Top 10 Wedding Destination Place in India

Do you know how much work it takes to prepare a wedding perfectly? A wedding checklist typically includes items like the wedding date, the location, the wedding decor, caterers, photographers, music, transportation, and guest accommodations, to name a few. Then there are all the dress-choosing games, followed by matching accessories, immaculate makeup, and other things. The beautiful wedding ceremony we see for only a few hours results from many long days of hustling and labor. The wedding location is now one essential component that distinguishes a memorable wedding.


While there are many choices for wedding locations in India, the millennial trend of destination weddings there is gaining popularity, and we are all in favor of it. Before, the general concept of destination weddings was usually centered around foreign locales, but now destination wedding is also famous in India. Every wedding celebration in India feels at home because of its diverse cultural history. You can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience without leaving India, whether hosting a Bengali ceremony in Coorg or organizing a North Eastern destination wedding in Jaipur.


With breathtaking locations to the stunning architectural beauties to choose from, a destination wedding in India would be a perfect experience that amalgamates culture, traditions, and vibrancy. It would make all of your wedding functions a unique experience in itself that you and all of your guests would remember for life. For your wedding in India, consider the deserts, beaches, mountains, and palaces that once housed the aristocracy. The golf courses, resorts, and gardens are no less of an aesthetic location for you to host your destination wedding in India.


Unquestionably, getting married is one of the most romantic days of a person's life because it allows the couple to celebrate their new beginning. The choice of a stunning location for the wedding is one approach to capture this particular moment in time.


Fortunately, it won't take long to locate a location that can add even more significance to your Big Day. India has everything you need to make your wedding ceremony unforgettable, from picturesque mountains and sun-kissed beaches to sumptuous palaces, old forts, and luxurious hotels.


Why choose India for your destination wedding?

There are numerous good reasons to have your wedding in India as a destination. Some are global, while others only pertain to specific cultures and age groups.


Unique experience

Hosting a wedding in a nearby community is enjoyable, but what goes above and beyond in finding a stunning site that has to provide you and your family with an unforgettable experience. You and your wedding guests can savor the regional cuisine, take some time to explore the area, and enjoy your wedding in a foreign location. At their core, destination weddings are essentially a vacation combined with the most important day of your life, making it the most memorable and beautiful experience.



Well, you don't necessarily have to blow your entire wedding money on a destination wedding in India. Almost always, the guest list is lower than it would be if your marriage were held locally. A portion of the funds can be set aside for other activities, such as visiting the city, sipping margaritas, and generally having fun if there are fewer attendees. Because every Indian wedding vendor in the nation knows the specifics of an Indian wedding, you can hire local suppliers, which will save you money on transportation and vendor recruiting fees.


Additionally, because you already have an incredible backdrop for your vows, beautiful locations will help you save money on other decor needed to heighten the ambiance. Even though it might seem surprising, choosing a destination wedding almost always results in a less wedding budget. The prices are lower because everything is coordinated in one location, giving you a better deal, including lodging, transportation, and venue.


Increasing family ties

The family should do more than meet and greet, whether the union is scheduled or the couple has a love story to share. A destination wedding in India enables the families to stay together and spend quality time before and after the wedding to bond honestly and improve relationships with the in-laws.


More Cultural

Although hosting a wedding in a far-off location like the Maldives or Dubai may sound fun, not easy and challenging to organize a wedding there. However, wherever you choose to live in India, you will always be nearer to your culture. Additionally, since the hired pros will be familiar with the customs and requirements, you will need to provide little instruction and direction. The Indian wedding industry is well-equipped to fulfill your requests, whether a photo of the ceremony or the type of music you desire for your bridal entry.


Family vacation

When you arrange a destination wedding, you invite only close friends and family and reduce the number of guests. This presents an excellent opportunity for you to spend time with them. Destination weddings in India give you one or two days to spend with the couple, unlike typical weddings when the pair spends the entire evening thanking and congratulating guests on a stage. Almost like a lovely family vacation, which, in all honesty, becomes less and rarer as we get older due to the various obligations we all have in our life. An Indian destination wedding is a massive family holiday.


