Two people are joined in marriage during a wedding ceremony. Different civilizations, ethnic groups, religions, nations, and social classes have quite different wedding traditions and customs. The majority of wedding rituals include the exchange of vows by the couple, the giving of a gift (offering, rings, symbolic item, flowers, money, dress), and the public declaration of the union by a celebrant or representative of the ruling class.



There are numerous aspects that a couple and their family must consider when organizing a wedding. Even if you employ a planner, the major choices still fall under your purview, and choosing the colors and themes for the wedding is one of those considerations. The choice of color is just as significant as other wedding-related decisions such as venue, flowers, attire, jewelry, etc. The choice of flowers, decor items, installations, table linens, furniture, clothing, jewellery, and other items also becomes simple as you choose a nice color theme. You will have no trouble focusing on your selection procedure. So, after you settle on the final day, give the work of choosing colors the utmost significance.

Sharing our predictions for the next wedding color trends for 2022 with lovely brides is such a thrill. The stunning ideas we have compiled here are perfect if you want something stylish but classic for your wedding day.



The third month of this year has already passed, and with everything changing quickly, so too is the color trend for weddings this year. Couples are now choosing colors that are a little lighter, and even when they choose dark hues, they balance the decor and color scheme rather well to prevent the color from being out of place or loud. Modern couples are pragmatic, experimental, and open to new concepts and fashions. We have noticed a few hues that may be popular for weddings this year.


Sage green

Sage Green is one of the shades of green that are all the rage this year, helping to establish and enhance the vivid aesthetic of the event. If you want to have a daytime outdoor wedding, sage green is one of the cool tones of green that will help you get that rustic aesthetic. Choose this color to create a soothing, earthy atmosphere for your decor. It can be blended with a few other colors to create a stunning look for your wedding.


Hunter green

Hunter Green is a different type of green that you will see a lot of this year. It is either the same shade of green as the forest green or somewhat darker. Combine this color with other colors in your installations and décor to create a timeless yet sophisticated look. It is a color that will give your entire wedding a royal appearance.


Some shades of purple

Any shade of purple combined with the ideal color scheme could give your wedding the enchanted feel that we have all learned to love. And we already know that the Pantone color for 2022 is "Very Peri," one of the paler tones of purple. The paler purple hue, often known as lavender, was employed at numerous weddings in 2021, as we have already seen. This year, there will be a lot of purples. Purple, which was once associated with royalty, stands for fantasy, enchantment, inventiveness, and luxury.


Classic blue

Select the traditional color blue for your wedding to add the desired amount of glitz. Even if you combine several tones of classic blue, the color will still stand out on its own. Additionally, a color this regal will look lovely as your wedding attire.


Terracotta and Dust


The colors orange, rust, and terracotta were a color that we saw a lot of in 2021, and it will continue this year as well. The wedding will have a rustic, natural richness thanks to the use of terracotta and rust colors. A new, trendy, and stylish aesthetic will be possible if you include this color combination story into your wedding through your decor, your floral accents, your invitation cards, and all of your other special details.



Burgundy and Dusty blue

Dusty blue and Burgundy are a striking yet unusual color combination that will be widely used in 2022. Dusty blue, a cool color, and burgundy, a dark color, will make a statement at your wedding and are a nicely balanced pair. While burgundy is more sophisticated like a wine, dusty blue has a very romantic and elegant appeal. Adding this combination, or just one of the colors will give the wedding a gorgeous, fairytale look.



The color champagne will give the wedding a stylish and modern feel. It will give out the ideal amount of light and a rustic ambiance. And both daytime and evening weddings will look great with this color. You can choose various hues to combine with different colors but trust us when we say that this color is here to stay.


Cinnamon rose

Beautiful rich pinkish-red hues can also be described as cinnamon roses. We will see many weddings with this color because it is a flexible color that may be used in wedding palettes. It's a color that will stand out beautifully when paired with a variety of other hues.


Mustard yellow

Yellow as a hero color would be too bright but the correct shade of yellow with proper selection will enhance the wedding aesthetics. There is an old-school vibe to mustard yellow and there is a sense of being grounded in this color. With this color, you really can't go wrong. The hue mustard yellow is ideal for a wedding in the fall or winter, but when combined and used properly in other aspects, it may also look stunning for a wedding in the summer.


Bold Jewel Tones

It is more like a solid expression when a hue is strong and deep. Rich, saturated hues with names like sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst purple, citrine yellow, and emerald green refer to these colors. A beautiful contrast of strong hues that you can either mix with any neutral color or use color-blocked. Your wedding will attract everyone's attention and become the talk of the town, as we always say that anything incorporated and executed correctly will be the best.


 You can choose from the serene blue, the alluring green, the desirable red, the royal purple, or the glowing yellow, or you can mix up the palette.

For a pair with a sense of high fashion, such brilliant color is ideal. And a wedding with jewel tones would look gorgeous with your decor. Everything will appear stunning and stylish if you imagine the blossoms in one of the colors or a combination of two hues and the wedding attire of the couple in a different tone.



Indian weddings are vibrant, stunning, and colorful events. The colors are always variants of a few basic hues, including red, yellow, and green. Also important are the colors gold, purple, blue, and saffron. Everything has a meaning in India, even the colors, particularly at weddings. Some of the important wedding colors in India are shown below;



Indian weddings generally include the reddest attire. As it is seen to be extremely auspicious, it is utilized in décor, bridal colors, and other things. In times of uncertainty, family, friends, and guests prefer to wear red because it is a color associated with celebration and they won't offend anyone by doing so.

