Seasonal Wedding Flower For your Wedding Guide By Event Planet

By selecting your wedding flowers according to the season, you can make sure you get precisely what you want. You may ease the planning process while also saving money by purchasing wedding flowers that will be in season on your wedding day.


The Benefits of Seasonal Wedding Flower Selection

Saving money on your wedding expenses is one of the finest reasons to select in-season wedding flowers. Local farmers and greenhouses can provide the flowers rather than having to fly or truck in specific types, saving you money on additional shipping fees.


  • The Current Season is Reflected in Wedding Flowers

Seasonal flower arrangements for weddings give your overall wedding décor coherence. Flowers from the present season offer images a more unified appearance, especially if they are taken outside where the season will be obvious. While you are free to select any flowers you like for your wedding, using seasonal flowers will better fit your theme.


  • Seasonal flowers facilitate wedding decor

Using in-season flowers can make creating decorations for the wedding ceremony and celebration more affordable. Flowers always appear dressed up, and a single stem can be arranged in a vase with a ribbon for an effortless, expensive-looking appearance. For your wedding decorations, using seasonal flowers can result in significant savings.


  • Working With Your Local Florist Is Simpler

Seasonal flowers in India differ by area. After all, India has a unique growing season during the winter. You can learn about the popular wedding flowers kinds in your region of the country by asking your wedding florist.


Gorgeous Winter Wedding Flowers Available


There are numerous flower options for winter weddings. You can use different kinds of greenery, stick with a seasonal theme, and even add traditional Christmas ornaments or symbols, like stars or angels, to floral arrangements. The following are some popular flowers to take into account for winter wedding bouquets and décor.


Colorful and vibrant Freesia

Freesia is a common wedding flower choice because they are accessible all year long. The flowers have a delicious scent and come in single or double blooms.


Festive Holly and Holly Berries for Greenery

Holly is an evergreen that can be used in bouquets, boutonnieres, and Christmas wedding decorations. It works best while the red berries are still on it. When compared to other foliage, holly with red berries is exclusively seasonal and will be more expensive.


Evergreens such as pine for garlands and bouquets

Pine boughs and sprigs are suitable for use as wedding garlands. Pine and holly berries can be combined to make lovely winter flowers. Depending on the type of evergreen, a different price is charged. Especially red cedar, pine is more affordable than cedar.


Wedding with mistletoe at Christmas

For wedding decorations and bouquets, mistletoe is a festive element that goes well with white roses. You must make sure to incorporate a couple of mistletoe kissing balls in your overall décor strategy even if it is a great option for a wedding. Mistletoe will cost more than other fillers, so plan accordingly.


The symbol of Eternity and Fidelity is Ivy

What better plant can represent a marriage than enduring love and faithfulness? This year-round growing evergreen can be used for a variety of wedding decorations. Ivy is a well-liked winter evergreen that works well on a shoestring wedding floral budget.


A dramatic flair with amaryllis

When used in a bouquet or as wedding decor, amaryllis makes a statement. You should be prepared to pay more since this bloom must be grown from a bulb.


Roses Are Beautiful

Standard wedding flowers include roses. Year-round availability and an almost limitless range of colors characterize them. Depending on the color or colors and variety chosen, roses can range in price from moderate to expensive.


Charming Poinsettias for Christmas

Poinsettias are seasonal flowers that are grown throughout the Christmas season. The little blooms at the top don't get as much attention as the bright upper bracts, which is interesting. Due to their high demand, prices may be reasonable or even lower depending on the seller or merchant. Christmas bridal bouquets and arrangements receive special attention frequently, with the stems being tied with deep red and green velvets. At a wedding reception, poinsettias make inexpensive but stunning centerpieces. They are offered in white, pink, and red.


Brightly colored spring wedding bouquets

In the spring, both love and flowers bloom. Make sure your florist is aware of your preference for blooming flower heads. Blooming or closed flowers can be used to produce various arrangement effects. Beauty and Scent of Blossoms You can benefit from the wonderful scent that spring blossoms like cherry, pear, and apple hold. The hues span from deep crimson to white, coral, and crimson. You can use trimmings for nothing if you have any of these trees in your yard.


Traditional Hydrangeas

Depending on the cultivar, the hydrangea is in season. You can anticipate paying more for these luxury flowers for spring or summer weddings. They come in white, pink, green, and blue colors.


Beautiful Sweet Peas

This sweet flower can be used in bouquets. For vibrant colors, mix a few different ones. This flower that climbs and clusters comes in: Pink, Red, Lavender, White, and Blue.


Fresh and Simple Daisies

White to vibrantly colored painted daisies in purple, pink, and red, daisies come in a variety of colors. Gerber daisies are another common option because of their size and lovely range of colors. Compared to plain or painted daisies, which are more affordable, Gerber daisies are more expensive.


