11 Delicious Sehri Dishes you can prepare at your home

Ramadan is a special time of year for Muslims all around the world, and what better way to celebrate than with some delicious sehri dishes? From savoury curries to sweet desserts, this article will provide you with 11 amazing and delicious sehri dishes that are sure to make your day extra special. We’ll cover everything from traditional food item favourites like biryani and nihari, to more modern takes on classics such as fish tikka masala. You’ll also find mouth-watering treats like gulab jamun and kheer for those looking for something sweet. So, if you're in the mood for a Ramadan feast or just want some tasty inspiration, then look no further. These 11 delicious sehri dishes are guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds!


What are Ramadan and Its significance?

Ramadan is a holy month in the Islamic calendar, observed by Muslims around the world. It marks the time when Prophet Muhammad received his first revelation from Allah and it's believed to be one of the holiest months for Muslims. During this month, fasting takes place between dawn and sunset every day which helps to cultivate discipline as well as bring people closer together spiritually.  The fasts are broken at night with special feasts called iftar where family members gather to recite prayers and break their fasts with traditional food items such as dates, fruits or sweet dishes like halwa or sheer khurma. Additionally, during Ramadan, many mosques will host nightly Taraweeh prayer sessions after Isha prayers that can last up to 2-3 hours depending on how long each person wishes to stay for them.

It’s also customary for Muslim families during this sacred period to give charity (zakat) to show gratitude towards Allah's blessings upon them throughout their lives. Whether it’d be through monetary donations or volunteering your services within your local community. Both forms are accepted equally by Islam. Ramadan is an incredibly important religious observance that holds great significance within Islam due its association with receiving revelations from God Almighty himself. This helps us remember our purpose here on earth. To serve Him faithfully & strive towards becoming better people every day until we meet him again in Jannah (Paradise).


What is Sehri In Ramadan?

Muslims eat Sehri in the early morning hours of Ramadan. It often consists of light snacks like dates, fruits, and almonds to provide you with energy for the rest of the day of fasting. A chance for family members to be together before starting their fast is offered by Sehri. It's similar to having breakfast with family or friends in the middle of the night. Eating sehri can be entertaining as well because you get to savour delectable food with loved ones at an odd time of day. Therefore, remember Sehri this Ramadan. It involves spending time with those around you in addition to refraining from eating.


Why is Sehri important?

As it gives people the energy and sustenance they need to get through a day of fasting, Sehri is a significant aspect of Ramadan. By serving as a reminder that we are entirely reliant on Allah for all of our needs, Sehri also aids in the maintenance of our spiritual relationship with Him. By eating sehri, we express our thankfulness for His favours and acknowledge that He is the only one who can sustain us in this world. Eating sehri also enables us to begin the day with a nutritious meal that is good for our physical and spiritual well-being. supplying nourishment and enabling time for reflection and prayer before the start of the fast. Simply put, Sehri gives Muslims the physical and spiritual nutrition they need throughout the holy month of Ramadan to help them stay connected to their Ku.


11 Delicious Sehri Dishes you can prepare at your home

Throughout the holy month of Ramadan, a variety of delectable and healthy sehri dishes are served. Many of these foods make wonderful additions to Sehri dinners that are appropriate for Ramadan. The following is a list of popular sehri dishes consumed during Ramadan:


Happy Ramadan

This conventional bean stew is an adaptation of the national meal of Egypt, ful medames, and is made with cooked fava beans, lemon juice, olive oil, and garlic. It is a healthy Sheri dish, for those who want to experience something new!


Badam Ka Sharbat

A popular sehri dish in the morning goes perfectly with badam ka sharbat, an extremely nourishing beverage that is bursting with the flavour of kewra, almonds, and cardamoms. In addition to keeping you hydrated, it will also keep you invigorated till the time of the Iftar feast.


Afghani Bolani

This mouthwatering flatbread from Afghanistan is packed with roasted potatoes, herbs, and onions and makes a delicious sehri dish for a Sehri dinner.


Fresh Fruit Salad

Fresh fruit salad is the best option for a filling, hydrating, and delectable breakfast, especially during Ramadan when a full day of fasting is in store.


Egg Paratha

Parathas are a popular breakfast item enjoyed not only in Indian homes but also in those of nearby nations like Pakistan and Bangladesh. They are crispy, flaky, and always filling. The aromatic delight of a homemade egg paratha is a truly delicious Sheri dish, even if you can frequently get tempting egg parathas at roadside vendors around the country. It is quick, easy, and full of nutritious eggs and flavorful spices. A delicious sehri dish that will satisfy you for hours.



This delicious sehri dish most sought-after during Ramadan is a hearty mutton stew. This straightforward recipe is made of wheat, lentils, and pork and is slow-cooked for several hours. Haleem has a long history dating back to the Mughals, and the original haleem recipe called for lamb, goat, buff, and veal. It will not only satisfy your palate but also maintain a high level of health.


Porridge with oats and yoghurt parfait

Oats and yoghurt porridge parfait is the best sehri dish because it is a nutritious, high-protein breakfast dish that will keep you fueled all day. You can make a delicious, crunchy parfait with Greek yoghourt, honey, pistachios, and refreshing pomegranate in less than 30 minutes with just a few simple ingredients. This will help you beat the summer heat.


Dahi anjeer kebabs

Dahi anjeer kebabs, melt-in-your-mouth vegetarian kebabs, are delicious sehri dishes for people who don't want to indulge in a filling sehri meal. Hanging curd, cottage cheese (paneer), figs (an jeer), and a variety of spices are combined to create the delectable kebabs known as "dahi and anjeer," which are best enjoyed with mint chutney.


Gilafi Chicken Kebab

With the goodness of cashews, almonds, mint, lime tang, and spices, flavorful chicken mince is combined. It is then wrapped in a cover (pilaf) of fresh vegetables like capsicum, onion, and coriander leaves and cooked to perfection. Tantalising appetisers like chicken giraffe kebabs are the best sehri dish enjoyed with mint chutney.


Oats Kheer

Similar to how any event is synonymous with sweets, Ramadan is synonymous with kheer. A big plate of kheer is a must-have for the Ramadan feast. Furthermore, when you know it is healthy, you can double the serving! The healthy alternative to traditional rice kheer made with roasted oats and milk also includes dates, almonds, raisins, bananas, and cardamom. This time, you won't regret enjoying a bowl or two of kheer.


Keema Kaleji Ki Tikki

Lamb mince is filled and combined with liver (kaleji), flavorful spices, dal, tomatoes, chillies, and cashews. The mixture is pan-fried to create crisp tikkis and is served with a tart apricot chutney. It is a creative, mouth-watering appetiser that is appropriate and the best sehri dish.



13 Light and Simple Colour South Indian Wedding Sarees

They are graceful, gorgeous, and divine as far as South Indian sarees are concerned. You have a wide range of options if you're shopping for a south Indian wedding saree. Let's take a look at some of the most popular saree trends in South India right now. Speaking about South Indian weddings, a subject close to my heart, brings me joy. This wedding saree has heavy pallus, rich silks, vivid colours, intricate designs, and temple borders. The South Indian culture that exists today is a synthesis of Telugu, Tamil, Karnataka, and Kerala civilizations. Today, all Indians share the vibrant hues and artistic designs that define these cultural garments. All one needs is delicate haircuts with flowers, pure gold temple jewellery, and stunning but understated makeup.

A south Indian bride resembles a Goddess in her wedding attire. In a southside wedding, it is acceptable to don a substantial Kanjivaram, a chic Kasavu, regal Chettinad silk, or a chic Gadwal. A vintage Dharmavaram or even a modern Narayanpeth in a south Indian wedding might also be appropriate. Look into 30 different south Indian wedding sarees and various styles of bridal attire. Due to their cultural diversity, this type of wedding is unusual in every way. We are in awe of South Indian brides from the minute we first see them. The Kanjeevaram saree, which features magnificent gold temple jewellery, is another of my faves. Or their grace and elegance defy understanding. In addition, we have compiled all of our favourite photographs of South Indian weddings in a blog.

There are several options available if you're shopping for a south Indian wedding saree. Ladies, hold on as you are about to view some of the most beautiful South Indian sarees ever. Go ahead and begin your search for the wedding photos you prefer. Let's examine some of the most popular saree designs now being worn in South India.


Bride in Gold

Is gold more majestic than anything else? This lady made her wedding a shining tale by dressing in the lovely Kanjeevaram Silk Saree. It is absurd to wear this lovely saree with a top that contrasts with maroon. It's important to get the right jewellery for a South Indian bride's wedding attire. Additionally, this bride chose jewellery that contrasted with her stunning gold south Indian sarees and matched the blouse. It makes sense why they seem to be goddesses descending from the skies.


The contrast of Silver and Yellow

Every day, weavers create fresh colour schemes and weave patterns to use on a conventional framework. When it comes to South Indian wedding sarees, there is no exception. They are also evolving daily. Consider the wedding saree shown here. The bride accessorised it simply yet elegantly with a bright yellow embroidered blouse that matched the saree's border.


A Mustard Saree from South Indian bride

Some women choose a low-key wedding. Most marriages in South India take place in the morning. Consequently, some women decide on the colour of their wedding saree. The bride is covered in an orange kanjivaram. Both the south Indian bride's wedding attire and the bride's jewellery are understated. Her earlobes are adorned with a pair of south Indian earrings. The look is completed with little makeup, a straightforward hairdo, and a complementary bindi.


Traditional white saree

This South Indian saree features a shade of white. The saree is probably appropriate for all women who desire to appear modest and believe that their attractiveness comes from within. When you wear this saree, you are in some way showcasing the amazing South Indian wedding saree designers. The allure of sports is a clear indication of the effort put into designing this saree.


Stylish Yellow Saree

Yellow is a stunning hue for a midsummer morning wedding. The bride's choice of a vibrant yellow South Indian saree brilliantly accents the golden zari embroidery. She made a gorgeous haircut out of white flowers that enhanced the complete ensemble.


The White With Gold Border Saree

In contrast, you can mix up your look by wearing your south Indian wedding saree with a distinctive blouse or choli, as this bride did in the photo above. With this blouse, your wedding won't be too conventional.


The Traditional White and Maroon Combo

Contrary to popular belief, Bengalis do not value combinations like white and crimson or cream and maroon. South Indian actress Samantha Prabhu looks stunning in her cream designer saree. Her jewellery makes up for her plain saree. She adorns herself with heavy traditional jewellery on her forehead and around her neck. Her makeup is muted for even more understatement. The highlight of the show is the elaborate poola-Jada hairstyle.


Beige South Indian Saree

The image below illustrates a beige South Indian saree that you might choose as well. However, because the border and pallu are skillfully woven in complementary colours, the body receives the most attention. They are simple, which highlights the elegance of the bride's jewels.


The White Pattu Saree of South India

You can get a traditional look without the use of pink, crimson, or other vibrant colours by selecting a pattu saree in white. The bride is wearing a bridal saree that is all white and gold in this South Indian wedding photograph. She appears gorgeous in her saree and jewels. If you are a south Indian bride getting married in a temple, you should dress in this style.


Sometimes a bride only requires minimalism!!

If you assume that extravagantness is the key to good wedding aesthetics, you need to think otherwise. This south Indian bride chose a straightforward appearance and astounded everyone with their grace and beauty. She is perfect for brides who want to look elegant on their wedding day but want a straightforward and comfortable option.


Combination of Pink and Silver

All of the elements of the bridal outfit in this particular bridal design are pink. The bride is dressed in a silver kanjivaram, which is a custom wedding gown. The blouse and saree are both solid colours, however, the sari has a vibrant pink border around it. The flower embellishments and her temple jewellery, particularly the bangles, both have a sense of heritage.


The most stunning saree with a veil from South Indian Bride

This bride from the south of India astonished everyone by donning a veil along with her traditional saree. Although wearing a saree with a veil may not be for everyone, we applaud these brides for fusing different customs. Her easy ability to pull off this style has us in awe. What do you think of this beautiful bridal picture from South India with a veiled woman?


An orange border surrounds a cream pattu saree

In contrast to elaborately woven kanjivaram, many brides choose off-white and white pattu sarees for their weddings. Make a unique shade pattu saree with an orange border your wedding attire choice rather than the traditional red, maroon, or golden south Indian saree.


Top 20 Beautiful Sarees Collection For Bengali Brides

The Haldi ceremony is an important pre-wedding ritual in India, especially for Bengali brides. It involves applying a paste of turmeric and other herbs on the bride and groom to bless them with good health, prosperity and happiness. The paste also acts as a natural antiseptic that keeps away any bad omens or negative energy from entering their lives.

Apart from its spiritual significance, it is also seen as a way to adorn the bride's beauty by giving her skin a golden glow before her big day arrives.

To complete your look for this special occasion, we present you with our top 20 beautiful sarees collection specially designed for Bengali brides. Our exquisite range includes traditional Benarasi silk sarees adorned with intricate embroidery work along with contemporary Kanjeevaram drapes featuring vibrant colours like reds, oranges and yellows – perfect for making heads turn at your wedding celebration!


Traditional Banarasi Sarees

Banarasi fabrics are very significant to all Bengalis for Bengal bride haldi dress ideas, as seen in the traditional banarasi saree. This haldi saree for a bride, a blouse with brocade work, and floral jewellery complete your gaye-hold style. A bride looks stunning in a Banarasi saree styled in Bengali. A yellow Banarasi shimmer enhances a bride's beauty.


Gorgeous Ruffle Sarees

Would you like your Haldi ceremony to be an elegant fashion show? Consider wearing a saree with ruffles. If you want to look fashionable and elegant, go for this trendy ruffle saree. A yellow saree with ruffles, a top with a floral motif, and jewellery made of fresh blooms are current trends in bridal attire. Hire the best wedding planner in Lucknow, who can make your Haldi ceremony dresses to be one of your favourite moments.


A shimmery Gota Patti saree

You should dress in a gorgeous Patti saree that pops out and shines for a vibrant Haldi ceremony celebration. One of the most lovely saree looks for Haldi is a yellow Gota Patti saree with a shimmering border and a vibrant colour. For a straightforward Indian haldi ceremony dress style to match the rest of your attire, pick flowery jewellery.


Modernised Saree Draped In A Dhoti Style

Instead of wearing a saree in the conventional haldi style, a Bengali woman should choose a saree draped in the dhoti manner. This lovely bride opted for minimal makeup and a ponytail with waves in this instance. You should try this stylish and modern haldi ceremony dress style if you're a bride who prefers to keep things straightforward.


Effortless and Beautiful Cotton Saree

The greatest Bengali bride haldi dress ideas are a basic cotton saree, which is what most people wear during a Bengali haldi ceremony. You can accessorise it with stunning gold or a lovely floral jewellery set. When you put on a vivid yellow saree with a Banarasi blouse, you appear to be a bride.


Saree in mustard yellow with floral jewellery

Our bride is stunningly attired in a conventional mustard yellow saree and pretty red and white floral jewellery. Her eyes are already radiating happiness, as can be seen. She is ecstatic and thrilled about the future she has in her.


Look at this maroon and yellow bicolour silk saree!

In addition to reds and maroon being the ideal colours for a wedding and haldi ceremony, yellow is unquestionably the colour of the ceremony. The bicolour butter silk saree that this bride is wearing is exquisitely made. maroon and mustard yellow together.


Bengali Haldi Style With Yellow Saree And Red Chanderi Blouse

The most common choice for brides historically has been a chanderi blouse. This specific thread work design is a wonderful complement to the bridal lookbook, whether it's for their wedding or the Bengali Gaye holud look! What a lethal combination the hues of yellow, red, and chanderi work may produce for the Bengali bride haldi dress ideas.


Bengali Gaye Holud Style in Red and Yellow

With a straightforward cotton yellow saree with crimson borders, our bride has created a straightforward Bengali bride haldi dress idea. The lovely chequered blouse and the chic and OTT bridal top elevate the understated ensemble!


Trendy it up with Half Saree

Haldi Ceremony joy and party atmosphere fit wonderfully with half a saree, also known as a lehenga saree. The entire bridal trousseau collection would look better in this conventional yet fashionable outfit. This half-saree features several borders, giving it a distinctive appearance for the event.


White and gold saree with a Keralian influence!

The captivating and tranquil Kereliand bridal attire in a white kasavu saree has never failed to impress us! What if we attempted to recreate a similar look for our Bengali bride haldi dress idea in a white cotton saree with a golden border?


Yellow-Tan Saree Is Hot Right Now!

This misti bodhu has expertly recreated a traditional tant saree for her Bengali haldi look. The dark chrome yellow tint is wonderfully complemented by the carnation red of the blouse and the saree's border. The simple gold jewellery finishes off the look!


Haldi Look in Bengali Swabeki Dure Saree

Have your grandmothers and grandaunts told you about the traditional bong dure saree? They do mean this. A stunning swabeki appearance in a red and yellow dure saree creates the ideal Bengali haldi look.


Plain Saree with Half Sleeve Blouse

This plain saree is another choice that can be accessorised for a Haldi ceremony dress. Because your friends and family will want some room to express their haldi creativity, pair this saree with a blouse that has no sleeves or only a few.


Elegant & traditional Saree

A classy, classic saree with a half-sleeve blouse and fresh flowers as an accessory is always a good choice.


Saree in one colour with a blue blouse as a garnish

For an outdoor haldi ceremony, why not enter with a splash of vibrant colour on a plain yellow saree and some stylish sunglasses to beat the heat? This exquisite South Indian bride, who is getting ready for her haldi ceremony on the beach, seems even more beautiful in a saree.


Matching cotton saree

The bride is wearing a cotton saree, and the groom is wearing a short kurta and dhoti. When both ceremonies take place at the same venue, the bride and groom's matching attire is sure to draw attention to the celebration.




Why Choose A Destination Wedding?

One of the most crucial considerations a couple will make while wedding planning is where to hold their ceremony. While a lot of couples choose to get married in a traditional ceremony close to home destination weddings are becoming more and more popular. A destination wedding enables couples to say their vows in front of their nearest and dearest in a special and unforgettable setting. We'll look at a few of the factors that influence a couple's decision to have a destination wedding in this blog.

A Unique Experience

Destination Weddings - A Unique Experience – IWED | The Institute of Wedding  & Event Design

The chance to enjoy a distinctive experience is one of the main appeals of a destination wedding. Couples can have a destination wedding and wed in a place that has special value to them or that they have always wanted to visit. While they celebrate their union, the couple and their guests will have the opportunity to encounter new cultures, sites and sounds.


Intimate Setting

The 24 Best Destination Wedding Locations, Hands Down

Destination weddings are a great option for couples who desire a more private wedding because they are frequently smaller than regular nuptials. Couples can spend more time with each guest and have a more intimate celebration with a smaller guest list. Also, destination weddings provide the couple and their guests a chance to connect and create lifelong memories.

Built-In Honeymoon

Selling Destination Weddings And Honeymoons | Travel Agent Central

A destination wedding can serve as both the wedding and the honeymoon, which is a huge additional benefit. The couple can extend their stay and take advantage of a built-in honeymoon in a beautiful area rather organizing a separate trip. This not only helps the couple save money but also enables them to begin their married life in a special and romantic location.

Less Stressful

The #1 Tip for a Stress Free Wedding | Elliott Insurance

Destination weddings can actually be less stressful to plan than a typical wedding. Many destination weddings include a skilled wedding planner who can handle all the logistics from choosing the best vendors to finding the ideal location. When everything is taken care of the couple can unwind and enjoy the event.

Picture-Perfect Backdrops

Amazon.com : AOFOTO 8x6ft Spring Cherry Blossom Backdrop Sweet Pink Flowers  Tree Floral Petal Boulevard Photography Background Wedding Tea Party  Decoration Girl Bride Woman Lady Portrait Photo Studio Props Vinyl :  Electronics

A destination wedding has many benefits, not the least of which is the gorgeous setting and scenic backdrop it offers for wedding photography. The natural beauty of the setting whether it is a stunning beach, a breathtaking mountain range, or a historic castle, lends a touch of enchantment to the wedding and produces priceless memories.

A Chance to Save Money

A destination wedding may cost more than a typical wedding in some cases, but not always. A destination wedding may be less expensive than a regular house wedding, depending on the location. By choosing an all-inclusive package that includes everything from the ceremony to the reception, couples can also save money.

In conclusion, destination weddings provide couples and their guests with a singular and unforgettable experience. They offer a private environment, a built-in honeymoon an opportunity to strengthen relationships with loved ones and a gorgeous site for wedding photographs.

20 Low-budget Engagement Ceremony stage decoration Ideas

Engagement ceremonies are one of the most special and important days in a couple's life. It is a day filled with love, joy, happiness and excitement! To make this momentous occasion even more memorable for the couple-to-be, here are 20 low-budget engagement ceremony stage decoration ideas that will add an extra sparkle to their big day. From balloon decorations to glittery table settings; from fairy lights draped around chairs to romantic flower arrangements - these ideas will help you create an enchanting ambience without breaking your bank account! So get creative and let your imagination run wild as you plan out the perfect engagement ceremony stage decoration for your loved ones.


Minimal yet exquisite design for a fan of minimalism for engagement ceremony stage decorations

A sweet sofa looks lovely on a simple circular background. That is the ideal illustration of a straightforward yet sophisticated object. To enhance the complete arrangement, simply add your choice of flowers to the round portion.


Simple, Easy & Beautiful Idea for Floral Engagement stage Decorations

For millennial couples, a current trend in engagement stage decor is white. Your event will have a special charm thanks to a plain floral ring against a white background. For couples that appreciate subtlety, floral-themed engagement decoration ideas are ideal. A few more decorations, such as lovely candles in a glass box, give your engagement stage the ideal amount of grace.


Heart-shaped flowers engagement ceremony stage decoration idea, the phrase "Love is in the Air"

Your engagement photos will have a lovely romantic story created by this flower stage decoration in the shape of a heart. Everything you need to organise a sentimental and unforgettable ring ceremony is a lavish bouquet of red roses arranged in the shape of a heart. Choose the top wedding planner in Lucknow who can assist you in realising your aspirations for the event's décor.


Gorgeous Engagement Decoration Ideas with Balloons

These are the most lovely and straightforward ideas for engagement decorations. You could be wondering how the birthday décor aspect can make your ring ceremony stage décor stand out. But trust us when we say that these vibrant balloon arch decoration ideas can add fun and celebration to any occasion. For a unique backdrop, use balloons in pastel colours. To add a captivating element, you can also employ contrasting colours.


Wonderful Floral Wall Engagement ceremony stage Decoration Ideas

A floral wall background that is larger-than-life creates a cascading appearance. This is the most popular option for an outdoor engagement ceremony's flower design. This floral wall decoration is breathtaking in its simplicity. Each person is spellbound by the all-floral wall's eye-catching impact. This decorating is made glam by using contrasting couches and cushions.


Engagement Decoration Ideas with a Royal & Luxury Theme

You must select a regal and opulent theme for your stage décor if you want to enjoy a big engagement ceremony. Your engagement photos will look dramatic with royal sofas and an opulent backdrop. The sofa and cushion in ivory colour will tell a grand story. This magnificent setup's royal charm is elegant and agreeable to the eye.


Options for a Special and Religious Wall Background for an Engagement ceremony stage decoration ideas

By selecting a striking and original wall background engagement décor like this, you can give the auspicious rite of engagement a devout air. Here, the white pillars and green walls contrast to create an exquisitely beautiful scene. This stage decoration with a Ganesha theme is amazing and one of the best engagement background decorations as well. Who would object to asking Lord Ganesha's blessings before embarking on a new journey?


Fabulous Pink-Theme Engagement Decoration Ideas

Your engagement ceremony decoration can be much improved by a gentle colour like pink. These easy stage decoration ideas with a pink theme offer refinement and a classic feel to the overall setting. Pastel colours, like pink, can illuminate the stage of your special event and accentuate the beauty of the engagement background decoration. Floral hangings and elegant drapes add an extra hint of colour and romance.


Innovative Engagement Party Decorations

Your engagement stage décor can become a more lively and amazing theme by using some innovative features. Make the décor more charming by selecting a backdrop with a geometric pattern. Use these lovely peach engagement decoration ideas as inspiration.


A lovely message for the Guests

Let everyone know just how crazy in love you two are. easily by incorporating the stage decoration's BETTER TOGETHER theme. Nothing could be this straightforward, distinct, and great.


Ideas for Stunning Floral Canopy Engagement ceremony Decorations

Searching for a special and straightforward decoration for a proposal event? Perhaps you might want to try out this lovely canopy stage décor. The traditional grace of this floral canopy made of white flowers will give the occasion a dreamlike air. Your big gathering will have an air of grandeur thanks to the chic sofa beneath the floral arrangement. The arrangement of white and pink roses is a perfect illustration of chic elegance.


Beautiful Heart Stage engagement ceremony stage Decoration

The flower heart engagement stage decoration is ideal for a passionate, charming pair. Flowers on a heart are captivating. Also, the addition of floral decorations and artistically arranged lights enhance the overall occasion.


A Candle-Lit Engagement ceremony Decoration

You will fall in love with the stage's understated design thanks to the flower backdrop and candles on either side of the sofa. Nothing is more elegant than a backdrop of flowers and candles. The stage decoration's addition of gold looks breathtakingly gorgeous.


Blooming Floral tassels

Be unconventional with your engagement stage décor by choosing a floral tassel backdrop. At the base of the tassels, hang flower balls to accentuate the décor.


Engagement Stage Decoration with Floral Arches

Flowers have a timeless beauty that never seems to lose their appeal. Floral décor is the most popular option for weddings and other events. By choosing a multicoloured floral arch for the engagement stage decorations, you may add a splash of colour to your ceremony.


Beautiful pastel drapery decorations for the engagement ceremony stage

The weddings in 2023 will feature pastel colours. While you experiment with the traditional yet modern drapery décor, add a touch of soft pastel hues to your engagement stage decoration.


Rings Intertwined Engagement Ceremony Decoration

Use this lovely décor of intertwined tricoloured rings to get engaged in elegance. Its general appeal is enhanced by the subtly used floral colours and the green background. The metallic glitter of the love phrase heightens the décor's attractiveness.


Engagement ceremony Decor: rustic branches arch

Do you want to keep the decor for your engagement formal and understated? Then give this rustic branches arch a try and do away with the conventional decor. The plan is most appropriate for people who want to have an outside wedding in the warm weather.


Flower bouquet with chevrons

Considering holding your engagement ceremony outside? So use this floral arrangement with orange and yellow flowers that are checkered in different colours to add some lively hues to the wedding. This straightforward stage decorating for engagement is aesthetically appealing because of the colour-coordinated chairs.


Engagement Ceremony stage decoration with floral rings

The couple's exchange of rings is what marks the engagement, after all. So why not choose décor that is appropriate for the situation? This charming floral ring décor makes for the perfect, inexpensive stage decor for an engagement.

Wedding Mandap Decoration Ideas To Make Your Pheras Special

At the religious Vedi, under the skies, may blessings be (or even in the banquet hall where you choose to hold your wedding). The mandap is one of the most important wedding decorations since it serves as the pathway to the altar where you will exchange vows with your better half. This is regarded as a sacred location where you begin your new life of happiness and companionship, and this is also where your storybook "happily ever after" begins. There are numerous options for mandap decoration on today's market, and all of the B-town weddings from the past year that have been featured in publications and on social media have elevated the bar.


For your D-day, the mandap decoration ideas, whether they involve flowers, lighting, or furniture placement, all add up to making it breathtakingly beautiful and Instagram-worthy. Impressive mandap decoration ideas have a powerful appeal that leaves everyone's jaws hanging open. See how to add this charm to your event using these outstanding mandap designs that are hot this year.


Open Mandaps with a sprinkle of awesomeness

Why not let the stunning setup you've chosen for your wedding flow inside? The property and its focal points, such as the sands on a Goan beach or the winding grand stairs for a great ancient palace, are a perfect choice for a destination wedding design. In this instance, the fundamental motifs of an open set and a floating, waterfront arrangement harmoniously combine to give us the power of two mandap decoration ideas for the price of one. The marriage mandap is more charming without draperies because of the floating lotus fronds over the water and the clear skies.


The idea for a royal mandap decoration for you

When you think of royal grandeur, you probably picture domed buildings, red sandstones, and regal sitting, ideally outside. When you combine all of these components, you have the ideal mandap décor ideas for a royal Rajasthani wedding, out-of-state destination weddings, and even winter weddings. What you see over here is a sandstone platform from a destination wedding that has been decorated with strands of red roses, white marigolds, and agenda phool, as well as fabric bolts and a truckload of rose petals. Very magnificent! These days, it's fashionable for the entire wedding hall decor, not just the mandaps, to recreate the royal legacy of the Rajput or the Mughals.


Using the waterfront as inspiration will create a mirage effect

It couldn't be more perfect! A rose-petal-covered dome-shaped structure with good lighting was reflected in the lake. Imagining yourself in a royal Rajasthan, notice how the lavish canopies, complex goldwork, and regal pillars are precisely reflected by the water feature, giving the image of two royal mandaps. Pictures that are guaranteed to be pin-worthy! You can create a sheer monument to stand in digital time, commemorating your union as one, by combining these with drapes and flowers.


A harbour or canopy of flowers to state the springtime mood

Here's how you elevate floral mandaps, which have become all the rage. The list of flower-based mandap décor options is virtually unlimited and includes a floral canopy, floral archways, floral forests, hangings, and floral chandeliers. We are amazed by the floral canopy over an elaborate Victorian-style chaise and traditional gold floor seats over here; it nearly appears real. The sets of pots serve solely to emphasise the appearance.


Scandinavian forest sculpted for the majesty of the forest

The ideal design for your bridal mandap would feature blossoms carved around sturdy trees and branches, giving the impression of a real forest in bloom. That's why we adore this all-white ensemble. One of the most beautiful yet peaceful mandap decoration ideas is it. The Nordic woodland style is reminiscent of outdoor nuptials in the woods, perhaps with a druid uniting the couple as one. Build your version of this enchanted floral woodland with a colour scheme as the wedding's primary design element. To tie the area around the wedding location together, add branches and fake trees!


Lotus-inspired aesthetics and over-the-top mandap feelings

how to go over the top. Turn to these artificial floral inspirations as an alternative to real ones. With a spherical vedi, huge, silver cutouts in the shape of lotuses, and a floral roof element (designed as a lotus), that should be plenty to whet anyone's appetite for fantastic mandap decoration ideas. The wider, rounder structure of the venue draws attention to the lotus at the centre of this wedding mandap image, turning it into a sheer magic of flowers stacked on top of each other.


Bare bones or minimal mandap structures

In the Indian wedding market, minimalism is a trend that is here to stay. Professionals are currently working to produce minimal bridal mandaps, minimal bridal jewellery, minimal bridal cosmetics, and minimal bridal mehndi designs. This trend has our unanimous support, especially because it puts the bride and groom back in the spotlight, which is always a good thing. The inspiration for this design came from a simple, simplistic building that was covered in peach, white, and baby pink rose flowers.


Green Mandap Decoration ideas are always fun

When it comes to green mandaps, contrasted colours are now more important than using many or any flowers in the past (the blooms against the leaves, stems and bushes). Because it contrasts with the majority of the colours used in an Indian wedding, green is a fantastic backdrop colour, making your colourful bridal lehengas stand out strikingly. Also, they are environmentally friendly, which is a major factor in why socially concerned couples choose them. This may be a viable option given the rising popularity of eco-friendly weddings. Consider this flower arrangement, which features rose inserts and dark green leaves that transform into majestic archways, pillars, and vaulted ceilings.


Floral, white structures for the win

A pastel colour scheme and florals go together like peaches and cream. Any white flower, including white roses, rajnigandha, and mogas, among other common whites, can be moulded into a marriage mandap structure. All configurations gain newness and elegance from this collection of mandap decoration ideas. They are gorgeous to look at and capture on camera, and they are suitable for both daytime and evening weddings. The colours of your bridal flowers can be complemented by adding curtains in complementary tones. Draw inspiration from Bollywood weddings, such as the Virushka and DeepVeer unions.


Adapt your concepts for indoor use

Got a tonne of mandap decoration ideas, but no outdoor space to display them? You can recreate the set's appearance in your banquet hall or wedding venue. We admired the wedding decorator's amazing attention to detail in recreating a typical green mandap indoors.

You must choose a mandap design that complements your wedding's style and theme. During the planning process, make sure your wedding decorator has access to enough reference images. Give a member of your bridal party the decor duty on the big day so they can make sure the mandap is prepared in time for your Pheras. Also, you want to provide them with the task of selecting the music that will be played during the bridal entrance. We're sure you're feeling a little bit more than simply inspired now that you've seen so many mandap pictures! So join the trend and start looking for a designer for your wedding mandap right away.

29 Simple Bridal Necklaces For Simple Brides

When it comes to wedding planning, the bride's accessories are equally as important as the dress. The necklace is another crucial piece of jewellery. Without dominating the dress, a delicate and perfect bridal necklace can offer a touch of sophistication or simplicity to the bridal ensemble. There is a necklace for every bride, whether you want a simple design or something with a little more shine. The best 29 simple bridal necklaces for every simple bridal look will be featured in this post.


The Classic Pearl Necklace

The classical pearl necklace is a timeless accessory that is always in fashion. It gives a refined touch to any bridal ensemble and is both simple and lovely. It is ideal for both a conventional wedding and a more contemporary event.


The Dainty Diamond Necklace

A delicate diamond necklace is ideal for brides who like a little dazzle. The quantity of sparkle is exactly appropriate without being overpowering.


The Rose Gold Necklace

A simple rose gold necklace is an ideal option for brides who want to add warmth and colour to their bridal look. Rose gold is a popular metal for wedding jewellery.


The Layered Necklace

A simple layered necklace gives a bridal outfit more depth and interest without being overly spectacular. Your bride is like your queen with this piece of necklace. It is nowadays a trendy and simple bridal necklace for brides.


The Choker Necklace

A choker necklace is a strong statement piece that may give a bridal outfit a little bit of edge. It's ideal for brides who want their accessories to stand out.


The Lariat Necklace

A lariat necklace is a multi-purpose accessory that may be worn in several ways. It gives every bridal ensemble a dash of class and grace. It is an ideal necklace for brides, which goes with every dress they will wear on their big day


The Personalized Necklace

A personalised necklace is a lovely way to give your bridal ensemble a unique touch. Your name, your wedding date, or a unique message can be added as customizations.


The Tassel Necklace

A bridal outfit benefits from the excitement and whimsy that a tassel necklace brings. It's a wonderful way to give your wedding day attire a splash of colour and texture.


The Statement Necklace

A statement necklace is the ideal piece of jewellery for brides who wish to make a strong fashion statement. It's a fantastic way to give your bridal appearance a little flair and glitz.


The Vintage Necklace

A vintage necklace gives a bridal ensemble a touch of charm and nostalgia. It is an ideal necklace for brides who adore everything antique and wish to add a hint of classic elegance to their wedding day look.


The Beaded Necklace

A beaded necklace gives a bridal outfit dimension and appeal. It's a wonderful way to give your wedding day attire a dash of bohemian flair.


The Bar Necklace

A bar necklace is a contemporary, understated accessory that gives a bridal ensemble some class. It is a simple bridal necklace for brides who favour a straightforward and understated look.


The Pendant choker Necklace

A pendant choker necklace is a timeless accessory that gives a bridal outfit a touch of refinement. It's excellent for brides who seek a timeless and classy style.


The Layered Choker Necklace

A layered choker necklace blends the dimension of a layered necklace with the boldness of a choker. It's a fantastic technique to give a bridal appearance a little bit of edge and refinement.


The Collar Necklace

Statement jewellery like a collar necklace brings glitz and drama to a bridal ensemble. It's an ideal necklace for brides who want their jewellery to make a strong statement.


The Delicate Chain Necklace

A modest, subtle accessory that brings a touch of elegance to a bridal ensemble is a delicate chain necklace. It's a simple bridal necklace for brides who choose a simple design.


The Birthstone Necklace

A birthstone necklace is a lovely way to give your bridal ensemble some personality. A necklace with your birthstone or the birthstones of loved ones is an option.


The Floating Necklace

A floating necklace is a contemporary, understated accessory that gives a bridal ensemble some class. It is an ideal necklace for brides who favour a straightforward and subtle look.


The Geometric Necklace

A geometric necklace is a contemporary, edgy accessory that gives a bridal outfit a little extra interest. It's an ideal necklace for brides who wish to add a dash of modern elegance to their ensemble on their wedding day.


The Multi-Strand Necklace

This multi-strand necklace has several tiny chain strands, giving it a layered, textured appearance that is an ideal necklace for simple brides.


The Heart Necklace

The heart necklace, which has a thin chain and a tiny heart-shaped charm, is a beautiful and ideal necklace for simple brides.


The Torsade Necklace

The Torsade beads or pearls in this necklace are twisted together to create a textured and layered effect that is an ideal necklace for the simple bride.


The Chandelier Necklace

The chandelier necklace is a striking and opulent option that has numerous strands of crystals or stones hanging from a central point.


The Chain Necklace

The chain necklace is a simple and adaptable option with a thin chain that can be worn alone or layered with other necklaces.


The Bib Necklace

This necklace adds a sense of drama and glitz to any bridal ensemble with its huge, bib-like pendant that hangs high on the chest.


The Locket Necklace

The locket necklace is an emotional and ideal necklace option for brides that have a tiny locket pendant that can hold a priceless memento or photo.


The Cameo Necklace

The camhas a carved cameo pendant that gives every bridal ensemble somees every bridal ensemble a little bit of old-world elegance.


The Filigree Necklace

The Filigree Necklace is a delicate, ornate and simple necklace for brides with a patterned pendant that elevates any bridal ensemble with a touch of class.


The Y Necklace

A Y necklace is an adaptable accessory that may be worn in many ways. It gives every bridal ensemble a dash of class and grace.

It can be difficult to choose the ideal bridal necklace for your wedding day, but with this list of the top 29 simple bridal necklaces for every sophisticated bride, you're sure to find the ideal accessory to finish your bridal style. Every bride may find the perfect bridal necklace, whether they favour a timeless pearl necklace, a tiny diamond necklace, or a powerful statement piece. Do not forget to pick a necklace that matches your outfit and exhibits your sense of style. On your big day, you'll look and feel your best with the proper jewellery.

Top 10 Best and simple Hindu Wedding Decoration ideas to make you wedding out of this world

A Mandap is a temporary structure or canopy which is used for various religious and cultural ceremonies. A Wedding Mandap, on the other hand, is specifically designed and constructed to serve as the stage during a Hindu wedding ceremony. It has four pillars that symbolize Dharma (righteousness), Artha (wealth), Kama (desire) and Moksha (salvation). The significance of a Wedding Mandap lies in its symbolism; it represents an altar where two lives are united into one union - that of husband and wife - with blessings from their families, friends, elders as well as God!


10 Simple Wedding Mandap Decoration Ideas

When it comes to wedding mandap decorations, simple can be just as beautiful and memorable as elaborate. With a few key pieces and some creative touches, you can create an unforgettable atmosphere for your special day. From string lights to fresh flowers, there are countless ways to transform any space into a romantic dreamscape that will make your guests feel like they’re walking on air! So if you want something unique but don't have the time or budget for extravagant decorating schemes - look no further than these 10 simple wedding mandap decoration ideas!


Simple Ganapati Decoration for Hindu wedding Amanda

Why wouldn't I want to decorate my wedding with this simple mandap? Well, I couldn't come up with a single response to it. So could you perhaps explain why this shouldn't be used as stage decor for your wedding? It does, however, have everything else that would make it prettier, including a table. I assure you that everyone who sees through prefers such decorations. Even though a floral canopy over the wedding stage looks lovely, this Basic Mandap Decoration is even more understated. Everything else supports the claim that it is the ideal choice for any wedding. The bride and groom's background features a Ganpati Decoration Mascot. They are getting married directly in front of the Holy Deity.


Simple Mandap Design with Marigold and White

Any wedding mandap decoration would be lacking without the appropriate number of marigold flowers. We are all aware that this particular flower is prized for its aesthetic appeal during the Haldi Ceremony rite. What if these marvels were also included in a simple Mandap Decoration? The outcomes are right there in front of you. This has had a more profound effect, and the decoration is really beautiful. The marigold flowers go well with the other elements of the outside marriage mandap design. The environment is getting nicer because the Sun is shining properly. If I were getting married during the day at an outdoor wedding location, I would unquestionably choose this as my simple mandap decoration. Given that this particular decoration is for a Hindu wedding mandap.


Square shape Hindu Wedding Mandap Design with Flowers

The focal points of this particular Simple Mandap Decorating revolve around the four extremities of the square's four lovely small accents. This is one of the best and most beautiful mandap decorations, and my opinion is that it has a following of its own. When used for a calmly organized evening wedding, these Hindu marriage mandap decorations appear magnificent. To make this even better, the decorators set up the brightest lighting. There are a few reasons why this specific Simple Mandap Decorating arrangement made the list. First off, the exterior of the decoration is being affected more by those crystal chandeliers. You simply cannot get enough of this specific wedding stage decoration because it is so exquisite.


Floral Tassels for a Simple Mandap Decoration

The next best thing after simple mandap decorations is floral tassels. The most exquisite and well-known collection of ornaments may be found in this particular décor style. To get the most out of these ethnically themed marriage mandap decorations, the decorator has chosen some of the greatest white and orange flowers. These tiny flower tassels are what give this event its beauty. The marigold flower chains are contributing the most to this particular wedding stage decoration. The stage's base is decorated with orchids, and then there are the plain but functional chairs. Any Hindu wedding mandap decoration is enhanced by such understated furnishings. At every turn, the decorator has gathered the best.


Hot pink Hindu wedding mandaps in the style of the fort

The centre of the hall or the grass area doesn't benefit much from these decorations because fort weddings are already a very sophisticated and mysterious event. But, a palatial location like this makes far more sense for a Simple Mandap Design. It is indeed very attractive and features the most exquisite decorating in the stadium. This location is deserving of praise in all respects. The Mandap stage was decorated with hot pink curtains, and the side was further decorated with extra scrubs and additional green buses. When you experiment with the correct colours in the proper setting, these kinds of decorations improve anything. The decorator has enhanced this magnificent Fort's splendour.


Hindu Wedding Mandap Decoration with Pastel Clouds

Pastel-coloured A simple mandap decoration should be a reality. Give your decorator specific instructions and make a kind request that they use your preferred colours today. They will use that if they know what to use for such a lovely Hindu wedding mandap decoration. Such open Mandap designs are seen in all Hindu wedding decorations. These are current wedding day trends, and as an outdoor wedding location, this specific décor has all the positive qualities necessary to stand out as a wedding stage decoration. Beginning with the best and most original flower pedestal decoration and working down to the floral rangoli on the ground. This beautiful mandap decoration is complete.


Simple Mandap Decoration with Flowers

This is a special but beautiful mandap decoration. The room's ceiling is a lovely floral drape arrangement. In addition, the simplicity of this decoration is enhanced by the fact that it is partially enclosed and hidden behind the flower aisle. I assure you that this is a fantastic wedding stage decoration for the kid. It has every feature that makes it the ideal location for a special day. This has taken a lot of work from your wedding planner, especially with the gorgeous yet sophisticated decorations for the big day. A greater illustration of the latter is being made with flower strings, lighting, and everything else. With such personal assertions, the decorator has improved this Hindu wedding mandap decoration.


Simple Mandap Decorating Under the Sky

The elegance of this Simple Mandap Decoration is contained inside the area of the chamber, which is entirely outside. It contains everything necessary to be considered a virtually flawless example of a Hindu marriage design from the Vedic era, starting with the understated white flower arrangement. Why almost flawless? Furthermore, the pedestal for ornamentation is the most gorgeous wooden stage. After that, it can be described as a Kashmiri beautiful Mandap Decoration that is incredibly inspiring. On each corner of the space, the designer has placed the best white flowers. In Hill Stations, I think this is a very common theme for Hindu marriage mandap decorations. A location with a fogged background would look amazing with this particular design.


Dark pink ombre beautiful mandap decoration

What beautiful Mandap decorations do you have here? from the smallest elements to the premium design. This specific mandap decoration has all the qualities that make it the ideal stage decoration for a wedding. It features some of the best elements necessary for highlighting any specific event, starting with a truly original and modern decor motif. This particular style of Hindu wedding mandap decoration is renowned for its intricate perfection and obsession with detail. This specific event offers the best of all possible worlds, beginning with the most exquisite pink and pastel flowers. I can't express how much I appreciate such a fantastic and original wedding mandap decoration. This features the most exquisite colour work, which is divine as well as famous.


Hindu Wedding Mandap Decoration with Orange Tent

A beautiful Wedding Mandap This kind of decoration belongs at the front. This specific design offers the best of both worlds, from the exquisite orange tent work to the wonderfully preserved set of designs. This will serve as the focal point for all other wedding decorations, according to the wedding stage decorator. Even though it is necessary, very few decorators provide the courtesy of performing it on the wedding day. In making these straightforward Mandap decorations, some of the best flowers have been used. The event is held in an outdoor banquet hall with naturalistic furniture for the most part. You can count on events happening best in an open area. For an outdoor banquet hall, Hindu wedding mandap decorations like these work beautifully. You can also request that your decorator adjust the colours of the tent.




Wedding Catering: Tips and Ideas for Your Big Day

One of the most significant occasions in a person's life is getting married, and any wedding party would not be complete without food. From selecting the ideal caterer to arranging the food, every aspect must be carefully planned. In this article, we will explore some suggestions and ideas for wedding catering that will help you create a memorable and delightful experience for you and your guests.

 Guest List Considerations

Before you start planning your menu, it's important to consider your guest list. The number of guests will influence your catering choices, so make sure you have an accurate estimate before making any decisions. You'll also need to consider any dietary restrictions or allergies among your guests and ensure your catering choices can accommodate those needs.


 Choosing the Right Caterer

5 Qualities That Make Corporate Catering Service Extraordinary

The success of your wedding catering depends on your choice of caterer. Finding a trustworthy caterer with expertise in wedding catering requires research as the first step. To be sure they can deliver high-quality food and service, look for evaluations and suggestions from previous customers. Before making a choice, don't be reluctant to request a sample.

Be sure the caterer you choose can offer a menu that is within your price range before hiring them. Check out their references by asking for them. A trustworthy caterer has to be prepared to offer references and respond to any inquiries you might have.


 Creating a Menu

Free printable, customizable wedding menu templates | Canva

Create your menu once you've chosen a caterer. Think about your preferences as well as any regional or ethnic food you want to feature. It's crucial to provide a range of choices that will appeal to all of your visitors. Think about offering gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan alternatives as well. Your caterer can assist you in coming up with an affordable menu.

When planning your food, keep in mind the season, time of day, and venue of your wedding. You might want to think about serving lighter food, such as salads or grilled veggies if it's a summer wedding. You might want to think about making heartier dishes, such as stews or soups if it's a winter wedding. The finest menu for your event can be chosen with the aid of your caterer.


 Plan Your Bar Service

How to Hire a Bartender for Your Wedding, According to Experts

You'll also need to organize your bar service in addition to the food. Choose whether you want a complete bar or just beer and wine, and think about putting together a trademark cocktail that embodies your personality. As well as making sure you have adequate workers to manage bar service, don't forget to offer non-alcoholic beverages.

Consider the time of day and the length of the wedding when scheduling your bar service. You might want to think about having a bloody mary or mimosa bar if the wedding is in the afternoon. If it's an evening wedding, you may want to consider a whisky or martini bar. You can choose the greatest solutions for your wedding with the aid of your caterer.


Consider Your Presentation

How to Create a Signature Wedding Menu | Andre's Banquet & Catering

Your food's appearance is just as crucial as its flavor. Whether it's a buffet or a sit-down meal, think about how you want your food to be served and presented. Also, you can add special touches like customized menus, cocktail napkins, or theme-related décor.

Think about the overall theme and atmosphere of your wedding when deciding how your food will be presented. If the event is formal, you might want to think about serving a plated lunch with lovely place settings. If the ceremony will be less formal


Don't Forget the Cake

Bohemian Wedding Cakes in Rich Tones - Cake Geek Magazine

Your food's appearance is just as crucial as its flavor. Whether it's a buffet or a sit-down meal, think about how you want your food to be served and presented. Also, you can add special touches like customized menus, cocktail napkins, or theme-related décor.

Think about the overall theme and atmosphere of your wedding when deciding how your food will be presented. If the event is formal, you might want to think about serving a plated lunch with lovely place settings. If the ceremony will be less formal


Plan for the Unexpected

12 Things Couples Forget to Do For Their Wedding Guests

No matter how carefully you plan, unexpected issues can arise. Make sure you have a backup plan in case of bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Consider having a tent or indoor space as a backup location, and ensure your caterer has a plan for any potential issues.

In conclusion, wedding catering is an important aspect of your big day that requires careful planning and attention to detail. By considering your guest list, choosing the right caterer, creating a menu, planning your bar service, considering your presentation, not forgetting the cake, and planning for the unexpected, you can create a memorable and enjoyable experience for you and your guests. With these tips and ideas, you'll be well on your way to a successful wedding catering experience.


Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

While organizing a destination wedding can be thrilling and fulfilling, it also presents a special set of difficulties. When organizing a destination wedding, there are many details to take into account, from selecting the ideal location to organizing travel plans. We'll offer some advice in this blog article to make planning your ideal vacation wedding successful.


Choose the Right Location

How to Choose the Right Location for Your Business - UpFlip

The location is one of the most critical aspects of a destination wedding. It sets the tone for the entire event and can influence every other decision you make. Consider the climate, cultural activities, and accommodations available in the location. Make sure to research any legal requirements for getting married in the destination, such as obtaining a marriage license, and factor in the cost of travel for yourself and your guests.


Hire a Local Wedding Planner 

It might be really helpful to hire a local wedding planner who is familiar with the area. They can assist you in overcoming any linguistic and cultural difficulties and make sure you are abiding by all applicable laws. Furthermore, they can offer recommendations for nearby vendors and insider knowledge of the neighborhood to help you plan your event more effectively.


Book Your Venue Early

How to Get Started in Event Planning

Popular wedding destinations can fill up quickly, so it's important to book your venue as early as possible. Doing so will ensure that you have the location you want and can help you save money in the long run by avoiding peak season pricing.


Send Save the Dates Early

Wedding Venues in Karachi – The Event Planet

A destination wedding requires early save-the-date announcements, which is crucial. This allows visitors plenty of time to make travel and lodging plans, as well as to schedule any necessary time off from work.


Consider an All-Inclusive Package

All-Inclusive Vs. Not- Inclusive Wedding Venue Package - katiejaynes.com

All-inclusive deals can streamline preparation and ease the burden of budgeting. These packages often include lodging, meals, drinks, and wedding-related services like photography and floral design. They can also help you save money over time because they frequently provide discounts for bulk reservations.


Be Mindful of Guests' Needs

What Wedding Guests Want, and How to Give it to Them

Remember to consider your guests' needs when planning your destination wedding. This may involve providing transportation to and from the airport, arranging activities for guests, or choosing a location that is easily accessible for all guests. Consider setting up a welcome package for guests upon arrival, including maps, local information, and personalized touches.


Plan for the Weather

10 weather related issues to consider when planning an outdoor wedding -  Magpie Wedding

Weather can be erratic, especially in far-off places. Provide guests with umbrellas and rain gear or have a backup indoor site ready in case of bad weather as a contingency plan.



