To Choreograph or not to Choreograph – Pros and Cons

Your Wedding dance has its own importance in your life and you want it to be the best. It is the best time which you spend with your husband or wife in front of all your friends, relatives and parents. Your wedding dance can make the wedding pleasant or can also make it unpleasant. However, for every newlywed, it's the part of the wedding day that scares them the most, and wedding dance choreography can help you in this


For newlyweds, the first dance puts pressure on their brains. Some people simply adore the limelight and are eager to display their talents. While some people find their first dance awkward. At least one dancing class must be taken in the weeks leading up to your wedding. To avoid embarrassing yourself in front of everyone, don't combine lessons with standard wedding dance choreography. You may learn specific first dance moves during your practice sessions.


The final decision of hiring a choreographer for wedding dance depends on you and it also depends upon the song you want to dance. And you are confused about the topic of choosing wedding dance choreography or not. Then Don't take tension, we are here to help you and your partner by discussing the following pros and cons to make better decisions.


Pros of Wedding Dance Choreography


1. This can make you comfortable


Are either you or your lover at ease in the spotlight? If not, think about using a wedding dance choreography to calm your nerves. You'll feel more at ease approaching the stage with your partner thanks to all the steps you've practiced. Additionally, if you haven't properly prepared, this could spare you from uncomfortable situations. Your choice now is to either receive praise for your performance or to later participate in mocking.


2. This can help you in making romantic memories


You and your partner could enjoy taking dance courses together, especially if you want to unwind from the stress and anxiety of planning your wedding. Wedding dance choreography allows you time with your significant other. That intensifies the precious and private times you share with your significant other before marriage. After all, dancing might be an excuse to forego the demanding wedding preparations and instead spend time together making romantic memories.

This can easily have an impact on your relationship in the lead-up to the wedding. In the roughly three months before the wedding, taking dance lessons together regularly will likely give you two some much-needed quality time together. Additionally, it might help ease any tension between you brought on by the dreaded "wedmin." Taking dance lessons together could be the solution to your difficulties and could assist to ensure that arranging your wedding doesn't cause you to fall apart if you're experiencing pre-wedding anxiety or tension.


3.  Display Your Perfect Dance Technique

Dance Technique

Eventually, a synchronized routine will appear flawless. Your guests will be shocked, and you'll have great pictures and videos from your first dance as husband and wife. You two may likely continue to appreciate the dance long after your wedding. Additionally, practicing your dance steps in advance might create a sparkly synergy with your partner. Thus, if your main goal is to rock the dance floor, hiring a wedding dance choreography is preferable.


4. This can boost your motivation


Deciding on your first dance might inspire you and give you one less thing to worry about on your big day. Nobody wants to be distracted by the idea of the wedding dance during their wedding and wedding dance choreography would be helpful to prepare the dancing steps in advance. For some people and couples, a seemingly straightforward dance may cause unneeded concern. Therefore, minimizing pointless concerns will enable you to take more pleasure in your day.


Cons of wedding dance choreography


1.  Time wastage


You might find it challenging to make the time commitment. Money is typically non-refundable, so there's no use investing 50% of your money in it since your first dance would undoubtedly reflect that. You can decide not to invest unless it is something you both firmly believe in. If you have a busy professional schedule in addition to wedding preparations, a wedding dance choreography is not a good option.


2. A Little Uneasy

Little Uneasy

During your first dance, you could come out as stiff and awkward if you haven't practiced the dance enough or if it is too complicated. Make sure your dance instructor pushes you just enough to reach your limitations, not too much. Some people choose not to dance because they are timid. Hiring a wedding choreographer could help you feel less shy while boosting your self-assurance and body awareness.


3.  Will Be Pricey

You will need to dig deep into your money to pay the choreographer because wedding dance choreography is pricey. However, taking dancing lessons might not be an option if your wedding has a tight budget. This isn't vital to add to your burden by attempting to finance a planned dance routine if you can use the money more effectively elsewhere. After all, starting a new life comes with obligations, therefore it is preferable to take care of your finances than to waste money planning your wedding.


4.  Increase the Stress

Increase Stress

With so much crammed into one day, weddings are already taxing, and having prepared dance steps to memorize only makes things worse. The dance preparation required if you follow the wedding dance choreography can be time-consuming and demanding in addition to other wedding preparations. So why add to the stress when you're already preparing for your wedding and dealing with a tonne of other stuff?


Final Verdict

Without a doubt, many couples agree that having a choreographed first dance is the best choice. After all, there wouldn't be as many businesses devoted to providing the service if it weren't. But it doesn't imply it's the best choice for you just because your relatives used the option and it worked out for her wedding. Consider your alternatives carefully, and choose the action you believe will benefit you both. We sincerely hope that this article has made your choice a little bit simpler!