Big Value for Buck Peonies

The preferred wedding flower is the peony. The enormous blossoms make for stunning bridal bouquets and wedding decorations thanks to their remarkable hues and texture. The colors consist of Pink, Purple, Red, White, and Peach. Peonies are a more expensive flower option and, depending on the color and variety, are typically priced just below the cost of roses.


Nostalgic and Aromatic Lilacs

Old-fashioned lilacs were a favorite flower in the early 20th century. While some types bloom in the summer and fall, they are only available in the spring. While all of the more popular colors are reasonably affordable, lavender, purple, and white are less expensive than blue.



Exquisite Ranunculus

The blooming season for ranunculus is late winter to early spring. The petals of these flowers resemble thin tissue paper, giving them a delicate appearance. These high-end, premium flowers will cost you more, but they are worth it!


True Love in Roses

Roses can be used as decorations and as bouquets for spring weddings. There are as many different shades of color as there are different kinds, including white, red, pink, orange, yellow, and purple. The cost of roses can range from moderate to high, but if you don't require lengthy stems for various decorations, they will usually be less expensive.


The perfect tulip

You can choose from a huge variety of colors and varieties of tulips, which make for lovely spring flowers for a wedding. For your wedding, you might prefer a yellow and white bouquet. Tulips, which are grown from bulbs, are a pricey variety of flowers.


Majestic, Aromatic Magnolias

The magnolia is a favorite flower in the South because of its spectacular display and equally spectacular aroma. These flowers can be used to create bouquets as well as table decorations. Based on the variety, these flowers bloom from March to June. The blossoms might be pink, purple, yellow, or creamy white. For these enormous flowers, expect to pay extra.


Summer's Aromatic Flowers

Summer is frequently the season with the most weddings and the most flower options for brides. Many of the summer flowers used in wedding bouquets begin to bloom in the early spring and last all summer. They are therefore less expensive than spring or summer-only flowers. These include magnolia blossoms, daisies, and roses.


July's flower is larkspur

The July flower, the larkspur, stands for love and a solid, enduring bond. It is understandable why brides adore this ethereal flower. The hues are white, blue, pink, and purple. This bridal flower has a fair price.



Lilies feature beautiful flowers that may give bridal bouquets and other wedding floral arrangements an exotic flair. Some types have exquisite white shapes. Daylilies in particular come in different hues, but brides like the white and deep pink varieties. Lilies are more expensive than flowers cultivated from seeds and grow from bulbs.


The wedding veil, Stephanotis

Stephanotis is also referred to as the bridal veil or Madagascar jasmine. The clusters of fragrant, star-shaped flowers have a strong scent. This flower is a more expensive, high-end option.


Black-Eyed Susans

They are regarded as a type of wildflower. The flower's bright-colored center is either black or dark brown. In bouquets and other floral arrangements, these flowers are frequently combined with more pricey flowers. They typically cost less than the majority of flowers.


Colorful and Mystical Zinnia

Flowers from zinnias are vibrant puffs of strength. They add texture to your bridal banquet.


Flowering Begonias in pots

Begonias are mounded flowers that look best displayed in pots as a wedding ceremony or reception decoration. Pink, dark pink, red, and white make up the palette. These are reasonable options for flowers.


Snapdragons that are bubbly and happy

They can be either tall or short. For larger flower arrangements, tall snapdragons are especially great because they are inexpensive to moderately priced.


Seasonal Fall Wedding Flowers

Particularly in the Midwest and Northeast, fall foliage is widely used in bouquets and arrangements. Fall wedding flowers look stunning against the deep oranges, reds, and yellows of fallen leaves. To add variety and a connection to the seasonal harvest, grains and fruits are also included in fall wedding flower arrangements.



Chrysanthemums come in a variety of blooming times, the majority of which occur in early fall. Chrysanthemums might be a cheap flower option if you utilize them when they are in bloom in the fall.


Sunshine Sunflowers

Sunflowers are considered lucky symbols. They can be incorporated into decorations and your bridal bouquet. The big, vibrant yellow flowers brighten up a wedding. Sunflowers are reasonably priced and make a lovely display.


Beautiful asters

White, blue, or purple versions of this daisy-like bloom are all common. They begin to bloom in the spring and keep doing so until the late fall. When utilized in the fall or spring when they are in bloom, these flowers are typically affordable.


Dahlias Take the Lead

Whether they are tiny pom-poms or enormous blooms, dahlias make a spectacular display as wedding flowers.


Think of using silk flowers instead

You may always use silk wedding flowers in your bouquets and arrangements to save money and employ out-of-season flowers. For this use, wedding florists frequently carry a wide variety of premium imitation flowers.


Seasonal Flower Selection for Weddings

While still planning lovely floral accents for their ceremony and reception, couples can save money by choosing their wedding flowers according to the season. No matter what season it is, it is simple to find the perfect bloom thanks to the wide variety of flowers that are available all year long.