Pengertian Budget Spending Analysis dan Fungsinya - Mofin - Corporate  Budget App

Destination weddings might be more expensive than typical weddings owing to travel and lodging expenses, but they can also be cost-effective with all-inclusive packages. It's crucial to create a detailed budget and collaborate with a wedding planner to make sure all costs are covered.


Travel Logistics

Transportation in Davenport, IA - The Knot

Travel details like lodging, transportation, and visas must be carefully planned when organizing a destination wedding. It can be difficult for the couple and their guests to navigate this, so it's critical to give everyone the clear instructions they need to be on time and ready for the journey.


Relax and Enjoy Your Day

Indian Destination Weddings in Mexico and the Caribbean

Although organising a destination wedding can be challenging, keep in mind to enjoy the process and set aside some time for yourself. Use the area by visiting nearby landmarks and spending time with your loved ones. Let go of all concerns on your special day, and enjoy every second.

Finally, preparing for a destination wedding needs considerable thought and attention to detail. You can create a magical and unforgettable wedding experience by picking the ideal location, working with a local wedding planner, booking your venue early, sending save-the-dates, thinking about all-inclusive packages, keeping your guests' needs in mind, planning for the weather, and unwinding and enjoying your day.


Fun and Unique Wedding Entertainment

Weddings are an occasion for joy and celebration, a moment when two individuals come together to combine their lives forever. The entertainment at a wedding is one of the most crucial elements because it can establish the mood for the whole affair and keep guests interested all day. We'll look at some of the best possibilities for wedding entertainment in this article, from classic to unusual and imaginative suggestions that will make your big day unforgettable.

The entertainment at weddings is a wonderful way to make enduring memories. Everyone recalls the music they danced to, the ridiculous pictures they snapped in the photo booth, or the incredible dance performance they witnessed. These are the instances that visitors will recall for


Live Music


Photo Booth

10 Wedding Photo Booth Decor Ideas to Have at Your Wedding | Wedding Décor  | Wedding Blog

Photo booths have become increasingly popular at weddings in recent years. They are a fun and interactive way for guests to take home a lasting memory of the event. With props and backdrops to choose from, guests can create their own personalized keepsakes.



Magician Pravin - Entertainment - Mumbai Central - Byculla - Weddingwire.in

Consider hiring a magician for your big day if you want a little magic. This is an original and imaginative method to entertain your guests, and it works best when there is a gap in the action during cocktail hour or dinner. For people of all ages, magicians may offer a memorable and enjoyable experience with their deft handwork and eye-catching illusions.



37 Fun Wedding Reception Games Your Guests Will Want to Play

These simple-to-produce games may keep visitors of all ages entertained for hours.



Performance Hire a dancing group if you want to dazzle your visitors with an original presentation. Skilled dancers may put on a lavish performance that will astound your visitors. Whether you select a traditional ethnic dance or a contemporary ballet, a live performance's enthusiasm and energy will make a lasting impact.



Display Consider a fireworks display as the perfect way to cap off your big day. Your guests will remember your wedding celebrations for a lifetime if you choose to end them with fireworks. A professional display will bring a little enchantment and wonder to your day and may be tailored to meet your venue and budget.

In conclusion, wedding entertainment is a crucial component of any wedding and may significantly impact how you and your guests feel about the event as a whole. There are many ways to keep your guests engaged and make your day exceptional, from classic choices like live music to innovative and imaginative suggestions like a magician or fireworks display. So go ahead and use your imagination; the possibilities


Ideas For Sangeet Decoration At Home

Ideas for sangeet decorations don't have to be lavish or excessive. All you need is some design sense and a little ingenuity to choose minimalist designs for sangeet decoration ideas for your home and still manage to impress your guests.

The sangeet ceremony is, after all, one of the most exciting nights of the wedding celebration. The whole family is dancing to love songs, and it is full of fun and frolic. Individuals are scheduled to do fantastic performances, and the overall occasion makes for beautiful photos. You must come up with sangeet decoration ideas that will enhance the venue's beauty and make for fantastic photos.

In the blog below, we share with you a selection of sangeet decoration ideas that can be utilised for all kinds of sangeet celebrations.


For the Most Epic Sangeet Night, Here's a Checklist

If you want to make your sangeet night a memorable occasion, many more considerations must be made in addition to sangeet decoration ideas. For your reference, below is a brief but crucial list:

Sangeet decoration ideas: There are many alternatives for sangeet decoration given the variety of options we have discussed thus far. Make sure your choice ties in with the wedding's overall concept, and select colours for the decor that appear stunning in photographs.

The Bar & Food: The food should be plentiful, and the bar should be well-stocked with extra drinks for everyone. The bar is typically the highlight of the Sangeet night. Choose bar snacks and finger foods for the menu so that guests can get a bite to eat amid all the dancing.

Photographer: You need the appropriate kind of photographers and videographers to capture the most unforgettable night of your wedding ceremony. So choose a photographer whose work you enjoy, and give them a list of instructions on how you want the night to be captured. With the help of a professional photographer, you can capture the best moments of your event.

The Quirk Component: The most entertaining parts of a wedding are sangeet nights. Thus, be sure to include some unusual components in the mix. You can plan a fun, unexpected performance, bring in props for the evening, or even place whistles on each table so that the audience can cheer you on while you perform. You can also have a fun photo booth for your guests with rickshaws or an automobile.

Music and Dance: Dancing all night long is a big part of the sangeet ritual. To prepare for an unforgettable performance, carefully choose the DJ and work with a choreographer. Prepare your performance playlist well in advance and remember to throw in some rocky songs as well as the romance favourites.


Suggestions for Sangeet Decoration in the House

There are sangeet decoration ideas for various types of festivities, whether you're arranging a large event that everyone will remember or a small, private gathering.


Ideas for Sangeet Decorating with Adorable Corners

Use adorable corners all around the place as part of your sangeet decoration ideas at home if you want to create a setting that your visitors will talk about for weeks. You have a tonne of options when it comes to style and aesthetics.

Make a stylish selection, like the one seen in the image given above. Even though it appears elegant, putting it together is as cheap as it gets. It may be made to look classy with the use of a ladder from home, some thermocol cuttings, numerous candles, a few string lights, and some real creeper plants. Have a look at the example above for some ideas, then modify them to fit your theme.


Table centrepieces for Sangeet Decorating

The sangeet ceremony typically takes place in the evening and lasts well into the night. Thus it's always a fantastic idea to incorporate various types of lighting into your sangeet decor ideas. Yes, you did the entryway correctly, and you also managed to decorate some adorable corners throughout the area. It is now time to consider the detailing.

Give guests something else to be impressed with by paying attention to decoration details, such as table centrepieces, while they gather around a table to watch the dancing acts planned for the evening. A set of candles and candle stands serving as table centrepieces is shown in the image above; isn't it a great idea!?


Decorating Ideas for Placard Sangeet at Home

A placard has a charm all its own, making it one of the best sangeet decor ideas for the home entryway. You can ly inventive with your designs and, for the finishing touch, ask a family member who is also an artist to create a DIY painting for a placard.

The greatest choice is one like the one created for the situation. By adding pictures or caricatures of the bride and groom, you may personalise it and make a fun photo prop for your pals. It's a good idea to use a straightforward design, such as the dancing caricatures of the couple with their names and, of course, the wedding hashtag displayed in the image above.


Innovative Decorations for Sangeet with props

With some wacky accessories, you can add some more fun and frolic to an already exciting sangeet night while watching your guests having a blast posing for pictures. Rickshaws decorated with flowers are currently popular as part of wedding décor, but you can take it a step further by placing a unique car in a particular area of the venue.

These rickshaws or vehicles are frequently offered by wedding decoration suppliers and provide excellent sangeet decoration ideas for the home. You may create somethisomethingnique, and endearing all at once if you get the car paintbyipaint witheme and add some seating to it.


Sangeet Decorating Ideas for the Entrance

Make a dhamakedar entryway for your sangeet to instantly astound your guests. Because it sets the tone for the event, making ensuring the entrance is flawless might help you impress your visitors right away.

If your celebration is being hosted at home, simple sangeet decoration ideas are adequate. Using the example in the top image as inspiration, use fairy lights to design an entrance that will astound your visitors. Fairy light strings combined create a wonderful atmosphere. So build a big canopy, light up the place, and watch the magic happen.


At-home Sangeet Decorating Ideas Using the Garden Tree

It's time to be inventive with what you have if you're hosting a small-scale sangeet ceremony in your backyard garden. You can use everything from ladders to the many pots in your home as props.

In the picture above, you can see a fantastic illustration of how to utilise what you currently have. Take inspiration from it and plan a similar event for your own gatherings. All you need is a large tree and loads of lights to brighten it up. You may make the tree seem gorgeous by turning on the lights in all of its limbs and on its trunk.

For those of you who feel that this is a bit excessive, the image shown below shows another approach to utilising the garden tree. Do something simple, like lanterns hanging from a few tree branches, rather than lighting up all the branches and flooding the area with light.


Sangeet Seating Decorating Ideas for the Couple

The bride and groom should be seated in a designated location while the aunts and uncles dance to cheerful music. This seating configuration and the surrounding backdrop are both possible sangeet decoration ideas for the home.

Create a beautiful arch with flowers like roses and jasmines for the backdrop, and use neon signs with phrases like "Better Together" as seen in the image above. A chic couch and some lighting are all that are required for amazing photographs.

How To Choose The Perfect Venue For Your Event

Due to the numerous factors that must be taken into account, event planning can be difficult. To ensure the success of the celebration, every detail—from cuisine to entertainment,  from invitations to decorations—must be meticulously planned and carried out. Choosing the ideal location is one of the most important considerations that must be made when planning an event. Your event's venue establishes the overall tone and can make or ruin it. We will go into great detail about how to pick the ideal location for your event in this blog post.


Consider the Location

One of the most important things to think about when selecting a venue for your event is its location. If ,your guests are travelling from out of town you need to make sure that the venue is simple for them to get to. Everyone who will be attending the event should find it convenient to get to the venue.


Determine the Capacity

London Event Venue 3,000 Capacity | Eventopedia


Look at the Amenities

Party Venues in Philadelphia, PA - 332 Venues | Pricing | Availability

While choosing a site, it's important to consider the amenities provided by the facility. There should be adequate chairs, tables and lighting at the venue. The venue should be handicap accessible, and the sound equipment should be adequate for your event. Check to see if the venue has any specific equipment, such projectors or screens, that you would need for your event. Also the location needs to have modern, sanitary facilities. If you are having a corporate event, the venue should have a business center or space where participants can work if necessary.


Check for Availability

The availability of a place should be checked before choosing it. It's critical to start looking for a venue as soon as possible ,because many locations are reserved months in advance.


Consider the Ambiance

Ambiance Event Hall & Rentals - Event Rentals - Largo, FL - WeddingWire

The environment of the venue is a crucial consideration as well. The setting sets the tone for the event and , has the power to make or ruin it.


Consider the Cost

How Much Does It Cost to Run an Event Planning Company? - Biz2Credit

The price of the venue is the last thing you should think about. Because it , can have a big impact on your budget the venue's price is an important consideration.

The Top 10 Qualities of a Successful Event Management

The event management sector is fast-paced and demanding, necessitating a certain set of skills and character attributes in order to thrive. No of your level of experience, these are the top 10 qualities of a successful event organizer.

Attention to Detail

Event organizers must have a keen eye for detail to ensure that every aspect of an event is impeccable. The selection of the location the catering and the entertainment all require meticulous planning and execution.


Communication Skills

9 Ways to Improve Communication Skills as a Remote Worker | FlexJobs

To effectively communicate their ideas and objectives to customers and vendors , event managers need to be outstanding communicators. Also they must be able to inspire and lead their group.


Time Management

10 Rock-Solid Time Management Strategies to Boost Your Productivity - Time  Doctor Blog

Event managers need to have effective time management skills in order to complete all tasks on time and deliver events as planned.


How to Improve Adaptability in the Workplace | Grant Cardone TV

Event managers need to be adaptable because the industry is always evolving and problems might arise at any time.


Budgeting and Financial Management

Financial Management Budgeting Resources for Nonprofits - Wallace Foundation

To guarantee that events are profitable and executed within budget event managers need to possess a thorough understanding of budgeting and financial management.



Event planners must use imagination and creativity to , set their events apart from those of their competitors.


Leadership Skills

10 Most Important Leadership Skills For The 21st Century Workplace (And How  To Develop Them)

To create outstanding teams event managers must be able to inspire and motivate their personnel.


Stress Management

Stress Management Skills | 9 Stress Management Techniques To Know

Event managers must be able to successfully manage their stress in order to ensure that they can produce their ,best work in what can be a high-pressure sector.



Effective event organisers are enthusiastic about what they do and sincerely enjoy giving their customers , and attendees special experiences.



5-Step Problem-Solving Technique For An Innovative Solution - Work It Daily

Event managers need to be skilled problem solvers who can think of original solutions to unforeseen , problems that can develop during an event.

In conclusion, event management is a difficult but rewarding field that demands a certain combination of abilities and traits to succeed. Event managers may succeed in their jobs and produce great events that surpass the expectations of their clients by having these top 10 attributes.


Top 15 Five-Star Wedding Venues in Delhi

The majority of your demanding responsibilities will be finished after the wedding is complete. All that's left to do is organize a lavish party complete with food, beverages, music, and more! One of the enjoyable aspects of wedding planning is hosting the reception. It's the culmination of a week-long (or longer) party! You've chosen a stunning evening gown and a piece of stunning diamond jewelry set to go with it. For the big night, you've sent personalized invitations to all of your friends, family members, and close associates.

As a result, it needs to be planned at a unique reception hotel in Delhi. Therefore, here we are with names, rates, and distinctive qualities of the best hotels in Delhi you could consider.


The Lalit                                                 

Price Per Plate: Depends upon the Package you select

Capacity: Min- 50



About Venue

One of the top 5-star wedding hotels in Delhi is without a doubt The Lalit, which is located in the heart of the city. The LaLit is renowned for providing opulent event rooms, wonderful service, and a gourmet crew with remarkable talent when it comes to weddings. Events can be held in The LaLit's Crystal Ballroom, Regency, Regal Hall, and Plaza Terrace Garden, which can hold up to 2000 people. To make your wedding an amazing experience, this five-star wedding venue in Delhi also provides exotic bar setups, in-house DJs, and wine sommeliers.


Radisson Blu Hotel, Dwarka

Price Per Plate: Veg-1800


Capacity: Min- 60



About Venue

The Radisson Blu Hotel is unquestionably one of the best hotels in Delhi thanks to its highly qualified staff, first-rate service, and proximity to the airport. The Aab Mahal banquet hall, poolside areas, ballrooms, and terrace are just a few of their high-end event venues that give you a variety of options for planning your event. They have excellent in-house catering and decor teams who will make sure you don't have to worry about anything.


Taj Palace

Price Per Plate: Depends upon the Packages

Capacity: Min- 100



About Venue

The Taj Palace is one of the best hotels in Delhi, with a luxurious 6 acres of space located in Delhi's famed diplomatic district. A beautiful location to host a luxurious wedding, Taj Palace is also the preferred location for foreign delegations, celebrities, and heads of state. The Taj Palace's interior design was influenced by Mughal architecture and is the pinnacle of magnificent art and design. Nonetheless, Taj Palace has several banquet halls, including Mumtaz, Roshanara, Sheesh Mahal, Jehangir, and Jahanara, for small gatherings with a small number of guests. But there's more! Raja Bagh and Rani Bagh both have lush lawns where outdoor ceremonies can be held.


Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort

Price Per Plate: Veg-2600


Capacity: Min- 100



About Venue

The Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort in Greater Noida is the greatest and best hotel in Delhi if you're seeking a location with a sizable green space and a breathtaking view. The three opulent ballrooms are ideal for indoor events, and their expertly skilled decor crew will wave a magic wand to transform them into a fairytale setting. In addition to the function halls, the expansive, lush green lawn is a great place to host big parties and create stunning photo backgrounds!

Vivanta, Surajkund

Price Per Plate: 2500

Capacity: Min- 100



About Venue

Vivanta Surajkund is a five-star wedding venue in Delhi-National Capital Region that exudes elegance and delights you with opulent, modern architecture and first-rate amenities. It is a wonderful location for pre-wedding events, weddings, and receptions.

It features a modest banquet room where you can have intimate wedding events. During the wedding ceremony, however, there is the Tango Ballroom, a 7500 square foot beautiful dining space with no pillars and seating for 800 guests. They additionally have a talented crew of designers who can enhance the location to your tastes. Vivanta has also developed a large lawn area that is ideal for occasions like cocktail parties, haldi ceremonies, and mehndi ceremonies.


The Palms Town & Country Club

Price Per Plate: Veg-2300


Capacity: Min- 100



About Venue

The Palms Town & Country Club in Gurgaon is the place to go if you're seeking the best hotels in Delhi that are away from the bustle of the city and have beautiful surroundings! Your fantasy big reception event will be hassle-free thanks to their superb in-house planning team and experienced culinary crew. Wherever your preferred event location—poolside, a lawn, a ballroom, etc.—the entire team of pros will go above and beyond to provide top-notch services while keeping your needs in mind.


The Roseate

Price Per Plate: Depends upon the Package you select

Capacity: Min- 50



About Venue

Do you want your wedding to be both utterly luxurious and small-scale? For that, The Roseate is without a doubt among the greatest wedding venues in Delhi-National Capital Region. The quiet and lush surroundings of this urban luxury resort offer stunning architecture. For Delhi residents, it is one of the most coveted locations for a luxurious staycation. However, this posh resort has become extremely well-liked as a 5-star wedding location. There are two lawns and a banquet room that can hold 200 guests. Also, you can hold cocktails and mehndi celebrations by the pool at The Roseate.


Karma Lakelands

Price Per Plate: Veg-2200


Capacity: Min- 50



About Venue

The capable staff at Karma Lakelands will put in a lot of effort to make sure that your wedding reception is the largest thing in town! See one of the top hotels in Delhi that would completely win your heart! This venue is perfect for both small and large events because it features cutting-edge amenities like sound setup, audio-visual equipment, wedding music, and top-notch, personalized services.


The Leela, Chanakya

Price Per Plate: Veg-4000


Capacity: Min- 75



About Venue

The Leela Palace, New Delhi, one of the best architectural wonders, stands majestically in the opulent surroundings of Chanakyapuri. The capital's most popular stop for delegates from around the world and celebrities is this opulent modern palace. It is tucked away close to Rashtrapati Bhavan, the Prime Minister's house, and the Diplomatic Enclave. This wonderful spectacle features 194 grand Deluxe/Premiere/Royal Rooms, 42 Royal Club Rooms, and 18 suites. The Leela Palace is filled with extravagance, grandeur, and elegance in every nook and cranny. One of Delhi's top five-star wedding locations, it has open gardens, banquet spaces, and terrace settings for your nuptials.


Hyatt Regency, New Delhi

Price Per Plate: Depends upon the Packages

Capacity: Min- 100



About Venue

Hyatt Regency, New Delhi has all you need to hold the wedding of your dreams, including extravagant menus, fantastical sets, skilled wedding services, and opulently constructed wedding venues. You can pick from a variety of locations that can hold up to 2000 guests, such as the Oval Room, Regency Ballroom, and Living Rooms. It is among the greatest wedding locations for large weddings with a sizable guest list. The wedding planners, designers, and caterers on staff at this 5-star hotel in New Delhi are exceptional. The Hyatt Regency's status as one of Delhi's most opulent wedding venues is another feature.


Andaz, Delhi

Price Per Plate: 4500

Capacity: Min- 400



About Venue

The Andaz is one of the top hotels in Delhi and would be the ideal location for a magnificent reception dinner party with everything that screams grandeur. You can plan your party in any of their event spaces thanks to their ample 10,800 square feet of space. Their team of experts will meticulously and individually arrange your little or extravagant event.


The Imperial

Price Per Plate: Depends on the packages

Capacity: Min- 200



About Venue

The Imperial is a recognizable name among the five-star hotels in Delhi, intertwined with India's rich legacy and the grandeur of the colonial era. It is a location for your wedding that exudes old-style charm, magnificence, and plenty of luxury. There are possibilities for wedding venues both inside and outside. A five-star wedding venue with hotels is called The Imperial in Delhi. It has 235 posh rooms with distinctive interior designs that face out onto the gardenia.


Hotel Laffaire

Price Per Plate: 990

Capacity: Min- 50



About Venue

The Hotel Laffaire is one of the best hotels in Delhi to host your reception because it is situated in a well-known and convenient area and offers all the premium service amenities at reasonable prices. You and your guests will be in awe of these 5-star wedding venues in Delhi due to their exquisite event spaces, talented staff, and exceptional services.


JW Marriott, New Delhi Aerocity

Price Per Plate: Depends upon the Package you select

Capacity: Min- 100



About Venue

The name is one of the most well-known luxury hotel brands in the world. Unsurprisingly, the JW Marriott, Aerocity is the ideal location for lavish weddings. This five-star wedding venue in Delhi offers a variety of elegant and flexible spaces for your special events. Your guests' taste buds will be satisfied by their superb culinary team as they charm them. Experienced planners on staff at the hotel help you with every aspect, including decor and entertainment.


Crowne Plaza, Gurgaon

Price Per Plate: Depends upon the Package you select

Capacity: Min- 50



About Venue

Gurgaon's Crowne Plaza is a luxurious five-star wedding venue in Delhi. It is the most sought-after five-star wedding location because of its proximity to the Delhi airport. It exudes grandeur inside, with gorgeous chandeliers. The wedding location also boasts a calm and welcoming atmosphere. There are thriving green gardens and indoor dining rooms to host glamorous weddings. Moreover, The Crowne Plaza, Gurgaon is well known for offering great dining experiences.

Creating Unforgettable Events: Tips and Tricks from Expert Event Planners

Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, or birthday party, creating an unforgettable experience for your guests is the ultimate goal. But how do you go about making your event stand out from the rest? It takes more than just a few decorations and a DJ to make a lasting impression. In this blog, we'll explore tips and tricks from expert event planners that will help you create an unforgettable event that your guests will be talking about for years to come.


Focus on the guest experience

At the heart of every unforgettable event is a great guest experience. From the moment your guests arrive until they leave, every aspect of the event should be designed with their enjoyment in mind. Make sure to consider their needs and preferences when planning the event, from the food and drinks to the entertainment and activities.


Set the tone with lighting and decor

Wedding Lighting and Decorations

Lighting and decor can transform any space into a magical setting your event's tone. The right lighting and decor can make all the difference, whether you're going for a romantic, festive, or sophisticated atmosphere. Consider hiring a professional lighting and decor company to help you create the ambiance you're looking for.


Surprise and delight your guests

Surprising your guests with unexpected elements can add a memorable touch to your event. Consider incorporating unique entertainment, such as a live performance or interactive activity, or adding personalized touches, such as a custom cocktail or photo booth. These surprises will not only delight your guests but also make your event stand out from the rest.


Pay attention to the details

Indian Wedding Invitation Wording | Paperless Post

The little details can make a big impact on your event. From the menu cards to the centerpieces, every detail should be thoughtfully planned and executed. Work with your vendors to create a cohesive look and feel that ties everything together.


Keep the energy up

The Indian Wedding Ceremony DJ | Indian Wedding Reception DJs

A great event keeps the energy up throughout the night. Consider adding an unexpected twist to keep your guests engaged, such as a late-night snack or a surprise performance. You want your guests to leave the event feeling energized and excited, rather than tired and ready to go home.


Don't forget the logistics

Wedding logistic Provider in Udaipur | Weddings by Neeraj Kamra

While the guest experience is the most important aspect of your event, don't forget about the logistics. Make sure to plan and communicate with your vendors to ensure that everything runs smoothly. A well-planned event will allow you to focus on your guests and create a memorable experience.

In conclusion, creating an unforgettable event takes more than just a few decorations and a DJ. It requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a focus on the guest experience. By incorporating these tips and tricks from expert event planners, you can create an event that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

25 Top Brother-Sister Wedding Dance song


We can all appreciate the lovely, yet difficult, bond between siblings. Brothers and sisters are the first great friends you have in life since they are your constant Tom and Jerry and the person you can have the most meaningful conversations with. With some of the best brother and sister songs, you may celebrate this beautiful bond around your wedding ceremony. Add these upbeat brothers and sisters songs to your wedding playlist and the fun can start right away, whether you're looking for some slamming Punjabi music for your sangeet ceremony or a retro songs playlist to remember the golden era.


Jhoome Jo Pathaan - Pathaan

67 Best Brother And Sister Wedding Dance Songs (Siblings)

The song Jhoome Jo Pathaan by SRK from the movie Pathaan is one of the newest and most popular Bollywood songs that you can perform with your siblings. For your sangeet ceremony, a piece of groovy and upbeat music will be the ideal brother and sister song.


Naacho Naacho - RRR

33+ Best & Popular Sangeet Songs for Brother & Sister Performance |  WeddingBazaar

The lively song Naacho Naacho from the movie RRR will be a fantastic choice for the brother and sister songs playlist if there is one Hindi song with so much hype that you should surely add to your wedding playlist.


Matargashti - Tamasha

Best Sangeet Songs for Brother and Sister Dance Performance

With the humorous Hindi song Matargashti from the film Tamasha, pay tribute to all the wonderful times you had with your siblings. That will be the ideal choice for a playlist of songs about brothers and sisters where you can shamelessly include all the amusing dance clips.


Dance Ka Bhoot - Brahmāstra

Brother Sister Songs and FAB Brother Sister Moments for your Wedding!

Use the sibling song Dance Ka Bhoot from the film Brahmstra to amp up the enjoyment at your wedding celebrations. The enthusiastic Bollywood song is ideal for your wedding playlist because it is all about the upbeat music, dance, and energy you would need to prepare for an electrifying performance with your brother.


Kala Chashma - Baar Baar Dekho

Brother - Sister Sangeet Dance | Kala Chashma | Baar Baar Dekho - YouTube

The upbeat song Kala Chashma from the film Baar Baar Dekho is a must-have for your wedding playlist. Have we not all attempted to imitate this song's catchy steps? We can guarantee that you and your siblings will have a blast performing this fantastic music.


Punjabi Wedding Song - Hasee Toh Phasee

100 Bride and Groom Entrance Songs for the Wedding Reception

The Punjabi Wedding Song from the film Hasee Toh Phasee must be played as part of your wedding festivities. The brother and sister music playlist will be a lovely touch that will just make the ideal joyous mood for your wedding day.


Cutiepie - Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Cutie Pie Dance Performance | Brother Sisters Performance - YouTube

Do you think your sibling or brother is adorable? We both agree that it only occurs seldom. The Ae Dil Hai Mushkil song Cutiepie, about a brother and sister, is the ideal tune. There isn't a song that could make your sister's wedding more popular than this one.


Gallan Goodiyaan - Dil Dhadakne Do

Top 90+ Punjabi Wedding Songs Your 'Shaadi Playlist' is Incomplete Without  | WeddingBazaar

Gallan Goodiyaan from the film Dil Dhadakne Do is a well-known Bollywood song that has evolved into nothing less than a party anthem. The upbeat music is ideal for brother-sister dances where you can eventually get the entire family on the dance floor.


Nachde Ne Saare - Baar Baar Dekho

Nachde Ne Saare | Wedding Dance | Brother and Sister dance - YouTube

Plan a fantastic rendition of the wedding song Nachde Ne Saare from the movie Baar Baar Dekho to make your sibling's wedding that much more memorable.


Shava Shava - K3G

Shava Shava | Wedding Choreography | Team Bride | Shradha Bothra  Choreography #weddingdance - YouTube

How can you not put the classic dance song on your playlist of songs for your siblings? Shava Shava from the movie K3G will be an amazing number to groove to with your brother, from the catchy SRK steps to the original elegance by Amitabh Bachchan.


Drama Queen - Hasee Toh Phasee

Ace the Art of Tamil Dance for Your Sangeet Ceremony With This Master Cheat  Sheet!

This super-fun dance number is dedicated to your bride-to-be sister to let her know that despite your little arguments, she means the world to you. This is for all the brothers out there who believe that their sisters are outright drama queens, especially in front of your mothers. It will be an enjoyable addition to your siblings' tunes.


Bhangra Ta Sajda - Veere Di Wedding

How could the renowned dhol and Bhangra ever be absent from an Indian wedding? Bhangra Ta Sajda from the film Veere Di Wedding is a great song to tap your feet to when you're with your siblings.


Morni Banke - Badhaai Ho

Morni Banke Wedding Dance by Sister & Best Friends - YouTube

The chirpy Morni Banke from the film Badhaai Ho is a unique sangeet ceremony song that will undoubtedly increase the enjoyment factor of your wedding celebrations. We can guarantee that once you start doing the hook step with your brothers and sisters, you won't be able to stop yourself.


Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai - Khoobsurat

80+ Hindi Wedding Songs from Bollywood - Latest Songs for 2021 Weddings |  WedMeGood

We have the ideal brother and sister song for all the siblings to perform in an enthralling manner if you feel that the excitement around your sister's or brother's wedding has only just begun. include the song Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai from the Disney film Khoobsurat in your collection of songs for siblings.


Gulaabo - Shaandaar

Brother & Sister Performance | Cousins Group Dance | Sister's Wedding | Joy  Of Rims - YouTube

Gulaabo from the film Shaandaar has to be the Bollywood song that would give your wedding performance a quirky touch. It's the ideal brother and sister song for the bride to sing solo, with her girlfriends, or even as a brother and sister duet.


Oh Ho Ho Ho - Hindi Medium

Oh Ho Ho Ho | Indian Wedding Dance | Cousins Dance Performance ???? - YouTube

Oh, Ho Ho Ho by Sukhbir is a traditional wedding song that must be played at every Indian wedding. Although the song was remixed for the film Hindi Medium, its charm never gets old and it makes the ideal brother and sister song.


Aankh Marey - Simmba

Aankh Maare | SIMMBA | Morni banke | Badhaai ho | Wedding Dance - YouTube

Aankh Marey from the film Simmba is a popular wedding song that is the ideal entertainment element for your festive events. As you add it to your repertoire of songs about brothers and sisters, have your siblings imitate Ranveer and Sara's well-known hook step.


Ghagra - Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Ultimate Brother-sister Dance off! ???????? - YouTube

For all the upcoming brides. We have the ideal brother and sister song to add to your brother and sister songs playlist if you're seeking something that will not only help you show off your bridal lehenga but also commemorate your sour candy relationship with your brother. Watch out for the Ghagra dance from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, then impress everyone with your stylish moves.


Sauda Khara Khara - Good Newwz

brother sister group performance #saudakharakhara | my sister wedding  series| part 2 - YouTube

Sauda Khara Khara from the film Good Newwz is a well-known Punjabi song that you should add to your playlist of songs for your siblings. It will guarantee a fantastic night to be remembered for the rest of your life, whether you want to perform on it with your cousins or the entire family.


Kashmir Main Tu Kanyakumari - Chennai Express

5 Songs To Include In Your Sangeet Playlist - Wedding Affair

We can all relate to the extreme differences that can exist between siblings. But Kashmir Main Tu Kanyakumari from the film Chennai Express is a lovely Bollywood song that will let you enjoy this contrasted friendship. The song's lyrics are the ideal complement to the brother and sister team who, despite their differences, are always there for one another.


Senorita - Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Senorita - Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara - Amazing Wedding Dance Performance -  YouTube

When your brothers start calling you Senorita, gather them all together on the dance floor and enjoy a lovely and enjoyable time. Your repertoire of brother and sister songs will be complete with the cheerful song from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.


Badtameez Dil - Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Dance Performance on Badtameez Dil - Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani | The Wedding  Script - YouTube

The great song Badtameez Dil from the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is a perfect way to celebrate your siblings and your bittersweet friendship. You will have the time of your life singing along to this amazing brother and sister song, we can guarantee it.


Veere - Veere Di Wedding

Brother Sister Songs and FAB Brother Sister Moments for your Wedding!

Make your sibling's special day even more memorable by playing the lovely Hindi song Veere from the film Veere Di Wedding to celebrate your unbreakable tie with them.


Dhaagon Se Baandhaa - Raksha Bandhan

Aaj Hai Sagai ! Best Dance Ever ! A wedding Dance Performance - YouTube

Searching for the ideal song for yourto  broyournd ister dance at the wedding? The relaxing song Dhaagon Se Baandhaa from the movie Raksha Bandhan captures Akshay's persona and his sisters' sincere and inspiring journey. This lovely song nicely expresses the bond between a brother and a sister.


Zingaat - Dhadak

50 Absolute Best Bollywood Sangeet Songs to Dance on Like No One is  Watching! | Wedding Planning and Ideas | Wedding Blog

You should add a song with catchy lyrics and upbeat music to your collection of tunes for your siblings. Despite being a Marathi song at its core, you cannot help but move to the beats of any version you choose.


25 Best Father-Daughter Dance Song List

Even if Sangeet Night is filled with outstanding performances from A-list celebrities, there is always one memorable dance with your father that deserves to go down in history. Even in the western world, it has become customary to celebrate your first dance with your partner. Yet, the father-daughter dance is a lovely way to celebrate your fresh start. These moments you spend with your dad are sure to be indelibly etched in your memory unlike any other. Whether you're swaying on the dance floor to a smooth song or flaunting your Bhangra and Gidda to the hip and happening songs.

Here are some of the top father-daughter dance songs that you can use to impress your father, or vice versa.


Dilbaro, Raazi

Dilbaro is a fantastic song for both your first dance with your father and your bridal entrance. Your family will undoubtedly become emotional seeing this father-daughter dance, which will be the ideal tribute to your father.


Tu Jo Mila, Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Best Father Daughter Songs to Dance on Sangeet Night

The song Tu Jo Mila is one of the best in the Bajrangi Bhaijaan soundtrack. The feel is heartwarming, the music is gentle, and the lyrics are nice. The newest song on this blog is also this one. This would be a good option for you if you want a father-daughter dance from a fairy tale that builds gradually and crescendos at the end of the song.


Tujhko Na Dekhun, Jaanwar

Top 13 Indian Wedding Reception Father Daughter Dance Songs

A timeless Bollywood song from the 1990s is the last song on the Top 13 Indian Wedding Reception Father-Daughter Dance Songs list. This song may be appropriate for you to select for the father-daughter dance if both you and your father are fans of Bollywood.


Ghungroo, War

Your dad enjoys dancing, right? If so, be sure to include this on your father-daughter dance song playlist for your wedding! Create a dynamic performance around this, and don't forget to enjoy yourself with your dad!


Gud Nal Ishq Mitha, Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga Song Ishq Mitha: Sonam-Anil Kapoor Are  Sheer Magic

This is one of the best father-daughter Hindi songs for the hip and trendy parents in the family! For the father, the wedding of your daughter is one of the happiest occasions of all, and Gud Nal Ishq Mitha is the ideal song to help him express his joy appropriately. When the song started playing in the movie, do you recall how Anil Kapoor showed off some incredible Bhangra moves? Make sure your beloved father is prepared to burn up the dance floor.


Meri Duniya Tu Hi Re, Heyy Babyy

Father Daughter Dance | Sangeet | Meri Duniya Tu Hi Re || Swapna weds  Varshit - YouTube

This song is perfect for fathers and daughters to dance to because it has everything a parent would like to tell their daughters. Include this towards the end of your playlist for your father-daughter dance Hindi song for a nice conclusion.


Mere Babula, Jawani Jaaneman

EVENT PANDA | Beautiful Father-Daughter Dance Hindi Songs Of All Times

This Hindi song about a father and daughter would appeal to the appropriate people. Both you and your father are experiencing strong emotions as they prepare for the wedding. This song will just intensify your feelings because it is one of the biggest decisions of your life. To make the father-daughter dance on stage great, make sure to get the dance right or get a choreographer. This father-daughter dance song has an emotional undertone, unlike the majority of father-daughter dance songs in Hindi.


Mai Khiladi Tu Anadi, Mai Khiladi Tu Anadi

BEST surprise father daughter wedding dance to epic song mashup | Utah  Wedding Videographer - YouTube

This song is ideal if you and your father are great friends and you want to dance to a father-daughter song that captures it. Also, your dad will enjoy dancing with you to this classic 90s tune!


Tera Yaar Hu Mai, Sonu ki Titu ki Sweety

Father Daughter Dance Performance | Indian Wedding | Mix song - YouTube

The majority of you might choose this song for the groomsmen's dance, but if the bride's father is also her best friend, there is no better music for a father-daughter dance than this one. It's a slow melody that allows you to drift off into the night. You and your father will undoubtedly remember all your "partners in crime" moments while dancing to this tune.


Babul, Neha Bhasin

Emotional Bidai | Father & Daughter's love | Babul & Sada Chidiya | Vidai  Song | Delhi Weddings - YouTube

At the sangeet ceremony, let your feelings run wild. For a modern performance and to show their spouses how much they mean to them, many brides choose a Kailash Kher song. Keep your act with your father sweet and understated. The father-daughter dance will be wonderful and unforgettable thanks to this lovely ode of a song. You will undoubtedly shed joyous emotions as you glide over the stage while holding your father in your arms and wearing a stunning lehenga for Sangeet or a gorgeous gown.


London Thumakda, Queen

Watch this British couple dance to London Thumakda at their wedding |  itimes - YouTube

Without dancing on the London Thumakda, a wedding isn't complete, right? A nice father-daughter dance song in Hindi for your wedding is this one. This song should be included in your playlist if your dad has two left feet since the beats will get him moving!


Maine Tere Liye, Anand

Latest Father-Daughter Dance Performances We Are Totally Crushing On! |  WeddingBazaar

Does your father enjoy listening to classical music? If so, he will enjoy joining you on your wedding day for this romantic song from the film Anand. This song's lyrics also make it a fantastic father-daughter dance tune for your wedding.


Mahi Ve, Kal Ho Na Ho

Father/Daughter Wedding Dance with a Rock N Roll twist! - YouTube

This father-daughter duet in Hindi, another classic desi wedding song, is still a smash favorite for sangeet performances. Help your favorite father practice his thumkas while wearing the sherwani so that you can dazzle everyone with a breathtaking father-daughter dance when this song comes on. Also, this is among the best wedding songs from Bollywood, as SRK lovers will concur. Make sure your choreographer is enthusiastic about teaching you the well-known Hindi dance movements from this father-daughter song.


Father's Day Special Mashup, Shriya Jain

The Wedding Song every Father-Bride Duo Needs to Dance At! | WeddingBazaar

Many brides may desire to relive their playful moments with their fathers by singing "Papa Kehte Hai Bara Naam Karega," but they may hesitate since it might not be the ideal fit for them. If you're one of those brides, artist Shriya Jain is here to help with a reworked and unplugged mashup of the feminine versions of your favorite father-daughter dance tunes.


Cutiepie, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Latin Songs For a Father-Daughter Wedding Dance | POPSUGAR Latina

The brides are undoubtedly their fathers' sweethearts, even though the song is not among the best father-daughter dance songs in Hindi on the list. One of the most often used songs for the Shaadi dance sequences is from the film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. During your Sangeet performance with your father, you should use the opening of this song as part of a medley or mashup of other songs.


Some English Songs For Father- Daughter Dance List

80 Father-Daughter Dance Songs for a Sentimental Moment

For their father-daughter dance, many millennial brides have picked fantastic country music or even blues. The best tracks are listed below for you.


Forever Young, Rod Stewart

Beautiful songs that will make your father-daughter dance perfect — DJ Mike  Readings

There is a lyric in the song that reads, "And when you finally fly away, I'll be hoping that I served you well/For all the wisdom of a lifetime, no one can ever tell/But whatever course you pick, I'm right behind you win or lose." One of the best dad songs you can choose for your first dance is this English father-daughter dance tune. In addition to being a well-known father-daughter dance music for weddings, women have also chosen this timeless tune for their sweet 16 dance.


Daughter, Loudon Wainwright III

80 Father-Daughter Dance Songs for a Sentimental Moment

One of the best dad songs for a father-daughter dance performance, as evidenced by the song's title. The question that many fathers ask is, "What music would be ideal for my daughter?" Here is a timeless song by Loudon Wainwright III that captures the loving relationship between a father and his daughter. You can quickly select this father-daughter dancing music and use the melodies to express your affection for your cherished daughter.


Lean on Me, Bill Withers

The Best Songs for Father Daughter Dance

The strongest support in our life comes from our fathers. We can rely on our fathers at every turn of our lives. Lean On Me by Bill Whithers is a song that is perfect for your father-daughter dance since it will always be there to lean on, whether it's the good or the terrible days.


Bruce Springsteen's - When You Need Me

15 Classic Rock Father Daughter Dance Songs for the Dad Who Wants to Rock

Here is a song that can make your father-daughter dance in a way that is both unique and mesmerizing, making it the ideal way to let the daughters know that their fathers are always available.


Butterfly Fly Away, Miley Cyrus

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How many of you remember the scene where Billy Ray Cyrus asks Miley what the song is about in Hannah Montana the Movie? She then informs her father that it was about them, her, and him. This song's lovely melody supports and honors the bond between a father and daughter. This father-daughter dancing music has the power to instantly transport everyone to happier times.


What a Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong

By the lyrics of this song, Louis Armstrong has worked his spell. This is one of the best dad songs for dance performances, whether it be your first dance, a sweet dance performance with your father on your birthday, or even just a random sweet dance with your dad. The world is a little bit more amazing thanks to the song's mellow, calming melody!


Father's Eyes, Amy Grant

10 Perfect Disney Father-Daughter Dance Songs - Weddingchicks %

The best songs are those that make you cry and make you happy during the evening. In reality, if you are seeking the greatest dad songs or your dad is looking for the "best songs for my daughter" then the song Father's Eyes is going to be an outstanding selection for the first father-daughter dance song.


Michelle, The Beatles

This song's melody is quite hep and has a jive to it. Because let's face it, it's The Beatles, it's not just one of the best father-daughter dance songs, but it also makes for a lovely classic that will enhance the delights of your wedding.


Dance with My Father, Luther Vandross

Pro Tip: How Do I Pick a Song for Father/Daughter or Mom/Son Dance?

The best father-daughter dance music is Dancing With My Father by Luther Vandross, which is also one of the most frequently chosen father-daughter dance songs used at weddings. On the dance floor, swaying will cause the magic to manifest.


My little girl, Tim McGrew

The strongest people are always fathers. It's incomprehensible the feelings they suppress to make things appear simple and flawless. One of Tim McGraw's songs, My Little Daughter, expresses his deepest emotions most directly. To commemorate your first father-daughter dance before the wedding, this is undoubtedly a lovely song. You know that when you dance the waltz on the dance floor with your dad, your closest relatives will feel it in their bones.

Ideas for Wedding Entrance Decorations to Make Your Celebration Special

Is it true that you will soon be married? The food you serve, the guest arrangements, and the wedding entrance decor are then the most important components of your wedding. In essence, the decoration for the wedding entrance is where it all starts. And it will be the first thing that your guests see and use to form an impression of your wedding overall. Check out these amazing wedding entrance decoration ideas that we have collected for you. Your guests will be astounded by these design ideas and be left speechless by a stunning entrance they won't soon forget.


Options for Wedding Entrance Decoration Design That Will Certainly Be Popular!


Keep It Bold and Gorgeous

if you want light wedding entrance decoration and prefer to keep things simple. If so, this is how you may adorn your wedding entrance decor with it. You may keep the wedding entrance strong and lovely by just putting some decorations on it. One of the best methods to give your entrance a royal appearance is to do this. Employ colorful net drapes to dress the entryway to your wedding. The wedding instantly gains energy thanks to these colorful draperies. Also, decorating a wedding entrance with props can make your wedding look lively and outgoing.


Decorate Your Tunnel with Green

You've undoubtedly seen several entrances to wedding tunnels. Hence, to be noticed by others. We came across this wonderful decoration for the wedding entrance in the manner of a tunnel. This organic wedding entrance decoration is perfect if you love the outdoors. To make this magnificent tunnel entrance, just use branches, leaves, and tiny, bright flowers. Each wedding should make becoming green a key concern, especially when it comes to the décor. The wedding that day will benefit from this grand bridal entry.


Wedding door decorations

The front door entry decorating is one of the most important elements of your wedding. This kind of wedding décor will undoubtedly be a hit with all of your guests. The entrance to your wedding is the first thing guests see. So, create a good first impression with this inexpensive wedding entrance decoration. Just place some vases near the entryway and wrap some vines around the pillars. This is the most basic type of decorating you may use to improve the appearance of your entrance overall.


Consider Using Traditional Wedding Entrance Decorations

Isn't this design just the cutest? A beautiful way to welcome your guests is by using a traditional theme for your wedding entrance. The picture features a Gujarati motif as its subject. Nonetheless, there are several themes available, including Punjabi, Rajasthani, and others. Your wedding will be more joyous with these themes. Also, your visitors will like shooting photos here. And you can give them some credit for that.


Beautiful Mogras Are Used To Decorate The Marriage Entry.

Your wedding entrance can be decorated in several ways. Beautiful Mogra flowers can be used to decorate the bridal entrance for a unique and memorable entrance. The bridal wedding entry is decorated with flowers, lights, and occasionally Mogras, which are believed to bring money and good fortune. You can just place a chandelier in the center to improve the appearance. This will surely draw your guests' attention and look fantastic with the mogra decor.


Consider Bollywood for your wedding's entrance decoration

If you enjoy Bollywood and want to decorate your wedding similarly, do so! Then, you can choose this ornament for the entrance. Simply extend a very cinematic greeting to all of your visitors. Your wedding guests will be surprised by this entry. These Bollywood-inspired wedding entrance decor concepts will surely motivate you. You can style your wedding after one of your favorite celebrities' movies if you are a fan.


Entryway Flower Decoration

The best way to embellish the wedding entrance is to utilize simple floral accents. Roses and a few leaves make the nicest decorative items. To make the grand bridal entry look better overall, just scatter some rose petals on the plate filled with water. Without a doubt, this will enhance the appearance overall. At lavish weddings, floral decorations are a common choice.


Decorative Pillars for Marriage Entrances

Want to make a stylish entrance at your wedding? We have some original ideas for entryway decor, so you're covered. Adorn one side of the pillars with net draping and one side of the pillars with multicolored flowers. Also, adding lights to the floor and a sweet little flower arrangement next to it will improve the design. And this is the most tasteful adornment for a bridal wedding entry. Your guests will be impressed by this exquisite décor.


Wedding decoration for the entrance on an arc

To provide your guests with a happy and comfortable atmosphere as they enter your wedding location, it is crucial to adorn the bridal wedding entry with lovely decorations. The best way to decorate your wedding entrance is in an arc that can be adorned with stunning flowers. Simply use pink and white flowers if your wedding is during the day. This is the most exquisite wedding entrance decor that one could select.


Marriage Entrance Decoration with a Forest Theme

Have you ever attempted to create a forest-themed entrance for a wedding? These are amazing! Use this kind of decorating to enhance the unforgettable aspects of your wedding. For a grand entrance, you can either ornament current trees or plant new ones. Use lights to bring attention to a nighttime wedding. For a grand bridal entry, you can either ornament current trees or plant new ones. Use lights to bring attention to a nighttime wedding.


Put fairy lights and bulbs in it

This ornament with gorgeous pink light is adored by everyone. These fairy light accents give your wedding a sophisticated, beautiful feel. By the entrance alone, the guests can conjure up the full picture of your wedding. Simply save this wedding entrance decoration for your wedding and dazzle your guests with this design. Depending on your wedding's theme, you can adorn the entrance with fairy lights of a different color.


Decorating for Pre-Wedding Events' Entrance

There are numerous pre-wedding events held, such as Haldi, Mehendi, and Sangeet. Entry decoration is necessary for each of these purposes. Flowers are the best way to accentuate the entrance area's beauty. The Marigold is a flower that is used to adorn the location of a Haldi ceremony. Also, you can use the tree and pillars at the entry to hang some marigolds and curl some veins.

What is Ram Navami and How is this festival celebrated in India?

Ram Navami is a Hindu festival that commemorates the birth of Lord Ram, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The festival is observed on the ninth day of the Chaitra month (March–April) of the Hindu calendar. Ram Navami is celebrated throughout India, but it is a grand affair in Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Ram. On this day, devotees throng to the Ram Temple and offer special prayers. The Ramayan Path is recited and bhajans are sung in praise of Lord Ram.

A special feature of Ram Navami celebrations in Ayodhya is the Ram-Leela, a dramatic enactment of the life of Lord Ram. This is followed by a grand procession of Lord Ram, Sita, Lakshman, and Hanuman, which is taken out through the streets of Ayodhya. Devotees also observe a fast on this day and break it only after offering special prayers to Lord Ram.


When Is Ram Navami?

On the ninth day of the Chaitra month, Ram Navami is observed. On the Gregorian calendar, this often occurs in March or April. The date of Ram Navami in 2023 is March 30.


What is The History of Ram Navami?

Ram Navami is a relatively new festival, only gaining popularity in the last few hundred years. It is thought to have come from Uttar Pradesh, an Indian state. The festival celebrates the birth of Ram, the seventh avatar of the god Vishnu.

Ram is a central figure in the Hindu epic Ramayana. The Ramayana tells the story of Ram's battle against the demon king Ravana. Ravana had kidnapped Ram's wife Sita and taken her to his kingdom in Lanka. Ram and his army of monkeys fought their way to Lanka and defeated Ravana, rescuing Sita in the process.

The Ramayana is a popular story in India and is often recited or performed during the Ram Navami festival.


What is the Story of Ram Navami?

The story of Ram Navami begins with the birth of the god Rama. Rama was the son of the king of Ayodhya, Dasharatha. Dasharatha had three wives but was unable to have children. He consulted with his priests, who advised him to perform a fire sacrifice. This sacrifice would give him a son. Dasharatha followed the priests' advice, and Rama was born. Rama was the incarnation of the god Vishnu, and is therefore sometimes referred to as 'the lord of creation.'

As Rama grew up, he proved to be a wise and just ruler. He was eventually forced to leave Ayodhya, however, when his stepmother, Kaikeyi, demanded that her son, Bharata, be made king in his place. Rama went into exile, accompanied by his wife Sita and his brother Lakshmana. Sita was taken hostage by the demon king Ravana when she was in exile. Rama fought a great battle against Ravana and eventually rescued Sita.


How Is Ram Navami Celebrated?

Ram Navami is celebrated with special puja (prayer) ceremonies in temples across India. Statues or images of Ram are also worshipped in homes and businesses. Many Hindus fast during Ram Navami, and some give up meat and alcohol for the day.

In some parts of India, particularly in the state of Maharashtra, processions are held in Ram's honor. These processions often include music and dance.


What is the Significance of Ram Navami?

Ram Navami is significant for Hindus because it celebrates the birth of one of their most important deities. Rama is considered to be an avatar of Vishnu, and his story is an important part of Hindu mythology. The festival is also a time for Hindus to reflect on the principles of truth, justice, and righteousness that Rama embodied.


How do you celebrate Ram Navami?

Here are some tips:


1. Take a holy bath after rising early.


2. Wear clean and traditional clothes.


3. Offer prayers to Lord Ram.


4. Chant Ram mantra or sing devotional songs.


5. Read the Ramayana or listen to it being recited.


6. Take a holy dip in a river or tank.


7. Prepare and enjoy special dishes.


8. Visit a temple or have a Ram puja performed at home.


9. Exchange greetings with family and friends.


What are some popular Bhoog dishes prepared for Ram Navami?

Some of the popular book dishes that are prepared on Ram Navami include:


1. Sabudana Khichdi:

This is a dish made from soaked sabudana (tapioca pearls), potatoes, and peanuts. It is a very popular dish during Navratri and is also made on Ram Navami.


