The 10 Fabric Varieties Available for Rent for Your Wedding

Fabrics and wedding fabric rentals are crucial components of your wedding decor. Not only are linens necessary for decking out your wedding banquet tables, but they can also make a significant difference in the way your vacant location, the backdrop for the ceremony, the chairs, and other elements are transformed while planning the wedding of your dreams. It's easy to become confused about the specific types of fabric and fabric rentals for weddings you require or what would complement your wedding design once you begin looking into rental fabrics near me, but understanding the common choices and their fundamental distinctions will ultimately aid in your decision-making.


Wedding fabric rental options

You should be aware of all the ways you may use fabrics in your wedding decor before we get into the various types of cloth you could require for your special event.


Chair Covers

Chair covers are exactly what they sound like—decorative covers that fit over the backs of your chairs to accentuate them with colour, sheen, or another flair. Most frequently used for formal events, these wedding fabric rentals are combined with straight-back wedding chairs like Chiavari chairs and chameleon chairs.



At your reception, napkins are the one form of fabric rental for weddings that you're almost certainly going to require because of their crucial function. Yet their usefulness need not make them uninteresting; in addition to the usual white polyester napkins, you can also choose linen, gauze, or cotton materials. To give your place settings even more ornamental flair, tie or fold the napkins in a lovely way.


Wedding Tents

Aside from the well-known frame tents and clear-top tents, which are composed of vinyl and plastic, various kinds of reception tent fabric rentals near me can be rented. The name "sailcloth" refers to the soft cotton or canvas material used to make these tents, sometimes referred to as Sperry tents. To maintain the structure, poles are needed all over the tent, giving it a peaked appearance.


A swag is a long piece of cloth that is stretched across a ceiling and wrapped around a doorframe, a pole, or some kind of supporting object. Swags are entirely ornamental; you can use them to conceal unattractive ceiling beams, highlight lighting fixtures, or cover up other bothersome aspects that you can't change or take out from your location. The best materials for swags are airy textiles like chiffon and organza.



The most popular kinds of wedding fabric rentals are tablecloths, which should come as no surprise. Traditional tablecloths are still widely used for formal and classic weddings, despite the fact, even though tables have become popular for wedding themes with a more casual and rustic feel. Ask your venue coordinator whether there are any banquet tables on-site if there are; if so, regular white tablecloths are also probably available. Depending on your colour scheme and style, these simple linens can immediately alter your reception tabletop. If you want to seamlessly conceal the base of each tall cocktail table, spandex coverings are a popular choice.


Table Runner

Table runners are long, rectangular pieces of fabric that cover the tops of your tables, just like tablecloths do. Table runners are different from tablecloths in that they aren't as wide, "running" down the centre of the table instead, leaving the edges of the table uncovered. Table runners can be used alone to create centrepieces and tablescapes (gauzy table runners are a popular choice for bohemian themes), or they can be layered on top of tablecloths.


Wedding rental fabric types

Take a moment to review some of these popular fabric rentals for weddings before you contact specialist linen suppliers. Knowing the fundamentals will make it simpler to communicate what you're looking for. Your vendor will be the expert when it comes to determining precisely what type of fabric works with your wedding budget and style (and how much you'll need of it). Ask a potential seller if they have a showroom or if they can give swatches so you can physically view and touch the materials after you've picked one.



You probably come into contact with this synthetic fibre dozens of times every day. Polyester fabric comes in practically any colour, pattern, or texture you may think of and is incredibly versatile and strong. No of the design or price, it is one of the greatest options for wedding fabric rentals because of this. Polyester is frequently used for tablecloths and napkins since it is relatively simple to wash and de-wrinkle.



Sequin linens should be at the top of your list if you want your wedding to have a wow effect. The small metallic discs known as sequins, which are sewn onto a piece of fabric, will immediately provide a "glittering" impression. If you want an ultra-glam look, you can cover every reception table in sequins. If you prefer something more understated, pick one or two accent tables (like the head table). Although there are many colours available for sequin tablecloths, the most popular ones are white, rose gold, silver, and gold.



One of the most popular fabric varieties, satin has an iridescent sheen and an elegant appearance. For many years, only silk thread was used to weave satin, which carried an extremely high price tag. Contemporary satins are much more reasonably priced while still having an attractive appearance because they are combined with polyester, nylon, rayon, and even cotton. For formal wedding fabric rentals and opulent, beautiful settings, satin tablecloths are perfect.


Jacquard fabric

To create a design on jacquard fabric, elevated threads are purposefully left throughout the weaving process and frequently include many colours or metallics. The ultimate result is a strong, luxurious-feeling fabric with texture. Similar techniques are used to create damasks and filigrees, which feature designs woven into silk or polyester fabric rentals near me.



Pure silk is one of the more expensive alternatives when it comes to fabric rentals for weddings because it is one of the more difficult textiles to make. Similar to other fabrics, there are various varieties of silk based on production methods and thread content. The Goldilocks of silks, according to some, is Shantung Silk. (Its constant colour, crisp feel, and light shine make it an ideal fabric for wedding gowns.) While less heavy or stiff than Dupioni silk, which is purposefully woven with uneven threads of various colours to produce a textured impression, Shantung silk has more structure than a smooth, barely-there silk weave like charmeuse.



Taffeta is a stiff, slightly shiny fabric that resembles satin and silk. It is a great option for elegant settings and traditional weddings (just think of Princess Diana's wedding gown, which was made of taffeta). Taffeta is a fantastic material for adding texture to your table design because of its starched appearance. Taffeta linens come in a range of textures, from fabric rosettes to pinwheel and pintuck designs with tastefully placed folds.



Lightweight and primarily sheer chiffon with lovely drape and movement. Chiffon is most frequently used as an accent fabric or tablecloth since it is more transparent than materials like polyester or silk. It looks wonderful used as a runner on tables with raw wood or put on top of opaque tablecloths. Chiffon also makes a lovely material for chair decorations, ceiling swags, and ceremonial backdrops.



Tulle is renowned for giving bridal dresses a dreamy, fairytale appearance, and the same is true with tulle linens. This transparent netting wedding fabric rental is frequently used in wedding decorations for aisle markers, chair adornments, table skirts, and beautiful backgrounds. Organza and chiffon are less structured than tulle, giving it a "fluffy" appearance and lots of volumes (imagine a ballerina's tutu).



Like chiffon, organza makes a beautiful accent fabric. This delicate, translucent fabric is a favourite for adding the "finishing touches" to any room, whether it is used as tablecloths, chair sashes, table skirts, stair railings, or ceiling drapes. Though commonly mistaken for tulle, organza is more malleable and airy. Practically any hue is available in organza, and it may also be embellished with sequins, embroidery, beading, or patterns.



For couples trying to look regal, patterned fabric rentals are perfect. A more sumptuous touch is added by linens with woven patterns, such as jacquard, damask, and filigree, as opposed to materials with prints. Darker hues and more conventional designs like floral, geometric, and scrollwork can be seen on jacquards, damasks, and filigrees.