Sending a wedding invitation via WhatsApp is currently gradually gaining popularity in the wedding industry. If you don't know what they are, they are WhatsApp messages that you send to your guests to inform them of the wedding's dates and invite them to attend so they may wish the happy couple well. Event Planet doesn't want you to be left out, so we've put together a list of some fantastic and original WhatsApp wedding invitation cards that you may use for your wedding. Before the big day, check out these WhatsApp marriage invitation messages and card ideas.


Sending a wedding invitation using WhatsApp with the Photoshoot

The simplest way to send a WhatsApp marriage invitation message is with a photo of you and your fiancé and some text. Furthermore, it is a traditional method of creating a WhatsApp wedding invitation card. So now is your chance to have fun by dressing as your favorite character or visiting a fancy place.


WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Card sent over to a Couple from Two States

Here is a suggestion for a WhatsApp marriage invitation message to send to invite a couple to be married if they are from separate states. As a result, the text of the Indian wedding invitation for WhatsApp can include the couple's place of origin to give it a more personal touch.


WhatsApp Wedding invitation with the doodle:

 You'll be the subject of a caricature that an artist will make. The image's content can then be customized in many ways. So, here are some caricature-style WhatsApp marriage invitation messages and card design ideas. Additionally, Event Planet allows you to reserve a caricaturist for your WhatsApp wedding card.


A video-based WhatsApp marriage invitation

A video to send as a WhatsApp wedding invitation message that demonstrates your and your fiancé's love is one of the newest trends in the wedding industry. So take advantage of this opportunity to visit a stunning place and produce a lovely wedding invitation video for WhatsApp.


The Funny Wedding Invitation on WhatsApp

Do you plan to WhatsApp your pals to invite them to your wedding? So take advantage of this opportunity to make someone smile with a funny WhatsApp wedding invitation. Choose a comical WhatsApp wedding invitation message like this one instead of sending a formal invitation.!


On WhatsApp, a traditional Indian wedding invitation

For those of you who prefer to stay true to your roots, here is a sample WhatsApp marriage invitation message. Additionally, you can send WhatsApp marriage invitations that everyone will adore by using timeless traditional patterns in the color of your wedding!


Invitation to the destination wedding sent via WhatsApp

Considering a far-flung wedding? Then, it is crucial to send a WhatsApp wedding invitation message that includes the address of all of your guests. This thereby alerts your visitor to the leaves they will need to plan and gives them time to buy their tickets. Additionally, you can indicate the location in your WhatsApp wedding invitation card by including a map or skyline design.


WhatsApp Wedding Invitation: Contemporary Yet Traditional

Here are some traditional but contemporary Indian wedding invitations for friends and family to share on WhatsApp. Therefore, the mix of flowers and traditional hues with the most recent fashionable fonts and animation gives this WhatsApp wedding invite a modern yet Indian appeal.


Bollywood-inspired Whatsapp wedding invitation messages

Ever wanted to watch a wedding-themed movie? Now is your chance to be featured on your movie poster! The photographer will do his magic after you simply pick a movie where you are depicted as a couple and the stars are mentioned on the poster. How lovely is that?


Modern WhatsApp Wedding Invitation

Do you think there is beauty in simplicity? We agree, so here are some suggestions for WhatsApp wedding invitation messages that are ideal for a straightforward and understated wedding invitation card!


Invitation for WhatsApp Chat Wedding Invitation

It is increasingly fashionable to send out chat-style invitations that are highly unique, odd, and visually appealing. Sending your first WhatsApp chat wedding invitation to your family will provide you the opportunity to make a good first impression on your visitor.


WhatsApp Wedding Invitation Text Video

These videos are now so well-liked that even Ambani used one to invite his son to his engagement party. To share with your wedding guests, you may also create these WhatsApp wedding invitation text movies!


WhatsApp Marriage Invitation with your Love Story

A timeline of your relationship's development can be included in your WhatsApp wedding invitation message template. You can also include the dates of your first encounter, your first kiss, and the occasion she formally accepted your proposal! So, if you're creating a WhatsApp wedding invitation for friends, this content will provide a brief history of your life.


The WhatsApp wedding invitation from the comics

Do you and your fiancé enjoy comic books as much as I do? Then your WhatsApp marriage invitation message is your opportunity to finally appear in a comic of your own. Therefore, the story of his proposal or your first meeting and the subsequent journey might be depicted in the wedding invitation message strips.


WhatsApp Indian Wedding Invitation Text Message

We have you covered if you'd prefer to send a WhatsApp wedding invitation text as opposed to a WhatsApp wedding invitation card. Here are some WhatsApp marriage invitation texts that you may use to invite your friends and family to your Indian wedding.


Wedding invitation text for Indian WhatsApp:

Requesting your parents to send your WhatsApp wedding invitation message the old-fashioned way? Here are some examples of text messages that you can use as wedding invites on WhatsApp.


Wedding invitation message for friends on Indian WhatsApp:

With the help of these Indian WhatsApp wedding invitation messages for your friends, you may share the love and joy of your special day.


Formal Wedding Invitation Message For Whatsapp:

Take Formal text messages to take into consideration if you're looking for the best wedding invitation message on WhatsApp for sending to your colleagues.


The bride and groom's Whatsapp invitation message reads:

The most significant day in everyone's life is their wedding day. The bride and groom must also present their loved ones who have helped them during the process with exquisite invites. Thus, the bride and groom's Whatsapp invitation messages are provided below.


From Parents Whatsapp Message for Wedding Invitation:

Being a parent is an extremely difficult but rewarding job. The most painful experience is watching your child grow up and reach their wedding day. Every parent will agree that today is a very special occasion, thus it is crucial to involve everyone in your child's wedding and secure their approval. You need to send some effective wedding invitation messages on WhatsApp to ask people to attend your child's wedding.