2. Samak Rice:

Samak rice is a type of healthy, gluten-free rice that is often eaten during religious fasting periods. It is made by boiling rice with a spice known as Samak.


3. Fruit Salad:

A healthy and refreshing fruit salad is a must on any festive occasion. On Ram Navami, a fruit salad is often made with a mix of fresh fruits like grapes, apples, bananas, pomegranates, etc.


4. Kheer:

Kheer is a popular Indian dessert made with milk, rice, and sugar. It is usually flavored with cardamom, saffron, and nuts. Kheer is often made on religious occasions like Ram Navami.


5. Puri:

Puri is a type of fried bread that is often served with curry or gravy. It is a popular dish on Ram Navami and is often made with whole wheat flour.


What are some popular Ram Navami Gifts?

Some of the popular Ram Navami gifts include:


1. Silver coins or utensils:

Silver is considered to be a very auspicious metal and is often given as a gift on religious occasions like Ram Navami.


2. Books on Ramayana:

The Ramayana is a sacred Hindu epic that tells the story of Lord Ram. Books on this epic are often given as gifts on Ram Navami.


3. idols of Lord Ram:

Idols and statues of Lord Ram are also popular gifts at this festival.


4. Ram Navami puja kits:

These kits contain all the items required for performing the Ram Navami puja. They are often given as gifts to those who are observing the fast on this day.


What are some Ram Navami Activities?

Ram Navami Activities:


1. Worshipping Lord Ram:

On this day, devotees offer special prayers and pujas to Lord Ram.


2. Reading the Ramayana:

It is considered auspicious to read or listen to the Ramayana on Ram Navami.


3. Fasting:

On this day, a lot of devotees fast.


4. Visiting Temples:

Temples dedicated to Lord Ram are thronged by devotees on Ram Navami.


5. Processions:

Devotees take out processions carrying Lord Ram’s idol through the streets.


What are some Ram Navami Songs?

Ram Navami Songs:


1. “Sri Rama Jayam”:

This is a very popular Ram Navami song that is sung in praise of Lord Ram.


2. “Jai Jai Ram”:

This is another popular song that is sung on Ram Navami.


3. “Ram Navami Aayi Hai”:

This song is a popular folk song from Uttar Pradesh that is sung on Ram Navami.


4. “Hara Hara Mahadeva”:

This song is a popular devotional song that is sung in praise of Lord Shiva.


5. “Bhajan Karo Santoshi Mata Ki”:

This is a popular bhajan or devotional song that is sung on Ram Navami.


What are some Ram Navami Quotes?

Some of the Ram Navami Quotes:


1. 'The day we celebrate the birth of Lord Ram is the day we remember His qualities of truth, justice, and courage.'


2. 'Lord Ram is the embodiment of truth and righteousness. On His birthday, let us remember His teachings and follow His path.'


3. 'Lord Ram is the perfect role model for us to follow. On His birthday, let us take a vow to follow His path of truth and righteousness.'


4. 'Let us celebrate the birth of Lord Ram and remember His qualities of truth, justice, and courage. May He lead us to the righteous way.'


5. 'Wishing you a very happy Ram Navami. May Lord Ram bless you with truth, justice, and courage?'


6. 'The day on which the supreme Lord was born is most sacred and auspicious. It is the day of Ram Navami.'


7. 'Lord Ram is the epitome of truth, righteousness, and morality. He is the ideal king and the perfect human being.'


8. 'On this day, let us remember the great deeds of Lord Ram and strive to follow his path of truth and righteousness.'


9. 'Lord Ram is the light that dispels the darkness of ignorance and leads us to the path of knowledge and wisdom.'



26 Home Decoration Ideas For The Holi Festival

Holi is a festival of colors that is celebrated in India with great joy and enthusiasm. It is a time when people put aside their differences and come together to enjoy the Holi festival celebration. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, the end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broke relationships.

Here are 26 ideas for decorating your house during the Holi festival:


Put up colorful banners and streamers

Banners and streamers in bright colors are a must to add to the festive mood. You can put them up at the entrance of your house or in the main living area.


Hang colorful lights

Lights always add a special touch to any occasion. For Home decoration for Holi, go for colorful lights that will brighten up your house and make it look beautiful.


Get a rangoli done

A rangoli is an integral part of any Indian festival. Create beautiful rangolis at the entrance of your house using vibrant colors like reds, oranges, and yellows to welcome everyone on this joyous occasion! You can also use flowers or petals instead of colored powders if you want something different for decorating your house during the Holi festival.


Decorate with flowers

Flowers are a must-have House decoration for Holi. You can use fresh flowers or artificial ones.


Get creative with balloons

Balloons are another great way to decorate your house for Holi. Get them in different colors and sizes and use them to create different patterns and designs.


Set up a photo booth

A photo booth is a great way to add fun and excitement to the Holi festival celebration. Get props and backdrops in bright colors and let your guests have a blast.


Make a collage of Holi pictures

A collage of pictures from past Holi celebrations is a great way to add a personal touch to your home decoration for Holi.


Bring nature indoors

Add some life to your house decoration for holi by bringing plants inside. Either real ones that can be placed around the house, or artificial ones if you don’t have much space available at home! You could also hang flower garlands on walls and window sills – they look beautiful when lit up with fairy lights after dark too!


Put up posters of Bollywood stars

Bollywood stars are synonymous with Holi. Put up posters of your favorite stars and add some glitz and glamor to your home decoration on Holi.


Create centerpieces

Place large bowls full of colorful petals /confetti along the dining table, coffee tables, etc. These could even double as party favors once guests leave later at night!


Decorate walls

Paint them white first so that they act as a neutral canvas before adding splashes of color through wall stickers/banners/fabric art etc. Or better yet create unique graffiti-inspired murals on one side reflecting themes associated with the Holika Dahan (bonfire) ceremony held prior evening itself. The possibilities are endless !!


Get creative with fabric

Fabric is a great way to add color and pattern to your home decoration for Holi. You can use it to make curtains, tablecloths, or cushion covers.


Make a paper garland

A paper garland is an easy and inexpensive way to add color to your house decoration for Holi. You can make it yourself or buy it from a store.


Use color in your kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to add color. You can paint the cabinets, buy colorful appliances, or use colorful tableware.


Make a color wheel

A color wheel is a great way to teach kids about colors. You can make one yourself or buy one from a store.


Use color in your wardrobe

Your wardrobe is a great place to add color. You can buy colorful clothes or dye your clothes in different colors.


Make a giant paper mache sun

This is a great project for kids and adults alike. Hang the sun in a central location in your home and let the colors of the holiday reflect off of it


Deck out doorways

Adorn doorways with strings of marigolds or other flowers. These will bring good luck into every corner of your abode during this special season! If you're feeling extra creative why not make paper cutouts of Gods & Goddesses? They'll look stunning hung above entranceways & thresholds adding a spiritual touch to festivities. 


Make A Colorful Wall Hanging

A wall hanging made out from fabric scraps decorated using sequins, beads, mirrors, etc. Looks quite stunning when hung against any plain wall inside the house. Perfect addition while celebrating Holi! Choose fabrics that scheme being used elsewhere too so everything looks well coordinated.


Get crafty!

Make use of empty spaces by creating DIY projects using materials such as cardboard boxes which can be painted over in festive colors and then filled with sweets like gujiya. A popular sweet dish served during Holi celebrations. Alternatively, make decorative masks from colored paper plates which kids will love wearing while playing outside!


Decorate your windows

Again, think colors! Hang brightly colored curtains or add a stained glass effect by using colorful contact paper for the holi festival celebration!


Light some candles

Candles are always a nice touch, but for a Holi celebration go for something a little more festive like colored candles or scented candles in flavors like mango or cardamom.


Give your home a Holi makeover

If you want to get into the spirit of the Holi festival celebration go all out and give your home a complete makeover. Paint the walls, rearrange the furniture, and add all the holiday touches you can think of. Your home will be the talk of the neighborhood!


Set Up An Outdoor Seating Area

If weather permits then why not set up a seating area outdoors? Arrange chairs/ benches around the bonfire pit (for safety reasons!) covered by large sheets/curtains having bright prints. A perfect spot where guests can relax after playing games all day long without getting wet due to rain showers during the Holi celebration.


Hang Torans

Torans or door hangings made from flower garlands look very attractive when hung outside your door during Holi celebrations! Use bright hues such as yellow marigold flowers combined with green leaves for an eye-catching effect.


String Up Paper Lanterns

For those who prefer outdoor holi decorations over indoor ones. string up colorful paper lanterns around balconies & terraces for added charm & vibrancy during holiday festivities. These lanterns come in various sizes & shapes so pick whichever suits you best according to the space available.

26 party ideas for Holi celebration 2023

Holi commonly referred to as the "festival of colours" or the "festival of love," is a Hindu spring festival. That represents the triumph of goodness over evil. It is a long-standing Hindu religious festival celebration that has gained popularity among non-Hindus in several South Asian countries as well as among members of other ethnic groups outside of Asia. In India, people of various ages and religious backgrounds participate in the Holi Festival celebration, which has recently gained popularity outside.


What does the Holi festival signify?

The Holi festival celebration marks the triumph of good over evil, the start of spring, and the end of winter, and for many people, it's a joyous day to socialise, have fun, laugh, forget, and mend fences.

Holi is an occasion for Hindus to forgive and forget past wrongs and to repair broken relationships. The Holi Festival also promotes bonding and social harmony.


How is the Holi festival celebrated in India?

On the first day of the first full moon in the Hindu month of Phalguna, Holi, a two-day festival, is observed. The second day is known as Rangwali Holi, Dhuleti, Dhulandi, or Phagwah, and the first day is known as Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi.

On the night before Holi, people congregate around a bonfire called a Holika and sing and dance. The following morning, participants in a free-for-all carnival of colours play, chase, and colour each other with dry powder and coloured water. Some also bring water pistols and coloured water-filled balloons for their water fight.

A traditional meal for the festival is gujiya, a sweet dumpling made of semolina, flour, and khoya and stuffed with dry fruits.


26 party ideas for Holi celebration 2023

Here are 26 party ideas for holi celebration to make your Holi celebration even more special:


Go traditional with your colours

If you want to stick to tradition, use natural colours made from flowers, leaves, and fruits. You can grind dry petals and leaves to make your own powders, or buy natural colours from the market.


Make it a themed party

Holi is the perfect excuse to have a holi-themed party idea for holi celebration! You can go Bollywood style with colourful costumes and decorations, or go for a more rustic look with earthenware pots and clay lamps.


Set up a photo booth

Holi is all about fun and colours, so set up a photo booth where guests can dress up in colourful costumes and take fun photos. Don't forget to print out the best photos for everyone to take home as a souvenir!


Serve traditional Holi foods

No Holi celebration is complete without some delicious traditional foods. Make sure to serve items like gujiya (sweet dumplings), malpua (fluffy pancakes), thandai (milkshake), and bhang lassi (a drink made with cannabis).


Have a water balloon fight

Wet and wild fun is guaranteed with a water balloon fight! Fill up water balloons in advance and let guests have them at them. You can even have teams and keep score to make it more competitive.


Play some fun games party ideas for holi celebration

Holi is all about enjoying with friends and family, so make sure to have some fun games lined up. Popular games include musical chairs, passing the parcel, and of course, colour powder fights!


Get your groove on

No party is complete without some good music, so make sure to have a great playlist lined up. Bollywood songs are a great choice, or you can go for some traditional folk songs.


Give out prizes

Encourage guests to dress up and get into the spirit of the festival by giving out prizes for the best-dressed male and female, the best colour combination, and best dancer.


Set up a DIY colour station

Let guests mix and match their own colours with a DIY colour station. Set out bowls of different coloured powders, along with water and brushes, and let guests have fun creating their own colour palette.


Have a bonfire Party

Holi is traditionally celebrated by lighting a bonfire, and you can do the same at your party. Gather around the fire and sing songs, share stories, and roast some marshmallows for a fun and memorable experience.


Make your own Holi greeting cards

Wish your guests a happy Holi in a unique way by making your own greeting cards. You can use coloured paper, stamps, and markers to create beautiful and personal cards for everyone.


Give out party favours party idea for holi celebration

Give your guests a memento to take the party home with them. Holi-themed party favours could include colour powders, scented candles, or traditional Indian sweets.


Decorate with flowers

Add some extra colour and beauty to your party with floral decorations. You can use fresh or artificial flowers to create garlands, centrepieces, and other beautiful displays.


Have a Holi party playlist

No party is complete without some good music, so make sure to have a great playlist lined up. Bollywood songs are a great choice, or you can go for some traditional folk songs.


Watch a Holi movie

There are many Bollywood movies that capture the spirit of Holi perfectly. Some of our favourites include 'Hum Aapke Hain Koun!', 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge', and 'Maine Pyar Kiya'.


Visit a Holi festival

If you're in India during Holi, make sure to check out some of the amazing Holi festivals taking place across the country. Some of the most popular ones include the Holi Festival of Colors in Delhi and the Lathmar Holi festival in Uttar Pradesh.


Have a water fight

Water guns and water balloons are a must for any party idea for a Holi celebration. Have a blast spraying water on your friends and family.


Wear white

White is the colour of purity and is traditionally worn on Holi. So make sure to don your whitest clothes on the day of the festival.


Apply mehndi

Holi is the perfect occasion to get beautiful mehndi designs applied to your hands and feet.


Give gifts

Holi is also a time for giving and receiving gifts from loved ones. So make sure to have some thoughtful gifts ready for your loved ones.


Make your own colours

If you want to avoid the chemicals in store-bought colours, you can make your own using natural ingredients like turmeric, sandalwood, and neem powder.


Play Holi songs and dance

Holi is a festival of colours and joy. So, make sure to add some fun and excitement to your party by playing some Holi songs and dancing to them. You can even have a dance competition with your friends.


Have a Holi potluck

A potluck is a fantastic way to mix up the food at your party idea for Holi celebration. You can request that your visitors bring their preferred Holi cuisine. This will increase the fun during your party.

Decorate your party venue

Make sure to decorate your party venue with Holi colours. You can even hang Holi-themed party banners and balloons.


Have a colour powder fight

A colour powder fight is a great way to add some excitement to your party idea for the Holi celebration. Make sure to have plenty of colour powder for your guests.

Have fun

Most importantly, don't forget to have fun and make lots of memories with your friends and family.


33 Incredible Sangeet themes to not miss in 2023

Sangeet, the night before the wedding when families and friends come together to sing and dance in celebration of the union, is one of the most important and joyous occasions in an Indian wedding. It is a time to let your hair down, have fun and build memories that will last a lifetime.

There are many different Sangeet themes that you can choose for your Sangeet night, depending on your style and personality. Here are 33 amazing Sangeet themes that you don’t want to miss in 2023:


1. Bollywood Theme

A Bollywood-themed Sangeet is always a hit! Choose your favourite Bollywood songs and choreograph fun dances to them. You can even dress up in Bollywood-style costumes to get into the spirit of the evening.


2. Hollywood Sangeet Theme

If Bollywood isn’t your thing, then how about a Hollywood-themed Sangeet? You can choose popular Hollywood songs to dance to and dress up in glamorous Hollywood-style clothes. It will be a fun and glitzy evening that everyone will enjoy.


3. Fairytale Sangeet Theme

If you want to feel like a princess on your Sangeet night, then a fairytale sangeet theme is perfect for you. You can wear a beautiful ball gown and dance to classic fairytale songs. It will be a magical night that you’ll never forget.


4. Contemporary Sangeet Theme

For a more modern Sangeet, you can choose a contemporary sangeet theme. There are many popular bollywood songs to choose from, and you can choreograph your own unique dances. You can even dress up in stylish contemporary clothes to get into the mood of the evening.


5. Vintage Sangeet Theme

For a classic and elegant Sangeet, you can choose a vintage sangeet theme. You can wear a beautiful vintage dress and dance to classic Bollywood songs from the era. It will be a sophisticated and elegant evening that everyone will enjoy.


6. Dancing through the Decades

This is a fun sangeet theme where you can dance to popular songs from different decades. You can start with the 1920s and move through to the present day. It's an excellent technique to get everyone dancing and enjoying themselves.


7. Bollywood meets Hollywood

This is a fun and unique theme where you mix Bollywood and Hollywood together. You can dance to popular Bollywood songs with a Hollywood twist, or vice versa. It’s a great way to add some variety to your Sangeet night.


8. Themed Sangeet Dances

There are many fun sangeet themes to choose from when it comes to themed sangeet dances. You can have a Harry Potter-themed dance, or a Disney-themed dance. There are endless possibilities, and it’s a great way to get everyone involved.


9. Cultural Sangeet Theme

If you want to celebrate your culture on your Sangeet night, then you can choose a cultural sangeet theme. You can wear traditional clothes and dance to traditional songs. It’s a great way to showcase your culture and heritage.


10. Fun and Games

This is a fantastic approach to incorporate everyone and make it enjoyable. You can have a dance-off or a scavenger hunt. There are many different games that you can play, and it’s a great way to add some fun to your Sangeet night.


11. Musical Sangeet Theme

For a fun and musical Sangeet, you can choose a musical sangeet theme. You can sing and dance to popular Bollywood songs from musicals. It’s a great way to get everyone involved, and it’s sure to be a fun evening.


12. Romantic Sangeet Theme

If you want to create a romantic atmosphere on your Sangeet night, then you can choose a romantic sangeet theme. You can slow dance to romantic songs, and dress up in romantic clothes. It's a fantastic way to get the evening started.


13. Beach Sangeet Theme

If you want to have a fun and relaxed Sangeet, then you can choose a beach sangeet theme. You can wear casual clothes and dance to popular beach songs. It’s a great way to get everyone in the mood for a fun night.


14. Carnival Sangeet Theme

For a fun and festive Sangeet, you can choose a carnival sangeet theme. You can wear bright colours and dance to popular carnival songs. It's a terrific approach to make everyone feel festive.


15. Halloween Sangeet Theme

If you want to have a spooky and fun Sangeet, then you can choose a Halloween sangeet theme. You can dress up in Halloween costumes and dance to popular Halloween songs. It’s a great way to get everyone in the mood for a fun night.


16. Christmas Sangeet Theme

If you want to have a festive and fun Sangeet, then you can choose a Christmas sangeet theme. You can wear Santa hats and dance to popular Christmas songs. It's a wonderful method to make everyone feel festive.


17. New Year’s Theme

If you want to have a fun and festive Sangeet, then you can choose a New Year’s theme. You can wear party hats and dance to popular New Year’s songs. It's a wonderful way to start the new year.


18. Valentine Sangeet Theme

If you want to have a romantic and fun Sangeet, then you can choose the Valentine sangeet theme. You can wear red and pink clothes and dance to popular love songs. It's a fantastic way to get the evening started.


19. Sports Sangeet Theme

If you want to have a fun and competitive Sangeet, then you can choose a sports sangeet  theme. You can wear sports clothes and dance to popular sports songs. It’s a great way to get everyone in the mood for a fun night.


20. Movie-Themed sangeet

If you want to have a fun and film-themed Sangeet, then you can choose a movie-themed sangeet. You can dress up as your favourite film characters and dance to popular movie songs. It’s a great way to get everyone in the mood for a fun night.


21. Bollywood Glam

Bring the glamour of Bollywood to your Sangeet with this theme! Decorate with Indian-inspired colours and patterns, and play upbeat Bollywood tunes all night long.


22. Romantic Rajasthan

Transform your Sangeet into a romantic getaway with this Rajasthan-inspired sangeet theme. Decorate with colours like pink and orange, and include plenty of candles and romantic lighting.


23. Rustic-themed sangeet

For a Sangeet that exudes elegance and sophistication, go for a rustic-themed sangeet. Use natural materials like wood and stone to decorate, and keep the colour palette neutral.


24. Glitz and Glam

If you want your Sangeet to be truly over-the-top, go for a glitzy and glamorous theme. Decorate with lots of sparkle and sequins, and choose a bold colour palette.


25. Midnight in Mumbai

Create an exotic and alluring atmosphere at your Sangeet with this Mumbai-inspired sangeet theme. Decorate with rich colours like jewel tones, and include plenty of candles and lanterns.


26. Colours of India

Pay tribute to the vibrant colours of India with this Sangeet theme. Decorate with vivid hues and traditional patterns, and create a festive atmosphere with upbeat music.


27. Bollywood Dreams

Make all your Bollywood dreams come true with this over-the-top Sangeet theme. Decorate with glitter, sequins, and all things sparkly, and choose a bold and colourful colour palette.


28. Royal Rajasthan Sangeet theme

For a Sangeet that exudes luxury and opulence, go for a royal Rajasthan sangeet theme. Decorate with rich fabrics and jewel tones, and include plenty of elegant details.


29. Kundali Match-themed sangeet

Make your sangeet extra special with this Kundali match-themed sangeet. Have your astrologer on hand to match the horoscopes of the bride and groom and their families.


30. Disney

Disney theme wedding decoration is utmost | Disney world wedding, Disney  wedding, Disney wedding venue

Bring the magic of Disney to your sangeet with a Disney-themed sangeet celebration. Princesses, Mickey Mouse, and all your other favourite characters will make it a night to remember.


31. Floral Fantasia

This floral-themed sangeet is perfect for spring or summer weddings. Think pretty dresses adorned with floral embroidery.


32. Mela Theme

Conducting a mela theme for your sangeet ceremony is the best choice if you're looking for something aesthetically pleasing that will impress the guests. Your guests will be impressed if you use a mela theme for your sangeet ceremony, which can include everything from colourful draperies to game and food stalls to folk music and dance.


33. Cocktail Theme

Fancy lights will be used during a sangeet ceremony with a cocktail theme. This kind of ceremony is typically less formal than a traditional one and frequently involves a range of drinks. In contrast to a traditional ceremony, the décor and ambience of a sangeet with a cocktail theme are typically more laid-back and enjoyable, and the dress code is equally informal.


20 Ideal Ideas For Decorating Your Wedding Car

Ideas for decorating your wedding car are not something that many people concentrate on. But given that weddings are, after all, a time for celebration, it does require some thought. And most individuals go above and beyond to make this wonderful day unforgettable. Thus, Bidaai is one of the most significant ceremonies of a Hindu wedding. The bride's family also sends her off there. so that she and her spouse can visit her new home! The car or vehicle they leave in, though, is the most crucial component of this event. So, the couple's first vehicle ride together must be memorable and precious.

And making it even more impressive is decorating your wedding car with amazing decor. In light of this, we are providing you with some of the best wedding car decoration ideas!

Here is a collection of creative wedding car decoration ideas to get you motivated!


Tips for decorating a wedding car

On the list, this concept for wedding car décor is particularly adorable. To inform everyone that the adorable couple is getting married, the puppets are displayed on the front portion of the car. Due to the desi touch in the decoration, it's a unique idea for wedding car decoration that will draw attention. Thus, if you want to make a statement with your wedding car decor, this is the one for you!


Ideas for Floral Wedding Car Decoration

Choose a new floral theme for your wedding decor this year! And if you want to stand out, this kind of flower arrangement is ideal for you. You only need to inform your florist about the design. And he'll carry it out for you! So be sure to pick unusual and uncommonly rare flowers! And it will be the ideal flower accent for an automobile. So, one possibility is to decorate the bridal car with flowers.


Net car ornament

A car can be adorned with a net as well. Also, it will look fantastic on an automobile. Some don't consider this wedding car decoration idea because they believe it makes it more difficult for the driver to operate the vehicle, even if it is still a really lovely decoration idea. Therefore make an effort to include your wedding-related wedding car decoration ideas.


Love on Bonnet

The best method to express love is to have flowers embroidered on a hat or hood. And this will give the car a wedding-like appearance. A wedding is the start of a fresh love journey, and this one will tenderly share the love on a memorable day. Thus, this wedding car decoration concept is one that you must try.


Decorating for a minimalist wedding car

The adage that simplicity is the greatest satisfaction is accurate. Thus, if you want to keep your automobile décor minimalistic then we have the ideal options for you! Consider adding a few flowers and wedding car ribbons to some of the gorgeous wedding car decorations!


Vehicle Decal of Love Birds

Mounting two lovebirds to the front of an automobile will be a fun approach to adorn it. Also, it will appear original and romantic. This is the perfect book for you if you enjoy birds and other animals. The idea for a lovebirds-themed automobile ornament will be a hit. Thus, skip the wedding automobile decoration.


Convergence of Two Hearts

Marriage is the coming together of two hearts. The hearts of two people who have been together for a long time and have overcome many obstacles together deserve to be together for the rest of their lives. Thus, everyone will be in wonder about the wedding automobile decoration thanks to this romantic wedding car decoration idea.


Ideas for car Decoration Using Figurines

Use figurines if you want a fancy but elegant-looking décor. Your vehicle will then be prepared for the evening after this. Also, this will raise the bar for the decoration of wedding cars!


Put A Bow On the wedding car!

If you want to choose something simple and classy for the wedding car decorating ideas, then a big bow made of ribbon or net will make your car appear fantastic! And if you'd like, you could also include a lovely bunch of fresh flowers!


Love Somebody

During the wedding season, it is one of the best wedding car decoration ideas you can try. Show your sweetheart that the foundation of your relationship is love by making hearts out of flowers or other ornamental items or by using them to spell out your affection. You can also include the wedded couple's initials.


Two-Heart Floral Decoration

Two flower-adorned hearts will represent the couple's unity. And it will demonstrate how much they value one another. So, you might use this to decorate your wedding car.


All Aboard The Balloon!

Your first vehicle ride with your better half will be memorable. Thus, be sure to take full advantage of this opportunity. Also, you can use balloon decorations to make your wedding vehicle appear just like the ones in movies! You might include some flowers and use the balloons' colors to make a combo.


Fabric Sign for wedding car decoration

A vintage white automobile stands out against a cranberry-red sign. This concept is completely elegant-meets-trendy when matched with gold calligraphy and floral swag to match.


The Laser-Cut Sign for wedding car decoration

A gold laser-cut sign is a flexible alternative that works with almost any car or wedding theme. For a rustic-chic look, combine the sign with eucalyptus garlands, large tassels, and a vintage pickup vehicle.


Garland of greenery for Decoration of wedding car

This hassle-free greenery garland is a simple accent to your getaway car, regardless of your wedding's rustic, boho, or traditional themes. Tips on how to hang the garland securely so that it stays in place can be obtained from your wedding florist.


Trunk Decoration of wedding car

Make sure to announce to the world that you recently wed your true love! Make the big announcement and dress up the trunk of your wedding automobile with flowers or banners!


Ideas for Just-Married Wedding car decoration

Who cares if "Just Married" is a cliché? Decorate your wedding car with these wedding car decoration ideas if you want to announce your wedding to the world! And then you set off on your new voyage with each other after adding a few tin cans!


Wreath bridal car decoration

An elegant and classic bridal car decoration with a floral wreath. Display the wreath alone for a more subtle impact or dress it up with ribbons for more oomph (it will still look gorgeous!).


The entire wedding car is decorated in pink.

One of the best ideas for decorating your wedding car is to use a pink theme for the wedding. Give your car a pink punch, then. And allow everyone to be in awe of your bridal car decoration.


Tin cans for wedding car decoration

If you're a stickler for tradition, you'll undoubtedly agree that this vintage wedding automobile decoration concept is too irresistible for us to pass up. When else in life can you roll through the streets with them trailing behind you, grabbing everyone's attention? Tin cans are an iconic wedding detail. Although securing the cans to your bumper might seem obvious, if you don't take the time to organize things, they run the risk of looking sloppy (seriously). Use only empty cans—this should go without saying—and make sure to do so! After that, take out any labels from the cans and tie them together with strong rope or yarn that won't break after a short drive.

The 10 Fabric Varieties Available for Rent for Your Wedding

Fabrics and wedding fabric rentals are crucial components of your wedding decor. Not only are linens necessary for decking out your wedding banquet tables, but they can also make a significant difference in the way your vacant location, the backdrop for the ceremony, the chairs, and other elements are transformed while planning the wedding of your dreams. It's easy to become confused about the specific types of fabric and fabric rentals for weddings you require or what would complement your wedding design once you begin looking into rental fabrics near me, but understanding the common choices and their fundamental distinctions will ultimately aid in your decision-making.


Wedding fabric rental options

You should be aware of all the ways you may use fabrics in your wedding decor before we get into the various types of cloth you could require for your special event.


Chair Covers

Chair covers are exactly what they sound like—decorative covers that fit over the backs of your chairs to accentuate them with colour, sheen, or another flair. Most frequently used for formal events, these wedding fabric rentals are combined with straight-back wedding chairs like Chiavari chairs and chameleon chairs.



At your reception, napkins are the one form of fabric rental for weddings that you're almost certainly going to require because of their crucial function. Yet their usefulness need not make them uninteresting; in addition to the usual white polyester napkins, you can also choose linen, gauze, or cotton materials. To give your place settings even more ornamental flair, tie or fold the napkins in a lovely way.


Wedding Tents

Aside from the well-known frame tents and clear-top tents, which are composed of vinyl and plastic, various kinds of reception tent fabric rentals near me can be rented. The name "sailcloth" refers to the soft cotton or canvas material used to make these tents, sometimes referred to as Sperry tents. To maintain the structure, poles are needed all over the tent, giving it a peaked appearance.


A swag is a long piece of cloth that is stretched across a ceiling and wrapped around a doorframe, a pole, or some kind of supporting object. Swags are entirely ornamental; you can use them to conceal unattractive ceiling beams, highlight lighting fixtures, or cover up other bothersome aspects that you can't change or take out from your location. The best materials for swags are airy textiles like chiffon and organza.



The most popular kinds of wedding fabric rentals are tablecloths, which should come as no surprise. Traditional tablecloths are still widely used for formal and classic weddings, despite the fact, even though tables have become popular for wedding themes with a more casual and rustic feel. Ask your venue coordinator whether there are any banquet tables on-site if there are; if so, regular white tablecloths are also probably available. Depending on your colour scheme and style, these simple linens can immediately alter your reception tabletop. If you want to seamlessly conceal the base of each tall cocktail table, spandex coverings are a popular choice.


Table Runner

Table runners are long, rectangular pieces of fabric that cover the tops of your tables, just like tablecloths do. Table runners are different from tablecloths in that they aren't as wide, "running" down the centre of the table instead, leaving the edges of the table uncovered. Table runners can be used alone to create centrepieces and tablescapes (gauzy table runners are a popular choice for bohemian themes), or they can be layered on top of tablecloths.


Wedding rental fabric types

Take a moment to review some of these popular fabric rentals for weddings before you contact specialist linen suppliers. Knowing the fundamentals will make it simpler to communicate what you're looking for. Your vendor will be the expert when it comes to determining precisely what type of fabric works with your wedding budget and style (and how much you'll need of it). Ask a potential seller if they have a showroom or if they can give swatches so you can physically view and touch the materials after you've picked one.



You probably come into contact with this synthetic fibre dozens of times every day. Polyester fabric comes in practically any colour, pattern, or texture you may think of and is incredibly versatile and strong. No of the design or price, it is one of the greatest options for wedding fabric rentals because of this. Polyester is frequently used for tablecloths and napkins since it is relatively simple to wash and de-wrinkle.



Sequin linens should be at the top of your list if you want your wedding to have a wow effect. The small metallic discs known as sequins, which are sewn onto a piece of fabric, will immediately provide a "glittering" impression. If you want an ultra-glam look, you can cover every reception table in sequins. If you prefer something more understated, pick one or two accent tables (like the head table). Although there are many colours available for sequin tablecloths, the most popular ones are white, rose gold, silver, and gold.



One of the most popular fabric varieties, satin has an iridescent sheen and an elegant appearance. For many years, only silk thread was used to weave satin, which carried an extremely high price tag. Contemporary satins are much more reasonably priced while still having an attractive appearance because they are combined with polyester, nylon, rayon, and even cotton. For formal wedding fabric rentals and opulent, beautiful settings, satin tablecloths are perfect.


Jacquard fabric

To create a design on jacquard fabric, elevated threads are purposefully left throughout the weaving process and frequently include many colours or metallics. The ultimate result is a strong, luxurious-feeling fabric with texture. Similar techniques are used to create damasks and filigrees, which feature designs woven into silk or polyester fabric rentals near me.



Pure silk is one of the more expensive alternatives when it comes to fabric rentals for weddings because it is one of the more difficult textiles to make. Similar to other fabrics, there are various varieties of silk based on production methods and thread content. The Goldilocks of silks, according to some, is Shantung Silk. (Its constant colour, crisp feel, and light shine make it an ideal fabric for wedding gowns.) While less heavy or stiff than Dupioni silk, which is purposefully woven with uneven threads of various colours to produce a textured impression, Shantung silk has more structure than a smooth, barely-there silk weave like charmeuse.



Taffeta is a stiff, slightly shiny fabric that resembles satin and silk. It is a great option for elegant settings and traditional weddings (just think of Princess Diana's wedding gown, which was made of taffeta). Taffeta is a fantastic material for adding texture to your table design because of its starched appearance. Taffeta linens come in a range of textures, from fabric rosettes to pinwheel and pintuck designs with tastefully placed folds.



Lightweight and primarily sheer chiffon with lovely drape and movement. Chiffon is most frequently used as an accent fabric or tablecloth since it is more transparent than materials like polyester or silk. It looks wonderful used as a runner on tables with raw wood or put on top of opaque tablecloths. Chiffon also makes a lovely material for chair decorations, ceiling swags, and ceremonial backdrops.



Tulle is renowned for giving bridal dresses a dreamy, fairytale appearance, and the same is true with tulle linens. This transparent netting wedding fabric rental is frequently used in wedding decorations for aisle markers, chair adornments, table skirts, and beautiful backgrounds. Organza and chiffon are less structured than tulle, giving it a "fluffy" appearance and lots of volumes (imagine a ballerina's tutu).



Like chiffon, organza makes a beautiful accent fabric. This delicate, translucent fabric is a favourite for adding the "finishing touches" to any room, whether it is used as tablecloths, chair sashes, table skirts, stair railings, or ceiling drapes. Though commonly mistaken for tulle, organza is more malleable and airy. Practically any hue is available in organza, and it may also be embellished with sequins, embroidery, beading, or patterns.



For couples trying to look regal, patterned fabric rentals are perfect. A more sumptuous touch is added by linens with woven patterns, such as jacquard, damask, and filigree, as opposed to materials with prints. Darker hues and more conventional designs like floral, geometric, and scrollwork can be seen on jacquards, damasks, and filigrees.



24 Exciting Types Of Tables You Must Ask Your Wedding Planner On Your Wedding Day




It may be both exhilarating and overwhelming to plan a wedding. One of the most important elements to consider is the type of tables you will use for your special day. Tables are essential for seating guests, serving food and drinks, displaying decorations and favours, providing activities for children and more. There are many types of tables that can be used at weddings depending on your needs and preferences. As the best wedding management company table of your choice.


What do you need to consider before choosing a table for your wedding?

As you plan your wedding, there are many decisions to make. One of the most important is selecting the right types of table for your special day. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one will best suit your needs and fit within your budget. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a table for your wedding:



The size of the tables you choose should depend on how much space you have in the venue and how many guests will be attending. If there’s a limited room or if you’re expecting a large number of people, then larger tables may work better than smaller ones as they provide more seating capacity per square foot than smaller models do.



Round tables tend to encourage conversation among guests while rectangular or square shapes offer more flexibility with seating arrangements depending on where they're placed in relation to other furniture pieces such as chairs or couches



Tables come in various materials like wood, metal and plastic; each having its own unique characteristics that may influence its overall look & feel at an event such as a wedding.



Depending on what material(s) & style(s) are chosen by couples, prices vary significantly from one vendor/manufacturer/retailer over another; thus making it essential that couples determine their budgets prior to looking into purchasing any items.



As weddings usually take place outdoors (in certain cases), durability is an important factor when selecting a table since weather conditions can quickly damage furniture made out of low-quality materials.



Couples often want their big day décor elements (including tables )to reflect personal styles & tastes; hence aesthetics also play a major role during the selection process.     


Two Main Types of tables      


1. Round tables

Round tables are a classic table choice for weddings. They are versatile and can be used for both large and small weddings. Round tables typically seat 8-10 people.

2. Rectangular tables

Rectangular tables are another popular choice table for weddings. They can be used for both formal and casual weddings. Rectangular tables typically seat 8-10 people.

Other types of tables


Cocktail tables

Cocktail tables are small, round tables that are typically used for hors d’oeuvres or drinks. Cocktail tables typically seat 2-4 people.


High top tables

High-top tables are tall, rectangular tables that are typically used for buffet-style meals or for standing guests. High-top tables typically seat 8-10 people.


Serpentine tables

Serpentine types of  tables are long, curved tables that are typically used for buffet-style meals or for standing guests. Serpentine tables typically seat 8-10 people.


Banquet tables

Banquet tables are long, rectangular tables that are typically used for formal sit-down dinners. Banquet tables typically seat 8-10 people.


Sweetheart tables

Sweetheart tables are small, round or rectangle  tables that are typically used for the bride and groom. Sweetheart tables typically seat 2-4 people.


Cake tables

Cake tables are small, round tables that are typically used for the wedding cake. Cake tables typically seat 2-4 people.


Gift tables

Gift tables are small, rectangular types of tables that are typically used for gifts or for the guest book signing. Gift tables typically seat 2-4 people.


Escort card tables

Escort card tables are small, rectangular types of tables that are typically used for displaying the seating assignments for guests. Escort card tables typically seat 2-4 people.


Photo booth tables

Photo booth tables are small, rectangular or round types of tables that are typically used for setting up a photo booth. Photo booth tables typically seat 2-4 people.


Bar tables

Bar tables are long, rectangular tables that are typically used for setting up a bar. Bar tables typically seat 8-10 people.


Food stations

Food stations are small, rectangular tables that are typically used for setting up food stations. Food stations typically seat 2-4 people.


Buffet tables

Buffet tables are long, rectangular tables that are typically used for buffet-style meals. Buffet tables typically seat 8-10 people.


Dessert tables

Dessert tables are small, round tables that are typically used for dessert. Dessert tables typically seat 2-4 people.


Folding tables

Folding tables are the most common types of tables used for weddings, as they are inexpensive and easy to set up and take down.


Bistro Tables

Bistro tables are small, round or square-shaped pieces that provide comfortable seating for four people or fewer. They’re perfect for intimate settings like cocktail hours, outdoor receptions or smaller gatherings where space is limited but style matters! These versatile pieces come in different shapes, sizes and materials so you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to finding one that fits perfectly with your theme and décor scheme.


Guest Book Table

A guest book table provides guests with a place to sign their names as they enter the reception area – making it easy for them (and you) to keep track of who attended! This piece should also include some decorative accents such as flowers or candles which adds an extra touch of elegance while creating a beautiful focal point at any event entranceway! 


Guest Table

The guest table serves two purposes; firstly it allows guests somewhere designated specifically just for them - this helps create more organised seating arrangements throughout the venue - secondly these particular seats make sure each person has their own spot without having to share chairs around larger groupings. You'll want to ensure enough room between each seat so everyone feels comfortable during mealtime conversations too! 


Head Table

The head table typically includes all members from both sides including bride & groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen etc. It's usually placed close towards the front part of the party hall /room & often decorated differently than other regular ones. Having these types of tables gives newlyweds a chance to interact directly with family and friends while enjoying a celebration together!


Reserved Tables

Reserved tables are typically set up near the entrance or front of a venue to welcome guests as they arrive. These can be decorated with flowers or other special touches like place cards so your friends and family know where to sit during dinner or speeches.


Non-Alcoholic Beverage Table

This types of tables are often placed close to where people enter so that non-alcoholic beverages such as water bottles can be easily accessed by those who don’t want alcohol at their wedding celebration. It also provides an area away from alcoholic beverage areas if needed due to dietary restrictions or religious beliefs among certain groups attending your event.


Party Favour Table

A party favour table gives each guest something special when they leave – whether it’s a small gift bag filled with personalised items related to your theme (like mini champagne bottles) or simply custom chocolates wrapped in pretty packaging – this type of display adds another layer of fun into any reception hall! 


Kids Activity Table

If there are going kids attending your big day then setting up a designated activity station just for them might help keep young ones entertained while adults mingle around them! Depending on what kind of activities you choose (arts & crafts projects? colouring books?)Having this area available may bring peace to both parents whose little ones have somewhere safe to play while still being part of the festivities ' overall atmosphere too!

No matter what kind of wedding is planned, selecting the right types of table or furniture is always key to achieving the desired look and feel. With the help of these tips hopefully, now easier to determine the best choice to fit unique needs for upcoming nuptials!!



16 Best Outfit For women For The 2023 Holi Festival Celebration

Holi, the festival of colours is here and it’s time to start planning your look for the day. To help you make a style statement on this special occasion, we have put together a list of the top 16 best holi dresses for women to wear on Holi. From traditional salwar kameezes to modern maxi dresses, these best outfits for holi will surely make heads turn! It's a time to come together with family, friends and loved ones to enjoy good food, dance, music and lots of colours! For women looking for the best outfits for holi that will make them stand out from the crowd on this special day – here are some of our favourite and best holi dresses for women to wear on the Holi festival:


The best outfits for women for Holi festivities would be something light, comfortable yet stylish.


Salwar Kameez

Top Salwar Kameez and Salwar Suit Trends

-A classic ethnic look that never goes out of fashion! Pick up some bright-coloured salwar kurtas with intricate embroidery or mirror work in shades like yellow, green and pink – perfect for an auspicious occasion like the Holi festival celebration. Accessorise with oxidised silver jewellery pieces such as bangles and earrings to complete the look.


Anarkali Suits

Anarkali Suit - Buy Latest Anarkali Salwar Suit Online USA

If you want something more glamorous yet traditional ethnic dress then opt for an Anarkali suit in rich fabrics such as velvet or silk adorned with zari work or heavy thread embroidery patterns in vibrant hues like orange & red. Pair it up with chandelier earrings & delicate maang tikka along with matching jutis/mojris/chappals for a regal touch. 


Kurta Sets

Buy Designer Kurta Sets for Women Online 2023

Another timeless pick, which can be effortlessly dressed up or down according to your preference are kurta sets paired either with palazzo pants, cigarette trousers or straight-fit jeans depending upon how comfortable you feel wearing them! Choose from different styles like indo-western fusion cuts, printed motifs etc, in cheerful colours which would add the oomph factor to your entire ensemble.


Maxi Dresses

Buy Pink Maxi Dress In Georgette With Bandhani Print And Bishop Sleeves  Online - Kalki Fashion

Those who love experimenting & trying new trends every now & then should go for this fashionable option! You can select from various options available such as off-shoulder maxis, halter neck designs etc made up of lightweight fabrics like cotton/georgette which are ideal during the summer season too! Complete your look by adding a few accessories like statement jewellery pieces along with embellished flats/sandals if desired. 


Saree Blouses

Not just sarees but even blouses can be styled differently to give an ethnic twist to any plain saree worn on festivals including Holi! Opt for designer blouse patterns featuring embellishments such as threadwork, sequins, beads, zardozi etc, in bright colours and pair it up with dainty gold.


Dressy Sharara set

Sharara Suit Punjabi | Sharara Suit Design For Girl

It can be worn for parties or more formal occasions during Holi festival celebrations. This traditional Indian garment usually consists of three pieces: A long kurta (tunic), churidar (fitted trousers) and dupatta (long scarf). The look can be further enhanced by pairing it with statement jewellery pieces such as earrings or bangles.


Tie-dye dupatta

Tie- Dye Dupattas - Buy Best Tie-Dye Dupatta Online in India - iTokri  आई.टोकरी

For something more casual yet still eye-catching you could opt for a tie-dye dupatta; these bright-coloured scarves are the best outfits for holi if you want to add a bit of colour pop into your look without going all out! They also work well when paired with plain white kurtas as they provide just enough contrast while still keeping things subtle.


Punjabi Style

Why not go full-on Punjabi style? Brightly coloured salwar suits in shades like yellow, pink or green will get heads turning at any Holi festival celebration – so don’t be afraid to express yourself through bold fashion choices this festive season! Whatever outfit you choose, we hope it brings joy into your life throughout the year ahead too.


Wear Slit-Cut Suits For A Trendy Western Look

High Slit Tunics - Buy Indo Western High Slit Kurtas Online for Women in  India - Indya

If you're looking for something more modern as well as a traditional ethnic dress then slit-cut suits are perfect! They give off a chic western vibe while still being appropriate enough for any festive occasion like Holi. Choose from different styles such as straight cut flared cut asymmetrical cuts etc., depending upon what kind of look you're going for! 


Kurtis & Tunics

Shop Holi Kurtis and Tunics Online

Those who prefer something more modern than traditional ethnic dress can opt for these versatile options which pair well with jeans, palazzos, skirts etc. Available in multiple lengths they also offer comfort while still looking fashionable!  


Pair A Kurti With Trendy Pants To Mix Desi Style With A Western Touch

Blogger Pro Tips: 7 Easy Ways To Mix Indian Elements With Western  Silhouettes | MissMalini

Kurtis never goes out of style and they make the best holiday dresses for women when dressing up during festivals too! Pair one with trendy palazzo pants or wide-legged trousers along with jewellery pieces like jhumkas earrings bangles necklaces etc., to complete the look perfectly! This way you'll be able to mix desi-style elements into your western wardrobe seamlessly without compromising on either side's aesthetic appeal!"


A Churidar or Pant-Style Suit

Light Lilac Cotton Suit Set | Beauty dress, Fashion, Trendy fashion outfits

A traditional churidar suit is the best outfit for women for Holi if you want something comfortable yet stylish. It consists of a long kurta with fitted pants called churidars which come in various fabrics like cotton silk or georgette. You can pair them with dupattas in bright colours such as yellow orange pink green etc., depending upon your preference!



white lehenga for holi Online Shopping

Perfect for any special occasion like Holi, lehengas have been a staple in Indian wardrobes and are ideal Holi outfits since time immemorial! Whether it's an embroidered or sequined design; choose from a wide variety available online or at your local store today!


Long Skirts & Palazzos

Women Indian Kurta Palazzo Bollywood Style Top Skirt Holi Sale Summer  Outfit New | eBay

Flowy long skirts look gorgeous when teamed up with crop tops making them the perfect choices if you want to go easy breezy this holiday season! Palazzos made using cotton fabric would be ideal holi outfits if you plan on spending long hours outdoors playing with colours.   


Indo-Western Dresses

Must Have Indo Western Dress Ideas for This Holi Season – MISSPRINT

If you love experimenting then into western dresses should be considered when picking out an ensemble suited specifically for the Holi festival! With its fusion style, these pieces combine both contemporary silhouettes along with ethnic prints thus creating unique looks every time.       


Short Dresses

Top 10 Holi Dresses for Women for a Trendy and Stylish Look

Not everyone likes wearing heavy clothes so short dresses could prove beneficial as they keep things light while maintaining a style quotient high thanks to their chic designs and cuts. Now, people prefer short and comfortable dresses more, which is why now short dresses are considered one of the best outfits for women for Holi festivities.


No matter which best outfits for holi optionthe  you choose from above, just remember that whatever makes YOU feel confident is key here so don't hesitate to experiment until you find what works best for YOU - after all there's no better way than expressing yourself through fashion this holiday season!!


What are the types of Chairs used at weddings?

When planning a wedding, one of the many decisions that must be made is what type of chairs to use. When choosing a wedding, it is important to consider the overall style and theme of the event. For a more formal wedding, Chiavari chairs may be the best option, while for a more casual event, folding chairs may be more appropriate. There are many different options available, and the best chair choice will depend on the specific needs of the wedding.

Ultimately, it is up to the bride and groom to decide what type of furniture will best suit their needs. Here are 26 popular types of chairs for a wedding events, with function and size of the chair will be decided by you according to your comfort. If you want a medium size then just ask us from the Event Planet Best wedding planner in Lucknow.


Folding chairs 

These are the most common type of chairs used at weddings. They are easy to transport and can be set up quickly. Folding chairs come in a variety of colours and can be decorated with fabric to match the wedding theme.

Ghost chairs

Ghost chairs are clear plastic chairs that are becoming an increasingly popular type of chairs for wedding. They have a modern look and can be decorated with fabric to match the wedding theme.

Garden chairs

Garden chairs are the best chair choice for an outdoor wedding. They are usually made of metal or wood and can be decorated with fabric to match the wedding theme.

Bar stools

Bar stools are a fun option for a wedding reception. They can be decorated with fabric to match the wedding theme and are a great way to add extra seating for guests.

Bench seats

Bench seats are the best type of chair for a wedding ceremony. They can be decorated with fabric to match the wedding theme and are a great way to add extra seating for guests.

Child’s chairs

Child’s chairs are a popular type of chairs for a wedding ceremony. They can be decorated with fabric to match the wedding theme and are a great way to add extra seating for guests.

Chiavari chairs

These elegant chairs are available in many different colours and are often used as wedding ceremony chairs. They are lightweight and have a curved back, making them comfortable for guests to sit in for long periods of time.

Wooden chairs

Wooden chairs are a classic or best chair choice for weddings and are available in many different styles. They are often used for the ceremony and reception and can be decorated with fabric or flowers to match the wedding theme.

Lounge chairs

Lounge chairs are a great way to add a touch of luxury to your wedding. They can be used for the ceremony, reception, or even as part of a lounge area for guests to relax in.


A sofa is the best type of chair for the wedding if you want to create a cosy lounge area for your guests. They can be used for the ceremony, reception, or as part of a lounge area.

Love seat

A love seat is a smaller version of a sofa and is a great option for smaller weddings or micro weddings. They can be used for the ceremony, reception, or as part of a lounge area.


Ottomans are a great way to add seating and style to your wedding. They can be used for the ceremony, reception, or as part of a lounge area.

High top Chairs

High-top Chairs are a great way to add extra seating and style to your wedding reception. They can be used at the bar, at a dessert table, or as part of a lounge area.

Bentwood Cafe chairs

If you want to add a touch of luxuary to your wedding, consider renting Bentwood cafe chairs. They can be used for the ceremony, reception, or as part of a lounge area.


Sectionals are a great way to add seating and style to your wedding reception. They can be used as part of a lounge area or as extra seating for guests.

Chaise lounge

A chaise lounge is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your wedding. They can be used for the ceremony, reception, or as part of a lounge area.


Hammocks are a great way to add a touch of relaxation to your wedding. They can be used for the ceremony, reception, or as part of a lounge area.


Opera chair

With a few minor variations, opera chairs resemble Chiavari chairs. The opera chair has a more delicate scalloped edge along the back instead of a straight one, and tapered spindles. For a vintage- or Parisian-themed wedding, these chairs are a lovely option.

Chameleon Chair

These chairs may not be familiar to you because they are frequently covered with cloth or otherwise concealed (hence the name). Due to their festive crossing bars, these wedding chair rentals are also known as fanfare chairs. The metal frames can be personalised by adding vibrant cushions, chic ribbons, or eye-catching slipcovers. For a more modern design, they can alternatively be left bare like this.


Velvet chair

Want a sleek, contemporary look for your wedding? Chairs with velvet upholstery and gold metal legs combine the modern and the exquisite.

The Peacock Chair

These stunning popular types of chairs for a wedding are a must-have for any boho wedding. Usually constructed of rattan or white wicker, peacock chairs are named for their dramatic, highly arched backs that fan out like a peacock's tail. At your head table or as part of a wedding lounge area, place two of these side by side.

The Wishbone Chair

This mid century modern-inspired minimalist and most common type of chair used at weddings chair style's natural wood finish gives your decor a cosy, welcoming feel.

