Rajwada Lawn, Lucknow

In the city of Lucknow, there is a wedding location called Rajwada. Given the variety of venues available, choosing one for your wedding and the surrounding events can be difficult. But the question you should be asking is whether or not they can host your wedding-related events exactly how you want. Your search can end here if you're seeking a location that offers exceptional services while letting you host your wedding events exactly how you want.

A beautiful location to exchange wedding vows most lavishly is Rajwada marriage Lawns in Lucknow. The luxurious Rajwada marriage Lawns on Faizabad Road in Lucknow have a lush and calming atmosphere. With complete comfort, it can hold a colossally enormous population. The team at this location ensures that your event is successfully carried out because they are experts in their fields. Your big day will be even more spectacular, thanks to the fantastic decor provided by the professionals at Rajwada marriage Lawn Lucknow. You can even bring your team of decorators to the event.



The Saraswati Hospital & Research Centre, a well-known location for those who live locally, is close to this arena. It is easy for visitors to get to the site because of the excellent connectivity of public transportation and highways. Rajwada marriage lawns Faizabad Road Lucknow is 34.3 km from Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport. It takes around 37 minutes to travel there via NH27 if your out-of-town guests are flying in. For those arriving by train, the distance from Lucknow Railway Station to the location is approximately 21.9 kilometers or around 35 minutes by car on NH230.


Infrastructure and Capacity

One advantage is that the location also offers accommodations for tourists traveling from a distance. In addition to a wide range of amenities, Rajwada hotel, Lucknow can provide services such as basic power, energy, backup, valet parking, furniture, sound and music licences, and alcohol licences. They have several lawns that can be used for events, in addition to a dining hall that can accommodate up to 1500 guests all at once. Depending on your demands, requirements, and the type of event you want to host, you can select from them.



When it comes to weddings and other celebrations, food plays a significant role. Because of this, Rajwada Marriage Lawn Lucknow's cooks offer some pretty delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. You want the food of your choice; you can not bring your caterers to the location. There are no alcoholic beverage restrictions here; if your guests want expensive drinks, you can have the entire bar counter.



Rajwada Marriage Lawns Lucknow can provide a wide range of cooking options to consider, which may be customized based on your preferences and choices for food. Most of your visitors will experience the best food thanks to their on-staff culinary experts. Some examples of the delectable cooking techniques they can provide are:


  • Regional specific menu for the northeast
  • North-West\sItalian
  • Indian cuisine from the Mughals
  • North Indian
  • South Indian
  • Chinese menus that are explicit


Provided Services

A bridal room, in-house catering, in-house decor, and service professionals always on hand to assist in case of inconveniences are just a few of the services they provide. They offer guest rooms to all their clients and numerous event spaces, making it the ideal location for domestic weddings. Depending on your requirements, demands, and the type of occasion you need to have, you can review them.

It may be the appropriate location for private weddings as well because they have several event venues and provide visitor comfort to the majority of their clients. Rajwada marriage lawns Lucknow offers a variety of settings for events connected with weddings, including indoor, outdoor, and covered outdoor options. As a result, it can be the perfect location for pre-wedding, marriage, and post-wedding events.

In addition to this, this location provides a wide range of other services. They include some of the following:


  • Service personnel bride and groom room
  • Exclusive areas for memorable occasions
  • Accommodating visitors
  • A team of caterers on staff and catering services


Policies of Venue

Rajwada marriage lawns, Lucknow opens at 10:00 AM and Closes at 9:00 PM; it contains a changing room without A/C. It also takes a booking amount minimum of 25% for the blocking date, and the rest of the payment is taken 15 days before the wedding, taxes and F&Bares 18%. Rajwada marriage lawns are non-cancellable as it  does not have any refundable policy.No outside vendors are allowed at the lawn for any function. DJ charges will start from Rs 5,000 and venues do not provide DJ.


For parking-

  • No valet is provided,
  • Parking space is available for 40 Vehicles.



  • Rooms are available in Rajwada marriage lawns.
  • The total number of rooms available for the function is 20.
  • Different rooms are present with different costs—the average Room-Rs is 1000.



  • Rajwada Marriage lawns allow alcohol consumption.
  • Outside, Alcohol is also allowed on the lawn.
  • Corkage costs are applicable


Other policies-

  • Late music is not allowed at the marriage lawn.
  • Air Conditioner halls are not present at Rajwada marriage halls.
  • Baarat is allowed on the lawn.
  • Firecrackers are not allowed on Rajwada's marriage lawn.
  • You can form all harmless marriage rituals.
  • Overnight weddings are also allowed.



  • Rajwada marriage lawns do not allow any outside decoration
  • The venue will provide the decor.


Summing up-

The Rajwada marriage lawn has a seated capacity of 700 people and a floating capacity of 1200 people.

At this location, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is available. The venue's furnishing of decor Prices for packages begins at Rs 700 per plate for vegetarian menus and at Rs 900 for non-vegetarian menus.

Get in touch with us to reserve a Rajwada wedding lawn with the most excellent pricing guarantee and no trouble. At Event Planet, you can also get the phone number and pictures of the location.