Beautiful Pictures

The pictures from a destination wedding in India are so beautiful that we can't stop gushing about them. Why limit the attention-grabbing aspects of your wedding photos to just your pre-wedding shoot poses? Your sundowner shots are always hilarious when you have a beach wedding. In the event of a palace wedding, the location's royal ambiance gives your photos more flair, making you look no less like the Raja & Rani. Since candid photography is so well-liked, we can ensure that your open images will end up in your wedding album.


Top 10 wedding destinations place in India where everyone wants to marry



Udaipur consistently tops lists of Indian locations regarded as ideal for weddings, and with good reason. The most beautiful environment for a royal ceremony is created by its pure blue skies, magnificent palaces, and lovely lakes. You can be sure that your wedding photos will be incredibly brilliant and colorful! One benefit is that after the festivities are complete, your guests will have enough to do, such as take sightseeing tours or partake in thrilling activities like boating on Pichola Lake. The most famous time for organizing weddings in Udaipur is from September to February.



Jaipur seems to be the ideal location for the most lavish wedding celebrations with its ancient palaces, beautiful forts, and big homes. It allows you to get married in opulent settings with picture-perfect surroundings and live like kings and queens. The local pagdiwass, mehndi artists, folk dancers, sarangi players, and others would add to the celebrations' grandeur. A benefit is that your guests can easily travel by plane, train, or even car to get to Jaipur. The most famous time for organizing weddings in Jaipur is from February to march.



It seems like a strange option, no? But you'd be astonished to learn how Kerala's serene and gorgeous environment may provide the ideal atmosphere for your union. Whether you decide to exchange vows on the sandy shores of Kovalam or the pristine backwaters of Alleppey, there are a variety of resorts that will instantly mesmerize your guests. By serving South Indian cuisine on banana leaves and hosting a party on a traditional houseboat, you can bring a little of Kerala's vibrant culture to your celebrations. Kerala's prime wedding season is from September to March.


Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Want to exchange vows in front of gorgeous skies, crystal-clear ocean, and golden sands far from the mainland? The first place that comes to mind is The Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Havelock Island boasts a lot of beachfront resorts where you can get married, even though the majority of it is off-limits to tourists. Did you know that you may reserve an entire island resort for your nuptials with the Indian Ocean as the backdrop? It would be best if you got married in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands because of its lovely climate. The wedding season in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is from September through May.



There is no way you can avoid considering finding your special someone in Goa when discussing being married by the sea. You can take various photos for your pre-wedding shoot because there are many locations to choose from, including pristine beaches, magnificent sunsets, historic churches, gorgeous resorts, and verdant forests. Besides planning Haldi and mehndi celebrations by the pool, rain dances in the middle of the ocean, or an eternal night of cocktails on the beach, you may also take advantage of Goa's party atmosphere. The entire year is the best time to have a wedding in Goa.



What could be more than getting married to the Taj Mahal as your backdrop? Exciting yes? Unquestionably, Agra is a fantastic site for a destination wedding because it can push the ideal buttons to rekindle your romance and deepen your relationship as you get ready to wed. Wouldn't it be fantastic to exchange vows in what is referred to be the Paradise of Lovers? Regarding location, Agra is home to many lavish resorts and hotels. The most famous time for organizing weddings in Agra is October to March.



You might think it is pretentious to start your marital life in Rishikesh, one of India's holiest cities. Taking the pheras along the Ganga River under the magnificent sky will be wonderful. Your wedding ceremony will have an unmatched sense of spirituality thanks to the sound of the river flowing by, mantra chanting, and bell ringing. There are several ideal wedding locations in Rishikesh from which to choose. Rishikesh's prime wedding season runs from October to March.