Infinity Chair

The infinity chair, which is also known as the phoenix chair, has an oval back with two circles that overlap and form a pattern resembling a loop. The ultimate result is an "infinity" effect because it is impossible to determine where the boundaries of each circle are. These best type of chairs for a wedding  are perfect for a classy event, in our opinion. Infinity chairs are available in a variety of hues, such as white, gold, black, wooden styles, and even clear acrylic.

Wooden Slotted Chair

Wooden slotted chairs are an excellent choice for a casual wedding with flair because they have a modern European bistro and outdoor café feel. Use vibrant seat cushions to add further personality (and comfort for your visitors).


Marais Chair

These chic steel chairs will provide an industrial touch to your wedding. They look well with rustic tables for a farmhouse-meets-modern aesthetic, but they also look great with sleek furniture for a modern vibe. Marais chairs come in a range of heights and are most frequently found in metallic hues including silver, rose gold, and bronze.

Cane-back couch

The caned back, which is often braided from strands of dried grasses, palms, or bamboo, is the distinguishing feature of this chair design with antique inspiration. While the French colonial era was at its height, cane-back chairs were very fashionable. These are a popular choice for Old World wedding decor today and frequently have neutral-coloured linen, velvet, or satin cushions.

16 Unique Types of Holi Celebrations in India, You Should Attend

Holi is a vibrant Indian festival celebrated in India that marks the arrival of spring. It's known as the “Festival of Colors” because people throw coloured powder and water at each other to celebrate. While it’s celebrated all over the country with great enthusiasm, each region has its unique way to celebrate Holi. Holi has many different forms, depending on where it is celebrated throughout India. If you want to celebrate Holi in 2023 in India then here are some unique types of Holi celebrations you should know about:


Lathmar Holi

The most popular and unique type of  Holi celebration is celebrated in the state of Uttar Pradesh, known as Lathmar Holi. It is celebrated in the town of Barsana, which is the birthplace of Radha, the consort of Lord Krishna. The Holi festival in India is celebrated for seven days, starting on the first day of the month of Phalguna. On the first day, known as Holika Dahan, a bonfire is lit in which effigies of Holika, the demoness who tried to kill Prahlad, are burnt. The second day is known as Rang Panchami and is when people start spraying colours on each other.

The third day is known as Madhoshi and is when people smear each other with colours and water. The fourth day is known as Dhulendi and is when people play with colours and water all day long. On the fifth day, known as Parvat Parvat, people climb to the top of a mountain or hill and spray colours on each other. The sixth day is known as Gulal and is when people exchange coloured powders with each other. The seventh and final day is known as Haldi and is when people apply turmeric paste on each other. This is done to cleanse the body and soul and to prepare for the next festival.


Dola, Odisha

Dola re Dolajatra is a  unique type of Holi celebration mainly in Odisha with great enthusiasm by people from all walks of life. On this day goddess Lakshmi visits each house for blessing them with prosperity during which young girls dressed as maidens are taken out on palanquins accompanied by music bands playing traditional instruments like dholak, mandala etc., along with singing devotional songs dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi. People exchange sweets & gifts among themselves while sprinkling water & gulal(coloured powder)on each other as a part of the Holi celebration in India.


Phagunwa, Bihar

Phagunwa or Phagu Purnima is another unique type of holi celebration observed primarily in Bihar where it’s known as ‘Chhath Puja’ - an ancient Hindu ritual performed on the sixth day after Diwali Festival for seeking blessings from Sun God Surya Devta symbolises power, energy & health. In this Holi Festival in India, devotees stand waist-deep in the holy river Ganges offering prayers, and chanting mantras throughout the night followed by breaking fast the next morning and having fruits, milk etc. This puja has been given UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage status recently due to its immense popularity among locals here for ages. 


Basant Utsav, West Bengal

A colourful version of the Holi Festival in India is played especially in West Bengal where people celebrate it wholeheartedly every year around February/March when the spring season arrives there marking the end of the winter season!! During these days streets get filled up with crowds carrying drums playing melodious tunes while smearing coloured powders called ‘Abir’ all over faces making the entire environment look so beautiful!! Special delicacies like pit made using rice flour mixed with ghee/coconut flakes are also prepared during these times adding a more fun festive mood around!!


Shigmo, Goa

It’s an ancient Hindu spring festival celebrated by both Hindus and Christians alike with colourful processions through villages featuring traditional music, dance performances from local troupes as well as religious rituals honouring various gods and goddesses associated with the season like Lord Vishnu or Lakshmi Maa. The highlight is definitely when participants throw coloured powder on one another - creating quite a spectacle!


Yosang, Manipur

People gather around bonfires lit up during the night before the Holi celebration in India itself while singing folk songs about love & peace accompanied by drums & other instruments; these fires symbolise burning away bad omens & starting anew for better times ahead (which makes sense given how much we need that right now!). On top of that, there are also competitions among teams who compete against each other in tug-of-war games or playing sports such as football or volleyball - so plenty to keep everyone entertained throughout their Holi celebration in India here too!


Baithaki/Khadi Holi, Uttar Pradesh

It takes place mainly across north Indian states like Uttar Pradesh where women dress up in vibrant outfits adorned with jewellery while dancing to devotional songs praising Lord Krishna; men join them later during evening hours after taking ritualistic dips into nearby rivers followed by lighting lamps near temples dedicated specifically towards him too! This type also involves throwing colour powders onto one another just like Shigmo does but without any musical accompaniments nor competitive events involved making it more focused solely on devotion instead - something truly special indeed! 


Rang Panchami

This unique type of Holi celebration is mostly observed in Maharashtra where people play with colours on Rang Panchami day which falls five days after Holika Dahan (the night before). People wear white clothes as a symbol of purity while playing with natural dyes like turmeric or henna mixed with water solutions to create beautiful patterns on their bodies and clothes.


Dol Jatra

Dol Jatra takes place during Phalgun month (March-April) when idols representing Lord Krishna & Radha are taken out in a procession around town accompanied by singing & dancing by devotees who shower them with flowers along their route. During this Holi Festival in India sweets such as tilgul ladoos made from sesame seeds & jaggery is distributed among family members & friends signifying togetherness during this festive season!


Manjal Kuli or Ukuli, Tamil Nadu

This type of Holi celebration in India takes place mainly in Tamil Nadu where people use turmeric powder instead of any other colour to apply on each other's faces as part of the fun activities associated with this Holi Festival in India! The yellow colour signifies prosperity for one another throughout the year ahead - so much happiness packed into just one tradition! 


Pakuwah, Rajasthan

Pakuwah is an ancient folk dance performed mainly by women from Rajasthan state wherein they dress up traditionally wearing ghagra cholis adorned with heavily beaded jewellery pieces called ‘tikli’ along the neckline area – these ladies move gracefully swaying body parts according to the rhythm created through clapping hands creating mesmerising effect everyone present at the event! It's believed that performing pakuwah wards off evil spirits protecting families living nearby villages against misfortune happening near future time frame to fascinating isn't it? 


Hola Mohalla, Punjab

This type of Holi celebration in India takes place in Punjab and involves kirtan (devotional singing), mock battles, wrestling competitions, poetry recitations and more! It also includes a special procession with floats carrying images from Sikh mythology.


Dhulandi Holi in Haryana

In this form of the Holi celebration in India held mainly around Delhi NCR region, people gather together to sing traditional holiday songs while throwing colours at one another - making for an exciting atmosphere! People also make delicious sweets like gujiya or pakora which they share with their family members & friends during this time. 


Phoolon Ki Holi in Vrindavan

This unique type of holi celebration celebrates Lord Krishna's childhood prank when he would playfully steal butter from homes nearby the Mathura-Vrindavan area by smearing colour on his face so no one could recognize him! During Phoolon ki holi locals go around town playing music & spraying flowers instead colouring each other with gulal (coloured powder).


Royal Holi in Jaipur

Holi celebration In India annually by Rajasthan royalty since ancient times, this royal version features elephants dressed up for the occasion along with camels decked out too. The royal family themselves partake in festivities such as dhol players playing traditional tunes & folk dancers performing colourful dances. They even have fireworks displays! 


Kaman Pandigai, Tamil Nadu

Held every year near Madurai Tamil Nadu, its believed that Lord Shiva himself started this tradition after winning over Kaama Devi – who was sent down to earth by Indra Deva(king Of Heavens). On Kaman Pandigai day locals decorate their houses and streets with colourful lights & rangolis while women dress up like gods wearing jewellery made out of gold silver etc. There are processions involving horses chariots decorated bullock carts accompanied by drummers singers etc. All these things come together creating a beautiful spectacle worth seeing!

These were some interesting ways how different regions celebrate holi in 2023 in India differently but still manage to keep alive the spirit of unity amongst citizens belonging to the same nation despite cultural differences existing between them – now wouldn't we call that true patriotism? Let us join hands and embrace our diversity to make the world a better place to live happily ever after Happy Holi everyone!!!

Some unique Ideas For Celebrating Your First Holi After Marriage

Holi is a festival of joy, colour and love. It’s a time to celebrate with family and friends in an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie. But when you’re married, it can be hard to find new ways to celebrate the holiday that don’t involve the same old traditions or activities.

That's why we've come up with some unique ideas for celebrating Holi after marriage!

It’s a time to forget all differences and come together as one big family. If you are newly married, then this Holi can be even more special for you. Here are some tips on how to celebrate your first Holi after marriage but Before we go on the tips let's talk about the significance or importance of Holi in the life of a Newlywed.


What is the significance of Holi in the life newlywed bride?

Holi is an important festival in India that marks the beginning of spring. It is a time for celebration, joy and togetherness amongst family and friends. For newlywed brides, Holi has special significance as it signifies the start of their new life with their spouse.

The colours associated with Holi are said to signify good luck and prosperity for married couples, making it an ideal time to begin a new life together full of love and happiness. On this day, women traditionally dress up in colourful saris or lehengas while men wear traditional kurta pyjamas or dhoti-kurtas; both adorned with beautiful jewellery pieces like necklaces or bangles made from gold or silver coins known as ‘churis’ – representing wealth & abundance within marriage.

In addition to dressing up in bright clothes & adornments, newlyweds also take part in fun activities such as playing games like ‘gulal’ (throwing colour powder at each other) which symbolizes unity between two people who have just tied the knot. This act helps them bond further by having some lighthearted fun on this auspicious occasion! 

Traditionally speaking, families gather around bonfires on holi night where they sing folk songs dedicated to Lord Krishna - signifying his divine presence during wedding celebrations. The bride's family members then perform 'Aartis' (prayers) wishing her marital bliss forevermore! Afterwards, sweets are shared among everyone present there which adds more sweetness to her newfound relationship!

All these rituals make holi even more special for any newlywed bride since she gets blessings from all corners along with loads of love & affection coming her way - ultimately leading towards a successful married life ahead!


1) Get creative with Holi decorations:

First things first, deck up your home,  Decorating your home or any other venue where you plan to celebrate is a great way to start the festivities! You can use colourful balloons, streamers, banners etc., that will instantly brighten up the place and get everyone in a festive mood. You could also turn up the music volume by playing some melodious tunes from Bollywood movies which will get everyone grooving along! 


2) Prepare traditional snacks & drinks:

Nothing adds more flavour than homemade delicacies during festivals like Holi! So make sure that there's plenty of delicious food available for everyone who comes over - from gujiyas (sweet dumplings), mathris (salted deep-fried pastries), thandai (a cool drink made with milk & spices) etc. Preparing food with family is of too much fun and if you are newlywed then this is one of the best ideas for celebrating Holi after marriage


3) Host a Colorful BBQ:

Nothing says “Holi” like grilling up some delicious food outdoors! Invite all your close friends over for a barbecue party where everyone can get in touch with their creative side by throwing colourful powder at each other while enjoying snacks and drinks from the grill. This will be sure to bring out all kinds of emotions while having fun conversations about old memories shared between each other during this festive season! 


4) Organise an intimate gathering:

Another best idea for celebrating Holi after marriage hosting an intimate gathering with close family members and friends who share similar values as yours; this will give everyone involved something meaningful they can look forward to every year while also allowing them all to connect in deeper conversations about life events since last holi season ended.


5) Go Shopping Together:

After marriage couples tend to neglect shopping trips due to work commitments so why not use Holi as an excuse? Head out together wearing matching clothes (preferably something bright!) And buy everything from decorations such as flowers or balloons, food ingredients needed for making various dishes like gujiyaa (traditional sweet dumpling), pakoraas etc., along with accessories that could make great souvenirs later on down memory lane when reminiscing about these wonderful days spent together during Holi celebrations.


6) Play fun games & activities:

If possible, try incorporating traditional Indian Games like kite flying into these gatherings as well - not only will they provide entertainment but also bring back fond memories from childhood days spent playing outdoors together! And traditional Indian Games like ‘Dhool Wala Ghoda’(where participants ride on each other's shoulders while trying not to fall down!), 'Rang Barse'(water balloon throwing game!) etc., will definitely add lots of fun elements to your celebrations! And don't forget about dancing too; it'll surely make for an unforgettable experience! 


7) Prepare A Holi Dance performance:

If you’re feeling extra creative then why not prepare a holi dance performance? Get everyone involved by teaching them simple steps that even kids can learn easily so they join in too – this would be a great way for newlyweds to show off their moves as well as enjoy watching others doing theirs!


8) Exchange gifts with loved ones:

Gift-giving has been an integral part of Indian culture for ages – so why not carry forward this tradition? Surprise each other by exchanging thoughtful gifts such as holi colours/sweets/clothes etc. which will show how much they mean to you both! 


9) Spend quality time together:

One way you can make your first holi after marriage special is by planning a romantic getaway for just the two of you. Take advantage of this opportunity to spend quality time together away from home – whether it's at an exotic destination or simply enjoying each other's company on your own patio or balcony at home – there are plenty of creative ways for couples to enjoy their alone time during Holi!


10) Play with colours:

No holi celebration is complete without smearing each other’s faces with bright hues like pink yellow green orange etc. Have lots of water guns ready so people don't have any difficulty getting into action mode quickly; plus it's always a good idea to keep buckets filled with ice-cold water nearby just in case someone needs a quick cool-down break from all excitement happening outside! So go ahead & plan an unforgettable day full of laughter, joy, and happiness on your first holi after marriage- happy holi!!


11) Organise a virtual gathering

If neither option works out due to financial constraints, then consider having a virtual holika dahan ceremony where both families join online via video call & have puja performed by a priest remotely over the internet so that blessings reach all participants without any hassle! This way even long-distance relatives would feel included & still get the chance to participate actively despite being apart physically. With this idea, you can connect to your relatives on your first holi after marriage.

No matter how much things change over the years, one thing remains constant: our need to stay connected deeply through shared experiences which makes holidays like holi perfect occasions do so! So go ahead and explore these ideas for celebrating the first holi after marriage to create memorable moments worth cherishing a lifetime!







Wedding Eye Makeup Ideas: 25 Beautiful Bridal Looks

Every bride hopes to look beautiful on her wedding day. To fulfil her desire of appearing her absolute best, everything from the bridal attire to the ideal wedding makeup is flawless. One of the most significant decisions you will make for your wedding is selecting your wedding dress, yet it is only one element of your total bridal style. You must choose a hairdo and bridal eye makeup that will go well with your entire ideal bridal appearance.

The eyes are particularly important when talking about bridal eye makeup. And how precisely you want your best eye makeup to look is entirely up to you. It's acceptable to forgo artificial lashes if you want to keep your look simple. It's acceptable to forgo artificial lashes if you want to keep your look simple. And if you adore huge, striking smokey eyes, don't be afraid to show them out. Regardless of the route you take, the goal is to look your best on your big day!


Glitter Cut Crease Eye Makeup

The bride's preferred eye makeup is likely to mesmerise your guests with this look! This is ideal bridal eye makeup for nighttime weddings. The glimmer will go well with the chunky bridal jewellery, and the drama from the kajal and lashes will just heighten the effect!


Winged Liner with Gold Glitter

This bridal eye makeup for an Indian wedding is ideal. One of the most lavish bridal eye makeup looks is this one. To make your eyes look much longer and bigger, apply a winged liner and a darker colour to the far edge of your lid.


Shimmery Blue Eye Makeup

You can think about coordinating your eye shadow with your wedding attire. Use the same eyeshadow if your clothing is reflective! Just wing your eyeliner and add a touch of highlighter to add a little drama.


Soft Matte Smokey Eyes

You may achieve the ideal bridal appearance with soft matte smokey eyes for an outdoor wedding or an evening celebration. The best part is that it is appropriate for all events and skin types! By combining it with a natural lip colour, you can keep the rest of the look basic.


Translucent Shimmery Eyes

This look is appropriate for you if you don't want to go overboard. Simple to create at home and ideal wedding makeup for daytime occasions. Choose a deeper lipstick hue to increase contrast and pair it with dewy makeup for the best results.


Ornate Bronze Eye Look

The evening event is great for golden shadow. Also, it looks stunning on people with darker complexion tones. To highlight the shape and colour of your eyes, apply the shimmer in the middle of your lid, just above your pupil. Then, blend a darker bronze into the crease for an elaborate bronzed eye look.


Smokey Eyes

Use smokey eyes for more dramatic bridal eye makeup. Keep the rest of your look simple and natural with bare lips while adding depth to your eyes by applying a deeper shadow to the very outer corners.


Naturally Dazzling Eye Makeup

Whatever your skin tone or eye shape, thick, fluffy brows and neutral, feathery eyeshadow will appear captivating. To add some sparkle, dab a light brown shimmer in the centre of the lid. Use the darkest shades on the outer corner of the eye, below, and into the crease.


Nude Eye Makeup

Very stunning is the brown eye appearance with accentuated corners! Sharp edges give an impression of depth and highlight the shape of your eyes. Coloured lenses and a neutral lip colour might finish the look.


Bold Black Eyes

Dark eyes are best suited for evening gatherings and look best with clothing of a similar colour! This look is simpler to do, and it looks fantastic. A sufficient amount of Kohl is applied to get the dramatic black eyes and the ideal eyeshadow colour.


Lighter Winged Look

Sometimes, simplicity is what you're after, and a lighter-winged appearance is ideal in these circumstances. To achieve the lighter winged effect, use a gel or liquid eyeliner and work your way up to the tail of your brow.


Feathery Lashes

Long, feathery lashes that have been expertly styled create a stunning natural appearance. For a natural yet elegant impression during the wedding, you can use feathery lashes.


Sultry Look with Winged Liner 

Obtain the traditional smokey eye for a wedding by applying dark matte black eyeshadow in the form of a winged liner. For an enhanced appearance, you can layer a gel or liquid liner over the eyeshadow.


Bold Brows

At the moment, bold, thick brows are very trendy! Use an eyebrow pencil to fill them in that is either the same shade as your natural brows or slightly darker. A dark brown smokey eye and bold brows provide the ideal look.


More Dramatic Looks with False Lashes

For the drama they need, brides with sparse lashes can always choose fake lashes. In particular, when the rest of the makeup is minimal, false lashes assist define the lash line and make the eyes "pop."


Define Your Eyes Up

If you don't want to go overboard, simply use a matte shadow or pencil to deepen the upper lash line and a thin pencil brush to blend it out to define your eyes. To balance the entire look-up, generously apply mascara, paying specific attention to the lower lashes.


Intense Eye Makeup

The matte look is always the best choice! To draw the top and lower lash lines, use a matte pencil. Don't forget to emphasise the inner corner and smudge it out towards the edges to give the overall effect of sensuality.


Nude Pink Eye

It is an ideal bridal eye makeup for a little wedding ceremony. To achieve that natural and glamorous look, use just one pink colour!


Simplify Your Eye

This is the look for you if you want to wear very little eye makeup. For that dramatic appearance for the day, just a little dab of dark eyeliner in the waterline and a dash of mascara will do. Also, to draw attention to your eyes even more, fill in your brows with the same colour pencil while leaving the rest of your makeup straightforward.


The Fox Eye

The most recent bridal eye makeup craze, the fox-eye style, may serve as inspiration for your wedding attire. Your eyes will appear longer and more angled when you have the fox-eye look. Make your eyes appear even more angular by wearing straight, archless eyebrows.


Natural Shimmer

Apply shimmering bridal eye makeup to the centre of your lid, smudging it out towards the brow bone, and finishing the look with sheer lips for the ideal bridal appearance.


Deep Brown Bridal Eye Makeup

For a dark appearance, use a deep brown and blend it evenly across the lid and neath the lower lash line. Lightening up the lower half of your face with a pink blush and natural lip colour will provide the ideal balance and bridal appearance.


Earthly-Toned Eyes

It's the best eye makeup for a ceremony outside. For a delicate and natural bridal appearance, keep the smoke in the outer corners of the eyes and use neutral earth tones.


Pinkish Eye

For the evening wedding ceremony, soft blush pink eye shadow with dramatic winged Kohl and voluminous upturned lashes is ideal.


Copper Eye Shadow

For a conventional wedding profile, the copper eye shadow works beautifully. Consider wearing it with minimal jewellery as your bridal cocktail attire. You can omit the winged tips for the eyeliner because this best eye makeup is on the heavier side and looks wonderful with a thick line of gorgeous lashes.

17 Outfits for Gorgeous Brides-to-Be for Pool Parties

Summer weddings often feature exciting pool parties. One of the benefits of having a summer wedding is the opportunity to wear a variety of outfits, and one such celebration is a pool party where you can swim, drink cocktails or mocktails, and dance the night away. In other words, it's a great way to decompress from all the wedding chaos. Parties by the pool and on the beach are new styles that couples are embracing, and they unquestionably add excitement, thrill, and tons of fun to a wedding celebration.

You have to worry about your pool party outfit while everyone else is looking forward to sipping cool, breezy cocktails at your pool party. As a bride, there are a ridiculous number of options to choose from, and brides who want to rock their outfits and look unique at every function get lost among these choices. Don't worry if you're a bride-to-be who likes to spend her days by the pool; we have some fantastic wardrobe suggestions for your pool party outfit.


Lehenga and shirt

With a lehenga and shirt, the bride would appear extremely stylish and represent a lovely fusion of modern and traditional attire. The embroidered lehenga can also be paired with a white puff-sleeve shirt and a conventional blazer.


Crop top and Drape skirt

Searching for the ideal pool party outfit? Look nowhere else. Amazing sleeveless crop top in whimsical cream colour. Especially particularly when worn with a pink draped skirt. This outfit can be enhanced with wedge sandals, sunglasses, and some dark pink lipstick.


Blingy Top and Slit Skirt

Do you want to stand out during your pool party? You should absolutely add a few accessories to your pool party outfit to brighten your overall appearance. Amazing is the turquoise blue skirt with the slit and the mirror work. Combine it with sunglasses and a headband made of mirrors.


Hot Pink Swimwear for a Party

An attire in a single colour is ideal for your pool party. This pink outfit exudes effortless glitz. Also, the translucent dupatta and blouse neckline give it a carefree and airy appearance.


Vivacious pool party attire

This cut-out blouse looks wonderful with the vibrantly coloured skirt. This is the perfect pool party dress and will make for an Instagram feed to die for. In addition, the light colours are stunning.



There is no simpler way to get dressed for a poolside party than with coordinates. For our future wife, co-ords are a straightforward and flexible solution. One may dress in a co-ord or a jumpsuit. You may even play around with various stripes and designs. Our bridezillas out there will look stunning in this gorgeous co-ord.



The pleasantly silky tie-dyed is one of the coolest pool party outfits to wear by the pool. Combining shades of diverse colours is the new fashion for creating a stunning impact. The gorgeous clothing is custom dyed utilising vintage methods. For your pre-wedding fun day, choose a breathable, lightweight, and long-lasting fabric.


Printed Cloths

Prints are a colourful and lively style that would be the perfect pool party dress. For a laid-back pool party, a well-coordinated dress, crop tops, shorts, or floral prints, would look lovely and be comfortable, but it's advised that you pick the right print clothing that will compliment you so that you may ace your pool party.


Easy Breezy

Brides With some gorgeous light and brilliant breathable clothing, you'll undoubtedly sail your pool party. Go easy on the clothes because comfort is of the utmost importance when it comes to living and enjoying the party thrown in your honour.


Floral Dress

Florals are the definition of warm, poolside gatherings. It continues to be a popular choice on sunny days. In the sweltering heat, something about the light-flowered attire is aesthetically pleasing. Use floral magic at your swimming pool if you so desire.


Swimsuit with detachable skirt

Although pool party dresses and swimsuits with detachable skirts are relatively new concepts in the world of clothing, many girls have already fallen in love with them. The secret lies in its ability to rectify, as a strategically positioned skirt frill helps to hide the flaws while highlighting the positives. It is a sumptuously rich costume with delicate motifs that define, accentuate, and enhance the female form.


Gown in light blue

If you're planning an afternoon pool party and are confused about what your perfect pool party dress is, this pastel flowy gown dress is ideal! You won't lack the princess vibe in this attire, right? A pastel blue outfit never fails to appear modern, and this one does not disappoint! This dress looks stunning when accessorised with some chic sunglasses and a tiara.


All white with a floral tiara

An all-white ensemble always looks better; white never fails to please. It's fashionable and fun, especially when worn with some stylish aviator sunglasses and oxidised jewellery. Alternatively, you can accessorise with a seashell necklace and have fun with your choice of footwear, such as a pair of flat slippers or wedges.


Harem pants with a crop top

Harem pants have a lot going for them. Very simple and flattering to wear over a one-piece or bikini, or even while travelling. Exquisite design, silky light fabric, and flattering tapered legs. Your outfit will be completely transformed if you wear it with a crop top, a cap, and simple jewellery.


Kaftan with a knee-high slit

The kaftan is a very comfortable pool party outfit that may be used in any climate or setting. If you're heading to the beach or the pool, a kaftan is a great choice. A slit kaftan is a fantastic way to give your ensemble some individuality. Any bride can enjoy a calm and enjoyable party in this unique and stylish ensemble.


Red short Jumpsuit

A beautiful one-piece will work wonders for achieving a magnificent goddess-like appearance. Red will look stunning and is very eye-catching. You add some edge by wearing bubblegum pink lipstick with it.


Jumpsuit ensemble

These pool party outfits are total bridal goals. The cheery flowery jumpsuit is appropriate for a chic pool party. You require the solemn off-shoulder shirt with a long tail to complete your pool party look.

Top 14 Latest Bridal Lehenga Trend For 2023 Brides

Hello future brides! Here are the most Latest bridal Lehenga for 2023 brides. We watch for emerging trends every year, especially in the bridal collection. Lehengas are the first thing that comes to mind when we think of the bridal collection. The majority of brides have favoured lehengas for their weddings, cocktail parties, reception parties, or other festivities. Many brides also choose to wear a lehenga that stands out from the norm.

We Event Planet the best wedding planner in Lucknow have the most Latest bridal lehengas for brides of 2023 here for you to be greatly inspired by!


The Royal Red

The ideal colour for brides' lehengas has always been red, the colour of love. Every bride was inspired by Priyanka Chopra's all-red lehenga when she wore it to her wedding. Red has been fashionable for a long time, and there are many different red lehengas styles that look stunning on brides. Embrace the regal look with a gorgeous red lehenga! Among the Latest bridal lehengas for brides in 2023, this is our top pick.


Vibrant and unconventional hue

I continue to be surprised by the bridal lehangas in 2023. Brides choose to wear a lehenga in either the traditional colour of red or a strikingly vibrant hue like yellow, orange, or turquoise blue. These bold and traditional colours are perfect for you if you're sick of neutrals, reds, or pastels! Your bridal lehenga's appearance is brightened, and the vivid colour gives it a royal, designer feel.


Statement Blouses

The blouses, with their frills, puffs, and long capes, really make the lehenga seem special. Brides are choosing a straightforward lehenga skirt and dupatta and accessorising it with an eye-catching statement top. Whether you're wearing a pastel lehenga, one with glitter, or even a traditional red lehenga, a striking blouse can up your style ante!

Welcome the Whites!

A number of weddings took place in 2022, and now attention is shifting to the latest bridal lehengas for 2023 brides. The Ranbir-Alia wedding was the most anticipated and well-known of them all. When we finally got to view Alia Bhatt's wedding attire, it was surreal. She looked great in the white lehenga, and you may look equally stunning in it. White lehengas are quickly moving up the popularity list. For your wedding day, wear a white lehenga and look stunning!


Belt are popular

This wedding season, wear your lehenga with a belt or kamar bandh to be fashionable. This is because a bridal belt provides you a unique appearance while holding your dupatta in the right place. Today, belts are a fashion statement that no bride wants to be without on her wedding day.


Anarkali Silhouettes

Lehengas are particularly beautiful with a flair, which enhances their charm. Brides have been advocating for flared lehengas, and they particularly enjoy the Anarkali silhouettes that offer a lehenga just the right amount of flare. The best thing is that these lehengas are ideal for images of you dancing at your wedding! this Latest bridal lehenges for 2023 brides are now capturing market.

Technicolor Lehenga

Lehengas in technicolour are once again fashionable, bringing back a lot of fond memories for the 90s generation. They have emerged as the brides of the millennial generation's top choice. Designer Amit Aggarwal has been at the forefront of this trend and mostly uses this pattern in his work. These shiny, technicolour silhouettes will undoubtedly continue to be embraced by bridal lehengas in 2023. Many brides embrace this new fashion and show it off in original ways. The cocktail and mehendi ceremonies are the ideal settings for this stylish lehenga. You can always try something new and choose this design for your wedding sari.


Dramatic Silhouettes

Flowy, gorgeous fabrics with dramatic and strong silhouettes are extremely fashionable right now. They make a statement in addition to being beautiful. Particularly Amit Aggarwal's works of art. He fashions exquisite outfits that have a lovely sculptured appearance. The majority of bridal lehengas in 2023 with dramatic silhouettes are worn by brides at cocktail or reception events since they have a ballgown-like look.


Purple obsession

The Pantone colour of the year was announced and is now the latest bridal legend for brides of 2023. The hue has gained attention because it may be readily included into our bridal attire. The blue and purple-red undertones serve as the inspiration for the colour look. You can dress in this adaptable colour for your pre-wedding events, such as mehendi or roka ceremonies. For an attractive appearance, you may also choose an ombre outfit in various tones of purple.


The Pastels

Anushka Sharma set the trend when she appeared like a dream in a pastel lehenga at her wedding. Since then, the pastel lehengas—especially those in blue and green—have become popular. It would be very stunning to match your pastel bridal lehenga in 2023 to your partner's sharara!


Veil Dupatta

For their bridal entrance on their special day, the bride chooses the veil dupatta style. The bride in 2023 will be measured against the veil dupatta. The net extension that will quickly improve and dream up the bridal look is the bridal veil dupatta. In the modern day, brides are experimenting with the veil dupatta, adding wedding hashtags to the border. It will have an ethereal appearance and enhance your style.


Deep V-Necks

There is one particular designer who comes to mind when we discuss Deep V-Necks because they were the first! Of course, Sabyasachi Mukherjee is involved. He is the creator of his line of deep V-neck blouses and lehengas. Brides appear incredibly exquisite in these blouses, which are also quite popular and flexible in the wedding industry.


Shimmy Shimmer

No one is harmed by a little shimmer, do they? Shiny Lehengas have steadily gained popularity as wedding attire. Shimer lehengas feature many different designs, including sequins, mirror work, metallic work, and more. On your special day, shimmering Lehengas will make you stand out.


Double dupatta

The majority of brides this year appear to be accessorising their bridal lehengas in 2023 with a double dupatta. We can conclude that the hoopla surrounding the double dupatta trend is justified. Every bride will look beautiful wearing this style on her wedding day.

Thus, if you are a bride-to-be and appreciate keeping up with fashion trends, these lehengas will enable you to put your own unique spin on timeless looks. The most crucial step is picking an outfit that makes you feel good so you can enjoy your special day. Event Planet the best wedding planner in Lucknow as wells as is the best company to find your fantasy lehenga if you're trying to buy lehenga choli online at a reasonable price. For your special day, we hope that these trends will aid in finding and curating the lehenga choli of your dreams.


Lagan Geet Artist And Mahila Sangeet Mandali

Lagan Geet is a type of traditional Indian music that is performed during weddings and other joyous events. These songs are an essential component of the Indian wedding ritual and convey the happiness and enthusiasm of the bride and groom's family. Lagan Geet is frequently referred to as "Mahila Sangeet" or "women's music" because it is typically performed by groups of women.

A group of ladies sangeet artists with a focus on Lagan Geet and other traditional Indian musical genres is known as the Mahila Sangeet Mandali in Lucknow. These ensembles frequently consist of vocalists and musicians that perform a catalog of songs that have been passed down through the centuries. In Indian society, Mahila Sangeet Mandali has a long history, and their performances are crucial to the social and cultural fabric of weddings and other occasions for celebration.

In recent years, as more individuals have sought to celebrate and preserve traditional Indian culture, Lagan Geet and the longest artist in Lucknow has grown in popularity. To ensure that these musical traditions are passed down to future generations, the performers of Lagan Geet who are also a part of Mahila Sangeet Mandali near me have made significant contributions to cultural preservation.


Importance of Lagan Geet in Indian Weddings

Mahila Sangeet | महिला संगीत | गढ़वाली भजन | Garhwali Bhajan | - YouTube

Lagan Geet is a crucial component of the Indian wedding tradition and is important to many wedding rites. Ladies' sangeet artists perform this type of traditional music, which captures the happiness and excitement of the bride and groom's family throughout the wedding ceremony. Various wedding-related events, such as the engagement, mehendi, sangeet, and other pre- and post-wedding celebrations, feature Lokgeet performances.

Lagan Geet's significance at Indian weddings dates back to the earliest ages when music was an integral part of many religious and cultural ceremonies. Lagan Geet adds a festive and peaceful ambiance to the wedding by bringing a sense of celebration and joy. Additionally, it gives families a chance to be expressive and give the newlyweds their blessings.

Lagan Geet also plays an important cultural role in preserving India's ancient musical history. It gives Lokgeet artists in Lucknow a platform to display their abilities and enhance society's cultural fabric. Lagan Geet thus contributes significantly to the preservation of India's cultural history and identity. Lagan Geet is a crucial component of Indian weddings that honors the coming together of families and cultural customs.


Who is lagan Geet Artists and what type of songs they sung in wedding ceremonies

Vedic Spiritual Lagna Geet Showreel - Namrata Soni - YouTube

Musicians that specialize in playing traditional songs that are a part of the Lagan Geet genre are known as lagan geet artists. The majority of these artists are female, and they frequently work with Mahila Sangeet Mandali near my ensembles.

Lagan Geet songs convey the joy and excitement of wedding celebrations and are generally sung in regional dialects. Mehndi Rachni, Sajna Hai Mujhe Sajna Ke Liye, Mangalashtak, Laadki, Dholna, and Banna Banni Geet are a few of the well-known Lagan Geet songs.

Dholak, manjeera, and harmonium are common musical instruments used to accompany these songs. The lyrics of Lagan Geet's songs often focus on the wedding ceremony and convey the joy and blessings of the participating families. Lagan Geet artists are well known for their skill in using music to evoke the feelings and sentiments of the event.



The importance of Sangeet in Indian wedding ceremony

Indian wedding rituals include the crucial and entertaining element of sangeet. The bride and groom's families, as well as their friends and family, perform music and dance as part of this pre-wedding event. The Sanskrit word "Sangit," which signifies music, is whence the word "Sangeet" originates.

The power of the sangeet to unite families and communities in a joyful celebration underpins its significance in Indian wedding rituals. Both families use the sangeet as a stage to exhibit their musical prowess and cultural customs. It also facilitates ice-breaking between the two families and fosters a relaxed and joyful environment for everyone involved.


Who are Mahila Sangeet Mandali and What are the services offered by them

Ladies Sangeet, Mehndi Sangeet, Mehndi Ki Raat, Banna Banni, Mahila Sangeet  Mandli,9899349635 | Ladies sangeet, Singing, Talk show

The Mahila Sangeet Mandali in Lucknow is a group of female singers and musicians based in India. The organization promotes traditional Indian music among women, particularly those from rural areas. They offer a variety of services including singing, thanks (a type of folk dance), and sangeet (classical music). Through their performances, they aim to bring joy into people’s lives while also preserving traditional Indian culture.

The Mahila Sangeet Mandali in Lucknow offers several services for its members including training courses on classical vocal techniques as well as workshops on instruments such as tabla and harmonium. In addition, the group organizes concerts featuring renowned artists from all over India who perform different styles of music ranging from Bollywood hits to devotional songs or ghazals which are poems set to musical accompaniment. These events provide an opportunity for members not only to learn about various forms but also to gain exposure by performing alongside these acclaimed performers.

Finally, the organization works with local schools across India providing free education programs that teach students about classical or traditional Indian music genres like Dhrupad or Khayal along with popular western styles like jazz or rock n roll through interactive activities such as sing-along sessions, instrument demonstrations, etc. This helps build appreciation among children towards this art form while giving them access to resources that would otherwise be inaccessible due to financial constraints faced by many families living in rural areas. By doing so it ensures that generations continue appreciating this rich cultural heritage despite the rapid globalization taking place around us today.


What is the type of song sung by Mahila Sangeet Mandali?

Types of the songs sung by Mahila Sangeet Mandali are 

  • Ganesh Vandana
  •  Mangal Geet
  •  Dwar Pooja Geet
  •  Banna Banni Songs
  •  Tel - Baan Ke Geet
  •  Birthday Geet
  •  Old and New Bollywood songs
  •  Punjabi Bollywood Dance Songs
  •  Punjabi Folk Sagan ke Geet
  •  Rajasthani Folk Songs
  •  Bharat ke Geet
  •  Tappe Boliya
  •  Sehra ke geet
  •  Bharat ke geet
  •  Shuhag ke Geet
  •  Ghori ke Geet
  •  Marwari Sangeet Songs
  •  Lagan Ke Geet
  •  Haldi ke Geets
  •  Raat Jagga
  • Ghazal Program

Panchvati Farm House, Kanpur

Kanpur's Panchvati Farm House is a beautiful location to host friends and family. In close proximity to Siddhi Dham Shudhanshu Ashram, it is situated. It includes numerous party spaces that are ideal for both small-scale and large-scale events. There are numerous lawns and a dining hall available for your events at Panchvati Farm House on Kanpur's Bithoor Road. Pre-wedding events, weddings, birthday celebrations, and get-togethers can all be held there.


Kanpur is home to the wedding lawn known as Panchvati Farm House. If you want to have a big, lavish wedding, you should definitely put this location at the top of your list. They not only provide you with roomy, well-maintained grass, but also with other first-rate services, an unrivalled array of amenities, and guest accommodations that include tastefully furnished rooms, decorations, tentage space, a DJ, and many other extras. This wedding venue is a choice that you should unquestionably make if you want to reserve the best wedding venue in Kanpur that will host some of the most memorable moments of your life.


Facilities and Capacity

Panchvati Farm House Kanpur | Banquet Hall | Marriage Hall | BookEventz

The best wedding venue in Kanpur is located on the outskirts of the city adding calmness and quiet to the atmosphere, creating the ideal ambience for hosting any of your wedding-related festivities. Their vast green grass has the capacity to host events with 250 minimum and 1500 maximum attendees. The external environment can be changed to meet your choices and requirements. In addition to their grass, they do provide you with a community centre and a place of worship where you can have your wedding ceremony. It contain banquets, Lawn, and Halls for all community functions, wedding functions, etc. You just need to connect to the best wedding planner in Lucknow for planning your wedding in this beautiful resort.

Panchvati Farm - Aligarh | Wedding Venue Cost

What makes a place an ideal wedding venue are the extra amenities that are provided to make the experience of guests more seamless and joyful. Some of the services offered by this venue that was previously discussed and are quite helpful for hosting a wedding event without any bother are:


  • Basic electricity, lighting, and backup
  • Parking service
  • Bridal room
  • Kids area
  • Activity area
  • Guest Accommodation
  • Reception Hall
  • Conference Hall

Service provided

Panchwati Farms - Venue - Indirapuram - Weddingwire.in

The in-house food and design crew at Panchvati Farm House has been working with the location for a very long time. The onboard catering staff can provide you with a wide variety of meals and sweets on a personalised menu. The chef creates delectable dishes with your own preferences in mind, starting with your famous regional specialities and moving on to your international cuisines. They have a group of creative and professional people on staff, including technicians, who are aware of your needs and constraints and take care of everything up until your event achieves its goals.


  • DJ
  • In house catering
  • In house decorators
  • In-room breakfast
  • In-room Dinner
  • 1 bottle of water in Room
  • Toiletries


Catering Facilities

Book Panchwati The Party Lawn in Indirapuram - Best Farm House On Rent in  Delhi - Justdial

Panchvati Farm House in Kanpur offers catering facilities for a variety of events, including weddings, corporate functions, and social gatherings. Their catering services are customizable to meet the specific needs and preferences of their clients.

Panchwati Farms Wedding Venue - Cherished Wedding Venues

They provide a range of cuisines, including;

  • North Indian
  • South Indian
  • Chinese
  • Continental
  • Rajasthani
  • Gujarati
  • Marathi
  • Italian, etc.


With options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarian. To make sure that the cuisine is delectable and hygienic, they use high-quality ingredients. The cost of catering varies depending on the packages that the venue offers.


The Panchvati Farm House's catering staff is knowledgeable and skilled, and they handle every aspect of menu planning and food presentation to make sure that the cuisine is given to the guests in the best possible way. In order to give every event a sweet touch, they also provide personalised cakes and pastries. Overall, This wedding venue provides extensive catering services that will wow visitors and make every event special.


Decor Facility

Panchwati Farms - Venue - Indirapuram - Weddingwire.in

Kanpur's Panchvati Farm House offers a variety of décor services to improve the appearance of any occasion. This best wedding venue in Kanpur provides decoration services for both indoor and outdoor spaces, such as floral arrangements, lighting, stage design, and entrance decorations. Their staff of qualified decorators works closely with customers to comprehend their preferences and create a décor scheme that is in line with their vision. They make each occasion beautiful and unforgettable by utilising premium materials and original ideas.

Panchwati Farms - Venue - Indirapuram - Weddingwire.in

Additionally, Panchvati Farm House offers a selection of decor-enhancing elements, such as furniture, floral arrangements, and ornamental objects. Overall, their decoration resources are created to produce an event that is memorable and aesthetically attractive and is likely to dazzle attendees. And for further planning of your wedding get connected to Event Planet, the best wedding planners in Lucknow.



Book Hotel Sai Prem Deluxe (OYO 10671) in Panchavati - Best Apartment  Hotels in Nashik - Justdial

At Panchvati Farm House in Kanpur, lodging options include cosy, tastefully designed rooms with contemporary conveniences like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and connected bathrooms. Their housing options are created to offer visitors a relaxing and opulent stay.



Panchvati Guest House | Nashik Guest House BOOK @ ₹1

Plenty of parking is available for visitors at the best wedding venue, making parking hassle-free. There is plenty of room for both automobiles and two-wheelers in the safe, well-kept parking area. Valet Parking is provided by this best wedding venue in Kanpur as per the need of guests. This venue has space for 80 vehicles.


Alcohol and Smoking

In Kanpur, Panchvati Farm House offers alcohol services for parties, subject to the required statutory authorizations and permits. They sell a variety of alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine, and foreign and Indian liquor. Their trained crew serves the alcohol and ensures that it is consumed and served responsibly. Additionally, they severely forbid underage drinking and do not permit visitors to bring their alcohol into the premises.

For the convenience of their visitors who smoke, This venue offers designated smoking spots on their property. To protect the comfort of all visitors, smoking is not permitted in the rooms or other spaces.


Venue Policies

The Panchvati Farm House in Kanpur adheres to several rules to guarantee the efficiency of its operations and the comfort of its visitors. Some of the rules they adhere to are:


Booking guidelines:  A non-refundable deposit is required to secure a reservation for Panchvati Farm House a space or service; the amount is then subtracted from the total bill.

Cancellation policy:  A visitor must notify the wedding venue of their cancellation at least seven days before the event. The non-refundable deposit won't be reimbursed in this situation.

Refund policy:  If unforeseen circumstances force the cancellation of the event, This wedding venue will issue a refund.

Security policy: The venue has a strict security policy to guarantee the security of all visitors. They offer CCTV surveillance and always have security professionals on duty.

Noise Policy: This venue has a noise policy in place to make sure that noise levels are kept within acceptable ranges while taking into consideration the comfort of the nearby neighbours.


Kanwar Yatra 2023- What is the significance of Kanwar Yatra for Devotees of Lord Shiva


Every year, followers of Lord Shiva embark on the Kanwar Yatra, a journey to several holy sites in Northern India, where they collect holy water. Hinduism considers it to be a major occasion that annually draws a sizable number of pilgrims.

What is Kanwar Yatra?

Lord Shiva worshippers participate in the yearly Hindu pilgrimage known as the Kanwar Yatra. Participants in the pilgrimage, referred to as Kanwariyas, trek to several holy sites in Northern India to gather holy water from the Ganges River. Every year, several pilgrims flock to the pilgrimage, which is customarily held in the Hindu month of Sawan (July–August).


Why is Kanwar Yatra organized every year?

As a gesture of adoration for Lord Shiva, the Kanwar Yatra is held. The holy water gathered during the journey is thought to have the ability to purify the soul and bestow Lord Shiva's blessings. Devotees believe that taking part in the Kanwar Yatra is a chance to demonstrate their devotion to Lord Shiva and ask for his blessings.


What is the significance of the Kanwar Yatra?

Hinduism places a great deal of cultural and religious significance on the Kanwar Yatra. For many young males, it serves as a rite of passage and a way to show their devotion to Lord Shiva. The journey is also viewed as a chance for introspection and spiritual development. In addition, the Kanwar Yatra is a significant occasion on the Hindu calendar that annually draws a sizable number of worshippers and fosters harmony.

Rgyan - Spiritual Social Network


What is the history of the Kanwar yatra?

Ancient Hindu scriptures and traditions can be used to trace the history of the Kanwar Yatra. The Ramayana, a Hindu epic literature, refers to the pilgrimage, which has allegedly been practiced for a very long time. The Kanwar Yatra's precise beginnings are unknown, although it is thought to have started as a method for devotees to show their devotion to Lord Shiva and ask for his blessings.


The Kanwar Yatra has developed and expanded throughout the years, drawing sizable numbers of pilgrims every year. The pilgrimage is now a significant occasion on the Hindu calendar that is cherished by the Hindu community. The Kanwar Yatra is viewed as a chance for spiritual development and introspection. The Kanwar Yatra is a time for the Hindu community to get together and show their devotion to Lord Shiva and is viewed as an opportunity for spiritual development and self-reflection.


Why is this yatra known as the kanwar yatra?

The Kanwar, a sizable metal or bamboo pot used to transport holy water from the Ganges River to the revered sites during the pilgrimage, is what gives the Kanwar Yatra its name. The Sanskrit term "Kanchnar," which denotes a sizable pot or container, is whence the English name "Kanwar" originates.


The Kanwar is a crucial component of the Kanwar Yatra and serves as a sign of devotion. It is regarded as a great honor and privilege to take part in the pilgrimage and carry the Kanwar, which devotees do as they make their way to the holy shrines. The devotional act of wearing the Kanwar acts as a sign of the devotee's dedication to Lord Shiva and serves as a demonstration of their faith and devotion.


How Kanwar yatra is celebrated in India?


Kanwar Yatra is a Hindu pilgrimage in that follower of Lord Shiva participate. To gather holy water from the Ganges River, pilgrims, known as Kanwariyas, often go on foot to several important sites in Northern India during the Hindu month of Sawan (July–August).


The Kanwariyas frequently travel great miles on foot while carrying enormous jars of sacred water known as Kanwars on their shoulders. They frequently chant prayers and sing devotional songs while walking and are typically clothed in saffron-colored clothing.


Devotees also take part in a variety of rites and ceremonies at the holy shrines during the Kanwar Yatra, including praying, making offerings, and listening to sermons. In addition to fasting, many Kanwariya pilgrims also practice self-discipline and spiritual purification.


The Kanwar Yatra has both religious and social components. It is also a time for celebration. Temporary stalls are set up along the road to provide food and lodging for the pilgrims, and in the evenings, devotional songs and cultural events are planned.


Overall, the Kanwar Yatra is a significant Hindu ritual that fosters communal cohesion and acts as a gesture of adoration for Lord Shiva. For the Hindu community, it is a time for introspection, restraint, and joy.


What is the type of Kanwar Yatra?


Normal Kanwars:

Ordinary Kanwars are free to rest anywhere they like during the Kanwar Yatra. Pandals are rest locations where travelers can pause, take a break, and then continue on their journey.

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Dak Kanwars:

Dak Kanwariyas trek nonstop from the start of the Kanwar Yatra until Shiva's Jalabhishek. Additionally, they receive special food at temples. When they arrive, everyone makes way for them. so that he keeps traveling till he reaches Shivling.

Kanwar Yatra 2022| डाक कांवड़ क्या है | Dak Kanwar Yatra Ke Niyam | sawan  2022 dak kanwar yatra rules and significance | HerZindagi

Steep Kanwar:

A standing Kanwar is carried by some devotees. They are accompanied by a fellow employee who helps them during this. The companions hold their Kanwar on their shoulders and move it like a walking stick while they are at rest.


Dandi Kanwar:

Dandi Kanwar worshippers complete their journey from the riverbed to Shivdham by punishing them. After finishing their journey, the Kanwars lay down and use their bodies to gauge how far the trail is. It is quite difficult and can take up to a month.


What is the Type of Kanwar in Kanwar Yatra?

The Kanwar Yatra employs a variety of Kanwar varieties, each with a distinctive design and aesthetic. Kanwars come in a variety of common varieties, including:


Bamboo Kanwars:

This style of Kanwar is the most conventional. It is portable and strong, making it simple to transport across great distances.


Metal Kanwars:

Made of brass, copper, or stainless steel, metal Kanwars are frequently adorned with complex patterns and designs. They can be utilized for numerous pilgrimages and are sturdy.

Teachers told to serve Kanwariyas in Lakhimpur after Yogi asks officials to  show 'sewa bhav' to Kanwar Yatra

Decorative Kanwars:

These Kanwars are more for display and decoration than for transporting holy water, and they are embellished with vibrant beads, bells, and other accents.


LED Kanwar:

During the Kanwar Yatra, these contemporary Kanwars are used in night processions and are equipped with LED lights. They're employed to illuminate the parade and foster a joyful environment.


Personalized Kanwars:

Kanwars that have been customized to their requirements and embellished with their names or particular symbols are used by some devotees.


Every kind of Kanwar plays a significant role in the Kanwar Yatra and acts as a symbol of devotion, representing the devotee's vow to Lord Shiva.


What are offerings offered to lord shiva in Kanwar Yatra?


Milk and Honey:

Among the most popular offerings made to Lord Shiva during the Kanwar Yatra are milk and honey. Offering milk and honey to Lord Shiva, according to devotees, purifies the soul and provides blessings.


Bel Patra (Wood Apple Leaves):

During the Kanwar Yatra, Lord Shiva is frequently presented with this kind of leaf, which is revered. The leaves represent the devotee's humility and devotion.


Bael Fruit:

The Bael fruit is a particular variety of fruit that is regarded as Lord Shiva's preferred diet. Devotees offer the fruit during the Kanwar Yatra as a sign of their devotion and to enlist the Lord's blessings.


Sandalwood paste:

During the Kanwar Yatra, sandalwood paste is another typical offering presented to Lord Shiva. The paste is applied to a lingam or statue of the Lord as a sign of piety and cleansing.



