Make your Wedding Perfect with Top 10 Trending Cake Design

After reading the topic The first thing that comes to your mind is trending cake flavours and new trending cake designs. In recent years our cake industry has come up with unique designs in versatile ways to meet the demands of couples. To satisfy the customised, one-of-a-kind cake requirements of new couples, inventive cake designers are having fun reimagining and incorporating a variety of new forms, colours, patterns, and materials. So check out the trending wedding cake designs and flavours that will make your taste buds feel like they are in heaven and we are expecting these trending wedding cake designs and flavours to be a massive influence in 2022.


1. Pressed Floral design

In 2022, displaying live, natural flowers on wedding cakes and other confections will be very popular. Although this trend has been around for a while, it has only recently come into its own. The topic of whether they are ideal for all weddings comes up frequently. The straightforward response is that they are ideal for weddings. From beach weddings to fairy tale garden weddings, these pressed floral cakes feature trending cake flavours. You can also customise the floral design to suit your preferences.

Floral Cake

Because of the variety of colours and flavours available, this new trending cake design will endure for many years to come. These cakes also don't require any special styling in accordance with the wedding theme because they are already beautiful and unique.



2. Bold, Colourful Floral Cakes

What comes to your mind when you think about bold new trending cake designs? If you ask about suggestions, I will suggest Bold, Colourful Floral cakes, that will surely fit with your wedding theme and you can add trending cake flavours to make your cake tastier so that you will surely lick your spoon. Bold cakes reflect the celebratory feature of your wedding, you can get this cake in various sizes which suit your preferences. According to our experts from the cake industry, three to four-layer cakes are in trend.

Colourful Floral Cake


3. Separated tires

If you want a cake that will show a true piece of art, then according to our experts you should go with Separated tier designs, this new trending cake design is taking a storm in 2022. We are using metal dividers that are elevated and acrylic rounds or squares to create the illusion that one or more tiers are floating also these tires are filled with various materials such as candies and edible flowers but sometimes real flowers which provide cakes with a beautiful and environmentally friendly look and you can also leave the space empty or decorate it with pearls, which is in trend.


4. Classic Black Cakes

A lot of couples want to show their boldness, if you are one of them they go with black cakes, black cakes can fit in every wedding theme and they don't have any one design you can decorate it with new trending cake designs and add trending cake flavours, for enhancing its taste and look. Nowadays every couple is so into black and moody vibes that their first preference is the black cake and you can also give a pop of colour or a metallic look to black cakes.

Black Classic cake


5. Modern Art Cakes

Designs are becoming more innovative as couples are eager to make a statement in 2022. Our cake experts design cakes with modern art inspiration, with layers of texture and also all these new trending cake designs can achieve on buttercream. This cake will give the vibe of modern art and modern vibe. According to our experts long, slender cakes with unusual proportions give them a gorgeously regal appearance.

Modern Cake


6. Duplicating Patterns

Combining a new trending cake design or fabric that you love throughout your wedding will be very fashionable for 2022. And certainly, including it in your cake design is part of its trending cake flavours. Large tiered cakes with many personalised embellishments, such as lacework derived from the client's wedding dress or a particular design that they are putting into their wedding, are once again in style. Our experts have personally suggested this cake design for Christen's wedding cake cutting ceremony because it will suit their wedding theme and looks.


7. Small cakes for Micro wedding

This is the best option if you still want to hold a cake-cutting ceremony without a huge cake. Couples were navigating the epidemic and organising micro-weddings when this trend started in 2021, but it's here to stay. Couples are choosing one- or two-tiered wedding cakes. Then according to our expert, this mini cake is the best and also you don't have to think much about the designs because these cakes are available in every trending cake flavour and design and will be best for micro weddings.


8. Small individual cake

There are new trends for cakes that instead of a small piece of cake now couple is fond of using mini cakes for every guest. This cake mainly comes in trend in 2021, but nowadays most couples are prescribing it and we Event Planet is the best in making your wedding beautiful, luxurious and free of any tension of infection or disease which can be transferred from eating pieces from one cake. You can also add trending cake flavours according to the choice of your important guests.


9. Square and rectangle tier cakes

In recent years, one-tier cakes have become more and more fashionable. This shouldn't be a surprise given the growing popularity of elopements, small weddings, and micro weddings. These are fantastic for any type of occasion, but minimalist parties in particular. Our experts are designed a few shapes for single-tire cakes which are in trend such as square, rectangle, etc.


10. Decorate your cake with Pearls

Do you want something to make your stunning cake seem like it came from a royal fairy tale? Then take our suggestion and order cake with patterns with white sugar pearls. Choose a metallic colour like burned gold or rose gold if you want it to seem glam. Add edible glitters to your cake that will give your creation touch of "luxury."