Do you envision your wedding taking place in the mountains? Mussoorie undoubtedly has the ideal picture-postcard setting for a romantic wedding. Everything about Mussoorie has a fantastic romantic vibe, from the lovely tree-covered hills to the surreal view of the sun setting against the Himalayas to the bright skies, cool breeze, and twinkling stars at night. Even before your D-Day, you can arrive and take some divine photos in the hill station's idyllic surroundings.

Early April to mid-July is the ideal time to hold a wedding in Mussoorie.


Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett is the ideal location if you have always wanted to get married somewhere exotic but don't want to spend a fortune. This tree-covered estate will give you and your partner the ideal opportunity to celebrate one of the most important days of your lives away from the hustle and bustle of the city and is quickly becoming a popular and reasonably priced wedding location in India. Imagine performing pheras beneath a lovely mandap amid cool mountain air and forested hills. The entire year is the best time to have a wedding in Jim Corbett.



While other wedding locations in India are very well-known, Shillong is a lesser-known but stunning location. The far-reaching green hills, the fantastic lakes, and the ethereal coniferous forests will also create the ideal atmosphere for your fantasy wedding. A wedding can be held here from March to June. Between November and February, Shillong transforms into a winter wonderland, and you can opt to get married in the cold. However, as the Scotland of the East experiences considerable rains during the monsoon season, we advise you to avoid those times.

There are many other locations across the nation where you might select to exchange your wedding vows, even though these Indian locations made our list of the top 10. You can also choose Hampi, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Gurugram, Kashmir, Hyderabad, or Bangalore for a royal palace wedding. Shimla, Lavasa, or Alibaug are good options if you want to get married in a natural setting. While you and your partner are united in holy matrimony, cities like Varanasi, Pushkar, Amritsar, Puri, and Madurai add a spiritual aura.

Choosing a wedding venue is a complex undertaking, regardless of the type of wedding you are planning, and we are aware of this. There are many factors to consider when planning your vacation wedding in India.


Tips for organizations of wedding destinations in India

Wedding destination

Selecting the appropriate kind of wedding destination is crucial. The word "destination" captures the very spirit of a destination wedding. This is entirely dependent upon your goals and dreams. Please choose a city or location following, whether it is a beach wedding, a castle wedding, a wedding in the mountains, or a wedding in the desert.


Location of the Venue:

The venue's location is quite essential. When you have a destination wedding, it is evident that you and your guests are taking a road, train, or airline to get there. Make sure the location of your wedding is simple to get from the airport, bus stop, or train station. Additionally, you can offer to pick up and drop off visitors at the event from these locations.


Number of guests

A destination wedding in India differs significantly from a residential wedding in terms of the number of guests. The number of guests you will invite must be considered when choosing the wedding venue and destination. This number will also affect the venue's size. The cost of lodging, catering, and other fees varies depending on how many guests you invite. The typical age range of your visitors is an additional factor that you may wish to take into account. For instance, choosing a hill station or a wedding location that requires a lot of stairs is a poor idea if you invite many guests over the age of 60.


The overall wedding budget:

The wedding budget will be vital in helping you choose your destination wedding in India. The total wedding budget you have in mind will make more informed decisions about the location, suppliers, mode of transportation, number of guests, and other factors. You must also consider your budget when choosing a site. For instance, there are numerous beach locations for weddings in India; selecting the best one depends on your budget and many guests' timing considerations.


Wedding date

Avoid organizing your destination wedding on a day or during a season when it rains in that place unless you are mainly planning a monsoon wedding. Do some study, or perhaps your wedding planner can assist. If necessary, determine the ideal time of year to organize a wedding at that Indian location before setting your dates.


Vendors to Engage:

When choosing wedding vendors for a destination wedding in India, you must first decide whether you want to fly the preferred vendors from your city or another region or whether you want to hire local vendors that live in or near your wedding venue. You can then identify the kind of providers you wish to hire after you have clarity. You must decide in light of the immediate impact this will have on your wedding budget.