Some Of The Best Christmas Gift Packing Ideas


The giving season has arrived. Remember that homemade presents given at Christmas speak directly to the heart when choosing the ideal present for a friend or member of your family. A homemade goodie is the best way to say "I love you," and we have hundreds of recipes for you to try. Make sure to present your lovely gift properly after spending the afternoon in the kitchen. Below are a few of our favorite, creative, and simple gift food packaging ideas.


So Adorable You'll Hardly Be Able to Hold It In

Use this gift food packaging idea to create a charming package that the receiver can reuse. You can get inexpensive transparent canisters and mason jars at your neighborhood craft store, dollar store, or even secondhand store. Pick jars with large mouth holes so you can reach in and out with ease. Cut colorful wax paper or tissue paper into squares for the cookies, then alternate between the cookies and the paper. Additionally, this is the best method to present both our Peppermint Sugar Scrub and Apple Spice Muffin Mix. Wrap a bow, some ribbon, or raffia around the jar.


A Window to the Heart

To create these cellophane holiday-shaped window gift bags, start with ordinary gift bags. Use a sizable holiday-themed punch, a stencil, or a cookie cutter to cut out the center of your bag. Tape around the image that has been cut out on the inside of the bag with a clear tape runner or double-sided clear tape. Cellophane should be carefully slipped inside the bag and placed over the tape and cut-out image. Cellophane should be cut out large enough to cover the image. To adhere, apply pressure. Fill the bag with baked cookies or other treats before folding the top over twice, hole-punching two holes, and tying the bag together with a ribbon. This gift food packaging idea will create a huge impact on your receiver.


Packaging in brown paper Wrapped in String

You've heard the saying, "the simpler, the better." It is true! As wrapping paper, we enjoy using plain brown butcher block paper. Put a handcrafted label on the front, such as one of the adorable tags we've prepared for you to download and print for free, and tie it up with some natural raffia, twine, or burlap ribbon. Attach a baking tool to the top, like a spatula or cookie cutter. To keep your treats fresh and airtight in the packaging, wrap them in a Ziplock bag, tin foil, or plastic wrap, like our Gingerdoodle Cookies.


You Were Set Up

Looking for a special tray to give the hostess of a Christmas party our Frontier Pecan Cake or German Pound Cake? Imagine this! As the base, use a frame in this gift food packaging idea. A sheet of paper with a customized message in a Christmas theme can be inserted inside the frame. The receiver can remember the kind gesture by putting a photo from the celebration within the frame after the delicious treat has long since been consumed. Better yet, when you're there, take a photo and mail it to her after the event.


A piece of art

When you decorate a basic tin with a child's artwork using water slide decal paper or full-page labels, you create a souvenir as well as a memory. For details on how to make your piece of art, see our Cookie Tin page. Use your child's thumbprints to decorate white gift bags as another quick and simple suggestion. For some gift food packaging ideas, check out the finger-painted Christmas treat bags. Our Caramel Pecan Chocolate Cups are packaged in an ideal manner.


Beautiful Party Favors

Use doilies as a charming method to distribute your favorite homemade candy to pals during a holiday bunko, book club, or homeroom party. Simply use a glue stick to attach two small or medium-sized doilies, or use a piece of yarn to weave them together around the edges. Leave a small opening at the top, and fold down the front doily a little to let guests peek inside. Our Sour Orange Drops have presented stylishly thanks to the lace on the doily. You could even go one step further and add a tag or ribbon on the end to complete it.


It's a Star's Born

Put the delicious treat in a clear cellophane bag and highlight it by putting a large piece of vibrant, festive ribbon around it. This a wonderful gift food packaging idea and the perfect way to present someone you care about with our Stained Glass Nutmeg Rounds. Your neighborhood craft store sells Christmas ribbons in rolls and cellophane wrappers in a variety of sizes.


Sweets on the Run

The majority of craft shops sell adorable containers in the shape of Chinese takeout boxes. Simply layer your homemade snacks on top of colorful tissue paper, tinsel, colored foil, or shred. Especially adorable for our handcrafted, personalized fortune cookies, this packaging is excellent for our cookie and candy recipes.


Oh my gosh!

Create a batch of our Gingerbread Fudge or Creamy Chocolate Peppermint Fudge, and then cut a brick to the precise dimensions of a butter dish. You can look for butter dishes with a Christmas motif or cute, clear, or white ones at your neighborhood dollar store. Attach a butter or cheese knife for slicing, then tie it with a ribbon.


Put it Down to Good Taste

Start with a little and this gift food packaging idea, a reasonably priced craft box made of paper or cardboard. Spray the entire can of chalkboard paint, from top to bottom. Apply in thin, broad coats. Dry for a full day. Next, write your Christmas message using chalk or chalk markers. The best thing is that since it is chalk if you change your mind about the design, you can just wipe it and start over. Put your homemade goods, like our Cookies and Cream Blossoms, inside the wax paper-lined box.