The Ultimate Guide for Brides Shopping for Plus Size Wedding Dresses!


There is no need for you to worry about your wedding shopping because you are 'curvaceous. You could believe that it would be challenging to acquire the ideal plus-size wedding dresses for your big day. However, take a deep breath and relax because our simple guide can easily make your curves appear beautiful!


It is true that no one solution fits all. There is also a popular plus-size wedding dress for every type of bride thanks to the abundance of choices on the market. Even though you're a plus-size bride, you can still appear chic and fashionable. All you have to do to purchase plus-size wedding dresses is follow tried-and-true advice. Because your confidence and how you hold yourself define your beauty rather than the contour of your body.



Recognize Your Body Type


It is often advised to purchase your bridal lehenga in accordance with your body type so that you feel confident in it. The four basic body shapes for plus-size women are top-heavy or apple-shaped, bottom-heavy or pear-shaped, midriff-heavy, and overall round.

By choosing a heavier, voluminous lehenga, you can balance the top heavy and appear longer and thinner. Choosing an attractive choli with a fashionable neckline that highlights your bust line and a flared lehenga beneath will draw attention away from your midriff and give you a stunning appearance.

Always choose A-line silhouettes below, such as a minimally flared lehenga, to make your bottom-heavy body appear slimmer.


Another excellent option for this body type is a saree. The choli or blouse should always be the focal point to counteract the bottom-heavy appearance.  Last but not least, a body that is generally round tends to be heavier in the arms, top, midriff, and bottom. For such body types, emphasizing the bust and bottom can be really effective.



Look for bridal stores or manufacturers who focus on plus-size wedding dresses

Look for bridal stores or manufacturers who focus on plus-size wedding dresses

Shopping for your wedding outfit is stressful regardless of your size. But it's even worse if you're a plus-size bride. Thus, it is usually preferable to choose a brand or retailer that specializes in your size category. They have the best selection of sizes for you and are the most knowledgeable about the needs and desires of a plus-size bride. Even so, if there aren't plus-size wedding dress stores nearby, there are many online retailers and brands that guarantee a pleasant shopping experience.



Make appointments in advance

We are aware of how fantastic the concept of a plus-size wedding dress brand is. However, if it's far away from you, it could be an issue. It is, therefore better to make an appointment over the phone if you intend to travel a great distance to visit a store like that. Even though designer stores like Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra are recognised for fitting customers of all sizes, appointments must be made in advance if you plan to visit them. Additionally, phone the business in advance of your visit to find out whether they carry the sizes you require if you are unsure if they accommodate larger sizes. When going shopping for your wedding day, doing a little research can help you avoid awkward circumstances. Give them your clothes size when you email or call so they can let you know if they have any dress alternatives for you. If they have seats and changing rooms that accommodate plus sizes is a fantastic additional question to ask.



Choose Your Shopping Companions Wisely

Avoid feeling overly pressured by those around you when you're shopping for your wedding attire. Therefore, choose your shopping group carefully. Make sure those who care about you the most are honest about what looks good and what doesn't. Be careful not to be surrounded by negative Nancys who continuously criticise your appearance or size. Additionally, set limits and let your shopping group know in advance what you're looking for. Giving others a heads-up won't just assist you—some people use fat-phobic language and actions without even realising it—but it may also benefit them. Inform them that while constructive criticism is acceptable, offensive remarks will not be tolerated.



Pay No Attention to the Dress' Size

Pay No Attention to the Dress' Size

Girls, stop worrying about your dress size! Remember that a brand's sizing may not always correspond to the size you are most accustomed to wearing. People of all sizes frequently require a size or two larger than what they are accustomed to wearing. Keep in mind that the dress should fit your gorgeous physique well! You want to get clothing that will fit your entire body, including your curves. The size is unimportant.