During the Kanwar Yatra, Lord Shiva is commonly presented with flowers, especially the lotus, and jasmine. The aroma and aesthetic appeal of the flowers represent the devotee's love and devotion to the Lord.


Rice and Grains:

During the Kanwar Yatra, rice and other grains are frequently donated to Lord Shiva as a representation of abundance and prosperity. The offering is offered to win the Lord's favour for a favored crop and successful living.


Incense Sticks and Camphor:

During the Kanwar Yatra, Lord Shiva is frequently given incense and camphor. It is thought that the smoke produced by incense and camphor will purify the air and promote harmony and tranquillity.


Devotees execute several riseveralemonies at the sacred shrines during the Kanwar Yatra, such as praying, lighting lamps, and performing aarti, in addition to these offerings (a devotional ritual involving the waving of lights). These rituals and offerings are acts of worship that ask the Lord for his blessings and protection.



M.J. Fun City, Kursi Road, Lucknow

Are you looking for a perfect wedding venue in Lucknow? Look no further than M.J. Fun City on Kursi Road! Not only do they provide an amazing setting for your special day, but they also offer some great services to make sure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan.


The M.J. Fun City in Lucknow is a great site to entertain and welcome friends and family for a variety of events, including pre-wedding activities, lavish weddings, lavish receptions, and other similar celebrations. This perfect wedding venue in Lucknow features a wide, hassle-free lawn that is beautifully green and can accommodate a large gathering. MJ I. B. Public Inter College is close to Fun City Lucknow Comforts.


The staff at M.J. Fun City, Kursi Road, Lucknow, is dedicated and welcoming. For the event, this best wedding venue offers its caterers and decorators. This location offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus, so you can choose that option if you want to outsource your preferred caterers.


 All visitors to M.J.Fun City in Lucknow are provided with a relaxing staycation. Any form of celebration works well here, and the staff takes care of all the details of your event expertly. The entire event will be sincerely appreciated and enjoyed by your guests.


Facilities and Capacity

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M. J. Fun City offers a wide range of wedding packages to suit your needs at competitive prices. And Open lawns are available to you at M. J. Fun City & Resort, and they can comfortably hold a guest list of 1500 people at once. They also provide you with guest lodging options at their location. You can reserve 100–200 rooms at their site to accommodate all of your wedding guests.


For the enjoyment of their visitors, they offer an in-house sound system, a DJ, and a drink service. Additionally, they provide a sizable parking area for all of your guests' cars and also have on-site valet parking services at their venue. To make sure that your special day runs smoothly, their experienced event coordinators will help you plan every detail from catering to decorations – all while staying within budget! If you are talking about budget then Event Planet known to best wedding planners in Lucknow is available for your service.


For your event, M. J. Fun City & Resort offers a variety of venues and amenities from which you can pick. The following is a list of the customizable services they provide to their clients:


  • Basic electricity, lighting, and backup
  • Parking service
  • Furniture
  • Guest Accommodation
  • Service personnel in the bridal room
  • In-house caterers
  • In-house decorators
  • DJ
  • Air-conditioning,
  • Audio-visual equipment rental options (including microphones)
  • Stage lighting setups
  • Reception Hall
  • Conference Hall
  • Activity Area
  • Kids Area


Services Offered

The hospitality staff at M. J. Fun City & Resort handles all the arrangements so you don't have to worry and can simply sit back and take it all in. Additionally, they provide you with in-house catering services that can meet all of your needs and requirements while staying within your budget. The wedding guests can enjoy delectable vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes from a variety of cuisines. Their team of in-house chefs creates mouthwatering meals from north to south Indian cuisine so that you have the most memorable dining experience of your lives.



MK Catering by Claudete Sebben | Caterers - The Knot

When it comes to catering, M.J. Fun City has got you covered with its delicious menu options and experienced staff who will ensure that all of your guests are well taken care of throughout the event! They can accommodate any dietary restrictions or preferences so everyone can enjoy the food at your wedding function without worry or hassle - plus, their mouth-watering dishes will leave a lasting impression on all of your guests' taste buds! This best marriage lawn provides a range of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. They are also able to organize beautiful gala and semi-gala dinners for your guests. They offer customized menus based on the preferences of each couple so that everyone enjoys delicious food tailored specifically to them!


The type of dishes this best wedding venue offer contains cuisines like;

  1. North Indian
  2. South Indian
  3. Continental
  4. Italian
  5. Chinese
  6. Mughlai
  7. Rajasthani
  8. Gujarati
  9. Desserts
  10. Beverages
  11. Garlic-free and onion-free alternatives
  12. Indian street food and chat



MJ Fun City & Resort - Venue - Indira Nagar - Weddingwire.in

If wedding decorations are what you’re after then look no further – M. J. Fun City offers stunning decor packages tailored specifically to meet each couple's individual needs and desires so that every detail is perfectly executed just as planned! From floral arrangements and table settings to lighting effects – they have it all covered so there’s nothing left up in the air when it comes time for celebration time arrives at last! They also allow outside wedding decoration if you want it's up to you.

MJ Fun City & Resort - Venue - Indira Nagar - Weddingwire.in



MJ Funcity | Lucknow Resort BOOK @ ₹1

Their onsite lodging facility offers comfortable rooms with modern amenities such as air conditioning and free Wi-Fi access so that guests can relax in style after the festivities are over. The hotel staff is extremely friendly and helpful too – always ready to answer any questions you may have about their services or the area around them.


Other Room facilities provided by the M. J. Fun City are;

  1. LED TV
  2. In-room Breakfast
  3. Dry cleaning
  4. Free Toiletries
  5. In-room dinner
  6. USB Port
  7. Comfortable beds



Alcohol is strictly prohibited by this best wedding venue. It is not provided by the venue as well outside alcohol is banned. You will be fined if you are found to consume alcohol on the venue premises.


Ample parking space is present at this best marriage lawn. They also provide valet parking for your and your guest's comfort.


Venue policies

This best wedding venue has some strict guidelines when it comes to policies which include

  • No outside food allowed inside premises except cake cutting.
  • Alcohol consumption is not permitted.
  • Smoking areas are designated.
  • Music should not exceed a decibel level.
  • Children must remain under adult supervision at all times etc.


To ensure safety and security during events held here, their management team meticulously enforces all of these rules.


So what are you waiting for? Contact us today if this sounds like just what you need to make sure that every detail about your big day goes off without a hitch - we as the best wedding planners in Lucknow guarantee it'll be one eventful celebration that nobody will ever forget!

Corbett Tiger Resort in Ramnagar, Uttarakhand

Are you looking for an idyllic and luxurious getaway in the heart of nature? Corbett Tiger Resort in Ramnagar, Uttarakhand is the perfect destination. Located within Jim Corbett National Park, this resort offers a truly unique experience. A major event like your wedding would be ideal at Jim Corbett's luxurious Corbett Tiger Resort. This ideal wedding location is spacious, cosy, and equipped with first-rate amenities. They offer full event support for all of your wedding-related ceremonies and events. You may be certain that each engagement with them will be unique due to their top-notch offerings. This ideal wedding location is a great option for your wedding because it can accommodate both a spectacular and a basic, understated event. While providing a magnificent hall, the vibrant and modern Corbett Tiger Resort nevertheless embodies the friendliness and culture of India. The options are much above the minimum requirements set by the caterer and the venue. These services would all be customised to fit your needs, wants, and financial restrictions. For booking, this fabulous resort in your budget connects to the best wedding planner in Lucknow that is Event Planet.


Area of Attraction

Ashokastigertrail – Best Resort In Jim Corbett National Park-Ashoka's Tiger  Trail

Corbett Tiger Reserve in Ramnagar, Uttarakhand is one of the most beautiful and serene places to visit. There are plenty of things to explore here including Corbett Museum, Corbett Waterfalls, Dhikala and Garjiya Devi Temple.

15 Best Resorts in Corbett National Park for Family Holidays


Corbett Museum

Corbett Museum (Kaladhungi) - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go

The Corbett Museum which was established in 1994 displays several photographs related to Jim Corbet’s life as well as his hunting trophies. It also has information about various species found at the reserve such as tigers, elephants, leopards etc., making it an ideal place for nature lovers who have an interest in wildlife conservation efforts made by Jim Corbet himself.


Corbett Water Fall

It is another amazing attraction located near Kosi River where you can take a dip or just relax beside its cascading waterfalls surrounded by lush greenery all around – perfect for those seeking peace and tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle of city life!



The lure of Dhikala Corbett | Deccan Herald

This reserve's most well-liked tourist destination offers breathtaking views of vast grasslands and forests home to wild animals like tigers and deer. Visitors can also take safari tours here if they so choose. In addition, there are a variety of activities offered, like stargazing while sleeping under the stars or bird viewing along with guided hikes through lush vegetation, that will make your trip unforgettable.


Garjiya Devi Temple

Garjiya Temple Jim Corbett - Nainital Corbett Tourism

Dedicated to Goddess Ganga - situated atop an elephant-shaped rock formation near Kosi riverbanks; this temple attracts devotees from far corners looking for spiritual solace amidst natural beauty surrounding them while offering prayers at the holy shrine inside the complex itself! All these places combined make up an incredible experience that awaits anyone visiting this paradise called ‘Corbett Tiger Reserve’.


Facilities and Capacity

The Tiger Groove Corbett Resort in Corbett National Park, Photos, Rate  Comparison, Reviews, TripAdvisor.

A group of up to 100- 2000 people can be accommodated in one of the banquet spaces that Corbett Tiger Resort offers for events. They have a magnificent and roomy banquet space where you may host your loved ones and have the most memorable wedding ever. Additionally, the venue has incredible interiors that create a lovely atmosphere for all of your ceremonies and provide you with the best wedding experience of your life. They also provide a range of amenities, such as fundamental lighting, electricity, and backup, to ensure a smooth event flow and give you the wedding of your dreams.

Some of the facilities provided by the Corbett Tiger Resort in Ramnagar are:-

  • Conference Hall
  • Reception Hall
  • Activities Hall
  • Kids Area
  • Swimming Pool
  • Trekking
  • Restaurant
  • Jungle Safari
  • Garden Area
  • Lawns and Halls


Services Provided

The team of chefs creates both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine and traditional Indian cuisine to ensure that your festivities run smoothly and that you have the greatest wedding possible. You may find a variety of facilities, from north to south Indian, all under one roof, and the use of all the dishes are amazing. You have a variety of alternatives for all of your wedding ceremonies, including pre-and post-wedding events. Their main objective is to make your wedding a seamless occasion that becomes the talk of the town. Corbett Tiger Resort provides you with a wide selection of services from which you may select by your needs and preferences, making it the perfect location to host all of your wedding events in the most professional manner. They offer a variety of customised services, which are detailed below:


  • Basic electricity, lighting, and backup
  • Indoor Setting Area
  • Alcohol sold according to packages
  • Menus for fusion food
  • In House Decoration
  • Big Beds
  • Room Breakfast
  • Free Drinks



Corbett D Resorts, Corbett D Resorts In Jim Corbett National Park

When it comes to decoration, Corbett Tiger Resort has no equal! The rooms are tastefully decorated with modern furniture that adds a touch of elegance to your stay. The lobby features beautiful artwork from local artists that creates an inviting atmosphere while providing guests with a glimpse into the culture of Uttarakhand. Additionally, each room includes amenities such as air conditioning and cable TV so you can relax after exploring all day long! For weddings, they also provide in-house decorators or you can have one of your choices. And if you want the best decoration then connect Event Planet to the best wedding planner in Lucknow.

Clarissa Resort, Jim Corbett - Venue - Ramnagar - Jim Corbett -  Weddingwire.in



Corbett Wild Iris Spa & Resort - Venue - Ramnagar - Jim Corbett -  Weddingwire.in

The food at Corbett Tiger Resort in Ramnagar is simply delicious! With both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes available on their menu there’s something for everyone here. From traditional Indian cuisines like dal makhani or butter chicken to international favourites like pasta or pizza – they have it all covered! Plus their chefs use fresh ingredients sourced from local farms which makes every meal even more special. They have an Inbuilt restaurant and provide In house catering service too. And the best wedding planner in Lucknow, which is Event Planet, has the best chefs which can enhance your wedding events.



There’s parking at this resort which ensures convenience when travelling by car or bike – making life easier during your stay here! Whether you want to spend time relaxing amidst nature or explore nearby attractions such as Garjiya Devi Temple; make sure you book your trip soon because this place won't disappoint!!



Click Resort Corbett Tiger Den, Rāmnagar – Updated 2023 Prices

When it comes to lodging, Corbett Tiger Resort in Ramnagar has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a romantic retreat or a family vacation spot, they offer accommodations that are both comfortable and affordable. From cosy cottages tucked away in the jungle to luxury villas with breathtaking views of nature – there is truly something special here for every taste and budget. Plus their staff will make sure your stay is as pleasant as possible by providing personalised service from start to finish so that all your needs are taken care of during your time at the resort! The two types of cottages Corbett Tiger Resort in Ramnagar provides are:-

  • Jungle View Cottages
  • Garden View Cottages


Venue Policies

Another great feature about staying at Corbett Tiger Resort is their venue policies which ensure guests have an enjoyable visit without any worries or concerns about safety or security matters while onsite.


  • All guests must abide by rules established by management including no smoking inside buildings/rooms.
  • Keeping noise levels low after 10 pm.
  • Proper disposal of garbage.
  • Not disturbing wildlife habitats around them etc.,

These regulations help keep everyone safe while still allowing visitors plenty of freedom when exploring all that this incredible location has to offer!



Corbett Fun Resort, Ramnagar Uttarakhand

One of the ideal wedding destinations in this breathtaking location of Uttarakhand is Corbett Fun Resort in Ramnagar. Your guests will be astonished by the resort's stunning setting right in the middle of nature. Your choice of location will be adored by your visitors. The Resort staff delivers excellent customer service and sees to it that your event runs without a hitch. Throughout the event, they make sure that you take a back seat and unwind with the rest of your family and friends. A resort offers a variety of benefits. The establishment itself is in charge of catering and styling. It is the ideal wedding destination for a trendy cocktail party. Decide to book Corbett Fun Resort and spend quality time with your family there for this connection to Event Planet because we are the best event management company in Lucknow and all of India.


Infrastructure and Capacity

Corbett fun resort, Teda, Ramnagar: 4-Star Resort

The Corbett Fun Resort has lawns and poolside as venue options, which are ideal for any of your pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding functions. The resort can accommodate from 20 to 450 guests at a time. This ideal wedding destination offers a wide range of vivid and unique design settings for each of your wedding celebrations wedding destination offers a wide range of vivid and unique design settings. It might bring all of your friends and family together so you can celebrate and have a good time with them. For your seamless and trouble-free wedding, it offers a variety of services, such as furniture, valet parking, basic lighting, electricity, and backup.

There is a staff of cooks at Corbett Fun Resort in Ramnagar that work hard to meet your needs. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives are available on their multi-cuisine menu, and the alluring fragrances will make it difficult to decide what to order. They may even provide you with several amenities like:


  • Guests Accommodation
  • Swimming pool
  • Parking space,
  • Restaurant
  • Valet parking
  • Bridal Room
  • Activities Hall
  • Reception Hall
  • Garden Area
  • Conference Hall
  • DJ
  • Live Music

Main Attraction of Corbett Fun Resort in Ramnagar

Corbett Fun Resort Corbett online with 16 % discount on Room Packages  Tariff.

Corbett Fun Resort Corbett Price, Reviews, Photos & Address


Garjiya Devi Temple

Girija Devi Temple : नदी के बीचों बीच है मां गिरिजा का पावन धाम, जहां कभी  शेर किया करते थे परिक्रमा | Know significance of Girija Devi temple  Ramnagar Uttarakhand | TV9 Bharatvarsh

The Garjiya Devi Temple is located at Ramnagar, 14 kilometers from Corbett fun Resort, on a sizable rock in the middle of the River Kosi. It is a fairly well-known temple, and during Kartik Purnima, a sizable fair is held there, drawing a lot of pilgrims and worshippers. According to legend, a couple must visit to receive the blessings of the Garjiya Maa, the presiding deity.


Dhikala Jim Corbett - THE PURE SOUL

Among the popular tourist spots in Jim Corbett, Dhikala is the most well-known. It is situated on the outskirts of the sizable Patli Dun valley, where the Jim Corbett and Ramganga rivers flow in a variety of tributaries. Dhikala provides an amazing, nonstop panorama of the valley with the Kanda ridge in the distance. The watchtower at Dhikala makes this vista seem even more menacing. The Tourist Complex has a view of Phulai chaur and Dhikala chaur, two of the Park's largest remaining grasslands.

Corbett Water Falls

Corbett Fun Resort in Ramnagar is 25 kilometers away from Corbett Water Falls. An adventure out of this planet can be had by traveling 1.7 kilometers inside through dense teakwood jungles. The background chirping of birds and the sound of running water have been the finest thing all along. This location has gained popularity as the ideal camping retreat and is now a popular tourist destination.

Corbett Museum

Top thing to do in Corbett Museum (2023) | All about Corbett Museum, Jim  Corbett, Uttarakhand

The Corbett Museum is housed in the heritage bungalow of Edward James Jim Corbett, a well-known hunter, conservationist, and environmentalist. This amazing museum serves as a reminder of the life and accomplishments of the extraordinary and illustrious figure. Visits to the Corbett National Park are only fully appreciated with a museum visit.

Services Provided

Jim Corbett in Ramnagar, 15, Rs 3500/day Resorts In Jim Corbett | ID:  24758006030

The cooperative and knowledgeable crew of Corbett Fun Resort works hard to give you the best possible hospitality services. They employ their excellent management and execution skills to plan your wedding events just the way you want with the best management company in Lucknow. They handle all the planning while you and your guests enjoy the wedding ceremonies. They provide a wide range of services, including wait staff, lodging for visitors, in-house cooking, and the ability to hire outside decor vendors.

Jim Corbett Solluna Resort | Book Online Solluna Resort

Overall, the Corbett Fun Resort in Ramnagar provides everything you could want for entertainment and leisure activities, including fantastic food and beverage selections, outstanding decoration facilities, and plenty of parking spots to make sure everyone has a great time whether it's day or night.


360-Degree Views of Resorts & Rooms | Corbett Fun Resort

The resort offers comfortable lodging, with rooms ranging from standard to luxury suites. All of the rooms come equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, high-speed Wi-Fi, and more. This makes it easy for guests to relax after a long day exploring the nearby areas or taking part in activities at the resort itself. Some attractive cottages Corbett Fun Resort provides to their guests are:-

  • Pool Cottage
  • Jungle Cottage
  • Garden Cottage


Corbett Wild Iris Spa & Resort - Venue - Ramnagar - Jim Corbett -  Weddingwire.in

The catering services at Corbett Fun Resort in Ramnagar are top-notch with highly trained chefs serving up delicious meals from all around India as well as international cuisines such as Chinese and Italian dishes. Guests can also enjoy their favorite beverages here with special discounts on alcoholic drinks during happy hours! The staff is friendly and attentive making sure every guest’s needs are met without any hassle or delay. Resort has an inbuilt restaurant for its guests. Your wedding Resort is also capable of organizing a Gala and semi-gala dinner for 1000 guests.


What is the best destination wedding place at Jim Corbett? - Quora

Destination Wedding in Jim Corbett | Taj Corbett Resort and Spa Jim Corbett  : u/heenapanwar

For those looking to celebrate special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, Corbett Fun Resort provides excellent decoration services that will make your event truly magical! From elaborate balloon decorations to colorful lights – they have it all covered so you don’t need to worry about anything else but having fun!



Corbett Aroma Havens Budget Resort in Jim Corbett National Park

There is plenty of parking space available on the premises so guests can come over without worrying about where they will park their cars safely after dark hours too!


Venue Policies

The venue policies at Corbett Fun Resort are designed to ensure that all guests have an enjoyable stay while still maintaining safety standards throughout their stay.


  • All visitors must check in upon arrival and provide valid identification before they can access any facilities onsite; this includes restaurants, pools, or other recreational activities available within the premises of Corbett Fun Resort.
  • Additionally, children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult when accessing these facilities.
  • Loud music is strictly forbidden between 10 pm and 8 am so as not to disturb other guests who may want some peace during those hours. All visitors should observe local rules regarding noise pollution.
  • In addition, smoking indoors is also forbidden due to respect being paid to non-smokers present at Corbett Fun Resorts’ premises during their visit there.
  • Alcohol is allowed on the premises.
  • Furthermore, pets are not allowed inside any buildings or public areas on site but may be kept outside if necessary. And can get allowed only with special permission.


By following these simple guidelines set forth by management staff, guests can rest assured that everyone will have a safe & pleasant experience here!

Beautiful Settings: Tablescape Ideas for Every Occasion

The table setting is one wedding detail that frequently receives little consideration throughout the planning phase. In order to focus on more important tasks and initiatives, such as choosing the gown, the cake, and the location, the stylist may be given the responsibility on occasion. However, as someone getting married, participating and working on the table scene is a terrific way to get creative and give your unique touch to the overall design of your big day.

Despite being viewed as a minor aspect of the event, a beautiful tablescape may make a significant difference. The guests truly pay attention to, and at the conclusion of the celebration, they remember, the smaller nuances like these. Beautiful centrepieces, interesting accents, creative menus, and modern tableware are just a few ways to elevate your table setting. All you need is the right mindset. You can find inspiration from the beautiful tablescapes we've gathered in this article, which range from traditional to modern.

Outdoor Fun

With this bright and fashionable outdoor tablescape, you may fulfil all your Tuscan fantasies. When it comes to design, browns, whites, and golds are a triple treat. Add some fruity accents, and you're good to go. Casual get-togethers are immediately transformed into elegant parties.

Boho Gorgeous

When your table is set with some tastefully done plates and lovely floral arrangements, you know you're going to have a great time. With its gold-rimmed plates, spotless glasses, copper candles, and magnificent centrepiece of different blossoms, wildflowers, and pampas grass, this monochromatic setting has a bohemian feel to it.


With this intriguing and creative outdoor tablescape, your party will undoubtedly be a pot of gold. Purple tablecloths, turquoise goblets, a floral riot of hues and colours, and glass and gold accents complete the look. That definitely makes a statement!

Creation of Crystal

Your table will undoubtedly sparkle and glitter like this crystal-and-candle-adorned setting. The printed plates and the burgundy and magenta blooms pop out more thanks to the clean white linen. The beautiful glow of the candles inside the glass tubes completes the scene.

Beautiful Patterns

You can mix prints without a doubt! Surprisingly, striped tableware and blue and yellow plates look good with silver cutlery. The brown napkin adds an earthy tone to the whole design, and the octagonal place mat gives it a whimsical flair. This is the best tablescape idea anyone come up with.

Romantic welcome

This arrangement is so exquisite that it seems to have sprung from a fantasy. Soft linen, golden silverware, and glasses and plates with gold trim—pretty and dreamy, with a flower on top and you believe that is the best tablescape idea for a romantic dinner ever.

Greens and Glass

With this combination of crystals, greenery, and copper, you'll fall in love with glass and lushness. A bright and coordinated look is created by using dinnerware and stemware in earth tones and clear grass. This best tablescape idea is a must-have for any occasion because of its inventive use of coins as mats in place of the customary linen and its chic small terrarium centrepieces.

Mediterranean Artwork

With this breathtaking scene, radiate the beauty of a Mediterranean sunset. Wildflowers in warm tones of yellow and orange, candles, fine glassware, and attractive, vibrant plates. The exotic yet romantic concept is completed with the velvet linen.

Geometrics Abound

Try something new and use fashionable shapes for your dinnerware, such as these hexagonal printed plates. Combine with golden serving pieces, soft, simple linen, fresh, airy flowers, and a single glass stemware. White candles in golden holders will illuminate the space to complete this best tablescape idea.

Autumn Affair

There is something incredibly cosy about fall with its warm tones and gorgeous hues. Autumn-inspired tablescapes emanate a comfortable environment that make every meal delightful, whether it be a large indoor party or a private dinner in the backyard. Oh, this is the dream: a personalised napkin, golden cutlery, fragrant candles, leaf and acorn decorations, as well as caramel martinis and pumpkin goodies for refreshments.

Fairly Festive

The best season of the year to design the most beautiful tablescapes is here! Nothing says Christmas more than this: fairy lights, lovely crystal items, golden tableware, and lots of reds and greens. For a festive masterpiece, add some texture with woven chargers and striking lamps.

Flowers and fruits

By using an unconventional approach, you can give your guests a pleasant surprise. To create a wonderful and lovely contrast, serve sliced grapefruits in goblets and pair patterned tableware with plain stemware. For extra summary punch, don't forget a braided charger and some eye-catching, exotic blooms.

Charming Checkers

Combining casual patterns with sophisticated accents will give you the best of both worlds and result in an exquisite but approachable design. A peaceful table setting includes printed plates, textured glasses, and checkered napkins with cute gold rings. It also includes stylish lanterns.

Blush and Blooms

This one is in love with coral and citrus! This exquisite arrangement of fine porcelain that has been meticulously hand-painted, along with bone flatware and blush gold-rimmed glasses, is the result of the ideal blending of colour and design. An explosion of oranges and greenery in the centrepiece, which is accented with a coordinating linen, gives it a fruity punch.


With this magnificent table setting, you can give your visitors a case of the jungle flu. Tropical-themed events are given a new and contemporary twist with exotic flowers, greenery, and a pop of colour from fruits. Simple silver cutlery, candles, and crystal decorations complete the scene.

Light and Lovely

This arrangement stands out from the competition thanks to its soft, complementary colours, textured linen, and gorgeous centrepiece. The overall design is enhanced by the gold-rimmed marble plate and companion charger, which are completed with a floral napkin ring.

Elegant and Exquisite

There is little doubt that this type of table setup will always be in style. Elegantly arranged greenery and exquisite gold silverware perfectly complement each other to complete the look. All you need to do is add a straightforward name card and this is 2023's best tablescape idea.

Heart and Hues

On your special day, let love shine through in the way you set the table! Candles, sweets, chocolates, and napkins in the shape of hearts, together with delicate floral arrangements in shades of white, pink, and peach, are all quite romantic.

Wood and Gold

Using flowers and flatware that complement each other, like this gold, green, and pink combination, you may give your meal a secluded, wooded feel. The golden cutlery and finely designed charger blend nicely with the hardwood table, while the pink glasses complement the floral arrangements.

Unforgettable Union

Make a statement on your special day by planning your table setting carefully. The key is picking complementary hues that work well together, including those that are appropriate for your flatware and embellishments like menu cards and name cards. All these cards provide your tablescape a touch of uniqueness which makes it the best tablescape idea.


Glam and Gorgeous

Candles offer a glamorous glow to a tablescape and are a wonderful enhancement to a gorgeous table arrangement. Use unusual square chargers and flower and leaf wreaths to add a non-traditional touch to a simple plate. Use French macarons to hold name cards for a delightful ending.

Tropical Feels

With these hilarious prints, your visitors will go absolutely crazy! Simple tableware, gold flatware, and complementary stemware are enough to make a setting like this memorable without the use of overpowering embellishments. Excellent for celebratory occasions or even a laid-back brunch with friends and family.

Pizza Palor

Who says wearing plaid has to be boring? This setting will undoubtedly add to the fun and funk of any event, whether it's a kid's party or a pizza party at home. This fresh from the oven appearance will undoubtedly give the event more panache.


This fashion speaks more to the personal touch. tablecloths and napkins with your and your partner's monograms. Use a pair icon for fun; anything goes. This one has a coordinated appearance befitting of a king and queen in rust and light blue. Even better, you can keep these items in your new house for your own use! This beautiful tablescape idea is used in ethnic or antique 5-Star hotels or resorts.

Select Colours

Have people already seen your flowers? Consequently, creating your tablescape is now simpler! Just select complementary embellishments, like this pink and blue arrangement that looks slightly dusty. The roses' splash of red, the brown woven charger, and the printed linen add a warm finishing touch to the whole design.

Beachy Vibe

A lovely and nautical table setting is required for a sweet beach gathering. Choose dinnerware with strong blue and white patterns, a hardwood table and utensils, and white and yellow blossoms. The arrangement may be made to seem quite stunning with just a basic, clean linen. Use ocean-themed desserts and cookies for your guests' nibbles to complete the theme.

Various Dreams

Make a statement with this flexible fashion. Choose bright straws, printed cookies, quirky menu cards, exotic floral arrangements, and amusing and mismatched tableware designs as your accessories. This design is ideal for kid's events and outdoor gatherings, not just weddings. If you are organizing a birthday party, you must go with this best tablescape idea.

Pool Party

Welcome, Captain! Use striped and woven decorations, white wooden chairs, and straightforward white blooms to keep your poolside party on-theme. Provide cool refreshments to relieve your guests' thirst, especially if the event will be outdoors. Have a favour to offer? So that they may enjoy their treats when they've settled in, place them on top of their seats!

Minimalist Magic

This contemporary table arrangement is chic and fashionable and redefines what it means to be personalised. Write the guest's name in clear calligraphy fonts directly on the plate rather than on name cards. Fruits make a beautiful tablescape idea, and bright napkins provide a splash of colour. Ready for a good time party!

Vases and Blooms

Usually, the centrepiece of the table is a bouquet of flowers, but not in this setting. The use of large, distinctive, and blue vases gives the entire artwork personality. The matching colours of the vases and flowers are the cherry on top of how perfectly the dinnerware, stemware, and linens coordinate.

Golden Rule

Nothing is more stunning than this environment with a gold theme. The elaborate metal wreath charger, coordinating silverware, gold-rimmed stemware, and complimentary peonies and roses flowers are really stunning. The menu card and gold-colored ribbons complete the ideal table setting.

Gleaming Grecian

With this stunning tablescape, travel to the stunning Greece. The white conjures up images of historic whitewashed towns and buildings, the blue the Aegean, and the gold the magnificent Greek sunset. Vibrant blossoms like bougainvillaea, orchids, and wildflowers finish the design. Stunning!

Copper Metal Charm

These days, copper accents are really popular, and one of the finest ways to use them in your table setting is by utilising stemware made of copper. A winning table setting includes complementary blues in the linen, plates, and chargers in addition to copper goblets, wine glasses, and chargers that give off a romantic, old-world feel.

Ocean Celebration

With this stylish outdoor tablescape, your guests will undoubtedly experience the charm of the water. The coral-painted plate, clam-shaped saucer, and bamboo-handled flatware elevate the traditional blue and white colour scheme. Ferns that resemble seagrass complete the appearance.

Painting Games

Use painted plates to set your table if you want to go for something creative. It's great that you may choose the artwork based on your theme. This is ideal for christenings, baby showers, and even tea gatherings with your female friends.

Garden Gathering

Wow your visitors with a white and green garden-themed table arrangement that includes woven chargers, bread baskets, and plates and napkins with leaf patterns. You're ready to go if you decorate with candles and flowers. Exactly the right look for a home-based brunch, outdoor wedding, or tea gathering.

Summer Dase

You only need cool hues and energising patterns to stave off the summer heat. The lovely, airy, and vivacious linen, colourful stemware, plates, and napkins in complementary shades of green and white transport us immediately to the most pleasurable season of the year.

Wonderland of Winter

This holiday table setting is everything you might want from a beautiful tablescape idea: cool, stylish, and coordinated. Warm-toned stemware, golden silverware, a basic, elegant plate on a coordinating charger, a white napkin wrapped with a sprig of greenery, and a flowing centrepiece of pinecones and greenery are all enough to make you feel cosy on the inside.

An Opportunity for a Romantic Wedding Story this Valentine's Day

The official day to honour unconditional love is Valentine's Day. We have learned from our experience as wedding planners that this day serves as both a reminder and an excellent starting point for your wedding preparations. Those large wedding plan ideas may still seem a little dangerous or out of reach for some as we continue to be in the midst of a global epidemic that appears to be slowing down for certain nations but not for everyone. Stop worrying and let us introduce you to the world of elopements!

It was always frowned upon to be married by yourself because eloping usually meant keeping it from your family, but now it's more common than ever. More and more engaged couples prefer to spend their money wisely rather than on a large wedding reception with plenty of guests who will "get lost in the crowd." It has become a goal to liberate oneself from tradition, religious restrictions, or familial pressure and to plan the kind of wedding that best suits the couple. So let's go over all the aspects of eloping, and by the time we're done, you'll probably be more amenable to the concept!


Incredible Location

Don't place limits on where you can go while choosing a wedding venue. Your wedding can take place in any setting, including a boat, a lovely chapel, the top of a castl, a rural town, or the edge of a cliff. You won't regret having this unique experience if you're imaginative and daring (and, oh yeah, you'll get some amazing pictures to brag about back home!).



There are no limitations on your Big Day's schedule. There are so many fascinating locations to see, delicacies to try, and activities to enjoy in every part of wedding venue. If you're more daring, you could be interested in sightseeing. A boat ride during sunset may be the perfect option for a more upscale option. You can begin with a secret elopement, go on a romantic tour of the setting, and wind up with a dinner for just the two of you to cut the wedding cake. Watch as your wedding planners complete each activity to make the day magical as you relax!


Do You Need a Videographer?

The benefits and drawbacks of employing a wedding videographer are listed below. Given that a photographer will already be documenting all of your special moments, it might be seen as an additional feature of your wedding planning. The whole point of eloping is to reduce expenses, the number of guests, and the number of vendors, therefore it could make more sense to leave out a wedding videographer from the vendor list. However, many experts would advise that a videographer is a must-have for any style of wedding you choose, as more mementos will be produced. Additionally, hiring a wedding videographer for a shorter elopement will cost less than for an 8-hour ceremony with 300 guests.


Employ vendors

Realize that arranging for an elopement still requires time, thus getting a wedding planner is always recommended. This will enable you to accomplish your goals perfectly. Even if there are only the two of you, there are still a few things that need to be planned.

  • Timing and Place
  • Depending on the kind of ceremony, every legal document
  • Select a witness while booking a celebrant (for a symbolic ceremony)
  • Set up a travel schedule
  • Select wedding party attire
  • Invitations
  • Work with a Photographer
  • Invest in a wedding Videographer
  • Purchase a bouquet and boutonniere.

Choose further floral patterns (Perhaps you'll want a table centrepiece for an intimate meal and a wedding arch for the ceremony) is entirely up to you, your budget, and the outcome you want to achieve whether you want to have all of the aforementioned or just a few of the components. A wedding planner can organise anything you need to have your ideal elopement happen with less stress on you during the preparation process. Regarding flowers, there is no rule stating that you must have only a bouquet to walk down the aisle and minimum décor. You can up the ante on your overall design and floral details if you choose a site other than a townhall.


Legal Records

In order to obtain a legitimate marriage licence if you are planning a ideal destination wedding elopement, you will need to either schedule a date to complete the paperwork at a Greek Townhall or visit your local courthouse to do it. This can become challenging at times, but your wedding planner will help you move through the process quickly and easily.


Celebrate with family and friends

We strongly advise wedding planning a second party with your loved ones after your elopement. Your loved ones can be quite keen to congratulate you and make a wonderful occasion out of the elopement they couldn't attend. To get the most out of your second celebration event, arrange a party, a modest wedding reception, or a garden dinner with all the appropriate décor, menu options, and party preparations. You can either schedule this for 2023 or for a time when guest number limitations on lockdowns are less stringent.


Do You Want A Larger Attendance At Your Wedding?

When only a few close friends and family members attend your wedding, it is no longer considered an elopement but a micro wedding or minomony instead. Industry experts were forced to develop inventive and innovative alternatives to temporarily substitute the usual huge wedding plan ideas due to unpleasant circumstances brought on by the epidemic. There will be five to a couple dozen people present to celebrate with. Even with minor modifications to accommodate a smaller ceremony and celebration, there is still a lot of preparing to be done. Couples won't have to consider postponing their ideal destination wedding because of this move, which will allow them to continue planning. This is the greatest method to enjoy your initial wedding plan without worrying about having to change it, keeping social distance standards in mind.


The dream does come true!

Don't postpone your aspirations! Greece will always top the list of the greatest places to be married. You can find picturesque, classic, or regal sites and locales with the aid of your wedding planners' experienced advice. The benefits of an elopement, such as fewer expenses and hassles, less stressful planning, and avoiding cancellation risks, make it the ideal destination wedding setting.

About Santoriini Marriage Lawn and Rejuvenation Centre

Santoriini Lawn and Rejuvenation Centre located in Rampur, Bahera Chakki NH-24, Sitapur Rd, Bakshi Ka Talab Lucknow are an of its kind venue for weddings and other special events. It provides an ideal setting to host any event with the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. This marriage lawn in Lucknow can accommodate up to 400 people at once making it great for large gatherings like wedding receptions or corporate events. With modern amenities such as air conditioning, LED lighting system etc., this place offers all the facilities required for a successful celebration or gathering.

The interior decorators at Santorini have done an excellent job in creating beautiful settings that are sure to take your breath away! From elegant chandeliers hanging from the roof to luxurious draperies on walls making it the best venue for weddings in Lucknow; every detail has been taken care of so as make your occasion even more memorable than you could ever imagine! Moreover, they also provide catering services which offer delicious food options that will surely be enjoyed by everyone present there.

At Santoriini Lawn and Rejuvenation Centre, you can rest assured that each moment spent here will be blissful! Be it pre-wedding functions or post-wedding parties, their experienced staff takes extra effort in ensuring everything goes smoothly without any hitches! So if you're looking forward to hosting a grand affair or wedding then look no further than this amazing marriage lawn in Lucknow!



This marriage lawn in Lucknow offers an array of services for weddings and other special occasions. The centre has been designed with modern amenities to ensure the comfort of its guests. It provides spacious lawns that can accommodate up to 400 people at once making it ideal for large gatherings like weddings or corporate events.

  • The venue for weddings also offers several packages tailored according to customers’ needs and budgets so that they can have their perfect dream wedding without any hassle or worry about finances!
  • Their services include catering from renowned chefs who specialize in different cuisines.
  • This marriage lawn in Lucknow provides decorations such as drapes, lights etc., sound systems including a DJ setup etc., furniture rentals like chairs & tables etc., and photography & video coverage options.
  • It provides security arrangements if needed by customers during the event day which makes them a notch-stop shop for all your wedding-related requirements!

Overall Santorini  Lawn and Rejuvenation Centre is an excellent option when looking for a place where you can host your special occasion without having to worry about anything else but celebrating it with family and friends! They provide top-notch service combined with great hospitality which will make sure that everyone present there enjoys every moment spent there while creating memories worth cherishing forever.


This venue for weddings in Lucknow offers an array of catering options to suit the needs of every customer.

  • The first type of food offered by Santorini Lawn and Rejuvenation Centre is traditional Indian cuisine which includes dishes like dal makhani, butter chicken masala etc., with various accompaniments such as chapattis or naan read along with raita & pickles on the side. This type caters to customers who prefer classic flavours that are timeless favourites among Indians across all age groups & cultures alike!

  • The second option at this location is international cuisine, which primarily consists of non-vegetarian specialties from around the globe like steaks cooked in various sauces or grilled fish served with mashed potatoes. These dishes have been carefully chosen with regard to global culinary trends to offer something distinctive & exciting for guests attending events here!

  • Finally, there's also a range of vegetarian fare including continental items like lasagna or burritos along with other popular Indian snacks such as samosa chaat etc., making sure everyone gets what they desire when it comes time for their mealtime indulgence!

For dining options, there is an in-house restaurant offering delicious local cuisines prepared using fresh ingredients sourced from nearby farms ensuring guests get only top-quality food during their stay here. Guests can also enjoy drinks at any one out of two bars located within the resort which serve both alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages throughout daytime hours. There’s even 24-hour Room Service available if you don't feel like leaving your comfy bed!

Overall Santorini Lawn and Rejuvenation Centre provide quality catering services suitable for all types of budgets while ensuring each guest leaves feeling satisfied after experiencing delicious food during their visit here - no matter what kind they may be looking forward to!


Facility and Capacity

Santorini Lawn and Rejuvenation Centre is a perfect marriage lawn in Lucknow for hosting any kind of wedding ceremony or other events. It offers luxurious facilities and infrastructure to make your special day more memorable.

The facility has an open lawn area with lush green grass that can accommodate up to 200-250 guests. The beautiful interiors are designed elegantly which adds charm to the entire ambience of the place.

The banquet hall called the grand hall provided by this marriage lawn is spacious enough for 500-600 people along with an air conditioning facility ensuring comfort during hot summer days while you celebrate your special day here.

The second hall known as Arena has a capacity of 100 people this is a small gathering such as birthday parties etc.

It also provides a swimming pool facility where you can organise functions such as haldi, sangeet, and Mehndi or if are going to a destination wedding your guest can enjoy and relax.


This marriage lawn in Lucknow provides all kinds of amenities like round tables & chairs, projector screens & audio systems etc., making it a one-stop destination for organizing weddings or other functions without having any hassle-related issues. They offer flexible packages according to their customer requirements as well as budget constraints. So if you are looking out for a perfect venue in Lucknow then Santorini Lawn and Rejuvenation Centre should be considered!


Room facility or Lodging

This luxurious venue for weddings offers a wide range of room facilities and lodging services that are sure to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

The rooms at Santorini Lawn & Rejuvenation Centre come with all modern amenities like air conditioning, LCD television sets with satellite channels as well as complimentary Wi-Fi access so you can keep connected while away from home. Each room also features a minibar stocked with snacks & beverages along with tea/coffee-making facilities for your convenience. All bathrooms have bathtubs or showers depending on the type of room booked by guests along with essential toiletries such as soap & shampoo provided free of charge upon arrival at the hotel premises.

The staff members here are friendly, helpful and always willing to go above& beyond what’s expected so all needs are met without any hassle whatsoever. Other than these basic amenities, Santorini Lawn And Rejuvenation Center provides additional services such as laundry service, car rental service etc upon request which makes it the perfect place for both short-term visitors and long-term vacationers alike!

They have 14 premium cottages And 27 rooms and 1 sweet room  (Every floor has 9 rooms) 

  • 1st floor, 9 rooms and at this floor game zone is also present for children.
  • 2nd floor has 9 rooms and contains a large hall-like gallery.
  • 3rd floor, 9 rooms with open-air gallery



The venue for weddings in Lucknow offers an array of decoration services that will make any occasion truly special and memorable. From simple decorations such as flowers and balloons to more elaborate ones like stage setups with lights and sound systems – they have it all! They also provide furniture rental services so you don’t have to worry about finding chairs or tables for your guests.

They understand the importance of creating an environment that reflects the theme of each event which is why their experienced decorators are always available to help create customized designs according to individual needs. Moreover, their staff ensures that every detail from start to finish is taken care of – making sure no stone goes unturned when it comes to delivering exceptional service quality at competitive prices!


Venue policies

When hosting any events at Santorini Lawn & Rejuvenation Centre there are certain policies one must adhere to:


  • All outside food/alcoholic beverages should be requested priorly to submitting approved documents
  • Guests under 18 years old need parental supervision.
  • Smoking & vaping inside premises are strictly prohibited etc.
  • These guidelines ensure safety while providing maximum enjoyment during your stay here! 

Overall if looking for a unique setting where beautiful décor meets top-tier service then look no further than Santorini Lawns & Rejuvenation Centre - The perfect destination for celebrating life's most important occasions with style!!



12 Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas For 2023

Shopping from the couple's wedding is the ideal approach to finding a gift that they will truly appreciate. It is ideal wedding present etiquette to respect the fact that they gave a lot of attention to including the items they truly desire. Although you probably won't find personalised wedding gift ideas on the couple's wish list, it may be time to think outside the box if you want to present them something that honours their wedding date, a new monogram, or another significant aspect of the big day. It's not entirely forbidden to purchase items off a register.

You probably have a good sense of what the lovebirds prefer if you're a close friend or relative. As a result, you can choose a gift for them that they'll appreciate without having to rely on their wish list. If any of the couple's desired presents have already been purchased, it's also acceptable to disregard the registry, though you can still use it as inspiration. Finally, some soon-to-weds don't even create a wedding registry. Finding a suitable present is entirely up to you in that situation.

We've put together a list of the top personalised wedding presents to help you focus your search for the ideal gift. Personalised wedding gifts are a wonderful way to demonstrate your level of familiarity with the happy couple. Additionally, they frequently serve as a charming memento of the day the couple ultimately said "I do." Shop for one-of-a-kind and heartfelt presents for the (soon-to-be) newlyweds, including engraved cookware and touching art prints.


Family Name Sign

Canvas Vows offers beautiful canvas prints as wedding and anniversary presents. Their romantic wall art may also include the couple's wedding vows or perhaps the song sheet for their first dance. Of course, don't worry if these specifics must be kept a secret until the big day. You may also offer the pair a stylish canvas print with their wedding year and new last name. It is the ideal wedding gift with a last name for couples who are eager to share a surname.

For buying the item click the following link:



Comfortable Cashmere Blanket

For at-home romantic nights, this monogrammed blanket makes an ideal wedding gift. With a 51 by 67-inch size, it has plenty of room for two individuals to cuddle up beneath the luxurious cashmere. Choose from four flexible colour schemes. Then, if it suits the couple, add their monogram, first initials, or joint last initial. Who wouldn't want a little piece of cashmere luxury? They probably didn't think to include a personalised throw in their wedding registry.

For buying the item click the following link:



Set for honeymoon luggage

Personalised wedding presents can take many different shapes. There are also many sensible options available that can help the happy couple have a successful marriage. A brand-new set of honeymoon-worthy baggage is a great present if they're taking a romantic post-wedding getaway. Pick up this carry-on and checked baggage set and customise it with their initials, new monogram, or last name to go one step further. Their personalization will enable them to travel in style while the hardshell polycarbonate will keep their valuables protected.

For buying the item click the following link:



Cutting board

Shopping for ideal wedding presents for a couple who enjoys cooking together? A cutting and serving board with engraving will give their kitchen a tonne of personality. This makes for a particularly beautiful engraved wedding gift from Mom or Dad because it can be personalised with a favourite recipe written in your own handwriting.

For buying the item click the following link:



Drawing of a wedding portrait

Are you still hunting for the ideal wedding gift? More thoughtful and original suggestions for personalised wedding gifts can be found on our website. A bespoke drawing of the happy couple with their initial names or family names and the wedding date can be made by Shelly Klein. Has it been framed for a truly personalised wedding present that they'll want to display at home right away?

For buying the item click the following link:



Adorned Invitation Keepsake

The newlyweds' personalised wedding gift is actually a memento of their wedding invitation. Through the skill of needlework, the Etsy seller can replicate their winning stationery, complete with a traditional black frame. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time for this one-of-a-kind personalised wedding gift because the vendor will require a copy of the couple's invitation before they can embroider a replica.

For buying the item click the following link:



Holder for a commemorative cork

Want to contribute to their celebration of all future achievements? A clever way to remember important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, promotions and more is with this shadow box. The cork from their wine or champagne can be kept in this engraved wooden box so the couple can use it every time they celebrate anything together. Along with their initial names, the present is engraved with their wedding date.

For buying the item click the following link:



Beautiful Keepsake Box

What more stylish storage option exists than an elegant wooden box engraved with the couple's names and wedding date? This lovely box is constructed of pine and birch, with your customisation laser-engraved inside a charming floral wreath pattern. The interior, which is painstakingly designed to fit photos, stationery, and other sentimental objects, is revealed when the top falls off. For sentimental couples, this engraved personalised wedding present is a very charming option.

For buying the item click the following link:



Personalised Ring Box

Whether you're looking for engagement presents, bridal shower gifts, or a personalised wedding present, a lovely ring box is a welcome gift at pretty much any stage of the couple's wedding journey. A hardwood box or an acrylic box are the two materials available for this custom ring box. Anyone you select will have the design of your choice laser engraved on it. Select the first name, complete name, or last initial of the couple from six different options. The wedding date is also included in some of the designs.

For buying the item click the following link:



Retro Throw Pillow

The couple's names or any other wedding-related information are absent from some of the best-personalised wedding presents. Why not pick something customised with the location of their first meeting? One of these embroidered pillows that whimsically embraces the university they attended will be loved by college sweethearts (and more importantly, fell in love).

For buying the item click the following link:



Photo Puzzle with a Heart

Couples may find a tonne of cool, individualised artwork on Minted to hang in their houses. The couple's first names and a cute picture of them together are included in this lovely puzzle. It's a wonderful chance to display a photo from their engagement shoot. Alternatively, you might hold out on making an ideal wedding gift to celebrate the couple's marriage until you have a picture of their wedding.

For buying the item click the following link:-



Stylish Map Glasses

A thoughtful gift they'll treasure always is glassware personalised with a map of the couple's hometown, especially if they're moving after the wedding. If the couple is from a whiskey-producing state like Kentucky or Tennessee, rocks glasses are a particularly unique wedding present suggestion. (However, it makes a rather unique gift for any couple that enjoys finely distilled scotch or bourbon.) The couple's initial names or the family name can be added as bespoke text in addition to the amazing map engraving.

For buying the item click the following link:-


Wedding Reception Party Ideas- Design A Unique Entrance For Your Party Venue

The wedding reception is the start of a wonderful journey and your first formal event as husband and wife. Now that the legalities and nerves of the wedding day are behind you, you may rejoice without worrying about anything else. You get to have a wild time while thanking your visitors for their blessings.

In contrast to the wedding, which is more traditional, the wedding reception party's theme tends to be quirkier and more enjoyable. The wedding reception party's entrance into the venue sets the tone for the celebration and creates the initial impression of the party itself. You can draw inspiration from the collection of reception entry ideas below to design a unique entrance for your party venue.

Under the flowerbeds

Flowers are generally the first thing that comes to mind when considering reception entry ideas. When it comes to wedding decor, floral decorations are really popular. This entrance passage has a roof covered in garlands composed of white and pink flowers, which give the entryway a stunning and vibrant appearance. As soon as guests arrive at the location, the colours immediately instil feelings of joy and celebration in their minds.

An antique motorcycle

Using unique and humorous entrance props that make guests grin as they enter the reception venue is another intriguing option when looking for reception entrance ideas. As shown in the image above, a vintage motorcycle has been festooned with a bouquet to give it a wedding-like appearance. On this bike, you and your guests can take pictures in the style of Jay-Veeru and make a memory they'll remember for a very long time.

A Passage of Bright Pink Flowers

Such welcome wedding reception party entry ideas are a good choice if you want the entrance to be imposing and cheerful. The walls of the entrance are entirely constructed of these vivid pink flowers, giving the impression of a hidden corridor. The style is striking, lovely, and opulent, making it ideal for a wedding reception party entrance setting.

A light tunnel

The beauty of warm lights on a gloomy night is unmatched. This image shows a long hallway lined with several bright LED lights that appear to continue forever to create an aesthetically pleasing entrance. You can design your tunnel of light by drawing inspiration from these reception entrance ideas concepts.

Yellow-warm lamps

Celebrations are always accompanied by fireworks. Fireworks play a significant role in celebrations in our nation, whether they are for the Diwali festival, New Year's Eve, or even the victory of the Indian cricket team in the global championship. They bring a touch of stunning beauty and dramatic visuals. As seen in this image, you can also employ fireworks to accent your other reception entrance ideas, particularly the arrival of the bride and husband.

Entry in deep purple with floral chandeliers

This royal and lavish colour scheme of pink and blue has a similar vibe to the bridal reception celebration. This entry has the air of a magnificent mediaeval wedding suited for a king and queen thanks to the dark hues and the usage of floral chandeliers. For the most opulent wedding celebration, you may also use these reception entry ideas.

