Top 10 Trending Genuine Hacks for Brides

O God, You are planning your wedding but getting stressed about small details. We already know that wedding planning is like climbing a big mountain. You have to check every small detail to make it perfect and memorable.


To ease your stress, We have good news for you. We are here with a few genuine trending hacks for weddings that will make your wedding entertaining and also relieve your stress. Don't take tension about your entry and guests just keep yourself beautiful with your killing smile. Keep your hair, makeup, and dress on the point that will maintain your manifesto of a bride. We are here to share some genuine trending hacks for weddings, not only for weddings but also for pre-wedding and post-wedding events. Get ready to ease your tension with our top 10 trending genuine hacks.


Genuine Hacks For Pre- Wedding days


1. Games and Song Request

You are the bride and your Haldi and Mehandi ceremony is taking place but the Dance floor is empty. Don't take tension, we have genuine trending hacks for you, just ask for your DJ to play games to encourage your guest to let their hair down, and also ask your DJ to plan a wedding song list according to your guest's wishes, it will guarantee a wonderful night.

Song Request


2. Creating a Whatsapp group

Nowadays brides are stressed about their dress choice and makeup choice but they have very few people to help them and asking every particular person is time-consuming. We are here with genuine trending hacks for weddings, you can create a WhatsApp group by which you can get connect with your all close friends and relatives and also get their opening on any particular thing in less time and if you have many ideas, then planning a wedding will get easy and you can also easily decide theme wedding or theme dressing without any extra effort.



3. Walk around with your wedding heels

You are the bride, you have to walk on the aisle but if you are still confused about your shoes or heel fitting and tense about your walk on the aisle, then follow our trending genuine hacks for making your shoe or heel aisle ready. Wear your heels all around the house, stretch them with shocks and also make sure that your feet are comfortable and you can wear your heels for a long time without any pain. If your heels are slippery use sandpaper on the base for preventing any slippage. After following this hack you will confidently walk down your aisle with your bright smile.



4. Start using a face mask

Getting a pimple before a wedding is the biggest nightmare for any bride! As a bride, if you want a bright stunning face, then follow our genuine trending hacks for wedding, start using a face mask a week 2-3 times before your wedding, which will enhance your skin and give you a glowing look as it will make a real difference on your dull and tired skin.

Face Pack


5.  Off for a week

Getting stressed, tension, or getting any type of wound is such a horrible thing that can happen to any bride. We have researched and taken surveys on trending genuine hacks that will keep you away from these horrible things and make your schedule free for a week. Finish all your shopping, finish your office or housework. Just give this one a week to yourself and use different useful skin glowing products.

Relax time

 Try to think positively to remove your stress and tension. Spend your time with your parents, siblings and with your close relatives. All these things will keep you away from any tension and horrible things that can happen to you and will give you a bright and glowing look.


Genuine Hacks For the Wedding day


1. Prepare an extra make-up kit

Forgetting the makeup kit at the house or missing important makeup items is very depressing. It may ruin your wedding and avoid these things following our genuine trending hacks for weddings we suggest making an extra makeup kit for emergency purposes. Most of the bride's things are a waste of money but no makeup is not a waste of money especially for brides as you can make use of this extra make-up kit for your upcoming post-wedding functions.

Make up kit


2. Intake of healthy food and green tea

You are the bride and you have an upset stomach on your wedding day, such a horrible thing. Because an upset stomach can cause weakness, it will make your skin pale. According to our experts tending genuine hacks, they suggest eating a nourishing breakfast, having green or herbal tea in the morning, and avoiding all types of fast food or wedding foods. Your wedding is such a long and exhausting ceremony that is why proper and healthy food is a must.

Green Tea


3.  Switch off your phone

The bride must be free of all worries about the wedding ceremony. Last-minute calls and messages are frustrating. Think about the situation where you are doing your makeup or any makeup expert is doing your makeup for your wedding day and your phone rings. It will be annoying not only for your makeup expert and can ruin your makeup. Then consider our suggestion and switch off your mobile and enjoy your wedding day with your family and relatives.

Phone switch off


4.  Choose a dress with heavy Trail

If you are preparing for any outdoor wedding such as a destination wedding or beach wedding, our experts suggest your genuine trending hack for weddings is to wear a dress with heavy trail, this will help you in maintaining your posture in windy weather.

Heavy Trail


Genuine Hacks For Post-Wedding days


1. Sell unwanted wedding material

Being a bride is not only spending money but also earning a good amount of money and it is only possible if you follow our genuine trending hacks for weddings. We suggest you sell the things that you are not using again in your life. By selling these things you can get a good amount of money and can buy other necessary items.

Selling Clothes

2.  Treat yourself to a Spa Day 

Tried from all wedding rituals, Why don't you try the spa? According to experts, a spa is the best way to get relaxation and if you are not allowed to go outside for a spa then simply contact our experts or you can try the home spa. Take the help of a beauty website.