Be Open-Minded When You Shop

We are aware that you have done extensive study on the most attractive silhouettes for your body type before going wedding dress shopping. Yes, that's wonderful. But you must also approach the situation with an open mind. Many aspiring brides hesitate when trying on various looks, primarily due to concerns about their bodies. Don't be scared to do anything that is outside of your normal comfort zone while you are trying on the dress type you have imagined. If you have a stylist, listen to their advice and be receptive to ideas you may not have thought of. The future? Perhaps you'll wind up deciding on something wholly original and unusual!


Remember The Details

Remember The Details

Do you intend to wear undergarments on your wedding day? When you go shopping for your bridal lehenga, take it with you. Recall that wearing shapewear is NOT necessary if you want to look your best on your special day. Throw it away if you don't want to wear it. Because cholis have inseamed cups, many brides appear better without the undergarments than with them. To get the finest visual, though, it's important to dress like you would for your wedding. What's over your lehenga is just as essential as what's under it. Therefore, consider any additional details you'd like on your wedding day, and be sure to include them when having your dress fitted. Do you have your hair up? For your appointment, put it in a ponytail. Want to look fierce at the wedding with a bold lips? Take out your best lipstick that won't budge. It's incredible how a small adjustment can alter how you feel wearing a dress.


Don't be afraid to request the dress of your dreams!

Don't be afraid to request the dress of your dreams!

We must stress this again and again. Many plus-size brides are hesitant to purchase bridal attire. But really, don't be apprehensive about requesting the dress of your dreams. There are so many unconventional approaches to finding the ideal clothing. If money is an issue, think about renting your attire. Try a different design if you can't locate your ideal outfit with one. Never be afraid to get in touch with a previous bride whose attire you liked and inquire about where she got it. Do some research on the various options for getting your outfit.


Your friend will be an extra dupatta!

There is no doubt that by including a second dupatta in your costume, you elevate and almost perfect your overall appearance. When you want to wear a head veil as well as a shoulder drape, having two dupattas is always practical. You can wear your two dupattas separately without placing too much strain on the rest of your clothing. A second dupatta aids in hiding areas you want to conceal. A second dupatta can be used to cover an unsightly area, such as your back, shoulders, or stomach, with some creative styling. It also gives off a retro vibe. Why not love it?



Fabrics Are Important

Fabrics Are Important

Understanding the type of fabric plus-size wedding dresses are composed of is crucial. Different varieties of fabric fit various body types better. Choose airy, flowing materials like georgette and chiffon, which beautifully drape over the skin and make you appear thinner. Only choose heavier-looking fabrics like silk and velvet if you are certain you will wear them.



Blouse Modifications for plus-size wedding dresses to Take Note Of

Blouse Modifications for plus-size wedding dresses to Take Note Of

When choosing your wedding outfit, whether it be a bridal lehenga, sharara, or saree, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your blouse design. Choose a high-waisted skirt or a long blouse:

Brides with a large midsection always benefit from covering the stomach area. Therefore, you might choose a lengthy blouse design like a peplum blouse or a choli in the jacket style. However, you can go for a high-waisted skirt if you don't want to wear a long blouse.



Do not wear overly padded blouses:

Avoid wearing blouses with very thick or heavy pads if you have a larger bust because they accentuate the look rather than hide it. In fact, you can completely omit the pads if you're cool with that.



Fun with it, please!

Remember to take a deep breath and keep in mind that the main goal of this celebration is to honour your love for your future spouse.Make dress shopping and fittings a happy and festive occasion.. Don your best glam and relish these unique times. Throughout this journey, you deserve to feel stunning, cherished and appreciated. ' Because when it's over, you'll look back and should only recall the positive aspects.



Final Reflections

Regardless of body shape, every bride looks stunning on her wedding day. You can only show off your curves by dressing appropriately for your wedding. When you add self-assurance and a smile to your style, you will unquestionably produce a spectacular impact on your spouse and the guests. Therefore, don't be worried and just relax as you look for your wedding outfit.