Hanging lights Entrance to the reception

This entrance passage with a trail of lights hanging from the roof makes for a grand and well-lit entrance, which will set the mood for a regal wedding reception party. It is the last image on this list of reception entrance ideas.

Entry From A huge wedding cake

Who said you were only required to consume wedding cake? At the opening of the event, these newlyweds prepared a Vegas-style spectacle in which the bride jumped out of a huge artificial cake. By purchasing a copy of your edible wedding cake, you may even take this amusing wedding reception entrance ideas concept to the next level.

Dazzling fireworks

Celebrations are always accompanied by fireworks. Fireworks play a significant role in celebrations in our nation, whether they are for the Diwali festival, New Year's Eve, or even the victory of the Indian cricket team in the global championship. They bring a touch of stunning beauty and dramatic visuals. As seen in this image, you can also employ fireworks to accent your other reception entrance ideas, particularly the arrival of the bride and husband.

Leave a Hot Air Balloon and Land

This is the ideal suggestion if you and your significant other both enjoy exploring new places. After your ceremony, climb aboard a hot air balloon for some much-needed privacy. After that, exit the vehicle and reception entry ideas are in high spirits.

Entry with a Champagne Tower

Champagne towers are a stunning and opulent way to serve champagne that you and your guests will like. If you intend to do this at your reception, let your wedding photographer know as it will make for a fantastic photo opportunity.

Come In Carrying Sparklers

With this spectacular wedding reception entrance idea, you'll feel like a celebrity as you enter your celebration. Since there is less chance of anyone getting burned or anything catching fire, we advise purchasing cold sparkler machines. But first, confirm that this kind of sparkler complies with the safety regulation of your wedding location.

Entry with Dance Parade

Who says you can't flaunt your affection in public? The parade between the wedding ceremony and reception should be led by a band. Not only is it a daring approach to start the event, but it will also keep loved ones intrigued and interested.

Put Each Other in the SpotLight

These newlyweds entered their celebration through a ballroom at the top of a catwalk. The guests liked the chill moment the newlyweds had under the limelight.

Arrive Under Confetti Shower

It's never a bad idea to use confetti at your wedding reception entrance ideas. As you and your SO arrive at the celebration, start things off with an exhilarating spray of glittery or colourful confetti.

Enter Donning a Splendid Costume

Do you want your guests to experience a rave-like atmosphere? Play EDM music and arrive dressed as a cool LED robot, as this groom did. Even the couple's handheld fog and haze machines.

The culmination of the wedding festivities is the reception, which also heralds the start of your marriage. One of the most crucial aspects of the wedding celebrations is the entrance decor because it leaves the visitors with a first impression. We advise choosing a unique entrance design from this collection of reception entry ideas and having a blast at your wedding reception!

What is Maha Shivratri? Why do people celebrate it?

Maha Shivratri is an important Hindu festival celebrated annually in honor of Lord Shiva, the Supreme God of Transformation. This day marks the convergence of Shiva and Shakti and is considered to be highly auspicious for spiritual practices such as meditation, chanting mantras, fasting and worshiping Lord Shiva. Maha Shivratri falls on the 14th night (or 15th day) during Krishna Paksha (the waning phase) in either February or March according to the Hindu calendar. It is one of the most important festivals in the Hindu calendar and marks the day when Lord Shiva married Goddess Parvati. In the Hindu religion "Milan of Shiv and Shakti" is considered a base for religious fasts like Teez, Ganesh Chauth, etc. Where Hindu women wish for a long life for their husbands.

The word ‘Shiva’ means “auspicious” while ‘Ratri’ means night - thus making it a holy night dedicated to worshiping Lord Shiva with utmost devotion and reverence. Devotees observe fasts throughout this entire period by abstaining from food intake until late evening when they break their fast after offering prayers at midnight - which happens to be an exceptionally powerful time for practicing spiritual disciplines like yoga or meditation due to its heightened energy levels!


What is the significance behind celebrating Mahashivratri?

The significance behind celebrating Maha Shivratri lies in its spiritual importance to Hindus all over India and beyond. For many devotees, this special day offers an opportunity to seek blessings from their beloved deity – Lord Shiva – for peace, prosperity and good health throughout life’s journey ahead. Additionally, some believe that worshiping on this sacred night can help purify one’s soul as well as bring one closer to liberation (moksha).

Apart from the religious significance associated with Maha Shivaratri, there are several other aspects too that make it even more special – like how couples pray together seeking blessings for marital bliss; unmarried women seek suitable grooms by praying earnestly during ritualistic poojas performed especially on this occasion etc. All these customs signify the true spirit behind celebrating maha shivaratri which lies not just in worshiping the lord but also about coming closer as family members sharing love amongst each other thereby strengthening bonds between them further!


What do people do at Maha Shivratri?

Devotees celebrate Maha Shivratri in Kerala | Deccan Herald

On Maha Shivratri people observe fasts by abstaining from food during daylight hours; however, they are allowed fruits or milk products if needed for sustenance purposes only! On this day devotees flock towards temples across India wearing their finest traditional attire adorned with rudraksha beads – a symbolic representation of divine power that helps one attain inner peace & harmony through regular use & practice; In addition to fasting devotees also perform various rituals such as taking holy baths at dawn with water collected from nearby rivers/lakes/springs etc., offering prayers at temples dedicated specifically towards Shiva Lingam (the symbol representing divine energy) lighting lamps around house entrances & courtyards along with chanting mantras dedicated towards him too! Furthermore, there are some who even visit shrines located within caves near mountain peaks where ancient sages used to meditate regularly - just so they can experience deeper levels of spiritual awareness through meditation practice. 


What are the traditional offerings made during Maha Shivratri?

Maha Shivratri 2021 - IBA (Indus Business Academy)

The traditional offering made during Maha Shivratri includes fruits such as bananas, apples, pomegranates or grapes; milk-based sweets like kheer (rice pudding), pedha (milk fudge) or rasgulla; savory snacks like mathris (deep fried pastries); honey; ghee(clarified butter); sugarcane juice and jaggery are also offered in some places. Fruits represent abundance while milk products signify fertility and prosperity according to Hindu beliefs which make them an integral part of any puja ritual including that dedicated towards Lord Shiva on Maha Shivratri day.

In addition to these traditional offerings, other items such as flowers, incense sticks, camphor lamps etc can also be included in your offering basket depending upon local customs. Devotees may choose their combination from these various food items but they should always remember that whatever they offer must be pure & clean with love & devotion!


What are some traditional dresses for men and women at Maha Shivratri?

Dressing up traditionally during Maha Shivratri festivities serves two purposes: firstly it helps us connect better spiritually towards our deity through respecting his values & secondly we get a chance to express our cultural identity amongst others who share the same beliefs – both aspects being equally important thus making sure we enjoy ourselves fully without compromising on any front whatsoever!


Happy Mahashivratri 2019 - Samyakk

For men at Maha Shivratri celebrations, traditional attire includes dhoti-kurtas with colorful designs such as checks or stripes. The kurtas are often made out of cotton fabric with intricate embroidery work along their borders while some may also choose to wear silk ones for more formal occasions like weddings etc., Pajamas are usually worn underneath these kurtas but they can be replaced by churidar pants if desired for a more contemporary look. A turban (pugree) may also be added depending upon regional traditions; however, it’s not essential as some prefer wearing just their regular caps instead!



How To Dress Up For Mahashivratri - Boldsky.com

For women at Maha Shivratri celebrations, sarees are generally preferred although salwar suits have become increasingly popular too due to the comfort factor associated with them nowadays! Sarees should ideally match your skin tone so that you don’t end up looking washed out amidst all those bright colours around you; hence picking something subtle yet elegant like pastel shades would always be a wise choice here! Dupattas can either accompany these sarees/salwars for extra coverage during puja rituals or else left away altogether if desired – both options will still look good nevertheless though so feel free to experiment with accessories accordingly based upon personal preferences! Traditional jewellery items such as maang tikka & bangles must not be forgotten either since they add an extra touch of glamour to any outfit instantly!


What are some important places to visit in Maha Shivratri?


If you’re looking to visit some famous places during Maha Shivratri in India then here are a few suggestions:

1) Varanasi: Located on the banks of the River Ganges in Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi has many ancient temples dedicated to Lord Shiva including Kashi Vishwanath Temple which attracts thousands of devotees from all over India every year on Maha Shivaratri.


2) Ujjain: Situated near Indore city in Madhya Pradesh state it houses one of 12 Jyotirlingas (Shiva Temples). The world-famous Mahakaleshwar temple situated here draws huge crowds during this festival as people come from far-off places to seek blessings from lord shiva.  


3) Haridwar: This holy city located at the foothills of the Himalayas also known as ‘Gateway To Heaven’ holds great religious significance among Hindus due to its proximity to the river Ganga. There are several shrines dedicated to lord shiva like Mansa Devi temple, Chandidevi temple etc where devotees gather for prayer & offerings, especially on maha shivaratri.


4) Nashik: Home town Of Godavari River has numerous sacred sites associated with mythology like Trimbakeshwar jyotirlingam, Kalaram Mandir & Saptshrungi Devi Temple that attract pilgrims throughout the year but especially around mahashivratri.


5) Amarnath Cave: One Of The Most Important Pilgrimage Sites For Indian Hindus Located high up Himalayan Mountains In Kashmir Valley This cave shrine contains ice lingam which waxes & wanes according To the Lunar Cycle.


6) Rameshwaram: A Town Located On Pamban Island At Tip Tamil Nadu State Is Famous For Its Ramanathaswamy Temple Dedicated To God Rama But Also Houses a Number Of Shrines Worshiping Other Gods Including Lord Shankara.


7) Kedarnath: Situated High Up In Garhwal Hills, Uttarakhand Has One Most Sacred Temple Devoted To Lord Shankara.

In conclusion, Mahashivaratri celebrates not only a great union between two powerful deities but also serves as a reminder of how important it is to stay focused on our spiritual growth while living everyday lives filled with joy & contentment!







Top 15 Affordable Post-Winter Popular Tourist Locations

In India, winters are considered a time for vacations that you can schedule your entire year around. India has it all, including enticing beaches, picture-perfect hill towns, and delicacies that embrace the gorgeous weather. There are plenty of options available to you if you want to take a vacation in winter. Here is a list of 15 affordable post-winter popular tourist locations to help you weigh your options:

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Varanasi is among the most sacred cities to Hindus. Due to the ashrams, chanting, and holy ghats, the city has a nice and serene atmosphere. Highlights of visiting this renowned city in the winter include a boat tour on the foggy Ganges, witnessing religious activities close to the ghats, and observing sunrise and sunset.

Ooty, Tamil Nadu

The Nilgiris, which are constantly green, encircle the well-known hill town and a popular tourist location off Ooty in Tamil Nadu. Ooty used to be a summer getaway for the British, so it still has a lot of colonial-era artifacts on display. St. Stephen's Church is one such artifact. During the winter, the town's well-known coffee plantations and lush foliage are blanketed in mist, giving the place a lovely and surreal ambiance.

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh's state capital is Shimla, also referred to as "The Queen of Hills." It is also a popular tourist location for Indian honeymoons in January and February. Our city experiences all four distinct seasons, but post-winters are simply breathtaking. The valley is completely snowy, looking like a winter wonderland. In Shimla, you may engage in a number of wintertime activities, such as skiing and ice skating. You may explore post-winter's best tourist spots like The Ridge, Jakhu Temple, and Mall Road.


The Western Ghats and the backwaters, which further enhance Kerala's peculiar beauty, make it the best tourist spot in India to spend a winter vacation. As the monsoon departs, Kerala's natural beauty is at its most breathtaking. Due to its varied geography, it is one of India's most amazing post-winter popular tourist locations.

Rann of Kutch

The Rann Utsav is held annually in the winter, from November to February, on the Rann of Kutch. The brilliant white sand desert celebration in Rann of Kutch is well-known worldwide. The festival displays Gujarat's ethnic beauty through cultural activities and regional cuisine. The picturesque beach, white-salted surroundings, and full moon beauty add to the attraction. As a result of the fact that one may engage in a range of activities there, such as hot air balloon flights and camel rides, it is one of the top choices for sites for winter vacations in India.

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Do you realise how stunning deserts are during the winter? It's preferable to travel to the desert this winter and take in its appeal if you haven't seen any yet. The Golden City of Jaisalmer, popularly known as the massive Jaisalmer Fort, is situated in the Thar Desert. One of Rajasthan's most eagerly awaited festivals is this one. Don't forget to take advantage of this chance and enjoy yourself completely because the Desert Festival in Jaisalmer also takes place in January. Because of its sunny temperature, Jaisalmer is one of the best places for winter vacations in India. You can visit the Sam Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer Fort, Bada Bagh, and Folklore Museum, which are all well-known tourist attractions and popular tourist locations.


Because of its proximity to the Great Himalayas, Uttarakhand has a range of tourist attractions that are suitable for all seasons, including historical temples, forest preserves, national parks, hill towns, and mountain summits. Due to the foggy mornings, a slight cold in the air, and a better chance of seeing wild animals, such as tigers, visiting Jim Corbett National Park in the winter is very unique. Then there is Nainital, one of the most popular destinations for a winter vacation in India because of how much snow accumulates there during the winter. You must participate in the adventure sports of bungee jumping and rafting in Rishikesh.

Nashik, Maharashtra 

The best vineyards in India are found in Nashik, a sanctuary for wine lovers. In addition to its stunning views, the city has a lot to offer tourists. There are also dangerous pursuits like white river rafting and trekking, in addition to wine, music, and cuisine festivals. Consequently, Post-winters are the greatest season to visit this popular tourist location.

Imphal, Manipur

With grassy and forested hills spanning a significant distance, Imphal is a restorative getaway for any environmental enthusiast. The ideal time to visit this location is from October through March, which covers the winter months. Imphal has a wonderful, arid, and cold atmosphere. Kangla Palace, Manipur State Museum, Khwairamband Bazar, Matai Garden, Shri Shri Govindaji Temple, and Manipur Zoological Garden are a few of Imphal's most well-known and best tourist spots.

Shillong, Meghalaya

The best time to visit and discover Meghalaya's capital, Shillong, is during the colder months. Because of its history as a colony, its natural beauty, and it's agreeable climate, it is known as "The Scotland of the East." Lady Hydari Park, the Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures, Ward's Lake, and Elephant Falls are a few attractions in the city and are known to be popular tourist locations.


A different option from France. Yes! You got the words right. There's always Puducherry, a thriving French colony in India if you can't go to France. It is among India's top and most popular tourist locations to ring in the new year. In December, the weather is fantastic. Puducherry is currently going through its peak travel season, so make sure you make travel plans in advance. It is without a doubt one of the best places for winter vacations in  India. You can visit well-known tourist attractions including the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, the Pondicherry Museum, and the Puducherry Museum there.


Karnataka has a rich history and has been the home to some of the most powerful empires in both ancient and medieval India. Karnataka is well recognized for its ancient temples with elaborate carvings, modern towns, hill ranges, woods, and beaches, making it the perfect place for winter tourism. The best tourist spots are Gokarna, with its beaches and waterfalls, Jog Falls, Coorg Hill Station, and Hampi.

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang is a distinctive highland town located in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in the northeast. Unquestionably the most difficult place on this list to reach in the winter, the effort will seem worthwhile once you witness the stunning views of the snow-covered Himalayas, valleys adorned in colorful prayer flags, and medieval monasteries. If you wish to attend cultural activities, go to Tawang in January for the Torgya Festival or in February for Losar.

Gangtok, Sikkim

In India, Gangtok is the ideal destination for a lavish winter getaway. Due to its quaint marketplaces, gondolas, and monasteries as well as its picturesque environment adorned with snow-capped peaks, any time of the year is the best time to visit Gangtok. However, the hilly environment takes on a more charming character in the winter when it is covered in snow.

Munnar, Kerala

You can travel to Munnar, one of Kerala's most well-liked honeymoon destinations, at any time of the year. Given that it rarely drops below 11 degrees Celsius in Munnar, winter is the ideal time to practice sports like rock climbing and trekking. Because so many people travel at this time of year to take advantage of the mild weather and take in the scenery, it is advisable that you book your hotel rooms well in advance.

Top And Most Preferred Destination Wedding Locations In India

You can lavishly plan your ideal wedding at one of the many destination wedding locations in India. The beaches of Goa and Kerala, as well as the palaces of Rajasthan, are some of India's most popular locations for opulent destination weddings. Which do you prefer—a beach wedding or a royal wedding? You decide everything, but the most important choice is which wedding planner you hire to plan this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Find more about these Indian wedding destinations where you may celebrate your special day for the rest of your life. If you're planning a destination wedding in India, check out One Travel Planet to book inexpensive airfare for these regions in advance.


If you want to exchange vows in front of true royalty, Jaipur, sometimes known as the "pink city," is the best place to do it. Beautiful historical homes and exquisite actual palaces like Raj Palace, Rambagh Palace, and Jai Mahal Palace can be seen around the city. For those looking for less-priced options, Jaipur has a number of historical houses that are ideal. The Samode Palace is the place to go if you want to get married in a historical setting, while the Alsisar Haveli and Mandawa Haveli are two of the greatest possibilities. The Taj Jai Mahal Palace, Pride Amber Vilas Resort, Chomu Palace, Fairmont Jaipur, Samode Palace, Oberoi Rajvilas Palace, Rambagh Palace, and Alsisar Haveli are a few of the most well-liked destination wedding locations and venue in Jaipur.


Plan a lovely wedding in the Golden City of India, where the unusualness and royal magnificence of the city will make you feel romantic. With its many forts and palaces, it is a beautiful location for destination weddings in Jaisalmer. The city brilliantly and completely conjures up a picture of regal Rajasthan. The city, which is full of opulently constructed houses, presents a lovely world of golden imagination in Rajasthan for a special wedding. Suryagarh Palace, Gorbandh Palace, Fort Rajwada, Narayan Niwas, and Rang Mahal Palace are some of the most popular places for destination weddings in Jaisalmer.


Udaipur is a prime destination wedding location for an Indian wedding for a number of reasons. Its royal setting is the most important. Udaipur, known as the city of lakes and palaces, is one of India's most captivating and dreamy locations, making your destination weddings in Udaipur really extraordinary. This city's royal buildings give it a lot of attraction. Devi Garh, Oberoi Udaivilas, Durbar Hall at Fateh Prakash Palace, Taj Lake Palace, and Manek Chowk are some of the most popular locations for destination weddings in Udaipur.


Jodhpur, often known as the "Blue City," is home to a variety of elegant palaces, majestic forts, and breathtaking temples, and it provides a stunning and breathtaking backdrop for a royal destination wedding in Rajasthan. The historical magnificence, beautiful handicrafts, and folk music give the city a charming and lively environment. It is the perfect destination wedding location to tie the knot in a royal manner for your fairytale wedding in India. Discover the allure of Rajasthan's bygone era while swearing eternal fidelity. Umaid Bhawan Palace, Balsamand Lake, The Taj Hari Mahal, and Ajit Bhawan are a few of the greatest places for destination weddings in Jodhpur, noted for capturing the regional cuisine and culture. Destination wedding in Jodhpur has captured the heart of Indians with its beautiful locations and loving environment.


Bikaner offers many fantastic options to take in the royal destination wedding in Rajasthan while preserving the city's own medieval splendor. It has a lot of places where people can enjoy the themed wedding. You probably recall the wedding of Sidhwani's daughter from the movie "Band Baaja Baaraat." The venue for the wedding was Lalgarh Palace in Bikaner. There are a number of exquisite buildings where wonderful destination weddings in Bikaner can be organised. In Bikaner, the Gajner Palace, Lalgarh Palace, Laxmi Niwas Palace, Narendra Bhawan, and Vesta Bikaner Palace are among the fantastic venues for destination weddings in Bikaner.


Goa is one of India's most romantic destination wedding locations for couples wishing to tie the knot. To make their wedding celebrations unforgettable for all time, people throng to Goa's beaches. Holding your wedding against the romantic backdrop of the golden beaches, where the sea comes and whispers something in your ears, will make it truly unique and will ensure that your romance lasts forever. A wedding planner or one of Goa's luxurious hotels are your two options for planning a special destination wedding in Goa. Beach weddings require a permit, which your wedding organizer will take care of for you. Destination weddings in Goa venues include The Leela on quiet Morbor Beach and The Taj Exotica on serene Varca Beach. Both are in the South. You can also think about having your wedding in a private garden and exploring some of the nearby gorgeous spots.


Rishikesh's appeal is described as being rooted in spirituality and serenity. If you want to have a distinctive and ethnic wedding, this is the ideal destination wedding location. Thanks

to the breathtaking views of the Himalayas and the Ganges riverfront, you can have a pious and tranquil experience. This place can become a sacred heaven when Vedic melodies and promises of eternal love are played. Due to the growing popularity of destination weddings in Rishikesh, more and more individuals are deciding to say "I do" there. Aalia on the Ganges, Atali Ganga, EllBee Ganga View, and Ganga Kinare, among many others, are among the best places for destination weddings in Rishikesh.


The charming city of Amritsar is one of the most popular destination wedding locations in India for those seeking a temple wedding. A temple wedding in India is currently the top choice for many couples as it grows in popularity. Tradition and style come together to create a delightful blend of peace and joy. You dedicate yourself to your marriage while also including delectable Punjabi tadka. Destination weddings in Amritsar will certainly be special. Locations for destination weddings in Amritsar include The Country Inn & Suites by Carlson, Hyatt, The Greens Resort, Hotel Ramada, Radisson Blu, and many more.


There is no site more picturesque for your destination wedding than Agra, which is home to the monument of love. The Taj Mahal captures a timeless image of love. In addition to the rich Mughal culture, destination weddings in Agra offer a perfect setting. It is without a doubt one of India's most beautiful destination wedding locations. Your day becomes a delightful experience when combined with a variety of Mughal cuisines and the dark sky filled with dazzling stars at night. The Courtyard Agra, The Orchid Farm, ITC Mughal, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Mansingh Palace, The Oberoi Amarvilas, and many more are some of the greatest places for destination weddings in Agra.


This incredibly calm and lovely destination wedding location has appeal as a wonderful location for a wedding. Many people do not find the idea of a destination wedding in Kerala to be particularly appealing. However, the state's lovely climate makes it one of the top locations in India for destination weddings. Kerala has a number of resorts that arrange special weddings in a traditional style, many of which are situated along the banks of a lake or palm-fringed canal. The primary picturesque locations for a beach wedding are Leela in Kovalam and Varkala. The Kumarakom Lake Resort, The Leela, Kadavu Resort, Indriya Beach Resort, Lake Palace Resort, The Raviz, and other gorgeous wedding venues for a destination wedding in Kerala.

What is Republic day? Why do Indians celebrate it?


Republic Day is a national holiday in India, celebrated on January 26th every year. It marks the day when the Constitution of India came into effect and replaced the Government of India Act 1935 as the governing document for independent India. The Constitution was adopted by the Indian Constituent Assembly on November 26th, 1949, and declared that it would come into effect from January 26th, 1950, making this date Republic Day in our country. This date was chosen to honor and recognize Dr. B R Ambedkar who played a crucial role in drafting this historic document that gave us our fundamental rights and freedoms as citizens of independent India.


What is the history behind celebrating Republic Day?

26 January| This Day That Year: A lookback into India's first Republic Day  celebrations in 1950 | Trending & Viral News

Every year on January 26th, India celebrates Republic Day in honor of the day its constitution came into effect. This holiday marks a significant moment in Indian history as it was the day that India became an independent democratic republic.

The idea for a republican form of government began to take shape after World War II ended and British colonial rule over India was coming to an end. In 1947, The Indian Independence Act was passed by the British Parliament which declared that two independent dominions would be created out of undivided India: Pakistan and Bharat (India). On August 15th, 1947, both countries gained independence from Britain but had yet to establish their constitutions or governments.

For the newly formed country of Bharat (India) to become a true democracy with equal rights and representation for all citizens, it needed its constitution- something which had not been established yet due mainly because disagreements between various political parties prevented progress from being made towards creating one document everyone could agree upon. To break this deadlock, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru appointed Dr. B R Ambedkar as Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee who then worked tirelessly on drafting what is now known as ‘The Constitution Of India’. After months-long discussions & debates, finally, on November 26 1949 The Constituent Assembly adopted The Constitution Of the Independent Democratic Republic Of Bharat (India). However, this historic event did not get celebrated until January 1950 when President Rajendra Prasad gave his assent & announced that our new Constitutional Government shall come into force starting January 26, 1950 - thus making it an official date when we celebrate our nation's birthday every year! 

Republic Day is celebrated with great fanfare across all states in India every year where citizens gather together at parades held in major cities like Delhi showcasing military power along with cultural performances highlighting rich diversity within the country while paying homage to those who fought hard to gain freedom.


What is the importance of Republic Day to Indian people?

Indian community in Sydney celebrates Republic Day | The Indian Down Under

Republic Day is an important day for Indians as it marks the adoption of India’s Constitution on January 26th, 1950. The Constitution was adopted after a long struggle to gain independence from British rule and establish democracy in India. On this day, Indians celebrate their nation’s freedom and sovereignty with parades, cultural programs, flag-hoisting ceremonies, and other festivities throughout the country.

The significance of Republic Day lies in its reminder that we are citizens of a free nation where everyone has equal rights regardless of caste or creed. It also serves as an opportunity to remember our history by celebrating those who fought for our independence such as Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru among others. Moreover, it is a time when people come together to express their love for the nation through various activities like singing patriotic songs or watching movies about Indian heroes like Bhagat Singh or Subhash Chandra Bose, etc.

In addition to being symbolic of India's freedom from colonial rule; Republic Day also serves another purpose: it reminds us all that democracy comes with responsibility - each citizen must be aware of his/her duties towards society so that justice can prevail at all times! We should use this occasion not only to enjoy ourselves but also to take some time out to think about how we can contribute positively towards making India a better place for all people living here irrespective of race or religion.


What do we do on Republic day?

India's Republic Day: What You Need To Know | Asia Society

We celebrate Republic Day to commemorate this historic event which established democracy as a form of government in our nation after centuries of British rule. The day is marked with grand parades, military shows, cultural performances, and other festivities throughout all parts of the country celebrating its rich culture and diversity. This symbolizes how far we have come since gaining independence from colonial powers more than seven decades ago – today we are one united nation under one constitution!

The celebration also serves to remind us about fundamental rights guaranteed by our constitution such as freedom of speech & expression; right to life & liberty; equality before the law etc., thus helping us recognize what an important role these play in maintaining order & harmony among citizens across different communities living together peacefully within same boundaries despite their religious or cultural differences!

In addition to commemorating this momentous occasion each year through various events held nationwide - like flag hoisting ceremonies at schools/colleges/government offices etc.; special programs broadcasted over television channels highlighting the importance behind why republic day should be celebrated - there’s also emphasis placed upon teaching children about the significance behind it so they can grow up knowing value associated with being part-and-parcel citizenry belonging within a democratic society governed democratically elected representatives who serve people's best interests rather than those few individuals seeking power only for themselves!


How is Republic day celebrated between the people living outside of India and living internationally?


As India is going to celebrate its 74th Republic Day on January 26th, 2023, it is an important milestone for the country and its citizens living both in and outside of India. While people within the nation can celebrate by attending parades or watching cultural programs on television, those living abroad may have to get creative when it comes to commemorating this special day.

For those who are away from home but still want to take part in the festivities, there are several ways they can do so. People living overseas could host virtual watch parties with their friends and family back in India where they could all join together online at a designated time to view live-streaming broadcasts of Republic Day celebrations taking place throughout different cities around the country. They could also share stories about what being Indian means to them as well as pictures or videos from past celebrations that took place either within their own homes or communities abroad.

Additionally, many international organizations such as embassies often organize events that commemorate this national holiday through activities like flag hoisting ceremonies followed by speeches given by prominent figures related to Indian culture while some even go further with organizing traditional dances performances featuring folk songs which help bring out feelings of patriotism amongst attendees regardless of where they’re located geographically speaking.  These types of gatherings provide an opportunity for Indians residing overseas not only to come together but also feel connected despite being miles apart physically due to various circumstances such as work commitments etcetera. 

Finally, social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter & Facebook have become great tools allowing individuals far away from home to stay up-to-date about any latest developments regarding republic day festivities taking place across different parts of the world. This provides everyone a chance to be part of something meaningful no matter how near (or far)they may be situated geographically!

Affordable And Best Travel Bags That Don't Look Cheap At All

It's time to buy the best travel bags, regardless of whether you have a vacation planned or your friend's most recent travel posts have inspired your upcoming getaway from the workplace. Your choice of travel bag will be influenced by your itinerary, financial situation, and personal preferences. But it can be difficult to choose with so many options available. In order to choose the best travel bag for relaxing, safe, and straightforward travel, we spoke with frequent flyers and industry professionals. Here are some suggestions and advice from experts to aid with your decision-making. And if you're travelling by air, keep in mind to do your best to adhere to safety regulations.


 A Coolife 20-inch suitcase


Why buy it: Six vivid hues, 6.38 pounds

Your possessions are greatly secured by the ABS and PC strong plastic casing and the included TSA lock. All of the stuff weighs just six pounds in total, including the 360-degree spinner wheels, so rushing to your flight gate won't be slowed down by a bulky bag.


American Traveler Aviron Softside Bags


Why buy it: Sturdy poly twill fabric with an expandable gusset

With this spinner bag, you get more performance for your money: Along with the two exterior pockets and an extensible zippered gusset that adds two extra inches of packing space, there is an internal strap to keep everything organised.


Bag with Hex Evolve Logic

Why buy it: Interior 15-inch laptop sleeve, antimicrobial fabric

The basic design of this backpack is stylish, and the well-considered details—from the gently cushioned shoulder straps to the back trolley sleeve and water-resistant finish—are all great touches. Adventure lovers must buy this best travel bag for adventures.


The Quilted Weekender from Everlane

Why buy it: Has many internal pockets and functions as a pillow.

The three colors—moss, roasted almond, and black—of this entirely recycled polyester bag instantly elevate any ensemble. And when you abruptly wake up at a rest break with only five minutes till the bus driver tells you to get back on the road, the considerate external patch pocket makes it simple to locate your card case. This is the best travel bag for short journeys and trips.


Gramercy 20-inch Hardside Spinner


Why buy it: Telescoping handle, sturdy PVA shell

This is the Platonic ideal of a sturdy, multipurpose piece of luggage: it is tiny enough to be considered a carry-on, has inside zips and straps and is neutral in colour. This best travel bag is easy to carry on a long journey.


American Tourister Rio Luggage Set

Why buy It: Available in a selection of 10 colours, matching carry-on roller bag, and stacking tote

The main suitcase is expandable, the coordinating bag has straps to attach to your luggage, and the interior straps of the case allow you to tie everything neatly into place. Everything in this set is designed to give you just a little bit more space. If you want to go on a long trip or a short trip, prefer this best travel bag for yourself.


The Weekender by Beis

Why buy It: Separate shoe compartment, wipe-clean canvas

While the separate water-resistant compartment at the bottom of the bag is perfect for keeping shoes, a hair dryer, or electronics separate from the main compartment, the wire ring on the bag's entrance makes it simple to see all the things inside. You've found the ideal travel tote when you combine all of these features with a trolley sleeve that zips up. If you are going to attend any event this is the best travel bag for you.


Rolling duffel Olympia

Why We Enjoy It: standing alone, 5.1 pounds

This eight-pocket rolling duffel meets our criteria for a bag that can hold a lot of items while remaining compact enough to fit in carry-on overhead bins. Additionally, it has fitted styling and 12 colour possibilities, so it is the best travel bag and suits more than simply those who are looking for adventure.


American Traveler Anzio Softside Carry-on

Why We Adore It: Expandable gusset, strong micro-ballistic plastic

Even when you sneak a few extra goods in and need to expand it to fit your purchases, a dapper navy blue soft-side suitcase will stand out among the sea of black carry-ons and look good doing it.

Underseat Carrier for Samsonite

Why We Enjoy It: USB charging port is excellent for commuter planes.

With this ripstop polyester roller bag that features a trolley strap, inside compartments, and a clever centre pouch that unzips like a tongue for quick access to everything within, you won't ever be asked to gate-check again. A very helpful, generous, and the best travel bag for travel lovers.


The Preston Drop Belt Bag

Why buy It: Simple design, faux embossed croc

When you're rushing through the airport and don't want to dig through your carry-on for your ID, ticket, or phone, a stylish belt best travel bag (that can also be worn as a crossbody) is vital. Additionally, the adorable faux croc improves even the most understated travel outfit.


Large Packable Tote from Lululemon

Why buy It: Has a trolley sleeve and folds up into a little pocket.

We constantly need an extra tote bag for our shopping trips, beach towels, and city guides. This small nylon bag clips onto your luggage handle when it is folded up into its own pouch and features a main pocket with a zipper. This is the best travel bag match for shopping lovers.


Rock and Melbourne Hardside Carry-on

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Thanks to its sturdy double-spinner wheels and ABS body, this 20-inch hard-sided carry-on takes a beating and keeps going. Additionally, the ergonomic handle telescopes up to a precise, comfortable height.


Very Large suitcase by Joyway

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Solo Re:start Rolling Laptop Bag


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Details of Anant Amabani And Radhika Merchant Roka And Engagement Ceremony

Anant, the Ambanis' youngest son, was taken off the market this past Friday. Yes, we're referring to the Roka ceremony between Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant, which was held at the Shrinathji Temple in Rajasthan. Bollywood actors and actresses attended Ambani and Merchant's engagement celebration after their private oka ceremony, which was also held. Get all the exclusive details by scrolling down below!


Private Or Intimate Roka Ceremony

The Roka ceremony in Rajasthan was only attended by Anant and Radhika's closest family and friends. Anant selected an embroidered navy blue achkan from designer Raghavendra Rathore for his Roka ceremony. Radhika was dreamlike in a white flowery lehenga with elaborate embroidery, while Anant appeared quite attractive in his blue attire. Later, the pair changed into new clothes; Radhika wore a lovely pink suit and Anant wore an eggplant sherwani. If you don't know who Radhika Merchant is, she is the daughter of businessman Viren Merchant, who serves as the CEO of a pharmaceutical manufacturing firm. Although the couple has known each other for a while, they have only recently chosen to be married.


The Big Engagement Celebration

Anant Amban, a son of Mukesh and Nita Ambani, proposed to Radhika Merchant on January 19, 2023, during a customary ceremony. The entire Ambani family attended the event and gathered outside for a family photo. Along with the soon-to-be-engaged pair, we noticed Mukesh Ambani, Nita Ambani, Akash Ambani, Shloka Mehta, Isha Amban, and Anand Piramal.

Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant's Engagement: Inside Information

Anant Ambani was wearing an Indo-western suit in navy blue. While Radhika Merchant wore an outfit by Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla that included a lehenga ensemble with a matching embroidered blouse and golden embellishments. With a sheer net dupatta embellished with flashy embroidery and a stunning golden hem, she enhanced her ethnic shape. She tightened the drape at the waist with a delicate yet brilliant Kamar bandh.


Guess Who Brought the Ring for Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant?

The Gol Dhana and Chunari Vidhi rites, which are ancient and traditional Gujarati practices, were used in the marriage ceremony between Anant Amban and Radhika Merchant. The Gujarati custom of Gol Dhana, which translates to "jaggery with coriander seeds," is used at the pre-marriage ceremony. The groom's home is where these things are distributed. The bride's family brings presents and treats to the groom's house before the pair exchanges ring.

The Ganesh Puja and traditional Lagan Patrika reading were the first two parts of the engagement ritual (the invitation to their wedding). Isha Ambani, a sister of Anant, gave the ceremonial opening speech before Anant and Radhika exchanged rings.

The Ambani family organized other surprises, such as a unique and adorable ring bearer and a special dance performance by the Ambani and Merchant families, in addition to the other spectacular engagement ceremonies.


Outfits of three special ladies of the Ambani Family

Shloka Ambani, Nita Ambani, and Radhika Merchant all selected Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla for the major event and all appeared to be visions in white. The bride's mother, Nita Ambani, kept things traditional by wearing an embroidered saree and diamond jewelry.




A star-studded event, Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant's engagement and Gol Dhana ceremony took place on January 19, 2023. Two days had passed since the mehendi ceremony, where the future bride looked stunning in a pink lehenga. The Ambani women, Nita, Isha, Shloka, and Radhika, were all dressed in Sandeep Khosla and Abu Jani clothing. The bride-to-be wore a gold lehenga made by the designers, and she looked stunning with natural makeup.

As expected at an Ambani event, everyone who was anyone attended, including Janhvi Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, and Sachin Tendulkar. For some much-needed wedding season inspiration, take a peek at what people wore to the engagement ceremony.


Deepika Padukone

At the Ambani party, Deepika Padukone attracted attention in a Sindoori Taashi sari from the Torani line by designer Karan Torani. She wore a stylish bun with a sari. She accessorized with a matching Polki necklace, a choker made of diamonds, pearls, and emeralds, as well as matched earrings.


Janhvi Kapoor

When it comes to wedding looks, the Mili actor never fails to impress. Janhvi Kapoor attended the ceremony wearing a mint-green Falguni Shane Peacock India lehenga that was heavily embroidered in silver. Statement earrings, a ring, open waves in her hair, and pink makeup completed her ensemble.


Khushi Kapoor

Khushi Kapoor looked stunning in a white Manish Malhotra lehenga set, accessorized with a statement diamond choker necklace and earrings. Khushi Kapoor will make her acting debut in Zoya Akhtar's The Archies. She adorned herself with a white pearl purse. She pulled her hair back into a tidy ponytail with a center part.


Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan showed up wearing a Manish Malhotra-designed off-white sharara ensemble. The embroidered Kashmiri embroidery created the appearance of shimmering glitter. She completed her ensemble with neat open hair, a dazzler earring set, and an ivory fringe purse. The designer was beside her, dressed in a velvet black sherwani with gold buttons.


Katrina Kaif

At the Ambani event, Katrina Kaif looked like a vision in white. She wore a sheer top with geometric embroidery and a high-low ivory Ritika Mirchandani Anarkali set. She let her wavy hair fall loose and finished the ensemble with sparkling dangler earrings, a ring, and Fizzy Goblet jhuttis.


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, a former Miss World, and star arrived at the ring ceremony with her daughter Aaradhya. The mother and daughter pair dressed in Manish Malhotra attire for the event. Her daughter wore an embellished white Anarkali dress, and Bachchan wore a bottle of green and gold Anarkali with a dupatta that the actor had previously worn during PS-I promotions.


Ananya Pandey

Ritika Mirchandani's ivory lehenga on Ananya Pandey was stunning. The plunging neckline and net dupatta of the blouse were complemented by the mermaid-shell embroidery on the sleeves. She gave her curly, center-parted hair a maang-tika and kept her jewelry to a minimum by wearing just a ring from Maya Sanghvi Jewels.


Orhan Awatramani

The special projects manager at Reliance Industries Limited and social media celebrity Orhan Awatramani looked sharp in a vivid red coordinated set by Dubai-based designer Faraz Manan. The red jacket's embellishments gave the ensemble some glitz.


Varun Dhawan

Along with producer Dinesh Vijan, Varun Dhawan was accompanied by his designer wife Natasha Dalal. The actor wore a black salwar, a matching embroidered Nehru jacket, and an ash grey kurta. Dalal, however, opted for a baby pink lehenga and accessorized it with a small amount of diamond jewelry and a silver clutch.


Ranveer Singh

For the engagement of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant, Ranveer Singh defied convention and remained very understated. In an asymmetrical black sherwani created by designers Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna, the actor made his entry while walking hand-in-hand with Deepika Padukone.


Gauri Khan

Gauri was wearing a beige, gold, and silver ensemble by Manish Malhotra, and she was accompanied by her son Aaryan Khan. She finished off her ensemble with a magnificent gold bag by Paco Rabanne, some statement earrings, and a ring. She chose a blowout that looked natural for her hair.


Aryan Khan

Aryan Khan, who played his mother's date in the movie directed by Gaurav Gupta, stood out in a black suit from her attire. He accessorized this embroidered outfit with a necklace and gelled hair. Later, Shah Rukh Khan also showed up at the function wearing all-black attire.


Karam Johar

The Dharma director wore a black velvet sherwani and a magnificent woven shawl, and he looked sharp. He completed the ensemble by donning a pair of black loafers and a pair of brown sunglasses.


Neetu Kapoor

When Neetu Kapoor appeared for Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant's engagement in a royal blue and green suit with silver embroidery, all eyes were on her. She accessorized the look with diamond, gold, and emerald jewelry to emphasize the glitter. Armaan Jain, her nephew, and his wife Anissa were with her.

15 Top and Trendy Groom Sherwani Style Of 2023

Trendy groom sherwani styles won't be that avant-garde in 2023! According to forecasts, this year will see a rise in the popularity of neutral tones, combinations of red and neutral shades, gold embellishment (in the form of thread work, zardozi, Resham embroidery, or sequin work), fusion fashion, unique elements, and accessories. Groom Sherwanis will also be worn with dhotis, manarakalis, pastel colours, and floral sherwanis, among other looks. But the biggest obstacle to simplicity is standing out from the crowd. Here's where we step in. You can't go wrong with these 15 outfits as inspiration for your wedding groom sherwani look in 2023.


The Neutral Layered Look-Sherwani for the Groom 2023

This ivory-coloured trendy groom sherwani is embellished with silver and golden zari work, but what truly makes it stand out is the way it is layered. The sherwani jacket, which has decorative lapel-like attachments, is worn over a solid-coloured inner kurta. It gives the appearance of having three different levels.


Trendy Belted Sherwani Look-Sherwani for the Groom 2023

The sherwani worn by this groom is ivory and has intricate silver threadwork. This outfit not only follows current fashion trends like neutral tones, Anarkali kurta with sherwani, etc., but it also has the belted look, a style choice that is expected to be popular in 2023.


Traditional Red and White Outfit

This style was trendy even a year ago and is still in style now! The all-neutral trendy groom sherwani gains some vitality from a dash of scarlet or maroon. In this instance, the stole and churidar bottoms make extensive use of a warm red hue. Along with zardozi work, it has also been utilised in turbans and as thread works on sherwani jackets!


Pastels Are Popular and always in Demand

Even in 2023, pastels will dominate the sales rankings! This groom is dressed in a pastel peach pink sherwani. Although there aren't many embellishments, the fabric's light yet luxurious matte texture compensates! It is the ideal groom appearance for a daytime wedding in 2023!


Sherwani and Dhoti-Sherwani for the Groom 2023

Just combine the two outfits if your traditions dictate that you wear a dhoti to your wedding but you really want to wear a sherwani! Fusion outfits with traditional clothing are in style this year. This groom matched a dhoti in the same colour as his off-white and gold sherwani jacket. He has worn the stole in a manner similar to how one would if donning a traditional dhoti-kurta!


The Work Cut Stole- Sherwani for the Groom 2023

The wedding groom sherwani in gold and white has beautiful zardozi embroidery. The stole, however, is what distinguishes this combo! The cutwork border has a beautiful aesthetic and harmonises with the remainder of the outfit's embellishing pattern.


The  Manarkali fashion of 2023

This year, it's all the rage to wear an Anarkali kurta with a sherwani jacket or a Manarkali ensemble! A flared-hem Anarkali kurta is worn underneath an embroidered ethnic jacket. The pairing of two vibrant hues is another new fashion trend that this particular ensemble adheres to. The wedding groom sherwani jacket and the churidar bottoms are in a dark navy tone, while the kurta is a vibrant red glossy colour. The jacquard sherwani jacket features a high-low hemline and double-button detailing. The hemline of the kurta is also high and low.


Switch the Shades-Sherwani for the Groom 2023

You don't have to use red-toned accessories with a white wedding groom sherwani! Like this groom, who wears a dark red sherwani jacket combined with beige trousers, you can still look fashionable by wearing a crimson trendy groom sherwani and accessorising it with neutral pieces. The stole's border is embellished with polki motifs, the embellished buttons line the slanted button line, and the turban is as elaborate as they come. The outfit is covered in floral embroidery in gold.


Self-Tone Enhancement

Both brides and grooms can wear this specific trend in wedding attire in 2023. This describes the application of ornamentation that is the same colour as the fabric's surface. This groom is dressed in a navy sherwani, beige pants, and a stole. Only the hemline border and collar of the groom's sherwani jacket display matte gold decoration. The rest of the clothing features thread embroidery in the same blue shade, giving it a lovely textured appearance.


The Dark Red Turban: Sherwani for the Groom 2023

It's the smartest method to incorporate red into otherwise neutral-toned clothing! The groom is dressed elegantly in an ivory sherwani with beautiful gold embroidery and ornamentation. The sherwani jacket features motifs drawn from historical attire. The groom is wearing a turban that has a dark red colour. Red is not utilised anywhere else in the outfit! This is a fantastic method to keep up with trends without completely succumbing to them.


Combining Gold and Beige- Sherwani for the Groom 2023

Once more, this is a classic combo for men's ethnic clothing! Beige and light brown tones are also becoming prominent due to the popularity of neutral tones. Due to the addition of intricate gold-toned embroidery, this look is even more regal. Around the collar, the artwork is applied in rich patterns! Overall, this is one enormous groom sherwani for the enormous Indian wedding of 2023.


Moments of Monotone

In 2023, the monochromatic wedding groom sherwani style will be quite fashionable. Dark bottle green makes up this sherwani's hue. The sherwani jacket's weave gives it a rough appearance. The bottoms of the churidars have an extra ruffled appearance. The turban has an identical hue. The only piece that stands out is the stole, which is pale beige.


The Sherwani in Off-White and Gold

This year's white and gold groom sherwani style is unbeatable! A lot of gold is used in this sherwani, including in the sequin work on the stole and the floral thread work. Tiny pink floral embellishments in threadwork decorate the stole's border and the sherwani jackets. View more White Sherwani images.


Pastel Components-Sherwani for the Groom 2023

No of their ethnicity, neutrals have always held a special place in men's wardrobes. However, this year they are back and more widely used in the ethnic attire worn by grooms, so they are matched with distinctive components and accessories. In this instance, a light pastel mint stole with a broad ornate matte gold border has been combined with an ivory sherwani.


Short Sherwani Style- Sherwani for the Groom 2023

Want to avoid wearing something overly bulky? Wear tapered pants and a short sherwani that is well-tailored. Corbin, one of our clients, requested a garment similar to this, so we provided him with a short sherwani in an ivory-toned cloth with an embellished collar, sleeve borders, and elaborate buttons. The outfit is finished off with a maroon velvet stole, a turban adorned in the same colour, and tapered pants.

Indian Bridal Lehenga Trend For 2023 Brides

Wedding Lehengas for Brides in 2023! Designers and fashion enthusiasts will both enjoy 2023 in the same manner! It will be a real rollercoaster ride when it comes to ethnic design, especially bridal clothing. The popularity of particular elements, such as quirky sleeves, ruffled hems, non-bridal tones, period and vintage looks, etc., hints at the popularity of unconventional bridal looks in 2023. However, bridal lehengas won't undergo a significant transformation.

Organza fabric, net, sequin work, velvet textures, mirror work, and other items will make a significant comeback this year, while a preference for things like pastel tones, matte textures, and other items will endure. We have produced a list of 30 bridal lehenga styles based on these key themes. You can take inspiration from these looks if you want to be a stylish bride in 2023!


Saree like Lehenga

The double dupatta style is very popular for bridal attire since two dupattas produce a more elegant setting. Nowadays, it's fashionable to drape a dupatta like a pallu or anchal of a saree. The South Indian saree lehengas served as inspiration for this notion.

Visions in Rust

Unconventional bridal colours are in this year, and those that transport you to a bygone age have a unique place. The colour rust orange has a vintage allure, and this lehenga embodies traditional handiwork like dabka, tilla, sequins, nakshi, and cut-dana. The legacy designs and patterns on display here are taken from Mughal art and architecture, mid-18th century archival brocade textiles, giving the outfit a brightness that seems to have sprung straight from heaven.


More pastels

A lehenga in pastel pink is both very wedding and quite untraditional. This outfit is ideal for 2023 when combined with the floral embroidered and sequin design.

Multicoloured Weaving and Accessorizing

In 2023, juxtaposing contrasting multi-colour weaving or decoration will be fashionable. This lehenga places decoration in various hues together on a light peach-pink surface to produce an incredibly bright and vibrant appearance. The style is contrasted but enhanced by the beige dupatta.

Fuchsia Pink Is In

The colour of 2023 is fuchsia pink! The colour will undoubtedly dominate the bridal palette. Pinks have always been a popular colour choice for Indian weddings, but in recent years, pastel pinks and softer tones have gained greater attention. But the bling will return in 2023! Given that it also includes a significant amount of zari and gold sequin detailing, this choice is quite fitting. The double dupatta appearance, floral and peacock designs, and other features make this lehenga ideal for your 2023 wedding.

The charm of Flared Pink

This light pink lehenga also oozes vintage charm! Even the pairing of light pink and brilliant gold zari is a nod to former Mughal attire. The lehenga skirt goes one step further; it is flared and features Kalis, which creates the illusion of pleats. The way the dupatta is draped, the jewellery, etc., transports one back to the Mughal era!

Additional Poppies with Neutral

In this design, the lehenga skirt has silver embellishments and is neutral in colour. The bright red choli and the sage green dupatta offer that pop of brilliant colour even though this colour makes up the majority of the ensemble.

Extraordinary Blue

Could you ever expect that such a stunning wedding lehenga could exist in a colour that is wholly unrelated to bridal? For our client, Event Planet has made it possible! This matte gold embellished blue lehenga is to die for! Although it is ageless, the outfit looks well with the unorthodox colour scheme of 2023.

Red Substitutes or Alternatives

Reds will still be around in 2023, only in different colours. For instance, the delicate doll and peacock patterns on this light coral red bridal lehenga were embroidered using zardozi, aari with sequin, Resham, Maori, french knots, and nakshi methods on pure raw silk. This gorgeous lehenga is complemented by the lavishly embellished princess-cut top, organza light coral, and tulle head dupattas.

The Lotus Lehenga

The 2023 bridal lehenga scene will be dominated by vintage fashion motifs! Take this lehenga with a lotus theme, for instance. Directly inspired by Mughal art and architecture, the lotus motif. The choli's yoke pattern is reminiscent of Mughal tunics. The skirt's vertical panel pattern is also similar to anarkalis. If you want an Indian bridal lehenga that isn't too heavy, all this on a red alternative in wine hue is ideal for you.

The Orange Glow

An Indian bridal lehenga in an orange colour that has been perfectly customised by Orange Glow Event Planet! The lehenga looks appealingly embellishment-light! The delicate vine and leaf motifs on the skirt are accented by a band of gold that adds the ideal decorative element.

Ochre and Maroon

One of the most popular ethnic wedding or Indian bridal fashion trends in 2022 was the red and white bridal lehenga! This year, red alternatives like maroon, burgundy, and wine paired with yellowish tones appear to have taken that position. In this instance, the bride dons a stunning double-dupatta style maroon and gold lehenga. Along with the zari and gold sequin work, the embellishment also features ochre yellow components that complement each other well. The dupatta worn across the body is also a vivid ochre colour.

The Wine Tone Lehenga in a Minimal Style

What could be more fashionable in 2023 than wine tones? This plus-size lehenga features simple sequin work on rich plum-wine-toned silk.

Peach and gold pastel

In terms of Indian bridal fashion, goldwork ornamentation would never go out of style. The zari work in this instance has a matte finish. This looks captivating when combined with the lehenga fabric's delicate pastel peach colour.

