Some unique Ideas For Celebrating Your First Holi After Marriage

Holi is a festival of joy, colour and love. It’s a time to celebrate with family and friends in an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie. But when you’re married, it can be hard to find new ways to celebrate the holiday that don’t involve the same old traditions or activities.

That's why we've come up with some unique ideas for celebrating Holi after marriage!

It’s a time to forget all differences and come together as one big family. If you are newly married, then this Holi can be even more special for you. Here are some tips on how to celebrate your first Holi after marriage but Before we go on the tips let's talk about the significance or importance of Holi in the life of a Newlywed.


What is the significance of Holi in the life newlywed bride?

Holi is an important festival in India that marks the beginning of spring. It is a time for celebration, joy and togetherness amongst family and friends. For newlywed brides, Holi has special significance as it signifies the start of their new life with their spouse.

The colours associated with Holi are said to signify good luck and prosperity for married couples, making it an ideal time to begin a new life together full of love and happiness. On this day, women traditionally dress up in colourful saris or lehengas while men wear traditional kurta pyjamas or dhoti-kurtas; both adorned with beautiful jewellery pieces like necklaces or bangles made from gold or silver coins known as ‘churis’ – representing wealth & abundance within marriage.

In addition to dressing up in bright clothes & adornments, newlyweds also take part in fun activities such as playing games like ‘gulal’ (throwing colour powder at each other) which symbolizes unity between two people who have just tied the knot. This act helps them bond further by having some lighthearted fun on this auspicious occasion! 

Traditionally speaking, families gather around bonfires on holi night where they sing folk songs dedicated to Lord Krishna - signifying his divine presence during wedding celebrations. The bride's family members then perform 'Aartis' (prayers) wishing her marital bliss forevermore! Afterwards, sweets are shared among everyone present there which adds more sweetness to her newfound relationship!

All these rituals make holi even more special for any newlywed bride since she gets blessings from all corners along with loads of love & affection coming her way - ultimately leading towards a successful married life ahead!


1) Get creative with Holi decorations:

First things first, deck up your home,  Decorating your home or any other venue where you plan to celebrate is a great way to start the festivities! You can use colourful balloons, streamers, banners etc., that will instantly brighten up the place and get everyone in a festive mood. You could also turn up the music volume by playing some melodious tunes from Bollywood movies which will get everyone grooving along! 


2) Prepare traditional snacks & drinks:

Nothing adds more flavour than homemade delicacies during festivals like Holi! So make sure that there's plenty of delicious food available for everyone who comes over - from gujiyas (sweet dumplings), mathris (salted deep-fried pastries), thandai (a cool drink made with milk & spices) etc. Preparing food with family is of too much fun and if you are newlywed then this is one of the best ideas for celebrating Holi after marriage


3) Host a Colorful BBQ:

Nothing says “Holi” like grilling up some delicious food outdoors! Invite all your close friends over for a barbecue party where everyone can get in touch with their creative side by throwing colourful powder at each other while enjoying snacks and drinks from the grill. This will be sure to bring out all kinds of emotions while having fun conversations about old memories shared between each other during this festive season! 


4) Organise an intimate gathering:

Another best idea for celebrating Holi after marriage hosting an intimate gathering with close family members and friends who share similar values as yours; this will give everyone involved something meaningful they can look forward to every year while also allowing them all to connect in deeper conversations about life events since last holi season ended.


5) Go Shopping Together:

After marriage couples tend to neglect shopping trips due to work commitments so why not use Holi as an excuse? Head out together wearing matching clothes (preferably something bright!) And buy everything from decorations such as flowers or balloons, food ingredients needed for making various dishes like gujiyaa (traditional sweet dumpling), pakoraas etc., along with accessories that could make great souvenirs later on down memory lane when reminiscing about these wonderful days spent together during Holi celebrations.


6) Play fun games & activities:

If possible, try incorporating traditional Indian Games like kite flying into these gatherings as well - not only will they provide entertainment but also bring back fond memories from childhood days spent playing outdoors together! And traditional Indian Games like ‘Dhool Wala Ghoda’(where participants ride on each other's shoulders while trying not to fall down!), 'Rang Barse'(water balloon throwing game!) etc., will definitely add lots of fun elements to your celebrations! And don't forget about dancing too; it'll surely make for an unforgettable experience! 


7) Prepare A Holi Dance performance:

If you’re feeling extra creative then why not prepare a holi dance performance? Get everyone involved by teaching them simple steps that even kids can learn easily so they join in too – this would be a great way for newlyweds to show off their moves as well as enjoy watching others doing theirs!


8) Exchange gifts with loved ones:

Gift-giving has been an integral part of Indian culture for ages – so why not carry forward this tradition? Surprise each other by exchanging thoughtful gifts such as holi colours/sweets/clothes etc. which will show how much they mean to you both! 


9) Spend quality time together:

One way you can make your first holi after marriage special is by planning a romantic getaway for just the two of you. Take advantage of this opportunity to spend quality time together away from home – whether it's at an exotic destination or simply enjoying each other's company on your own patio or balcony at home – there are plenty of creative ways for couples to enjoy their alone time during Holi!


10) Play with colours:

No holi celebration is complete without smearing each other’s faces with bright hues like pink yellow green orange etc. Have lots of water guns ready so people don't have any difficulty getting into action mode quickly; plus it's always a good idea to keep buckets filled with ice-cold water nearby just in case someone needs a quick cool-down break from all excitement happening outside! So go ahead & plan an unforgettable day full of laughter, joy, and happiness on your first holi after marriage- happy holi!!


11) Organise a virtual gathering

If neither option works out due to financial constraints, then consider having a virtual holika dahan ceremony where both families join online via video call & have puja performed by a priest remotely over the internet so that blessings reach all participants without any hassle! This way even long-distance relatives would feel included & still get the chance to participate actively despite being apart physically. With this idea, you can connect to your relatives on your first holi after marriage.

No matter how much things change over the years, one thing remains constant: our need to stay connected deeply through shared experiences which makes holidays like holi perfect occasions do so! So go ahead and explore these ideas for celebrating the first holi after marriage to create memorable moments worth cherishing a lifetime!