Any Hindu marriage must include crimson sindoor and red bangles. A few other hues have replaced red as the traditional bridal lehenga color, but they are still often the ones that are viewed as lucky for weddings. Red is associated with the goddess Durga and is also the color of Mars, which according to astrology is the planet of marriages.

The red sindoor placed on the bride's forehead represents luck and wealth.

Fecundity, fertility, desire, and sensuality are other meanings ascribed to the color Red is consequently usually a component of the color palette for everything from the wedding décor to the wedding food because it has so many positive and happy associations with marriage.



The color blue is prevalent. This stunning color is used to depict a lot of Hindu gods. Blue is a popular color for grooms to wear at weddings because it is a symbol of manliness, bravery, tenacity, and mental stability. Blue also represents someone with a sound intellect. Extremely dark blue hues should be avoided, though, as they can resemble black, which is not often the color used for wedding ceremonies.



Indian weddings are known for their use of yellow marigolds. The color is a bright, upbeat, and hopeful shade that brings enthusiasm and cheer to the proceedings. Yellow is used to bless the young couple with riches and splendor since it represents these things. Another ceremony, the "Haldi," serves as a pre-nuptial rite for both the bride and the groom.

Before the wedding, the groom and bride have a ritual wash and turmeric paste application. With great excitement and enjoyment, all of the relatives participate in the event. The husband and bride are made beautiful before the wedding using turmeric, a natural cleaner.

The bride and groom benefit psychologically from this ceremony as they get ready for the wedding's main ceremony. The couple's faces have a wonderful glow thanks to the turmeric.

Hindu wedding colors have significant meanings when used as wedding décor or wedding clothing. For instance, yellow is selected to brighten up the pair and create a happy environment at the wedding.



The color purple is linked to nobility, opulence, and power. The color represents wealth in an understated manner and exudes a calm sense of grandeur. Combinations of purple and gold are common at weddings that want to exude grandeur.



Another color that is a primary hue for Indian weddings is green. It represents the vitality, youth, fertility, and harmony that are essential to a happy marriage. Particularly popular is the paler color green.

In some form or another, the mehndi ceremony is one of the significant events in the majority of the nation. The predominant color at this event is green, which is the hue of henna. Every Hindu wedding has a specific day set aside for this custom, in which the bride's hands are painted with henna to represent a fruitful life for both the bride and the groom.

Green sarees and bangles are common wedding attire in many Indian groups because they represent new beginnings for the bride. As with red, green is a lucky hue that brings good fortune, so fresh, green mango leaves are used as part of the bridal decorations.


Saffron Or Orange

At Hindu weddings, saffron or orange are of significant significance. It combines the joy of yellow with the vivacious vitality of red. Orange gives weddings the ideal amount of joyful excitement. Hindu wedding colors have special meanings since they represent different facets of marriage. The priests who officiate at the marriage wear saffron-colored robes because it symbolizes sacrifice and chastity. Hindu weddings use saffron because they believe that marriages are based on the trust, love, and sacrifice of the two people involved.



Another hue that is consistently used in Indian weddings is pink, which comes in both light and dark tints. Pink could be used to embellish the space because of its energizing vibe. Wedding settings frequently pair white and pink because the hues look lovely and represent the purity and sanctity of marriage.

Modern brides prefer pastel pink lehengas over brilliant red ones because they belong to the same color family. The color pink stands for harmony, love, peace within, and friendship. These characteristics are crucial for a husband and wife to share in successful, long-lasting marriage.

The visitors, along with family and friends, appear lovely in the beautiful color Roland Cream

Cream and red are the most popular color combinations for bridal wear. A neutral color like cream denotes tranquility, peace, and leisure. It goes well with the bold, vivacious color red. The combination of the two hues is appropriate for weddings. For a marriage to succeed, both vigor and composure are necessary.


Golden glitter

Glitter and brightness are a big deal at Indian weddings. Indian weddings are anything from basic and austere. Indian weddings are renowned for their lavish richness, pomp, and opulent decor all around the world. All Indian marriages, whether Hindu or not, include gold, and the bride and the other women are lavishly dressed in gold. To bring the couple prosperity, the golden hue is also used in the décor. Due to its inevitability as a component of the family members and bridal trousseau's embellishments, the hue also appears stunning on materials.



If a bride does not want to show off the vivid red, she can choose peach, a mild variant of red. Peaches signify warmth and kindness, which is just one of many beautiful connotations. Peach is a color associated with caring, which makes it a suitable choice for weddings because married couples take care of one another. The bride's jewelry is highlighted by the hue as well. Modern brides favor the current pairing of peach and blue, and each color has its upbeat connotation.

The décor, which includes Fuschia and saffron lehengas, instantly brightens the celebration with its gorgeous bright yellow and pink tones. To make Indian weddings modern, the traditional hues are given a contemporary twist. The fashionable color scheme has origins in the conventional hues of saffron and pink, keeping history alive while giving it a contemporary makeover.


Saffron And Fuschia

If you decide to plan a wedding in India, keep in mind that color plays a significant role in Indian weddings. Some colors, like red, green, and yellow, are always used because of their auspicious nature and significant meanings. Even today's color schemes tend to keep within a rather narrow range of the original hues.



There are hues and color combinations that work well in every season and year, and we have included a few suggestions for you to choose from for your wedding. Once you've chosen the colors, planning, carrying out, and constructing everything becomes a step easier. As the wedding is one of the most important days of your and your partner's lives, refrain from using more than three colors for the occasion as you can end up regretting it forever. Do as much research as you can, get ideas from Instagram and Pinterest to determine what you will like, and talk it over with your planner.

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You will have a better understanding of the planning and execution process if you read real wedding stories.

Last but not least, choose hues that will bring you and your partner joy and will make you both beam with delight when you open your wedding album to appreciate the vivid recollections.