Sheer Drape with Anarkali Lehenga

Sheer curtains will be popular in 2023, just like the Anarkali lehenga. An elaborate skirt and a layer of cloth on top with a split along the middle, below the bodice, make up this Anarkali lehenga's two layers. In this instance, the second layer is a sheer net fabric that reveals the skirt's elaborate and exquisite ornamentation.

The Dress of Anarkali Lehenga

One of the most popular Indian bridal lehenga styles in 2023 will be the Anarkali lehenga, also known as the Anarkali lehenga dress. This bride is dressed in a stunning ethnic Anarkali lehenga. What else do you need to create a trendy look for 2023? A neutral base tone, a pop of dark pink, and the dress' ruffled hem.

Pale colours, frills, and bling

This lehenga embodies three key trends for bridal lehengas in 2023: a continued love of pastels, the addition of frills to borders, and sequin work! Violet and faded lilac are the two pastel colours used in the lehenga. Along with that, there is a substantial amount of stone, crystal, and bead embroidery as well as sequin embroidery in a shimmering silver tone. A further item that has returned in 2023 is the dupatta, which is constructed of light net cloth. A violet cloth frill is affixed to the hem of the skirt.

Burgundy bride

The bridal lehenga sceneries of 2023 will be dominated by wines, burgundies, marsala hues, and maroons rather than red lehengas! This stunning lehenga features elaborate zari and sequin embroidery that features flower motifs, celestial objects, and a bar at the procession on the skirt. Both the hue and the design aesthetic give a retro feel.

The peacock Lehenga

In 2023, the peacock pattern and other natural-inspired themes will be popular. Additionally, the velvet will make a great reappearance as a fabric! This bridal lehenga has a folk textile and cultural resemblance to Rajasthan. Rajput art and architecture are evoked by the matte gold motifs of peacocks, flowers, and latticework, among other things. This looks wonderful set against the deep maroon velvet.

Long Sleeve

In 2023, eccentric choli fashions might become quite well-liked. These include off-the-shoulder styles, ruffled sleeves, and chilly shoulders. In addition to all of this, the elegant full-sleeve choli will undoubtedly be in demand. This bride is sporting a choli with intricate zardozi, sequin, and zari embroidery that is made of dark maroon silk. One of the biggest trends for 2023 is the contrast peach dupatta.

Velvets and Wines

It's not new to wear a deep-toned velvet lehenga! We are all aware of how popular these lehengas were in the past. This style is back this year. Along with sequins, velvet textiles are making a comeback. The vintage or retro bridal aesthetic will be in demand in 2023, and wine tones and burgundies will be highly fashionable.

Ruffles & Self-Tone Embellishment

In 2023, self-tone embellishments will be extremely popular. Additionally, you'll see details drawn from western fashion, such as frills and ruffles. Both of these styles are carried forward by this red bridal lehenga! It is embellished with self-tone! It almost looks Indo-western because of the top's off-the-shoulder style and the skirt's ruffled hem. You might desire a lehenga like this if you want to look elegant yet modern during your wedding in 2023.

The Years of Neutrals

The peaceful white components of brides' wedding gowns are very popular. Neutral colours, whether they are white, cream, ivory, or off-white, are very popular. Since silver or gold thread work stands out so beautifully on a neutral base, designers are merging neutral-tone textiles with detailed silver or gold thread work. A dash of a contrast tone, in this example peach, completes the look by making it lively and even more ethnic!

If in doubt, choose pastels.

Pastels are not going anywhere! Pastel colours continued to be very popular in 2022 and will continue to do so in 2023. This bride is dressed in a stunning mauve-tinged pastel lehenga! The ornamentation, which is primarily silver and light peach threadwork, is stunning! The finely embroidered floral and historical motifs are self-explanatory!

The Mughal Princess bridal Lehenga look

This green-tinted gold bridal lehenga with sequin work, stone embellishment, and minakari thread work employing dabka, tilla, Bakshi, and cut-dana appears to have travelled back in time to the Mughal Empire. The fact that previous trends and patterns will rule in 2023 has already been mentioned, but this bridal lehenga elevates the concept to a whole new level of excellence. You will appear to be a Mughal princess in such Indian bridal attire!

Contrasts in Aesthetics

Although this Indian bridal fashion was all the rage a few years ago, the contrast will be subtler this time. Consider this bridal lehenga in maroon and gold, which is stunning in its own right. Nevertheless, a contrasting peach dupatta has been added to make it a little more colourful!

The White Bride

No, Indian weddings in 2023 will no longer restrict the use of white! Bridal lehengas this year will be very unusual, especially in terms of colour. On the gown-like lehenga skirt of this lehenga, floral designs are crafted with self-tone threadwork and sequins. A Christian bridal veil served as inspiration for the dupatta as well. The blouse is unadorned and has a distinctive ruffled appearance.

Intricate Banarasi Skirt

When it comes to ethnic bridal clothing, Banarasi brocade dupattas were the biggest thing a few years ago. However, you can forgo the dupatta this year and opt for a skirt. Consider larger patterns and less intricate brocade work, with lots of space between them to let the rich silks' lustre shine through. Consider utilising unusual hues, but make sure to match them with blouses and dupattas in calming tones, as this bride has done.

Neutral colours will prevail

This brings up a significant trend for 2023: bridal attire in neutral tones. You don't have to use all white; instead, consider using these hues in parts with dark, rich hues. This bride matched her ivory lehenga skirt with a dark maroon embroidered top with silver sequin, zari, and crystal embroidery! This looks so lovely while also being so unique!

Sequins and pink

We're confident that this combo will be the most popular bridal trend in 2023! Both in lehengas and sarees, sequins are making the biggest comeback this year. Reds will be replaced with warm-toned pinks. This Indian bridal lehenga combines the two components. Warm dark pink with flaming red overtones, the fabric is decorated all over with elaborate and detailed sequin floral embroidery. This is the style to go for if you want a classic yet fashionable bridal lehenga in 2023!

Unique and amazing South Indian Bridal Jewellery Sets For 2023 Brides

When a traditional South Indian bride wears lavish South Indian bridal jewellery, she resembles a goddess in every way. So, when wearing a classic Kanjeevaram saree, a South Indian bride might also evoke the spirit of an Indian goddess. And in the most trendy way, South Indian brides maintain their status while remaining genuine and faithful to their traditions.

Therefore, we've compiled a list of all the South Indian bridal jewellery that accents a bride's most vital look to aid you in making the right selections. It will also complete the appearance of your South Indian bridal jewellery set. Here is our guide to the many South Indian bridal jewellery items to assist you in deciding how you want to dress for your wedding:


Primary to South Indian Bridal Jewelry Set: Maang Tikas

A Nethi Chutti, also known as the Maang tika, is a crucial component of any South Indian bridal jewellery. It does so because a bride's grace and attractiveness are enhanced. They are therefore intricately crafted ornamental items. Additionally, it has numerous precious stone inlays, including rubies, diamonds, sapphires, and pearl clusters. As a result, it is positioned in the middle of the bride's forehead. Despite the fact that there are numerous available styles. On a South Indian bride, however, a traditional Nethi Chutti in temple jewellery design appears radiant and exquisite.


Layered chains and necklaces are essential components of South Indian wedding jewellery.

A bride from South India is wearing bulky gold necklaces. which include a choker set with priceless stones. In essence, the South Indian bridal jewellery set consists of a statement necklace and several more tiered chains. South Indian jewellery patterns include Kasu Mala (Kaasumala), Palakka Mala, Nagapada Thali, Karimani Mala, Mullamottu Mala, Mango Mala, etc.


Armlets for a South Indian Bride: Baju Bandh/Vanki

Well-known South Indian temple jewellery patterns can be seen on wedding baju bandhas. Thus, baju bandhs highlight the attractiveness of a traditional South Indian bride. They also have a big part in the South Indian bridal jewellery collection. Try to choose a shirt with a cap or shorter sleeves when wearing a vanki. It is because it will successfully draw attention to it. They are therefore appropriate for displaying your beautiful vanki.


South Indian hair ornaments for brides

Long hair is typically braided for South Indian brides. And it has flowers or carefully created, one-of-a-kind hair jewellery as decorations. Thus, they add flair and sparkle to the otherwise plain and straightforward braid. Additionally, brides have a variety of braided jewellery options. As a result, the jewellery for their South Indian hair jewellery could be temple jewellery or even ones with diamonds. But nowadays, brides also choose to have a strip of jewellery wrapped around their entire braid. Additionally, it will give the impression that the braid is composed of diamonds or old gold. So, Kanjeevaram sarees go well with this style of South Indian hair jewellery.


Nose rings: A Popular South Indian Wedding Trend

The nose ring/nose pin is a conventional style that has evolved with the times and entered the South Indian bridal jewellery set. Additionally, it's crucial to pick the ideal nose ring for your face shape. South Indian brides are thus seen donning both types of understated yet stylish nose pins. Additionally, they decide on a larger, more ornate nose ring.


Manga Malai

Another well-liked piece of South Indian bridal jewellery is the manga malai or mango necklace. When worn with Kanjeevaram sarees, one can look elegant at weddings and other events. The necklace's incorporation of mango forms in the design gave rise to the name. The unconventional design gives the bridal outfit more originality.


South Indian bridal jewellery designs by Kamarbandh

South Indian brides have an enduring aura about them. Therefore, everything from her sari to the substantial South Indian wedding jewellery might be included. Additionally, she looks stunning yet composed because to the Kamarbandh, which completes the look.


South Indian traditional bangles

Every South Indian bride's favourite piece of temple jewellery is the bangle, also known as valayal in Tamil, gajju in Telugu, and bale in Kannada. As a result, they complement traditional South Indian sarees amazingly well despite being heavy and beautifully constructed.


Saltla Haar

The Nizams of Hyderabad's Satlada haar, a wedding adornment, has found its way into South Indian wedding jewellery sets. Seven layers of golden chains and tiny pearls make up the necklace. Along with the pearls, several priceless jewels like rubies, emeralds, diamonds, etc. may also be present. The Satlada Haar is a striking decoration that lends an air of regal beauty. Brides can wear the Satlada Haar alone or with a choker.


Temple jewellery Jhumki

A South Indian woman has a variety of earrings to pick from to go with her bridal saree. further influenced by temple architecture and idols of gods. As a result, these jhumkis, or South Indian bridal jewellery, can be rather weighty. In order to make it easier to endure lengthy pujas, some brides choose for more delicate and light patterns.


Floral Jewellry

Floral or flower jewellery is one of the most recent trends in South Indian bridal jewellery sets. These modern ensembles give the bridal look some freshness and are ideal for events like Haldi. Brides are choosing floral jewellery sets with flower necklaces, earrings, maang tikas, and other accessories more frequently these days.


Sets of old Indian Jewellery from the south

South Indian bridal jewellery is typically made with a lot of gold. And the best illustration would be antique jewellery sets. South Indian brides have long preferred ancient jewellery, which ranges from Kundan haars to gold beaded chains. The antique jewellery lends a traditional yet timeless quality in addition to adding richness. The bridal look gains a certain amount of delicacy as a result.


The Finishing Touch for a South Indian Bridal Look: Anklets and Toe Rings

A South Indian wedding jewellery outfit would not be complete without anklets and toe rings. And they increase the South Indian bride's glamour. They, therefore come in various styles, and brides can select from options that are heavier or lighter.

These South Indian wedding jewellery inspirations are ideal for future brides since they have the ideal balance of Elegance, Royalty, and Simplicity. And it's for brides who adore maintaining their ethnicity whilst keeping up with current trends. So stick to the traditional style. But don't forget to play about with the appearance.

Corbett The Grand

Corbett The Grand is a stunning location for a wedding straight out of a fairy tale. With first-rate amenities and services, one may host all of their pre-wedding celebrations, social functions, and business gatherings at this location. The venue's cozy atmosphere contributes to the harmony and joy of your event. The location offers a banquet hall and several grounds for holding all of your events.

The hotel offers chic and luxurious lodging to please your visitors. Make your day more beautiful than you might have anticipated by taking advantage of the décor amenities provided by Corbett The Grand, Ramnagar. Ample facilities are available for organizing both private and business events. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions of delectable food and drinks are offered here. Your visitors will feel welcome and comfortable in the tranquil setting. This location allows for the planning of surprise bachelor/bachelorette parties and offers a variety of cocktails and mocktails.

Facilities and capacity

Tarangi Resort And Spa is Situated at Kosi River, Jim Corbett Park

Corbett The Grand can easily seat 1500–2000 guests at a time and features a banquet hall, a lawn, a resort, and a hotel all in one place. While playing host to its visitors and weaving a secret spell of fame and prosperity for them, the hotel radiates an unmistakable and alluring sense of warmth. The space is filled with cozy furniture and elegant lighting. In the event of a blackout, there is also a power backup service accessible. They offer you the choice to hire your preferred caterer for your special day in addition to their in-house caterers.


To ensure that your festivities don't stop at all and that you can enjoy the biggest night of your life with all of your heart and not worry about power outages, Corbett The Grand offers you amenities like basic electricity and lighting with a full power backup. It's a terrific choice for your wedding events because there is public parking just next to the hotel for hotel guests, and a parking ticket is offered for all of your wedding guests. They also provide valet parking assistance, which is a bonus.

Some other important facilities

Corbett The Grand is the biggest resorts in Jim Corbett Region

The resort has seminar rooms and conference halls to help you arrange your event by your guest list because it recognizes your requirement to host corporate events close to Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, etc. Additionally, they are aware of the significance of a wedding and that Corbett The Grand destination weddings are becoming both widespread and thrilling. Taking pheras in the middle of a forest is absurd and unimaginable! With these amenities, Corbett The Grand will always make your event a huge success, whether it be for business or social events.


  • Access to the Internet at a Business Center
  • Conference rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Banquet rooms

Services Provided

A good host will keep them interested in the services being boasted about. There is a moment when I have to spend some time with you. Weddings and corporate events can both be hectic and entail a lot of obligations that can wear you out. The resort has therefore provided several amenities to help you pass the time by yourself. Corbett The Grand can even meet all of your demands and requirements for wedding planning by providing you with a variety of facilities and services that will help you organize your wedding correctly. They may provide you with a variety of facilities for your wedding-related events, including the following:


  • Basic electricity, lighting, and backup
  • Bridal suite
  • Accommodating visitors
  • Internal catering
  • Ready-made décor
  • Swimming Pool
  • Pool can be used for functions such as Mehendi, Sangeet, Haldi, etc.
  • Indoor functions and activities can also be done.
  • Fitness Center with Workout Room and Gym
  • Gaming area
  • DJ / Nightclub
  • Activities for Kids (Family-Friendly)
  • Child club
  • An outdoor pool and hot tub

Food Service

CORBETT SUMAN GRAND (Ramnagar) - Ranch Reviews, Photos, Rate Comparison -  Tripadvisor

The resort does not believe in the rat race, and the culinary service is just as important. It recognizes how essential delicious food is to tourists and works to ensure that everything you eat here is the best you've ever had. If properly served, delicious food is also remembered by the public.

Resort Corbett the Grand provides different packages such as;


 1.Gold Packages Meal Packages in the resort provide

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Hi-Tea
  • Semi-Gala Dinner
  • Gala Dinner


2.Platinum packages meal packages include;

  • Breakfast


Squash/ Fruit juice

Continental dishes

South Indian

North Indian

Indian Dry

Soft Food

Hot beverages


  • Lunch



Salad or other main dishes you want to include in your Thali/Platter.


  • Gala Dinner

Welcome drink




Sweet Snacks

And other lots of dishes.


  • Extra Counter


Fruit Stalls

Haridwar Bhoj

Mughlai Stalls

South Indian


Loading or Room Services

Corbett The Grand Resort, Chhoi, Ramnagar | Tariff & Location

It is the ideal weekend getaway in Corbett the Grand that aims to give visitors a reviving and invigorating experience. Visitors can take in the beautiful as well as breath-taking perspectives of the mesmerizing surroundings from the private balconies and sit-out spaces with views of the expansive woodland. The resort's accommodations are the talk of the town because it provides its visitors with about 90-95  luxurious rooms to call home. To make your holidays enjoyable, every room is outfitted with modern conveniences like an air conditioner, a refrigerator, and others. To keep the love for a lush green, the interiors of the rooms were created using eco-friendly techniques and taking inspiration from nature.

The resort also provides certain in-room amenities to make your holidays comfortable in addition to this.


  • Air conditioning
  • Fireplace Room service
  • Iron
  • Minibar
  • Mini-fridge
  • 1 Mineral water bottle per day
  • Cookies platter in rooms per day
  • Morning tea/Coffee for residential guests per day.

Other Services

The resort never lets us down with its many amenities, which is what an ideal location where you don't have to bother about anything seems like. You are confident that the resort will handle everything. Utilizing these amenities can help you achieve your goals for coming here.


  • Concierge
  • Smoke-free hotel
  • shared living room with a TV
  • 24-hour receptionist
  • Ironing services
  • Dry cleaning
  • Self-service laundry
  • laundry service
  • Shoeshine
  • Special D.J. Plus Special Karaoke plus Cultural Dance Gazhal Programme with Live band plus Karaoke
  • Singing Programme with Live band plus Karaoke
  • Marriage Band


How to Parallel Park for Beginners: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Provides valet parking to guests.
  • Total space available for 80 Vehicles



  • Gate decoration
  • Stage setup with decoration
  • Mandap/ Vedi Set up with decoration.
  • Sitting Arrangement cluster/theatre.
  • Food Stalls setup with Masking
  • Tusk with Clothes
  • All Matting & Carpets layouts
  •  Decorative colored Lighting

List of some of the latest and trendy Sheeshpatti designs for 2023 brides


Let's first explore what sheeshpatti is and a little bit of its history before talking about the most trendy sheeshpatti designs. Indian brides have been spotted wearing a variety of jewellery to stunning effect. Each gem in the jewel has its grace and purpose. Although we all agree that every bride is stunning, the jewellery really highlights this. And most recently, we learned that sheesshpatti has replaced other jewels as our brides' new preference.

Brides these days pay close attention to every diamond. No longer just heavy necklaces are involved. The most trendy sheeshpatti designs can significantly enhance your wedding appearance. There are several options, from the basic to the regal, depending on your preferences.

Anyway, we've pledged to simplify all of your wedding-related tasks for you. We are back with a brand-new blog post. We are aware that you are thinking of a lot of questions. Let's explore the trendy sheeshpatti designs in-depth and learn more about them.

What is Sheeshpatti, exactly?

Sheeshpatti is another name for Sispatti. Sheesh means head in Hindi, and Patti is the word for headband. The days when the only jewelleries that could make a statement were the bridal choker necklace and the large bridal earrings are long gone. With their sheeshpatti designs, modern brides are starting a new trend.

Unique And Trendy Sheeshpatti Designs For modern brides

The simple style Sheeshpatti featuring pearl accents


An ideal option for minimalist brides who prefer to keep things nice and uncomplicated. The floral-detailed circular bridal sheeshpatti design on the forehead is beautiful. The Patti with the pearl accents is quite striking. Furthermore, it complements both heavy and light jewellery styles. You may count on us to recommend these stunning new sheeshpatti designs.

You need the one that will make you feel like a queen. We've got you covered there.

Look at this amazing and trendy sheeshpatti design! Deepika Padukone appeared wearing a beautiful sheeshpatti style like a royal queen. Therefore, it is impossible to ignore how stunning it would appear with the ideal attire and jewellery.

In search of a thick sheeshpatti with sparkling accents?

We have the perfect match for you. This sheeshpatti is an example of basic yet substantial designer jewellery. It perfectly combines modernism and culture. Several pearl bands display minimalism. However, the design with the large diamonds also captures our interest in the interim. One of the best modern sheeshpatti designs is this one.

Want something a little unique and trendy sheeshpatti design? Then here we are

These days, wearing statement jewellery goes beyond simple necklaces and earring sets. Look at this bridal sheeshpatti design, it's really ethereal. If you appear in this, you will undoubtedly be the talk of the town. One of the most beautiful, modern, and trendy sheeshpatti designs.

Kundan Grace


We are blown away by this Kundan beauty. It appears to be quite lovely. Any bride who enjoys Kundan jewellery will get this recommendation from us. As a result, it's a catchall term for contemporary bridal sheeshpatti designs that are affordable.

Latest and trendy Sheeshpatti designs by Lean Borla

In Rajasthani culture, the Borla sheeshpatti is a representation of Srinagar. A typical item of jewellery from Rajasthan is the Bolla sheeshpatti. The beauty of culture is reflected in it, and it looks magnificent. Get the right one for you, and you'll be ready to wow everyone. With this newest bridal sheeshpatti design, practically every Rajasthani bride is flaunting her bridal look.

The stunning double-layer bridal sheeshpatti design

If you want something different from the standard sheeshpatti, get the double-layer stunner. Look at the floral details and airy style. You'll adore the appealing touches. It is one of the newest and most exquisite bridal sheeshpatti designs thanks to the design.


Elegant Florals

We understand that gorgeous floral sheeshpatti also awes you. It appears original and modern.

Stunning Creation

Just look at how beautiful this sheeshpatti is. We do not doubt that everyone will adore your sispatti. You will be the talk of the town. Therefore, if you came in this, please prepare yourself for the crazy attention. The peacock design has won our hearts.

Special Beauty

First off, your bridal style will be joyful because of this trendy sheeshpatti design. Second, it is adaptable and may be used with any style of lehenga. It is more lovely and gorgeous because of the minor nuances. Make a statement with your bridal ensemble.

Designer and heavy sheesh Patti

Are you still a bride who adores bulky jewellery? Then you should read this. It is absolutely stunning and appears lovely. With this sheeshpatti, you'll be rocking the day!

Beautiful Sheeshpatti

We are aware that you adore its alluring appearance. Additionally, the unusual appearance is a result of the various designs on the side. We would therefore heartily suggest it to you.

Yet another stunning classic blend

Looking for trendy sheeshpatti designs to give your outfit a transitional twist? We've got your back. This design is stunning in every way. So, in our opinion, it's a really great option for every bride.

Multi-layered bridal Sheeshpatti design  that sparkles

Sheeshpatti with multiple layers have gained enormous popularity. We can't get over how gorgeous they look. There are numerous variations of these sheeshpatti patterns. Consequently, we consider it one of the most trustworthy recent and trendy sheeshpatti designs.

With the best bridal sheeshpatti design, make a bold new statement in fashion. Depending on your appearance and attire, you can select the appropriate and ideal one. Some patterns complement every kind of bridal attire you choose. Once you choose the perfect and trendy sheeshpatti design for you, you are now ready to rock your special day. Event Planet always strives to make planning a wedding simple for you. In our blogs, we cover every wedding-related issue.

We thus hope that you enjoyed these most recent bridal sheeshpatti designs. For you, we have collected the top choices in one location. We hope that this blog has aided in your decision-making.

Top Bridal Mangalsutra Ideas for Traditional Brides

The mangalsutra should match the rest of the wedding when it comes to taste and preferences. Depending on the preferences of the bride and groom, mangalsutra—which originated from the auspicious thread—can today be found in a million distinct ways. Here are 20 wedding mangalsutra design ideas to inspire you and help you narrow down your choices.


Diamond Mangalsutra with Symmetry

This diamond and gold mangalsutra adheres to the fundamentals while enhancing the overall design with additional opulence and beauty. It would complement the wedding jewelry beautifully. Additionally, if you decide to wear it frequently after the wedding, this wedding mangalsutra design idea will complement all of your gowns beautifully.


Gleaming Diamond Pattern

The cluster of Marquise-cut diamonds is truly breathtaking. Additionally, this wedding mangalsutra design idea for a wedding is a shout-out to all the women who think diamonds are their best friends. Additionally, both long and short mangalsutra chains can be used to fasten it.


Mangalsutra Solitaire in a Glow

The traditional diamond bridal mangalsutra design won't be out of style anytime soon. Additionally, it is the classic Indian style for the modern bride. It is the ideal synthesis of conventional and contemporary.


Simple, Straight lined, and Unambiguous Mangalsutra

A beautiful double thread of black and gold beads is featured on it. The diamond pendant is simple and lovely in shape. The mangalsutra will go with both traditional and western attire if you intend to wear it frequently after the wedding. This is one trending wedding mangalsutra design idea that will make you look beautiful without any other jewelry.


Evergreen Diamond and Gold Mangalsutra

This mangalsutra is one of those styles that never go out of style. It exudes a soft, comforting charm. Additionally, the gold design is fascinating and elegant, with a hint of delicate diamonds. All bridal lehengas would look beautiful with this mangalsutra pattern.


Mangalsutra with a heart shape design

The mangalsutra's heart form symbolizes your deepest devotion to your spouse. All brides can get inspiration from this design. The gold and diamond combination pendant has historically been fashionable. Evergreen and elegant, a little diamond heart with a pearl in the center.


Gorgeous Pink Stone Mangalsutra for the Wedding

This bridal mangalsutra design unquestionably commands attention. The center stones give the item color and glitz. It is also wonderfully decorated. This wedding mangalsutra design idea is ideal for all brides who desire style and opulence.


Streamlined Mangalsutra design

For all the brides out there who prefer simple and elegant designs, here is a bridal mangalsutra design. The ideal minimalist design is this single solitaire piece with a few black beads and single chains. So if you want to wear the mangalsutra every day after the wedding, it is ideal.


Elegant and Classic Design

This wedding mangalsutra design idea is magnificent for all types of wedding celebrations because it has a crescent pendant. Additionally, the mangalsutra's diamond rings add even more glitz while keeping it understated.


Mangalsutra ring

Would you like to wear your mangal sutra as a ring? We have the ideal answer. This ring looks stunning with the traditional black beads and the little diamonds. Additionally, the style is a highly stylish and intriguing alternative to the standard mangalsutra.


The Mangalsutra bracelet

The bracelet mangal sutra merits special mention when we are discussing the most recent trends in bridal mangalsutra design. For brides who desire a special mangalsutra for their nuptials. Furthermore, depending on your preferences, the bracelet you select could be a plain or a charm bracelet.


A Temple-Based Jewelry Design

This bridal mangalsutra design is beautiful on the outside but pious and exquisite. The message of prosperity is communicated through the mangalsutra. The red and green stones that are accented on the gold pendant also appear lovely.


Wonderful Gold Wedding Mangalsutra Design

The multi-layered string and stunning gold carvings on the bridal mangalsutra's pendant make it particularly lovely. The crimson stones in the elaborate arrangement give them a regal appearance. It also features a rani har design. This mangalsutra is ideal for all formal occasions.


Mangalsutra with Gold Coins

Traditional and from Maharashtra, this wedding mangalsutra design idea. The goddess Lakshi is imprinted on the gold coins to bring wealth to the wedding. It is also really expertly made and has a ravishing appearance.


Mangalsutra in floral gold design

Mangalsutas with floral motifs are always a good choice. The delicate blooms and foliage are lovely and stunning. Additionally, the piece has a touch of opulence because of the teardrop-shaped gold design. This is the mangalsutra for you if you desire an all-gold piece with a touch of contemporary style.


Endless Flower Mangalsutra for the Bride

Having a thing for floral patterns? This gorgeous wedding mangal sutra design idea has five medium-sized flowers. The pendant's size gives the design a great deal of elegance. Additionally, there is nothing more opulent and striking than this delicate gold floral pattern. Additionally, rose gold would look stunning on it.


Design in Gold Tassels

This wedding mangalsutra design idea for a wedding is quite modern. This is the one for you if you're a bride who always wants to seem fashionable. The knot and the final addition of the golden beads give the mangalsutra a very sassy touch.


Individualized Name Design Mangalsutra

A customized mangalsutra bearing the name of your future husband is the epitome of intimacy and personalization. This bridal mangalsutra design has a charming and romantic feel about it. Additionally, all new-age brides must try this skillfully crafted pendant.


Design of Gold Initials Pendant

Looking to give the mangalsutra a sweet, individual touch? This wedding mangalsutra design idea or pattern is lovely and incredibly romantic. Additionally, you can adorn it with little diamonds to make it more opulent.


Design for a pearl Mangalsutra wedding

All brides who want to stick with the lovely pearl designs will benefit from wearing this bridal mangalsutra design. Furthermore, the pendant and chain look stunning with their sparkling white beads. This wedding Mangalsutra design idea exudes grace and refinement.



You're not on the right side of the run if you think that your team can perform at its best by giving each member of the team infinite goals. Colleagues will perceive the workload as being particularly taxing if you confine them to your office space. Whatever the case, a minor adjustment to your company's daily calendar can result in significant improvements in team performance. You must also take your team on an exciting group outing if you want to achieve the greatest performance possible from them.

We are about to start a tour of the top 20 sites in India for a corporate outing. I can assure you that you and your coworkers will appreciate going to each one.

Inn at Bannerghatta Jungle

It sounds enchanted to see some amazing animals when driving a jeep and looking for big cats. The majority of the adventure activities your coworkers can experience on a group vacation can be found at Bannerghatta Jungle Lodges, which are located on the outskirts of Bangalore. With a list of thrilling and daring activities, the resort's lush, green, and dense surroundings will undoubtedly astound you all. As soon as you arrive at the resort, you may immerse yourself in enjoyable activities like zoo visits, nature walks, and wildlife viewing. It's undoubtedly one of Bangalore's most incredible locations for corporate team outings.

The Discovery Village at Nandi Hills

The lovely location for corporate team outings is about 350 kilometers from Chennai. Spend a weekend here and hike through these slopes to enjoy the magnificent scenery they provide. Other enjoyable group activities, like paintball and zorbing, are available. Discover your fearless side by exploring caves and going camping while doing yoga to bathe your inner self in happiness.

Mamallapuram Radisson Blu Temple Bay

What better way to enjoy a business trip than in a 5-Star hotel, taking advantage of the many extravagances in the tranquil seaside town of Mamallapuram? It is one of the most amazing resorts close to Chennai where you and your team can lead various team-building and improvement exercises. Play games with your friends in the infinity pool or work out hard but with fun in the Pranayam Wellness Center. Alternately, try your hand at deep-sea fishing or play a round of mini golf.


It's another fantastic location for corporate team outings you should take your team to if you want them to have a fun-filled weekend. Visitors to the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary will have the opportunity to see elephants, langurs, peacocks, and many other uncommon animals. They also have some of the most magnificent temples, which you must see to appreciate the craftsmanship and architecture.


It is a beautiful location for corporate team outings with many options for team-building exercises. The area's numerous chances for angling, hiking, and bird viewing make it the ideal adventure destination for business group outings. The journey is made considerably more exciting by the coracle rides, camping locations, and other activities. Bangalore is 150 kilometers away from the location.

Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island

The Radhanagar Shoreline, which is located on the western side of Havelock Island, was hailed as "Asia's Best Shoreline" by TIME Magazine in 2004. A perfect beach setting for those strolls is the clean and serene backdrop with the far-reaching white and silky sand shimmering beneath the azure blue seas. Water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling, which let you explore the fascinating aquatic environment, are other things your team can do.

Ross and Smith Island Beach

One of the unspoiled beaches in the Andaman is the Ross and Smith island shoreline, a natural sandbar separating the two desolate islands. an ideal location for corporate team outings souring for your business associates. Pontoon rides on the emerald-green water off the coast of Ross and Smith Islands are a great way to freak out. Here, your friends can participate in sports like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and sunbathing.

The Sea Lover's Getaway in Bakkhali

Bakkhali, a World Heritage Site close to Sundarban, is a tranquil retreat for sea lovers and a great destination for business outings. This location for corporate team outings allows you to enjoy the melodious sound of the breaking waves while being completely cut off from the noise of city life. Along with enjoyable beach activities, your team can visit sights like Frasergunj's windmills and the Crocodile Propagation Center.

Samsung: A Green and Orange-Hued Countryside

Samsung, which is located 82 kilometers from Siliguri in the Darjeeling region of West Bengal, is the ideal location for corporate team outings. This beautiful town's mid-altitude undulating slopes are covered in lush, green tea gardens, and its dense forests are home to little native animals and birds. The village is filled with magnificent orange plantations that wonderfully highlight the beauty of its scenic vista.

Odisha's rustic Puri Outing

Your teams will ride a roller coaster filled with wonder, beauty, and history for more than three hours. Scout Puri in a brand-new way. Explore the city's historic alleyways, vibrant street cuisine, imposing Jagganath Puri temple, and countless more attractions.

Kolad, Empower Camp

Empower Camp in Kolad is a great place to unwind and have fun while escaping city life's bustle. From urban areas like Mumbai or Pune, take a short journey to begin your eventful day. Choose from a wide range of options and options to get the best package for your team. With activities like raft building and rafting, you can keep yourself saturated in endless pleasure, adrenaline rush, and thrill. With opulent buffet lunches, the outing will be much more exciting.

Wada's Corporate Picnic

Join your team for an exhilarating day trip to a campground close to Mumbai. The camp has been purposefully left in an untamed environment in the middle of rural areas, which amplifies the experience's rustic vibe. You can feel the draw of the country living here in your senses.

Activities for Teams at Vangani

Take a break on this team outing for a rejuvenating day if the daily routine of achieving goals, meeting deadlines, and business meetings has you feeling worn out. This report provides a lot of fun and frolic with a variety of activities to lift moods. Play one of the many adventure games available here. At Vangani, compete against competing teams and form bonds with your friends while having fun.

Pune's Tapola River Camp

The Tapola River Camp is a fantastic getaway location in Pune for corporate teams because it offers a tonne of activities. At the Tapola River Camp, the tents are placed close together. They come with lovely verandahs that let you admire the countryside's unspoiled splendor. The resort is the perfect location for corporate team outings because it is surrounded by lush greenery and provides a picturesque view of the River Tapola. Take part in a variety of team-building exercises to eliminate any fatigue from your body and mind.

Goa's Taj Exotica

A beautiful group excursion resort in Goa, the Taj Exotica is situated in the middle of lush gardens and looks out into the Arabian Sea. Its location on the Benaulim Shoreline and more than 140 precisely planned air-conditioned rooms are both strengths. Your friends can take in the beautiful views of the ocean from within the rooms and galleries. On a typical group trip, your coworkers can participate in a variety of workshops, unique indoor activities, golfing, bird-watching sessions, cycling, visiting Old Goa, and other social outings.

Dhauj Camps, New Delhi

Dhauj Camps, which are in the Aravali Hills not far from Delhi, are a great location for corporate team outing adventures. This campground offers an escape into natural beauty where you can unwind and revive without working up a sweat. It combines rustic life with captivating activities like the balance walk and monkey crawl, to name a few.

Shimla's Parkwoods Shoghi

The Parkwoods Shoghi is a fantastic adventure for a business team outing. The Himalayan background, immaculate surroundings, and gorgeous settings make it the ideal retreat for team events. Rock climbing, night trekking, and dancing around a bonfire are just a few of the wonderful adventure team activities available here.


Resort at Botanix Nature

Go to Botanix Environment Resort if you're seeking venues in Gurgaon for group trips that will provide exciting activities and expose you to pristine nature. This well-known group excursion site tucked away between the picturesque Aravalli Slopes and the bubbling Damdama Lake, offers a variety of exhilarating activities for business groups, including camel rides, the Burma Bridge, hot air balloon rides, nature walks, zorbing, and more.

Kashmir's Gulmarg

For those who love adventure, Gulmarg is a paradise. The area, also known as the "Meadow of Flowers," enchants everyone with its display of exquisite blossoms against a background of snow-capped mountains. Gondola rides, walking, and skiing are just a few of the team-building activities available at this captivating location. It's the perfect location for enjoyable business tours.


People travel from all over the world to Sonamarg because of the region's never-ending supply of brilliant blossoms and undulating hiking trails. Sonamarg must be on every visitor's list of places to visit in Kashmir due to its alluring ambiance and breathtaking landscapes. By planning group excursions like hikes, treks, and camping trips together, your coworkers from the same company can develop a loving relationship.

Top Latkan Designs For Bridal Lehengas

Now is the wedding season! And every bride is working hard to decide what to wear on the big day. They have covered everything, from lehenga designs to blouse styles. However, if they couldn't decide on latkans for the lehenga. Therefore, Event Planet offers a variety of Latin designs for bridal lehengas to lessen your workload. Check out the hottest Latin wedding trends to kill it during your nuptials. These are the distinctive designs in Latkan that are sure to attract attention. So, check out these amazing Latkan designs for bridal lehengas and add some particular touches to your wedding day.

Various Latkans Designs for Bridal Lehengas

We've explored a variety of Latin styles on this list. That is both beautiful and distinctive. Browse through these Latin design bridal lehengas and save one for your special day.

Wedding Lehenga Designs That Go Together

If you want everything to match the dress you want to wear on your wedding day! Then you might choose this latkans style for your day. This striking Latin pattern complements your wedding lehenga beautifully. You can just switch to that hue with the same Latin pattern if you have another colour of lehenga for the wedding.

Beautiful Dialogue Latkan design for bridal Lehenga

Do you have a strong desire for the top position? Or are you your parents' favoured child? These latkans with conversations are the best option for you if you are! Choose these latkans for your big day, and let the dialogues on them reveal who you are to the world. You can change these conversations to suit your tastes.

Latkan designs bridal lehengas in the shape of a kite

If your wedding is scheduled for January! After that, wear your lehenga with the kite-shaped latkans. The festival of kites is observed in January. With these hashtags, brides can add the hashtag for their wedding. These are the most outrageous latkans one can wear during pre-wedding rituals.

Heart-shaped Latkan designs for bridal lehengas are available

A wedding is an occasion when two individuals exchange vows of marriage. Their new journey has just begun. So why not flaunt your brand-new love for one another? Put on your lehenga and these heart-shaped latkans to steal the stage. These heart-shaped latkans can be personalised by writing your partner's name on them and adding a shubh vivah tag.

Bridal Latkan with Bicycle Tassels

With these Latin bicycle patterns for your wedding lehenga, you can't go wrong. These patterns feature bridal palkis. Your sangeet lehenga would look beautiful with these Latin patterns. Because of their small weight, these latkans won't make your lehenga heavier.

For the brides who want more than they should

Are you the kind of bride who expects nothing less than the best on your special day? You've now succeeded in your mission. These gorgeous latkans seem quite sophisticated. The bridal gown should be complemented with hefty latkans because that is what matters most. These latkans are a popular choice for brides to add to their lehenga. This Alaskan gives your clothing a pop of colour, improving your image as a whole.

Latkan Designs for Taj-Mahal Weddings 1

Why not incorporate the Taj Mahal, a representation of love, into your wedding attire? The most adorable Latin design for bridal lehengas is this one. This will demonstrate your affection for your companion. So, without a doubt, choose this pair of latkans in the shape of the Taj Mahal and make your day special.

Bridal Lehenga Designs With Personalized Latkans

The popular "Shaniya"-branded Latkan design is shown here. When you wear this, you'll be the talk of the town. Therefore, don't hesitate to express your affection for your mate. Additionally, get his name printed on your latkans.

Latkan design for bridal lehengas with Pearls & Tassel

Every bride wants to include trendy pearl and tassel latkans in one of her wedding outfits because they are so fashionable right now. Your lehenga looks even cuter with the pearl and tassel.

With Pictures Of Latkan Designs For Bridal Lehengas

Are you looking for eye-catching and brilliant Latin designs for bridal lehengas? The time has come to inform you that your quest for these latkans is over. We have you covered with our superb Latin designs. The illustration is in Latin with just a picture of you and your companion inside. Decorate this Latin to raise the bar. This is the most distinctive and appealing of the lot.

Pom-Pom Latkans Designs

Do you appreciate ethnic customs and want to include them in your wedding? Once you have done that, add these Latin designs for bridal lehengas pompom designs to your favourites. These will offer your ensemble a sophisticated yet timeless appearance. Pom-pom-adorned latkans give your outfit a heavier appearance. They will therefore complement your wedding-day clothing wonderfully.

Wedding hashtag designs Latkan

Nowadays, creating hashtags for weddings is popular. This hashtag can be written on your lehenga latkan as well. If you apply these hashtags, your outfit will look much better. Simply add the dates of your marriages when using the hashtags.

Gotta Patti Latkan design for Bridal lehengas

Gotta Patti is a piece that provides a bride with a more classic feel. Therefore, if you appreciate tradition, choose these latkans for your wedding. This latkan pattern can be used on any of your lehengas. Therefore, it is a fantastic notion for the brides to reuse these Gotta Patti latkans.

Lehenga Designs With Lightweight Latkans

We are aware that wearing a cumbersome lehenga adds to your already considerable weight. So these simple latkans are for you to lighten your load and make you feel comfy. These are the thin latkans that provide the appearance of elegant clothing. With these latkans, there is no heavier feeling. There are these Latinas in the group, and you can add more.

Reflective Work Latkans

The mirror is a piece of art that goes with every dress you own. Any clothing with mirror work offers you a regal appearance. Therefore, incorporate this mirror work into your Latinas as well. These latkans with mirror weaving are perfect for rituals like Haldi. Select the latkas colour by your Haldi jewellery. You can then add your partner's name to it with that.

Displaying the wedding date on Latkans

You should display the dates on your latkans. These may be used for rituals like Haldi and Mehendi. These Latkan patterns are certain to captivate your guests. Out of all the Latinas, this one is the most beautiful. You can choose this one or alter the date's style to suit your preferences. Whatever you decide, all you need to do is adore it while grinning pretty, and you'll be ready to rule the events.

So, these are the most popular Latin bridal lehenga styles that we covered. Hope you enjoyed these Latkan patterns. So, choose one of these latkan for your big day and command attention. These are some Latinas that can unquestionably serve as bookmarks. Please let us know in the comments which one you liked most. additional concepts for upcoming blog posts.

Some Of The Best Stunning Eye Catching Golden Bridal Lehenga

For your wedding, a golden bridal lehenga is an ideal colour. Additionally, it will appear amazing and entrancing on brides. Therefore, women must experiment with other colour combinations with their golden bridal lehengas. However, the brides are not limited to wearing only a golden lehenga to their wedding. Discover all the fun down below.

Some of the best golden bridal lehenga


Lehenga in yellow and gold

Even the colour yellow looks stunning. Additionally, the combination of yellow and gold will be magical for weddings. So for your wedding, consider wearing yellow and golden bridal lehengas.

Golden Lehenga by Sabyasachi

The most popular designer of lehengas, sarees, purses, jewellery, etc. in India is Sabyasachi. And he consistently generates some original concepts for his collections. Additionally, his work must be mentioned if the golden lehenga design is to be discussed. Check out Sabyasachi's bridal lehenga designs as well.

Rose Gold Lehenga

Your eyes will find a rose gold lehenga to be smooth and lovely. And for their wedding, brides must wear this hue lehenga. It will enhance the bride's overall attractiveness.

Golden and Black Lehenga

On brides, a black and gold lehenga is gorgeous. And whoever is getting married this year ought to wear this lehenga combination to the ceremony. So, for your wedding, this colour combination will be breathtaking.

Golden and Red Lehenga

The newest Golden bridal lehenga collection from Manyavar features red and golden hues. Additionally, Alia Bhatt is present to promote the good. She is fully defending that expression. She also appears amazed. For your ideal wedding, look at some beautiful red wedding lehenga designs.

Gold and Pink Lehenga

If you're seeking a bridal lehenga with pink and gold accents, you should try it in Indo-Western style. It's because it will make a statement and work miracles on the day of your wedding. Look at pink bridal lehenga design concepts to enhance your wedding appearance.

Lehenga in white and gold.

The bridal lehenga's uncommon colour combination for your wedding is white and golden. Additionally, wearing it will attract the visitor's attention. Therefore, you can also attempt it at your wedding. You can also wear it with a full-sleeved blouse or other top options.

Golden and Maroon Lehenga

On brides, maroon and gold bridal lehengas look stunning. In reality, a bride's complexion is improved by the maroon tint. Therefore, women can use this combination for their weddings.

Lehenga in gold net

One of the best and nicest ways to dress up your lehenga is with a net lehenga. And it can be regarded as one of your wedding's chic lehenga designs. Consider wearing a golden net lehenga.

Gold lehenga on Kareena Kapoor

One of the most attractive Bollywood actors is Kareena Kapoor. She also always dressed to impress in the newest expensive clothing. Kareena has been spotted multiple times wearing a glittering golden bridal lehenga. She consistently advanced to new levels.

Lehenga in gold with pink dupatta

Any wedding event would look beautiful with a golden bridal lehenga and a pink dupatta. And for their wedding, the brides should wear a lehenga of this colour.

Golden Bridal Lehenga for Reception

We shall never forget the GAZA wedding reception wearing a golden bridal lehenga. And let's not forget how stunning Gauahar Khan seemed at all of her wedding-related events. Therefore, mentioning Gauahar Khan's reception attire is required.

Gold and Blue Lehenga

On a wedding day, a blue and golden bridal lehenga will appear royal. And the bride should wear a lehenga in this colour combination to her wedding.

Lehenga in green and gold.

Another option for the bridal lehenga dress is a green and gold lehenga. And for their wedding, brides might wear a lehenga in this colour combination. Therefore, this will look fantastic at their wedding. For your wedding, you can also look at green golden bridal lehenga options.

Golden Glitter Lehenga

Anything with glitter or shine enhances the appearance of that particular thing. Golden Glitter Lehenga Therefore, brides can also dress in a golden bridal lehenga that is covered in glitter.

Lehenga in gold plain

For their wedding, the ladies must wear a complete lehenga in the colour gold. It will therefore look stunning on the bride. Additionally, it will fit the situation perfectly.

Anushka Sharma White Lehenga

Golden lehengas look stunning on Anushka Sharma. For her wedding reception, she decided to use this. You can therefore get ideas from it.

Gold and Purple Lehenga

Other lethal wedding colour pairings include purple and gold. Additionally, women might use this colour on their wedding day.

Golden and Navy Blue Lehenga

The colour navy blue is unusual for bridal lehengas on its own. To add a bit of originality, brides must complement it with golden hues.

Lehenga Champagne Gold

A champagne gold bridal lehenga with a leaf pattern will look stunning on brides. And for their wedding, brides can wear this lehenga.

Banarasi Lehenga in gold

Brides are supposed to wear banarasi lehengas on their wedding days. And on brides, this appears regal and gorgeous. On their wedding day, brides can test it out.

Lehenga in orange and gold

At your wedding, a lehenga in orange and gold will stand out. And for your wedding day, you must wear this orange combo lehenga.

Golden and Sky Blue Lehenga

Lehengas in shades of sky blue and gold are very calming to the eyes. And not many brides choose to wear this colour combination. That means it will look special at your wedding. Try wearing this stunning hue lehenga with a peplum lehenga style.

Golden and Peach Lehenga

The lehenga in peach and gold is extremely appealing and lovely. It is a result of the calming colour. So, when planning their wedding, ladies should strive to use this mixture.

Gold and Ivory Lehenga

In an ivory and gold lehenga, Sonam Kapoor looked stunning. She must serve as a model for many brides.

Lehenga in turquoise with gold sequins

The colour turquoise appears to be so natural and lovely. And for their wedding, brides must try this hue lehenga. Consequently, a turquoise lehenga will look better with gold sequins added to it.

Lehenga with gold sequins

Our wedding attire instantly looks sparkling and lovely when it is a sequin lehenga. Therefore, for their wedding, brides must try on golden sequin lehengas.

Lehenga in gold with red dupatta

Maroon or golden tops with a golden lehenga and a maroon dupatta look great together. And the dupatta can be made of velvet or georgette. Here are all the designs for velvet bridal lehengas.

Want To Look Amazing On Your Day; Follow This Bridal Hairstyle

The best and most stunning traditional Bengali bridal hairstyle designs enhance your wedding photographs. anything that combines attractiveness with the highest degree of gorgeousness. These hairstyles are intended especially for the most beautiful Bengali brides. Pick a bridal hairstyle that is suitable for a Bengali wedding and works nicely for the wedding day. We are aware that becoming a bride involves a lot of work.

Indian weddings are difficult, and you might not have enough time to make all the necessary decisions. Before continuing, please take a look at how to have a destination wedding on a tight budget if you are planning one. Don't forget to look for the ideal lehenga colours for your Day as well. It's very likely that you'll have finished wedding planning soon. It's possible that you've done your planning and selected the venue, the decorations, and the caterer. You've already decided on your wedding makeup artist. Do you have absolute confidence that nothing is missing?

Perhaps you have chosen the newest sheeshpatti design for yourself as well as the greatest fashionable jewellery for your bridal look. But something is still missing, in our opinion. True, exactly! You must make sure to select a stunning hairdo for yourself. Bengali wedding hairstyles are really fashionable right now among brides. Some people simply skip the hair phase in favour of putting on makeup and getting ready for a dress. As long as the bride's hair is bad, most people don't think it is important to pay additional attention to it. For them, any hairstyle will do. A respectable haircut is completely okay, but if you ignore the hairstyle element, you might not be able to incorporate that unique vibe into your appearance. You wouldn't want to omit a step because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Aside from that, your Bengali bridal hairstyle may make even the most simple clothing look amazing! It might lead to tragedy, just like when you choose your style.


Stunning and impressive Bengali Bridal Hairstyles


Traditional Bengali Mukut Hairstyle

The most beautiful Bengali brides hairdo is one with the perfect proportion of a Bengali Bridal Mukut. Without it, the outfit would be weak and less beautiful because it makes the ensemble appear finished. Once you are wearing the Mukut, the environment is set for the traditional Bengali bridal hairstyle. We are in awe of this hairdo, which is among the most gorgeous Bengali bridal hairstyles. Every bride we've seen has a particular set of mukut designs that add to their sense of elegance. Well, their own individual style is what gives the Traditional Bengali Bridal Hairstyle the appearance of fullness. The possibilities of your Mukut-styled traditional Bengali bridal hairdo will certainly be maximised by your hairstylist.

Bengali hairstyles with bouncy side curls

Curly hair is the safest option for a conventional bridal hairdo. Nothing works better when choosing a gorgeous hairdo for the engagement ceremony than this, especially for people with short hair. People with naturally curly hair would look great in this traditional Bengali bridal hairstyle. The main attraction of this bridal hair is its attractive pattern, which is certainly very attractive. The bouncy side curls need to be curled out using a hot iron tool. Curling irons with straight rods work well for lifting and producing tight curls in hair. Such a pretty bridal hairstyle is frequently in style for Bengali weddings.

Stunning Bun with Mid-part

It's possible that this customary bun was a common sight at Bengali weddings. Together with exquisite Banarasi sarees and expensive gold jewellery, this simple bridal bun hairstyle looks lovely. The middle of your hair will be even more gorgeous with the addition of a gold mukut and a gorgeous tiara as accessories. This particular doughnut bun is highly traditional in Bengali origin. decorated with a few red roses, white mogra, and jasmine flowers! We've almost grown accustomed to seeing brides behave in this way during weddings. But it never appeared out of date. a Bengali wedding hairstyle decorated with flowers.

Messy buns with style

With the appropriate attire and jewellery, anyone would look their best with such a stunning traditional Bengali bridal hairdo. What makes this different from other customary Bengali bridal hairstyles? There are more issues than just minor ones, I suppose. Bollywood has made it acceptable to dress in apparel and accessories that have small defects. On your wedding day, you'll require that stunning traditional Bengali bridal hairdo with all those tiny components. You only need those locks and the side hair for an amazing Traditional Bengali Bridal Hairstyle.

