfits. You can experiment with ethnic clothing based on your personal preferences and level of comfort. While being sleek and elegant, it has a trendy appearance. High heels or wedges can be used to finish the outfit, and bangles and earrings work nicely as accessories.


9. Evergreen Punjabi Patiala Suits:

 Evergreen Punjabi Patiala Suits:

Finding Punjabi attire for the Makar Sankarti celebration can be challenging. If you're looking for a woman wearing traditional Punjabi clothing, your search is over! Patiala suits are the epitome of beauty and elegance. When worn during your first Makar Sankranti after marriage, they can make you seem stunning thanks to their elaborate needlework and detailed patterns. To attempt something different, play around with dark colours or zari designs. Choose chandbali earrings and kada as your ornaments to look stunning. Choose a Punjabi juti to complete the appearance because it is pretty beautiful.


10. Try Different Ghagra Cholis:

Try Different Ghagra Cholis:

We are certain you have worn a Ghagra Choli if you are from Gujarat or Rajasthan. After all, there are a variety of options to explore. You can choose from a variety of styles, including mermaid-style, A-line, straight, and ruffled lehengas. There are several options available here. Additionally, you can experiment with various fabrics, such as chiffon, net, or georgette, to suit your demands. The clothing items you want to try on to advance in the game.


11. A lehenga-style saree

A lehenga-style saree

Due to its ease of use and versatility, this fashion trend has been popular for a year. You also have the freedom to try out various colours, embroidery designs, and patterns.Given the challenges that draping a saree might present, it is reasonably well-liked among young people. Therefore, you must try this option if you're looking for a sophisticated and regal choice throughout these celebrations. You can complete the look with Nath and traditional jewellery for a religious yet fashionable day.


Therefore, the next time you feel overwhelmed by the approaching festivals, try the styles and alternatives indicated above. After all, the key to finding your particular style in fashion is to experiment and try new things. We hope that these looks will help you appear your best naturally while upping your fashion game. Isn't that the point of celebrations? should get dressed up and make the most of these joyful occasions. Finally, keep in mind that wearing any outfit well requires you to feel confident and at ease in it. The advice won't let you down, I promise!