Taj Mahal, Lucknow

The Taj Hotel in Lucknow is a classy collection of amenities, luxury, and refinement. For one-of-a-kind encounters and priceless memories, come to this 5-star wedding hotel. An ideal location for a pleasantly contemporary approach to ring in your special festivities, Taj Mahal Lucknow, is renowned and one of the best in hospitality.


In Gomti Nagar, there is a lovely property. It's a great site to host a range of functions, parties, and events because of the lavish interiors, expansive outdoor area, superb infrastructure, premier services, efficient employees, and an overall upscale atmosphere. As one of Lucknow's top wedding locations, it holds a significant position. Here, numerous venues make it simple and convenient to organize parties of various sizes. The parking lot has plenty of room for hassle-free parking.



Taj Hotel Lucknow Gomti Nagar is located 4.8 kilometers from Gomti Nagar Railway Station and is highly accessible to anyone.


Party areas are available at Taj Hotel

Party area at Taj Mahal, Lucknow

The Taj Hotel Lucknow, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow is a venue where you may host your highly desired events and occasions because it has a large lawn and an excellent auditorium. The space is gorgeous and will add a special touch to your celebration. Equally alluring and inspiring is the yard at the Taj Hotel. This excellent location ensures you enjoy a memorable vacation because it perfectly blends beauty and amenities.


Sub venues at Taj Hotel

Given that they have a variety of event spaces and offer visitor comfort to most of their clientele, it can also be the ideal setting for private weddings. Wedding-related activities can be held in various indoor, outdoor, and covered outdoor locations at the Taj Hotel Lucknow. It can therefore be the ideal setting for pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding events.


Gulistan Lawns

This flourishing garden is a magnificent location for your most memorable events. The Crystal Room, an optional indoor room or opulent serving area, is where it is conveniently located. It has one entry point, a capacity of a maximum of 30, and an enclosed area of 690 square meters.



A tiny, individualized area, built right next to the coffee shop, is available for your small social gatherings or even professional events. Warmth emanates from wooden interiors, creating a unique ambiance. It has one entry point, a capacity of a maximum of 30, and an enclosed area of 70 square meters. The dimensions of the mulaqat are 7m×10m×4m.



Here at Mehfil, every detail of the arrangements for your intimate social gathering or event is done flawlessly. Conveniently situated beside the Reception on the Lobby Level, this adaptable space may be tailored to meet your needs. It has one entry point, a capacity of a maximum of 80, and an enclosed area of 150 square meters.


The Crystal Room

Alluring glass chandeliers and integrated electronics are attractive and helpful in this setting. It's the Crystal Room, where things go by without a hitch, and fresh memories are created just as simply. It has four entry points, a maximum capacity of 600, and an enclosed area of 510 square meters. The dimensions of the Crystal Room are 16m×30m×4m.


Pool Lawns

Pool Side

When it comes to life's major holidays, there is only an appropriate indulgence—no excess. You and your guests can enjoy the most lavish parties at the vast Pool Lawns, surrounded by immaculately kept gardens and the opulent hotel façade as a regal backdrop. It has one entry point, a capacity of a maximum of 1200, and an enclosed area of 1120 square meters.


Events at the Taj Hotel in Lucknow

Event at Taj Mahal , LucknowFor your celebrations, the Taj Hotel Lucknow Wedding Hotel can easily host small or large gatherings. This location can accommodate both pre-wedding functions and wedding receptions as well as engagement ceremonies, social groups, and business parties.


The Taj Hotel Lucknow's Services

The Taj Hotel Lucknow is your one-stop location for the best of everything. The hall is the ideal picturesque backdrop for your everlasting photos, embellished with majestic chandelier lighting, a colorful mood, and chic decor. The banquets increase your convenience at the Taj Hotel Lucknow, providing services like cuisine and décor.


Facilities at the Taj Hotel in Lucknow

More than 350 luxurious and comfortable rooms are available to you and your guests at the Taj Hotel Lucknow Banquet Hall. There is plenty of parking available at this five-star location, and guests coming by car can use the valet parking service.


Policies of Venue

Taj marriage lawns, Lucknow opens in two slots-

Morning  10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Evening   07:00 PM to 4:00 AM


It contains a changing room without A/C. It also takes a total booking amount of Rs.100000  for the blocking date, and the rest of the payment is taken 15 days before the wedding,

taxes, and F&Bares 18%. Taj marriage lawns are cancellable as it does have a refundable policy.No outside vendors are allowed at the yard for any function. The venue provides DJs, and No bridal rooms are available at Taj marriage lawn Lucknow.




For parking,

  • No valet is provided,
  • Parking space is available for 100 Vehicles.



  • Rooms are available on Taj marriage lawns.
  • The total number of rooms available for the function is 110.
  • Different rooms are present with additional costs—the average Room-Rs is 2000.




Other policies

  • Late music is not allowed at the marriage lawn.
  • Air Conditioner halls are present at Taj marriage halls.
  • Baarat is allowed on the lawn.
  • Firecrackers are not allowed on the Taj marriage lawn.
  • You can form all harmless marriage rituals.
  • Overnight weddings are also allowed.
  • Taj marriage lawns contain ample parking.



Taj Mahal, wedding Decor

  • Taj marriage lawns do not allow any outside decoration
  • The venue itself will provide the decoration.



  • The Venue itself provides food.
  • No outside food is allowed.
  • Vegetarian and Non- Vegetarian food is available.
  • Multi-Cuisine is available (Indian, Chinese, Continental, etc.)
  • The cost of vegetarian food is 2500 per plate, and non-vegetarian food is 2700 per plate.


Other features

  • Welcome areas are present at the Taj hotel/marriage banquet.
  • Wi-fi / Internet access is available.
  • Stage, Projector, and TV screen are present
  • Bathroom, Heating facilities are provided.
  • It also has an electric city backup.


Summing up

Your first choice for hosting an occasion that people will remember for years is the Taj Hotel Lucknow in Lucknow. Get in touch with us to reserve a Taj Hotel, Lucknow, with the most excellent pricing guarantee and no trouble. At Event Planet, you can also get the phone number and pictures of the location.