Beautiful Side Roses Hairstyle

One of those hairstyles that might look great on short hair is this one. All you need for a bun is a somewhat well-arranged floral garland. When creating a traditional Bengali bridal hairstyle with open hair. Its attractiveness is found in addition to the rose-shaped components. Simply tell your stylist to bring roses if you want to achieve this hairstyle for your wedding. These exquisite blooms really take the appearance to the next level. You won't be let down if your hairstyle is normally intended as a gorgeous short or long hairstyle. An arrangement of flowers serves as the focal point of this perfectly crafted Indian bridal hairstyle. With this, even medium-length hair may look fantastic.

Traditional Rose Bun Hairstyles

I've seen a lot of traditional Bengali bridal hairstyles, but this Rose Bun Hairstyle is the only one you'll ever need. It is stunning and incredibly customisable. If you're not a huge fan of the conventional Bengali bridal hairstyle with roses, request that your stylist use alternate flowers. The bun is covered in lovely Red flowers, which improve its beauty and draw attention to it. For an extremely simple Traditional Bengali Bridal Hairstyle. Depending on the situation, the blooms' hue may vary. For the Reception, you might want to use Yellow or Pink. Choosing Red when going with the traditional Bengali bridal hairstyle.

Curly, open hair with hair accessories

Simply leave your hair open with volume-appropriate curls. Simply embellish it with Matha patti and other hair decorations. Adding some flowers to your outfit will also improve it. We are confident that you will adore this hairstyle because it is both easy and lovely.

Crown Braid with Accessory Hair

A crown braid hairstyle would surely make your wedding day appear more beautiful. Your gorgeous crown will look distinctive and magnificent with pearl embellishments. Leave the lower portion of the curl open to create the appearance of a cascading waterfall.

Bengali brides with minimal hairstyles

Some brides, as far as we know, opt for destination weddings. Many other people also choose to utilise the option for your wedding event. Additionally, this particular choice was chosen for the wedding hairstyle by every bride I am aware of. In this style, a fresh layering of flowers is added to the most attractive floral arrangement on either end of the hair.

Side Flowers for Wedding Hair

This is one haircut that might look excellent on short hair. A loosely strung floral garland is all that is required for a bun. when making an open-haired traditional Bengali bridal hairdo. Along with the components that are in the shape of flowers, it is very appealing. If you want a hairdo similar to this for your wedding, just tell your stylist to send flowers.


If you wear the most gorgeous traditional Bengali hairstyle, your bridal appearance will be much improved. The aforementioned hairstyles are the only ones that benefit from the best hair accessories. Real brides look their finest with buns, braids, straight hair, and any other minor adjustment that can transform their image from fully North to entirely South.


Sending a wedding invitation via WhatsApp is currently gradually gaining popularity in the wedding industry. If you don't know what they are, they are WhatsApp messages that you send to your guests to inform them of the wedding's dates and invite them to attend so they may wish the happy couple well. Event Planet doesn't want you to be left out, so we've put together a list of some fantastic and original WhatsApp wedding invitation cards that you may use for your wedding. Before the big day, check out these WhatsApp marriage invitation messages and card ideas.


Sending a wedding invitation using WhatsApp with the Photoshoot

The simplest way to send a WhatsApp marriage invitation message is with a photo of you and your fiancé and some text. Furthermore, it is a traditional method of creating a WhatsApp wedding invitation card. So now is your chance to have fun by dressing as your favorite character or visiting a fancy place.


WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Card sent over to a Couple from Two States

Here is a suggestion for a WhatsApp marriage invitation message to send to invite a couple to be married if they are from separate states. As a result, the text of the Indian wedding invitation for WhatsApp can include the couple's place of origin to give it a more personal touch.


WhatsApp Wedding invitation with the doodle:

 You'll be the subject of a caricature that an artist will make. The image's content can then be customized in many ways. So, here are some caricature-style WhatsApp marriage invitation messages and card design ideas. Additionally, Event Planet allows you to reserve a caricaturist for your WhatsApp wedding card.


A video-based WhatsApp marriage invitation

A video to send as a WhatsApp wedding invitation message that demonstrates your and your fiancé's love is one of the newest trends in the wedding industry. So take advantage of this opportunity to visit a stunning place and produce a lovely wedding invitation video for WhatsApp.


The Funny Wedding Invitation on WhatsApp

Do you plan to WhatsApp your pals to invite them to your wedding? So take advantage of this opportunity to make someone smile with a funny WhatsApp wedding invitation. Choose a comical WhatsApp wedding invitation message like this one instead of sending a formal invitation.!


On WhatsApp, a traditional Indian wedding invitation

For those of you who prefer to stay true to your roots, here is a sample WhatsApp marriage invitation message. Additionally, you can send WhatsApp marriage invitations that everyone will adore by using timeless traditional patterns in the color of your wedding!


Invitation to the destination wedding sent via WhatsApp

Considering a far-flung wedding? Then, it is crucial to send a WhatsApp wedding invitation message that includes the address of all of your guests. This thereby alerts your visitor to the leaves they will need to plan and gives them time to buy their tickets. Additionally, you can indicate the location in your WhatsApp wedding invitation card by including a map or skyline design.


WhatsApp Wedding Invitation: Contemporary Yet Traditional

Here are some traditional but contemporary Indian wedding invitations for friends and family to share on WhatsApp. Therefore, the mix of flowers and traditional hues with the most recent fashionable fonts and animation gives this WhatsApp wedding invite a modern yet Indian appeal.


Bollywood-inspired Whatsapp wedding invitation messages

Ever wanted to watch a wedding-themed movie? Now is your chance to be featured on your movie poster! The photographer will do his magic after you simply pick a movie where you are depicted as a couple and the stars are mentioned on the poster. How lovely is that?


Modern WhatsApp Wedding Invitation

Do you think there is beauty in simplicity? We agree, so here are some suggestions for WhatsApp wedding invitation messages that are ideal for a straightforward and understated wedding invitation card!


Invitation for WhatsApp Chat Wedding Invitation

It is increasingly fashionable to send out chat-style invitations that are highly unique, odd, and visually appealing. Sending your first WhatsApp chat wedding invitation to your family will provide you the opportunity to make a good first impression on your visitor.


WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Text Video

These videos are now so well-liked that even Ambani used one to invite his son to his engagement party. To share with your wedding guests, you may also create these WhatsApp wedding invitation text movies!


WhatsApp Marriage Invitation with your Love Story

A timeline of your relationship's development can be included in your WhatsApp wedding invitation message template. You can also include the dates of your first encounter, your first kiss, and the occasion she formally accepted your proposal! So, if you're creating a WhatsApp wedding invitation for friends, this content will provide a brief history of your life.


The WhatsApp wedding invitation from the comics

Do you and your fiancé enjoy comic books as much as I do? Then your WhatsApp marriage invitation message is your opportunity to finally appear in a comic of your own. Therefore, the story of his proposal or your first meeting and the subsequent journey might be depicted in the wedding invitation message strips.


WhatsApp Indian Wedding Invitation Text Message

We have you covered if you'd prefer to send a WhatsApp wedding invitation text as opposed to a WhatsApp wedding invitation card. Here are some WhatsApp marriage invitation texts that you may use to invite your friends and family to your Indian wedding.


Wedding invitation text for Indian WhatsApp:

Requesting your parents to send your WhatsApp wedding invitation message the old-fashioned way? Here are some examples of text messages that you can use as wedding invites on WhatsApp.


Wedding invitation message for friends on Indian WhatsApp:

With the help of these Indian WhatsApp wedding invitation messages for your friends, you may share the love and joy of your special day.


Formal Wedding Invitation Message For Whatsapp:

Take Formal text messages to take into consideration if you're looking for the best wedding invitation message on WhatsApp for sending to your colleagues.


The bride and groom's Whatsapp invitation message reads:

The most significant day in everyone's life is their wedding day. The bride and groom must also present their loved ones who have helped them during the process with exquisite invites. Thus, the bride and groom's Whatsapp invitation messages are provided below.


From Parents Whatsapp Message for Wedding Invitation:

Being a parent is an extremely difficult but rewarding job. The most painful experience is watching your child grow up and reach their wedding day. Every parent will agree that today is a very special occasion, thus it is crucial to involve everyone in your child's wedding and secure their approval. You need to send some effective wedding invitation messages on WhatsApp to ask people to attend your child's wedding.

Amazing and Adorable Attire Choice For Your Small and Cute Ring Bearers

Find the best ring bearer attire, please. The ring bearer, in addition to the bridesmaids and groomsmen, is significant on your special day. The youngest child in the family will be your ring bearer. Additionally, he will carry your priceless wedding rings as he enters the church. His clothing must therefore draw attention as well. Every ring bearer should have a dapper and refined appearance. There are many great options, so it can be difficult to decide which one to choose.

Several costumes, ranging from elegant tuxedos to designer suits, will look excellent on the young kid. And having so many excellent options accessible could make it difficult for you to choose just a handful. We need to be patient with the small ring bearers because we are all quite particular about the groomsmen's attire. However, to make things easier, we have selected the top ring bearer attire for you. With these suggestions, we at Event Planet make your wedding simple and special. Even if you intend to enforce a dress code in line with the concept of your wedding decor.

See some of the best ring bearer attire given below:


The best ring bearer attire: A traditional plaid and chambray suit

Chambray is entirely made of cotton. This cloth has a plain weave and is frequently used for suits. A design with stripes and colour bands is known as plaid. This outfit comprises a plaid shirt, chambray pants, and a chambray jacket. It is the ideal addition to any wedding style. Your ring bearer will undoubtedly look gorgeous in this outfit.


Cotton Suspender Suit and a Bow Tie

The adorable and cosy suit choice for your young guy. It will be a perfect decision for the children. They will remain relaxed and energised during the event. It also looks amazing as a choice of wedding ring bearer attire. The combination of design and comfort makes it one of the best ring bearer attire. Your son will surely make a good impression by arriving in this suit.


Elegant White 2 Piece Suit

White is always in style. In this glittering costume, your ring bearer will look magnificent as he walks down the aisle. Along with it are a shirt, a jacket, a tie, and pants. The outfit is conveniently offered in a range of sizes. And a new fashion trend at weddings is to wear white. All of the guests will be impressed by this suit selection.


Wonderful Sebastian two-piece silk suit

This thin outfit has a striking appearance. It features a conventional design. Thus, it appears to be wonderful overall. It seems like the ideal option for summer weddings based on the material. This outfit is made even more unique by the gentle modern vibe that blends with the historic elements. In addition to summer weddings, spring weddings are also ideal occasions to style.


Best ring bearer attire: the cutest light blue Eton suit

The young boy will undoubtedly attract all the attention. Everyone will be smitten as soon as he walks out in this gorgeous suit. Shorts, a jacket, and a bow tie make up the outfit. We can see that it appears pleasant. As a result, it's a desirable option for the handsome young man.


Black Tuxedo With Tie, Classy Ring Bearer Attire

The black tux is unquestionably a wise choice for a dashing young man. Each person will admire his appearance and suit. This tuxedo is easily accessible in a variety of sizes. It's unquestionably among the best and most secure ring bearer attire.


The Incredible Separate Linen Suit Jacket & Pants

It can be challenging to find the ideal sizes frequently. Therefore, separates are excellent choices to mix and match various sizes. Additionally, you can use various colours to get creative. The linen suits are perfect for weddings. Additionally, they come in a range of hues, from royal navy blue to fresh pink.


The Navy Blue Royal Vibes Suit

You don't take a chance when you are perplexed by all the best ring bearer attire available. Choose a navy blue suit and tie to be on the safe side. The cost of this lawsuit won't be prohibitive. And it's the ideal wedding dress for any kind of weather. And it's the ideal wedding dress for any kind of weather. Your boy will undoubtedly seem dapper and regal in this wedding ring bearer attire.


Separating The Cute Vest And Shorts

We are impressed by this outfit because of its timeless stripes. Additionally, the vests look great when worn with a matching shirt, shorts, and vest. In this attire, your young boy will appear sharp. When your guy walks down the aisle with this suit, everyone will be looking at him.


Bobby Suit

The suit is beautifully designed and detailed. It is certainly commendable that this costume is on the list of the best ring bearer attire. Your ring bearer will be the topic of the wedding because of the shirt's artistic design. It goes without saying that we adore this bobby suit completely.


Two Piece Mod Glen Suit by Appaman

First of all, this dapper attire is unquestionably the most formal and best ring bearer attire. Second, a suit with a fashionable simple design exudes modernism. It is ideal for weddings held year-round. Your ring bearer will look extremely stunning as he walks down the aisle wearing this costume.


Lumberjack-themed Christmas attire

Take a look at this if you want to organise a fun wedding. The tie, slacks, and jacket all have prints in red and black. It can be worn during any wedding ceremony, though. because the design is adequate and doesn't seem to be restricted to weddings throughout the holiday season.


Four-piece nautical outfit

For the lavish wedding celebration, the suit with the striped shirt and vest looks perfect. It includes mismatched slacks, a shirt, and a bow tie. As a result, when he arrived wearing this suit, he became the talk of the town. Additionally, it comes in a range of hues.

These were the stylish and best ring bearer attire alternatives we selected for you as a result. We hope this post has assisted you in selecting the appropriate attire for him. Your ring security will look gorgeous when heading down the aisle in any of these costumes.


Opulent and Exquisite Grey And Silver Lehenga Set

When we think of bridal lehenga colours that have been popular for a while, red, yellow, green, orange, and one other colour that occasionally makes an appearance come to mind. Silver! Silver lehengas have frequently been seen on brides. When paired with Indian clothing, it appears completely ethereal, and a bride-to-be is endowed with an aura of beauty and simple grace when donning a silver or grey lehenga. We are aware of how crucial it is to select the ideal lehenga colour for your special day.

We firmly believe that as a colour for bridal clothing, silver is not given the respect it deserves. Consider this design as a tribute to the lehenga's silvery-gray colour. We definitely feel that each and every bride ought to consider wearing this hue at least once while celebrating her nuptials. You'll fall in love with this colour combination after seeing these lovely Silver bridal lehengas. Also, preserve this jewellery, brides, to rock your big day.


Wonderful Grey and Silver Lehenga Designs


Silver Grey Bridal Lehenga Designs by Sabyasachi

A simple silver lehenga is available for brides who choose to radiate minimalism and elegance on their big day. The Sabyasachi lehenga is lovely for a midday beach wedding, and the husband is coordinated in a beige kurta pyjama, which is the best matching outfit for a wedding. Pairing the laid-back lehenga with an equally elegant, stunning outfit will highlight the dress' beauty even more. This Sabyasachi silver lehenga with its unique design can be your ideal lehenga colour.


Ricco India Lehenga Set

If you like your lehengas to be unique and customised, the sequined lehenga set from Ricco India is perfect for you. Because the shimmer is enough to dazzle you, you can keep a basic beauty regimen with the least amount of hassle. We adore its clever design, which is also a wonderfully low-maintenance option. So save this if you want to look beautiful with no effort. It can be your ideal lehenga colour with ideal designs. So, Don't think too much, Go and order this beautiful Silver lehenga set.


A Lehenga With Exceptional Design

Luxury blogger Hanna S. Khan and her future spouse were married in a lavish destination ceremony at Jaipur's Rambagh Palace. Her custom Ellie Saab gown, which made her the first Indian bride to wear a piece by the renowned Lebanese fashion brand, garnered the most attention despite the fact that she looked lovely in all of her wedding attire. On the other hand, she decided to wear a silver shimmer bridal lehenga created by her sister and fashion designer Ohaila Khan. The one-of-a-kind outfit took 4500 hours to make and had 1,50,000 Swarovski crystals.


Silver Lehenga, Simple and Elegant

This bride's decision to wear a simple silver lehenga to her wedding has us in awe. She merely added a pair of diamond earrings to her off-the-shoulder shirt, side-swept hair, and lehenga. If you're looking for inspiration for a straightforward, minimalist wedding look, you should definitely save this to your mood board. Nobody contests either the elegance or the overall impression. This ideal lehenga colour has its unique preference for weddings.


A Sparkling Lehenga by Manish Malhotra

Reha, the bride, glided gracefully through the Roka ceremony wearing a stunningly embroidered silver Manish Malhotra lehenga. If you want to add a little sparkle to your outfit for the bride, experiment with several lehenga blouse styles. To complete the appearance, Reha added puffy sleeves to her sweetheart neckline and a princess-style dress. She looked incredibly lovely during the engagement celebration, it might be said.


A peacock lehenga Through Falguni Shane

Falguni Shane Peacock's collection includes some stunning silver bridal lehengas. They are known for building their masterpieces on tulle and organza bases with intricate appliqué and mirror work that sparkles brighter than diamonds. This lehenga has a silver base skirt and is constructed with the same work on all three parts of the ensemble. The feather details on her top and potli bag are what draw the eye. This ideal lehenga colour with a unique design is able to attract the attention of guests on your wedding day.


It is a Lovely and Graceful Decision

A silver lehenga's beauty and charm are hard to put into words. This is why brides commonly select it for their sangeet and Roka days. For these events, a grey bridal lehenga is perfect since it may strike the right mix between traditional and modern. At her black-tie engagement party, the bride looks wonderful as she sports an exquisite grey bridal lehenga attire.


Simple or Minimalist Design

This additional basic lehenga will be adored by brides! Probably a dress you'd choose to wear for any of your short ceremonies or just after your wedding. This would also make a great bridesmaid outfit for an Indian bride. That green bindi that goes with the attire is a great way to stand out and look stunning at the same time.


A Beautifully Designed Lehenga

This understated grey bridal lehenga attire was designed by Ashwin Thiyagaraj with the convenience-loving bride in mind. It is beautifully designed and exquisitely constructed. It is appropriate to wear at a mehndi ceremony, an engagement, or even a sangeet! For a gorgeous appearance, keep your makeup ultra-glam and accessorise with diamond jewellery.


Simple Grey Bridal Lehenga with Foil Work

This simple grey bridal lehenga with foil work is perfect for brides looking for a modest gown for their intimate wedding ceremony. Because they maintained the outfit's minimalism, we admire the bride's styling choices. She wore a half-up, half-down haircut, a smokey eye, and a diamond necklace as her only other accessories with the lehenga. The groom's choice of engagement ring and the bride's attire blended flawlessly.

The way silver bridal lehengas are quite gorgeous. Additionally, if you want to look stunning and glowing on your wedding day, go with silver. Grey and Silver lehengas are opulent and exquisite and possess a classic elegance all their own. After observing numerous brides and celebrities wearing them at recent weddings in 2023, we've chosen the greatest Grey and Silver lehengas for

What Are The Trending Punjabi Wedding Dresses?

Punjabi wedding customs have developed over time and are a significant manifestation of Punjabi culture. Unquestionably, Punjabis are among the most giving and compassionate people. Punjabi wedding dresses are quite popular both in India and abroad. A Punjabi bride wearing a gorgeously embroidered Punjabi lehenga will look stunning in a well-made sherwani.

Many Punjabis reside outside of India yet remain firmly rooted in and practice their traditions there. Their rituals, dress regulations, and wedding customs have affected other Indian cultures, giving their weddings a respectable atmosphere.

What Punjabi wedding dresses in opposing colors would be ideal for the bride and groom to wear?


  • A scarlet turban and a maroon lehenga look great together with a patterned sherwani in a golden tint.
  • The red or pink lehenga will look finest with a sherwani in the hue mint.
  • The pre-wedding events will also look fantastic in bright yellow and sky blue.


Trending Punjabi Colours For Brides and Grooms

What trending Punjabi wedding dress colors should the Punjabi bride and groom wear to kill it at their wedding? At the moment, pastel colors are popular for both the bride and the groom. If your wedding is scheduled for the morning, you can choose any pastel color type to get a wonderful appearance. For a nighttime Punjabi wedding, you can choose vibrant hues like crimson, which is a favorite of many Punjabi brides, and gold for the husband, who wears a sherwani.


Punjabi Wedding Dresses for Grooms

Male Punjabis have a warrior mentality, and they take great pleasure in their turban, which is their most valuable possession. The groom must wear a suit that exudes class and elegance befitting of a warrior.


Printed mint sherwani: Punjabi wedding dress option

The groom should wear this mint-colored sherwani to complete his stylish, decency-oriented, and magnificent groom look. Any hue of lehenga can be readily contrasted with this mint sherwani.


Sherwani Jacket For A Punjabi Wedding Dress

The groom must appear to be nothing less than Royal at his wedding to be a showstopper. Therefore, he looks the finest in these jackets and sherwanis.


Floral sherwani

Although it has a busy floral print, this sherwani is decent and stylish and will give you a weighty look. This outfit can be styled with a few accessories. And a green turban will look stunning with the floral patterns on the material.


Achkan Sherwani: A Punjabi wedding dress

Designs from the Achkan era are timeless. Achkan-style clothing is the greatest choice for a good appearance, and this design sherwani will make you look sharp on your wedding day.


Sherwani In A Pastel Color For A Punjabi Wedding dress

Morning weddings in Punjab use pastel colors that are incredibly calming to the eyes. A turban would brighten the look, and a cantaloupe-colored sherwani with a lovely white design would be a wonderful choice. The sherwani looks gorgeous when worn by the groom with a long dupatta and a five-layered pearl neckpiece.


Anarkali Sherwani

Anarkali dresses aren't exclusively for women; guys can also wear them. This beige-colored ready-made pure silk mandarin collar full-sleeved sherwani should be worn with a white tissue fabric Anarkali kurta to appear well-dressed. A designer kali might be added to the safa by the groom to honor the occasion.


Punjabi wedding dresses for brides

The wedding attire of the Punjabis is an example of elegance and beauty. The bride's wedding gown is made up of lovely hues that convey a sense of beauty and striking accents. Here is a selection of wedding dresses for brides to rock.


Lehenga, A traditional Punjabi wedding dress

The lehenga is the first dress that comes to mind when we consider a wedding. The bride's lehenga, which also has an attractive double dupatta, has a broad variety of styles and designs. A bride can accessorize these lehengas with a stunning choker necklace and one-sided heavy matha patti designs for a stunning appearance.


The Salwar Kameez

The trend among Punjabi brides is the salwar kameez. On their wedding day, Punjabi ladies typically don salwar kameez. It can be worn with maangtika or other bulky gold jewelry.


Dresses for weddings in pure pastel colors

The greatest colors for a morning wedding are these pastel hues. In broad daylight, these hues accentuate the bride's elegance and command admiration. On their big day, most celebrities also wear similar pastel colors. If you like to follow trends, you can just choose these pastel hues.


Embellished Bridal Lehenga in Multiple Colors

The bride looks gorgeous in one of these colorful lehengas on her wedding day. This outfit can be complemented with a double dupatta. Although the two dupattas are of different colors, they complement the bride's lehenga well.


Green lehengas are Punjabi Wedding Dress

These days, Punjabi weddings frequently feature these dark green flowery lehengas. The market is currently showcasing lehengas with dark colors and floral prints. The Punjabi wedding dress takes on a distinctive appearance when rich Kundan jewellery is added to this selection.


Anarkali Wedding Wear in Punjab

The popularity of Anarkali suits has endured for a very long time and will do so in the future. Put on this Anarkali suit to draw attention from the public. Heavy prints by Lehariya, Bandhej, and Mothra on Anarkali enhance the bride's grace.


Punjabi Wedding Dress: Saree

All weddings undoubtedly have sarees, and in a Punjabi wedding, the bride also dons a saree to complete her stylish and lovely appearance in addition to the bhangra and dhol. It's true what they say—a Punjabi wedding would be lacking in sparkle and glamour without a saree. In contrast, a bride can choose hues that differ from the groom's sherwani. A spectacular appearance can be achieved by jewelry with heavy jematha paid a designer matha patti. If your wedding is scheduled for the evening, this appearance will work great.

Here are a few of the nicest Punjabi Wedding Dresses for the bride and groom to rock at their wedding. One of the main questions asked by many people that, Can a bride who is not Punjabi wear these Punjabi Wedding Dresses? Of course, you can simply pair these dresses with your cultural accessories to achieve an intercultural wedding feel. Check out or connect to Event Planet to get more interesting and nicest wedding dress ideas for both the grooms and brides.

Latest and Ideal Engagement Gowns for soon to be brides

A wedding's engagement ceremony is one of its main focal points. It might be particularly difficult for brides to choose the perfect outfit for the wedding festivities. since the engagement ceremony is seen as a pre-wedding rite and is just as important as the wedding day itself. Event Planet has compiled a list of the sexiest and ideal engagement gowns for brides since wearing the proper clothing is essential for these events and will help women stand out from the crowd. Check out our list of ideal engagement gowns for the best experience.


Some of the Ideal Engagement Gown For Bride

Red Engagement Gown

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear about the bride's attire is the red lehenga. However, brides should dress differently for each event and not just wear a lehenga. The greatest dresses for engagement ceremonies will therefore be those in red because they complement any hue of your groom's attire perfectly. Your evening will have a little bit more glitter thanks to this colour.


A golden bridal gown with elaborate or intricate embroidery

Golden is the ideal engagement gown colour for your pre-wedding events. Additionally, it will appear charming and lovely on brides. The perfect attire for the perfect environment. This traditional dress is a wonderful blend of fashion and tradition. With its elaborate embroidery, this golden dress gives the bride a more royal appearance.


Emerald Green Gown

The hue emerald green is incredibly muted. One of the hues that exudes a sense of brightness and freshness is green. Why not attend and wear an engagement ceremony in a green gown? Many brides today search for a green colour lehenga to look stunning. So, give this dress a try for your wedding event. And a colourful dress might improve your wedding appearance and Make your gown an ideal engagement gown for your auspicious day.

Straight Full Sleeve Gown

Full sleeves are typically not chosen by brides. However, these dresses have become popular, particularly for evening occasions and wedding receptions. These dresses provide the bride with a beautiful and regal appearance. It gives the bride the ideal style and feel for evening events during the winter and helps her stand out. The inclusion of different sleeve types elevates this gown's formality.


Pink Gown With Dupatta

When it comes to bridal dresses, pink is thought to be one of the most romantic hues. Adding these hues will make your ideal engagement gown more appealing. Whether a pink wedding dress is modest or daring, sweet or sassy, we can't get enough of its overt femininity. For a lovely and adorable look for their engagement, brides can opt for layered pink gowns.


Pastel colour ideal engagement gown:

All brides like to wear pastel-coloured gowns to their wedding-related events since they are trendy and in style. Pastel apparel is a breath of fresh air when it comes to sticking out and having a distinctive look. No of the season, pastel apparel will never be out of style. The photographs look stunning when the brides are dressed in pastels. They give it their all, and it makes their face glow. For an extravagant party, one can also choose a pastel wedding motif.


Fairytale Style Gown

Many brides dream of wearing dresses inspired by fairytales at their weddings. Fairytale Style Gown. This elegant fairytale dress offers you a good appearance for your engagement ceremony and makes you the centre of attention. This can be styled with a half-tied braided hairdo for the wedding event to increase attractiveness.


Off-Shoulder Light Pink Gown

Off-shoulder gowns are the way to go if you're a bride who enjoys jewellery and wants to flaunt it on your engagement day. They make sure that all of your diamonds are noticeable and help people notice you. Dresses with off-the-shoulder sleeves are a great way to show off your toned shoulders and arms. Brides can create a layered curl bun hairdo for a more stunning appearance to complete their evening.


Light Shade ideal engagement gown

Light-shade gowns have been popular in recent years. Especially the yellow, green, and blue pastels. They are ideal for summer engagements and give their wearers a lovely, cool appearance. Due to the variety of colour options and the fact that it may be matched perfectly with the groom, many brides choose it.Pair these light-coloured dresses with a lovely clutch design to add grace to your evening lookn.


Flower-Print Gown

This floral print gown is for the bride-to-be who dislikes heavily embellished bridal lehengas and wants to wear something distinctive and traditional. Flowers are going against the grain. Furthermore, the bride's beauty is enhanced by these exquisite gems. From little blooms to vintage roses, florals have become the new standard. You can choose from a variety of floral print gown colours to match your partner's attire. Add gorgeous floral jewellery to it for a sweet effect.


Grey Gown With Stylish Neck

The truth is a grey gown with a fashionable neck. This shade will complement your pre-wedding rituals perfectly. The bride should choose these gowns since the grey hue holds all the charm, enhancing their beauty. These gowns might look more appealing because of their distinctive necklines. Wear substantial neck jewellery to enhance your appearance.


Ivory Gown With Train

The bride-to-be looks stunning in ivory gowns with trains. These trains can be removed based on the bride's personal preferences. The bride's preferences will determine the design, which can be altered as necessary. Beautiful stitching on the train gives it distinction. The train can look more precious and attractive if beading work is added to it.


You shouldn't miss Event Planet's coverage of the top-trending wedding gowns for engagement. Tell us which style you preferred or intended to wear to your wedding-related events. Please let us know if you have any more original designs or different designs in your mind, Event Planet will make your dream fulfil by arranging the lehenga of your choice. Connect to Event Planet to get your ideal engagement gown.

Best Ring Bearer Holder Ideas For Your Engagement Or Wedding Day

We demand perfection from everything when it comes to weddings. Every possible avenue should be explored. From the proposal to customizing your wedding reception, we consider every little functional element. from the ideal bridal party attire to the ideal wedding songs. We have therefore put together a list of the Best Ring Bearer Holders for you. We consider what the ideal groomsmen attire would be for the best groomsmen proposal. We envision organizing a picture-perfect wedding, to put it briefly. We do look for perfect wedding bands.


Therefore, you must also find the Best Ring Bearer Holders. because it looks wonderful to display your rings on a nice ring dish.

Additionally, you need an appropriate and Best Ring Bearer Holder so that your ring bearer can arrive dressed to the nines.


The Shell Ring Holder is one of the Outstanding Ring Bearer Holders

If your wedding will be on a beach. or if you like the ocean to be fascinating. You should use this shell Wedding Ring Bearer Holder. It can be embellished with tiny shells.

The plastic starfish have a striking appearance. Therefore, everyone will adore your option. Therefore, it is among the Best Ring Bearer Holders.


Holder for wedding rings made of wood

This handcrafted Wooden Ring Bearer Holder seems stunning. If your wedding decorations will have a woodland theme, it is ideal. Additionally, you don't need a specific theme because everything is so gorgeous.

It has enough allure to go with any type of design. You can also have your name and wedding date engraved on it.


Best Ring Bearer Holders: Minimalist Ring Holder

Together with the understated floral décor, the ring holder looks just charming. The names of the couple are inscribed over it in initials. It's cute how the rings are preserved on the skinny jute swing. It's one of the Best Ring Bearer Holders for simple weddings as a result.


Marriage Ring Holder with Angled Wings

One of the Best Ring Bearer Holders. The personalized angel wings appear attractive. You can choose from a variety of colors for it. It has a tiny support table and ring stand. For your magical wedding, it's perfect.


Glass Ring Box Holder

This Ring Bearer Holder is straightforward and lovely. If you appreciate elegance and beauty, it's ideal. The rings are displayed on pretty white roses. The golden borders also improve its appearance.


Best ring bearer holders: A wooden box with a message

Undoubtedly beautiful, the rectangular wooden box ring holder. It can be customized with a sentimental message. This is the Best Ring Bearer Holder for you if you're seeking a considerate solution. You can, however, also have your name and wedding date printed on it.

The Ring Bearer Holder is artistic

This is for you if you consider art to be an integral aspect of your life. Since you would also adore it in your Wedding Ring Bearer Holder if you were the ones who were inspired by the art. It is available in a variety of works and forms. It has a very appealing appearance.


Ring Stand with a Heart Shape

Even though your ring holder, let your love shine through! The heart-shaped wooden holder seems special. Its front can be customized to your preferences.

It will be wonderful to have a heart holder with names and a simple design. It's the easiest and finest choice.


Ring Holder Box with Floral Decor

A wooden box of reasonable size is available. Add embellishments like fake flowers and leaves. It is simple to buy, but you can also do it yourself. Therefore, it would be fantastic if you wanted to create one on your own. won't be difficult to make.


Cutest Wedding Ring Bearer Holder Ever

Can you dispute the beauty of this ring holder? Everything is perfect, right down to the ring hanger and the materials utilized for elaboration. The Best Ring Bearer Holder for any type of wedding, in my opinion.


Unusual Wedding Ring Bearer Holder

Rather than thinking along the usual lines, try something novel. Get the miniature of a classic car and use it to hold your rings. That sounds a little strange. However, have a look at how incredible it is!


Get the rings out of the cage

A visually beautiful cage can also be used to hold rings. You might even consider improving it. If you think it looks nice the way it is, that is. But go ahead and improve it if you want to. Even a little cushion for the rings can be kept within.


Wedding Ring Bearer Holder nest

How about a nest-shaped holder seeing as how the two of you are establishing a home? It appears admirable and lovely.


White Cushion Ring Holder in Style

We are aware! We are aware! This delicate white Cushion Ring Holder was beloved by you as well. It is wonderful because of the embroidery work and the large diamond blossom. It's the ideal option for a ring bearer holder. After all, this pillow emits unexplainable sensations.


Glass ring holder in the shape of a triangle

The hook-equipped triangular ring holder looks amazing. It doesn't require any additions to look beautiful.


Ring Stand in the Form of a Hexagon

It looks great, this hexagon-shaped ring holder with flowers and a ring hook. Additionally, you can personalize it and add whatever you like.


Ring holder in the white trunk

When you want something attractive, the color white is always a good choice. The Best Ring Bearer Holders are the same as well. Ring holders are always made from rustic trunks. However, you can select the white one. Additionally, the white trunk with the clear glass top looks fantastic.


Separate ring holders made of wood

As ring holders, you may purchase these distinct wooden log boxes. Unquestionably, they appear immaculate. The initials can be etched into the top. It can be kept on a wooden plate covered in flower petals.


Floral Ring Holder with Stains

Beautiful flower-shaped ring holder. You don't sense the desire for more since it's enough.


Unusual and Innovative Ring Bearer Holder

This holder is exceptional because of the couple it is formed of strings. After all, something distinctive must exist. The surrounding finer details are perfect.

As a result, this is a fantastic option and one of the Best Ring Bearer Holders.

These were therefore the best ring players or Ring Bearer Holders. Together, we have researched and selected the top solutions for you. We, therefore hope that this essay has assisted you in making the perfect selection for your Day.

Trending And Stunning Lehenga Color Combinations For 2023 Brides

Brides are aggressively experimenting with their lehengas' colors! Brides have been spotted sporting some stunning lehenga color combinations and distinctively modern lehenga colors that serve as an inspiration for all brides-to-be out there. If you're sick of seeing Indian apparel in the usual reds, pastels, and pinks, this blog was made especially for you.

Not all brides, nevertheless, opt to experiment with the color of their bridal lehenga. When a bride is wearing red, it's tough to give it up since it just seems so elegant and traditional. We advise these brides to wear a bold color to a separate wedding ceremony, such as the sangeet or mehndi! This will strike the perfect chord between being cautious and trying something new to present stunning lehenga color combinations for brides.

We notice that the bridal attire follows a wide range of fascinating color trends, from experimenting with different pastel colors to adding brilliant hues over a classic color scheme we have made some stunning lehenga color combinations. Scroll down to see what is upcoming, then save the picture that most closely matches your taste.


Beautiful Deep Crimson And Rust

Traditional hues with lots of contemporary touches! The lovely pop of green has me completely smitten. Therefore, if you want to go with a traditional color scheme while including a touch of modernism, future brides, save this. This is without a doubt the best option to keep history and fashion in harmony. If you don't want to be too conventional or too contemporary, you'll adore the feel of this stunning lehenga color combination.


Lovely grey and mulberry

We were utterly blown away by the bride's never-before-seen lehenga color combination! We would absolutely like any of our brides, who are still deciding which bridal lehenga to wear to pin this to their wedding inspiration board. Therefore, if you, dear brides, are unsure of what to dress, we suggest this stunning lehenga color combination for your special occasion.


Combination of caramel and dark brown

What serious fashion color is this bride dishing out, my goodness? This fresh approach to grace and regal attire works as well for daytime and nighttime wedding events. This bride is serving up some serious fashion points, we can say that! This wedding celebration is a stylish fusion of grandeur and elegance that may be executed with simplicity.


Taupe And Peach Combination

Earthy tones and beautiful beauty combine in this taupe and peach combination! We are in awe of the bride's gorgeous choice of bridal attire, the lehenga. A surprise wedding tone that successfully subdued its allure. We are speechless in response to this bride's exquisite choice of bridal lehenga. An unexpected bridal tone that only diminished its attractiveness.


Combination of Old Rose And Khakhi

We were all curious about the hue of the bridal lehenga when we first saw this picture of it. If we claimed that we didn't need to Google it, we would be lying. Would you invite someone that stunning to your wedding?


Dark Blue And Dull Gold

Do you keep thinking about the Banarasi weave? You may use color to make this traditional fabric stand out too, exactly as this bride did. Take a screenshot of this right away! Uncertain of where to get a Banarsi lehenga?


Combination of Red, Salmon, and Turquoise

Here is proof that the bridal lehenga in a variety of colors will surely rule the wedding trends chart in 2023. Therefore, if you're a modern bride who wants a riot of color on your wedding attire, Go for this stunning lehenga color combination!


Green Moss And Gold

Are you looking for a shambolic lehenga color design with the ideal amount of glitz? We've just found you the perfect inspiration source. This one will certainly draw attention on your big day because it emanates elegance and this stunning lehenga color combination will make your day!


Combination of Pink Baby and Celestial Blue

Never before have different pastel colors blended and looked so beautiful! It would effortlessly fit into your style because it is so great and such a lovely and stunning lehenga color combination. I want to see more of it in the following year!


Wonderful Sage Green And Tangerine

The unexpected color combination of the lehenga has turned out to be very eye-catching. Despite the brilliant embroidery, which increases its fabness, the bridal jewellery stands out.


The combination of white and magenta is mesmerizing

Pink bridal attire is never enough! But if you don't want your outfit to be boring, this is exactly how you break it. I didn't realize a white lehenga skirt could make a person look this ethereal. You might want to have a peek at these pink lehengas before mixing and matching.


The newest bridal and stunning lehenga color combinations for 2023 are wine and mauve

While thinking in ominous, dark tones, you are also concerned about being unexceptional. You need not fear; this bride rocked a completely original combination. So feel free to utilize this to express your sense of style.


Sea green with Baby Blue

The word "regal" best describes this bride's lehenga! Don't be scared to wear a cool color palette on your wedding day if you enjoy doing so. Reserve your ideal wedding gown after exploring more blue lehengas here.


Antique Gold with Olive Green

Don't you think that color scheme is incredibly regal? Lehengas in earthy hues became popular among newlyweds and captivated the internet with their creativity. If you like it, you might find other lehengas in that style.


Salmon, Turquoise, And An Electrifying Red

Here is proof that the bridal lehenga in a variety of colors will surely rule the wedding trends chart in 2023. So if you're a modern bride who wants a riot of color on your wedding attire, go for it!

We truly hope that we were able to help you select the perfect and stunning lehenga color combination with this, and we say goodbye. Are you ready to say your vows? You can also look at our other blogs since we always work to make planning weddings hassle-free for you.


How To Decide Your Ideal Wedding Menu?

A wedding's preparations might be difficult. There are so many elements to consider, from choosing the colour scheme to figuring out the ideal menu for your guests. One of the most crucial elements of your special day is the menu! You should select dishes that satisfy your guests' appetites and showcase your sense of style and taste.


The following advice will assist you in creating the ideal wedding menu:


  • Don't start from scratch. You are not required to serve a standard wedding meal. Pick foods that both you and your fiance enjoy and that will satisfy your guests' appetites.


  • Consider the location. Will you hold your wedding outside? If so, you should stay away from anything that might go bad in the heat. For an outdoor wedding, light, energising foods are generally an excellent option.


  • Consider your budget. Selecting an ideal wedding menu for your guests with items that won't break the bank is vital because ideal wedding catering may be pricey. Ask your caterer how you might reduce costs without compromising on taste or quality.


  • Make your ideal wedding menu unique. Create a genuinely one-of-a-kind menu for your wedding by including family recipes or favourite delicacies. This is a wonderful way to make your special day more unique!


Calculating the Number of Visitors

How To Calculate The Value Of Website Visitors

The first step in arranging your standard wedding meal is to estimate the number of guests you will invite. Although getting an accurate headcount may seem obvious, doing so can help you budget effectively and prevent any last-minute craziness. By asking your venue for its maximum capacity, you may obtain an exact guest count quickly and easily. Once you get that total, you may begin taking away any guests who have already notified you that they will not be attending. From there, you may reasonably estimate the number of guests who will attend your wedding.


Sending out save-the-dates is another option if you're still unsure of your guest list. This will enable you to more accurately predict who will be present on your special day. Additionally, you can take advantage of this to begin gathering RSVPs so that you can finalise your guest list well in advance. You may begin preparing your ideal wedding menu once you have a fair idea of the number of guests who will be present at your wedding. To ensure that everyone can enjoy your big day, be sure to take into account any dietary requirements or food allergies.


Date Selection for Your Wedding

How to Choose a Wedding Date | Wedding Planning | SugarCRM

One of the first things you'll need to do when starting your wedding preparations is picked a date. There are many things to take into account, so making this choice may be challenging. Here are some suggestions to assist you in choosing the ideal day for your wedding:


  • The time of year. Different seasons will offer various benefits depending on what time of year you wish to be married. You can choose from a variety of lovely outdoor locations, for instance, if you adore the idea of having a spring wedding. But if you're keen on having a winter wedding, you might be able to find deals on well-liked locations that are typically fully booked during the busy season.


  • Consider your visitors. If you decide on a weekday wedding, would the majority of your guests be able to attend? Will any of your loved ones find it too difficult or expensive to go to your destination wedding? When selecting a date, it's crucial to think about who you want to celebrate your special day with.


  • Pick a day that has special meaning for you. Choosing a date that has special meaning for you might make the event more memorable, whether it's the anniversary of your first date or the wedding date of a family member.


Selection of the Best Wedding Catering Services

Wedding Catering Services In Palm Desert, Palm Springs & La Quinta, CA

Make sure to select the top wedding catering services while choosing the ideal wedding menu for your wedding. When selecting a catering company, there are a few things to consider. First, confirm that the caterer has prior expertise with weddings. This will guarantee that they are knowledgeable about ideal wedding catering and can provide you with the greatest service. Second, request references from previous customers and determine whether the business can supply them. You can determine the calibre of their work from this. Finally, make sure to obtain a written contract from the organisation outlining all the services it will offer on your special day.


Selecting a menu style

10 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Wedding Menu – LifeSavvy

There are several different paths you can take when preparing your ideal wedding menu. You can build your menu on a theme, such as Bengali, Continental, Italian, or Mexican. A buffet can be set up with various stations. Or, keep it straightforward with a limited number of major meals. There are a few things to bear in mind regardless of the path you choose.


  • First, take into account who will be attending and make sure there is something for everyone. You don't want people's dietary limitations to prevent them from fully savouring your special day.


  • Second, consider how the cuisine fits into the overall vibe of your event. Finally, when choosing your foods, keep your budget in mind.


With that in mind, let's examine each choice for creating your ideal wedding meal in more detail.


Thematic menus

Elena Damy - Festive Mexican-themed Rehearsal Dinner on the Beach - Elena  Damy

Choose an ideal wedding menu that both you and your fiance enjoy if you decide to go with a themed menu. This is particularly crucial if you want to add unique details to your wedding day. After deciding on your cuisine, start thinking of all the different foods you could serve.


Establishing the Menu

Make Your Wedding Menu Outstand! - Romantic Italian Weddings

When planning your ideal wedding menu, there are a few things to bear in mind. First, you'll want to check that the menu you choose reflects the mood and aesthetic of your wedding as a whole. For instance, you should provide items fit for a sit-down supper if the event is formal. On the other hand, you might want to think about providing buffet-style or family-style dishes if your gathering is more relaxed. You should also think about the season you are getting married in addition to the formality of the celebration. Wedding meals tend to be lighter at summer weddings and heavier at winter nuptials. This is just a general suggestion; in the end, you should choose foods that you and your guests will like regardless of the season.


Last but not least, remember to consider any dietary restrictions your guests may have. Make sure that individuals who are vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free have lots of choices. Everyone will like the food at your wedding if you provide something for everyone!


Menu Etiquette for Weddings

There are a few things to consider while planning your standard wedding menu. You should first and foremost check that your food reflects the overall theme and aesthetic of your event. Second, when selecting your meal choices, keep the formality of your wedding in mind. Stick with traditional foods that will appeal to all of your guests if you're hosting a more formal event. However, feel free to get inventive with your menu and serve up some fun and distinctive foods if your wedding is more laid back.


The time of year you're getting married is another consideration. If your wedding is taking place in the summer, you should serve lighter fare like salads and grilled meats. However, if your wedding is taking place in the winter, you may get away with offering heartier meals like beef stew or roasted chicken. But regardless of the season, make sure to offer choices for both vegetarians and meat eaters. Don't forget about dessert, either! Even while your wedding cake should be the main attraction, you can also serve other delicious dishes.


Wrap Up

You must comprehend the style of wedding you envision before you can begin to organise your cuisine. The type of cuisine you will serve your guests and the type of cuisine they will consume at the wedding are both important considerations.





Some of the Creative and Interesting COVID-19 Wedding Catering Ideas

You need to begin considering how to handle all of the restrictions that come with modern times as soon as you decide to hold your small wedding during the reign of covid. Putting masks and hand sanitizer aside, you might be wondering, "How am I going to serve my guests?" There are many ways to enjoy a delectable meal with your loved ones, even though Covid-19 wedding catering may look a little different. Find out how to serve your wedding guests during Covid-19 in the following paragraphs.


Pre-Plated Appetizers

Caterers can create personalized plates of appetizers in Covid-19 wedding catering for each guest in instead of trays with passed to everyone. In many ways, guests would enjoy this as it's frequently challenging to sample everything. Assorted canapés or a small cheese and charcuterie plates would go great with this. You might also instruct the caterer to arrange particular food combinations on the dish, such as cheese and jam or a particular fruit.


Picnic baskets

Picnic basket - Wikipedia

People are choosing to have picnic lunches with their closest friends and family in place of renting out function spaces at hotels for Covid-19 wedding catering. Any location that allows you to set up a decorative setup is suitable for the celebration. Each visitor will receive a wicker picnic basket filled with summery pasta salads, bottles of champers for toasting, jars of preserves, fresh fruit, and baguettes wrapped in wax paper and tied with string. Couples can be inventive with their food selections and presentation. The basket can be accented with sprigs of rosemary and baby's breath for an added personal touch, and napkins and flatware can match their color scheme.



Jarcuterie! • genius single serve charcuterie

Before Covid-19, when the idea of food sitting out and being touched by many people sent shivers down our spines, grazing tables and cheese boards were common, especially at weddings and parties. Individual wheels of camembert, buttery breadsticks, fresh fruit, and charcuterie slices that have been ruffled and fastened to skewers are all components of charcuterie, which are miniature versions of charcuterie boards. The overall appearance is very rustic yet elegant because all the colorful foods are presented on a table in clear glass jars.


Mini cakes

Mini Chocolate Cake Recipe: The Perfect Date Night Dessert

The true show-stopper at Covid-19 wedding catering or wedding celebrations is typically a three-tiered masterpiece cake that is expertly iced. However, it's not the best idea during a pandemic to leave out such an alluring dessert that will undoubtedly be ogled, touched, cut, and nibbled at by mischievous kids. The bride and groom can have their wedding cake to share, photograph, and even store for their first wedding anniversary. Although they will be much less elaborate than a traditional wedding cake, these individual cakes will still taste just as good. They will be miniature replicas of the wedding cake that mimics certain elements. Cupcakes and miniature wedding cakes have become more and more popular for this reason.


Dessert jars

Mason Jar Funfetti Layer Cakes | POPSUGAR Food

The majority of Covid-19 wedding catering has chic dessert tables laden with sweets like macaron towers and chocolate fountains. However, these tiered dessert jars taste just as good and are just as beautiful. All types of desserts, including layers of cake, berry jam, and white chocolate mousse, as well as berry, crumbles with custard pools, scoops of ice cream, and tiramisu coated with cocoa powder can be packaged in jars and given as gifts.


Food boats

Food Boats - Etsy

Spicy dinners can be served in these chic bamboo food boats, whether it's traditional roast beef with all the fixings or hot curries and rice. It's a more upscale version of the way takeout meals are frequently packaged, complete with matching cutlery, but all packaging and utensils are entirely biodegradable. The drawback of buffet catering is that food must be left out for the duration of the meal and serving utensils must be shared by several people. Given that the meal will be pre-portioned, this is a safer choice.


A Different Family Style

You don't have to fully abandon family-style dining. Family-style meals can be served to guests who are housemates if you set up bistro-style tables for them. It would have the same atmosphere as a restaurant with smaller plate sizes while still allowing everyone to sample several different dishes.


Imagine The Plated Meal anew.

Although individually served meals might appear dull, there are countless ways to make them interesting. Lean on the BBQ motif for an outdoor wedding by using silver trays similar to those you'd see at a traditional barbecue place. Ask your caterer to pack everyone's meals in picnic baskets if you're having the event in a more rustic setting; these also make wonderful favors. You can choose exquisite dining with a cloche for each person's dish if you want an upmarket supper (a la Beauty and the Beast).

Travel bags

Send everyone home with a sweet treat, such as assorted bags of candies or cookies & a carton of milk, to reduce the amount of eating that takes on on-site. If you must have a wedding cake, get tiny cake boxes and give each guest a slice as they leave.



Skewerlicious! Antipasto Skewers - A Pretty Life In The Suburbs

There are a variety of wonderful wedding meals that can be served on a stick for convenient snacking, including salad, fruit, sweet pies, cakes, and meat. To finish the presentation, place the skewers on platters or tiered stands with fresh herbs on top.


Box it Up

Consider some well-known to-go boxes and then let your imagination soar from there. What about personalized boxes with your wedding date and hashtag and individual gourmet pizzas for each guest? or tiny Chinese cuisine containers filled with a variety of rice and noodles? Once more, everyone can feel secure knowing that their food is in an unopened, closed package.

Ingenious Pre-Ordering

With a small wedding, you might be able to support a neighborhood eatery rather than a Covid-19 wedding catering service. On a reply card, visitors are typically given the choice of "chicken" or "steak" as their meal. With your incredibly short guest list, you might be able to increase this. Ask the restaurant if they can create a menu with your favorite foods only for your wedding. If your wedding is taking place at a restaurant, you might even be able to allow guests to place orders there.




Some Of The Best Christmas Gift Packing Ideas


The giving season has arrived. Remember that homemade presents given at Christmas speak directly to the heart when choosing the ideal present for a friend or member of your family. A homemade goodie is the best way to say "I love you," and we have hundreds of recipes for you to try. Make sure to present your lovely gift properly after spending the afternoon in the kitchen. Below are a few of our favorite, creative, and simple gift food packaging ideas.


So Adorable You'll Hardly Be Able to Hold It In

Use this gift food packaging idea to create a charming package that the receiver can reuse. You can get inexpensive transparent canisters and mason jars at your neighborhood craft store, dollar store, or even secondhand store. Pick jars with large mouth holes so you can reach in and out with ease. Cut colorful wax paper or tissue paper into squares for the cookies, then alternate between the cookies and the paper. Additionally, this is the best method to present both our Peppermint Sugar Scrub and Apple Spice Muffin Mix. Wrap a bow, some ribbon, or raffia around the jar.


A Window to the Heart

To create these cellophane holiday-shaped window gift bags, start with ordinary gift bags. Use a sizable holiday-themed punch, a stencil, or a cookie cutter to cut out the center of your bag. Tape around the image that has been cut out on the inside of the bag with a clear tape runner or double-s