A wedding is the most important part of human life. During and after lockdown small and intimate weddings are in trend.

Indian weddings are known as grand celebrations but COVID-19 has altered this trend readily, that is why nowadays people are planning intimate weddings or micro weddings with less than 50 members that have surprised families with the beauty of their simplicity. Everyone has accepted the fact of this pandemic and accepted the change with positivity. Nowadays, mico wedding is preferred by most of the normal couples, families but this trend is also got its fame in high-class societies and also chosen by many celebrities, they performed their wedding in presence of their close friends and family far from the chaos of media and gossips.


Intimate events with not more than 50 guests. A micro wedding includes everything that an Indian royal wedding encompasses. Everything from the beautiful campus to the photography and furnishings remains the same, but on a smaller scale. Imagine spending quality time with your close friends and cousins ​​while bonding and making room for their new beginnings. Well, don't you? Micro weddings are a "new routine" and especially for couples who want to spend their big budget on small details.


In micro weddings, fewer people are invited hence, the couple can invest in small things and can enjoy their wedding. Micro weddings can save a lot of time and money. It provides the best experience for guests. A micro wedding allows family and couple to be more creative and flexible.

A Space for Budget

The best thing about micro weddings is that it lets you go crazy on a budget, and you still have a place to fill later.

Fewer People, More Interaction

Due to the small number of people, guests get a better chance to know each other well and have fun together, and couples have the opportunity to spend quality time with their guests at events. Memories forever.

Flexibility Is the Key

An intimate wedding allows you to coordinate a full conversation with your guests and wedding vendors and gives you the advantage of comfort.

Add A Touch of Personalisation

A micro wedding allows filling the space of imagination and translating it into reality. Planning an intimate wedding can bring forth several wedding decorating trends.



Narrowing Wedding Guestlist

From seating plans to catering, everything is limited due to the rigidity of the guest list. Therefore, the list of wedding guests must be narrowed down very carefully and with the right decision. If you are wondering how to limit your list to 50 people, here are some key points that should be considered in your COVID-19 plans.

  • Invite different guests to Different Functions
  • Prioritize Distance
  • Give priority to the health of guests.

Choosing  A Venue

 The first question that comes to mind when a couple is planning a happy marriage is location. This question contains a lot of emotions itself and micro weddings give a chance for couples to do their marriage in the most appealing venue.

Hiring  A Photographer

Whether it's an intimate wedding, micro wedding, or a traditional wedding, capturing happy memories is always effective when hiring a professional photographer. With a small guest list, the opportunity to be hosted is unique and innovative.