Trending Hairstyles for Brides


Congratulations! Now as you are going to a bride, you have got the ring, the dress is hanging in your closet and finally, you are about to have the wedding of your dreams. Now, it's time to decide on a perfect hairstyle for your precious wedding look. A hairstyle for a wedding is very tough and tricky to choose as you need a hairstyle for a wedding that will highlight your facial features, and your dress and enhance your beauty.


Don't take tension, Take a deep breath! We are here to help you in choosing the best hairstyle for a wedding. How do I do my hair for my wedding? This question is asked by approximately all the brides and we are hair with answers to all your questions.


1. Hairstyle according to dress


Hairstyle for a wedding is not only depending on hair color, facial feature, and length of the hair but also depends on the dress that you have chosen to wear on your wedding day.


  • If you are going to wear Strapless or spaghetti strap dresses then prefer an all-down hairdo or a half-up, half-down hair look.

Hair Fall Down Style


  • If you are going with a higher neckline, then opt for an updo or a low style because this hairstyle will sweep some hair from your neck for showing your gorgeous dress.

Bun Hair


2. Hairstyle according to facial features


There is no perfect hairstyle, every hairstyle has its uniqueness and beauty. It's your facial feature that determines which hairstyle will look good on you. Every person has different facial features and if you have to think if any hairstyle is looking good on your cousin in her marriage then that is not compulsory to look good on you too.


a. Oval face

Oval Shape

If women have an oval face then she can go with a hairstyle such as buns, chignon, fringes, or half up half down.


b. Square face

Squar Shape hairstyle

For women with square faces, a low bun or free-flowing curls are good options. Alternatively, she can wear her hair down and perhaps part it in the middle to open up her face and soften the angles.


3. Heart-shaped face

Bride Hairstyle

Women with heart-shaped faces may wear hair parted slightly off-center or create it in the shape of a braid for their br7idal hair. You can also let it hang down so that it covers your chin's sides.


4. Rectangular face

Bride Hairstyple

Women with rectangular faces may pick up buns for your wedding. Your hair is arranged in a high bun with a top knot. You can also wear your hair loosely curled in sweeping waves. Your cheekbones will be highlighted, and your face will look wider.


5. Round Face

Round Hairstyle

Round Face women select side-parted hairstyles with sleek ponytails to give the appearance of higher cheekbones. For a more angular appearance, you could also wear your hair down with a deep side part.


3. Hairstyle for long hairs


For stunning women with long hair, these are the prettiest wedding hairstyles. There are many fantastic ideas for you, whether you choose to wear your hair up in a classic updo or down.


a. French Twists

French twist

Hairstyle with French Twists. This bridal hairstyle is timeless. The ideal answer for any wedding-related appearance. You choose whether to make it softer or lighter. The facial hair can be styled or pulled back.


b. High bun

High Bun

A high bun has subtle carelessness and natural beauty. The hairdo becomes even lighter when a few released hairs are scattered over the head. For adding volume, use a little roller.


c. Loose Wave

loose wave

Choose a loose wave hairstyle for the most natural appearance, this is the ideal choice. One of the most popular wedding hairstyles right now is the loose wave, which would look great on any bride. To create a wind illusion, it is best to curl the bang away from the face.


d. Half Up Half Down

Trending hairstyle preferred by all experts


e. Long Wedding Ponytail

Long Wedding Ponytail

 It represents richness and beauty.


f. Mermaid Braids

Bride Hairstyle

 Romantic and very simple and elegant hairstyles.


g. Classic updo

Bun Hairstyle

This hairstyle suits everyone.


4. Hairstyle for medium hairs


According to experts, drawing back hairstyles are best suited for medium hair.


a. Asymmetrical Twisted Updo


For bare or open shoulders looks gentle and simple.


b. Timeless chignon

bun hairstyle

 light with natural texture and suits all haircuts.


c. Low Bun

It adds gloss to your wedding look


d. Half Up Half Down For Medium Hair

It represents density and richness, It stays for a long time or long-lasting hairstyle.


e. Slightly Messy Curly Updo

For brides who want the light flying look.


f. Ponytail


For Casual Brides, it makes elegant and natural waves


5. Hairstyle for small hairs


For brides with haircuts, there are many lovely short wedding hairstyles to choose from. And the addition of the accessories will help to finish the bridal look.


a. One Side Pinned Hair

one side pinned hair

This is a unique style for a wedding look. If you use large flowers on side of the head as accessories it will make it more weightless.


b. Stylish Straight Bob

Straight Bob

It gives modern look to the bride and nowadays it is one of the tending short hair hairstyles.


c. Easy Side-Swept Hair

side swept hair

Its carless styling looks much more styling.


d. Wedding Headband

Wedding hairstyle

The headband is the perfect accessory for brides with short hair. It helps in creating something new, beautiful, and unique.


e. Small Braid Accent

Small Braid

This hairstyle look very natural. It is weightless and a great replacement for extra and heavy accessories.


6. Hairstyle for each wedding style


When you want to organize your wedding based on some themes then you also need to determine your hairstyle according to the theme.


a. Dreamy Elegant Look

dreamy e;legant hairstyle

Consider something straightforward yet stylish, such a messy low bun or medium bun, to create a beautiful, attractive wedding hairdo. Additionally, brides with long hair look stunning in loose waves.


b. Formal hairstyle for classic brides

formal hairstyle

It is the most opulent appearance. Bright touches can be added, such as red lips or novel manicures.


c. Retro like hairstyle 

Wedding hairstyles with a delicate bridal look are popular right now. It is ideal for a retro wedding.


7. Hairstyle for each hair type


When deciding on the ideal hairstyle for your wedding, there are several factors to take into account. The overall aesthetic that best suits each bride is largely determined by the length, texture, and wedding theme. The best bridal hairstyles for each hair type are listed here.


a. Hairstyles For Thin Hair For Weddings


Use a roller or hexagonal extensions to enhance volume. Additionally, the development of hairstyles will aid in styling. The invisible hairpin is better to the regular ones.


b. Hairstyle for straight hair

straight hair hairstyle

Low bun braided. Smooth, straight hair is suitable for bundling and braiding. Make a bun next; it looks really classy. Furthermore, this styling looks great on both long and short hair.


c. Hairstyle for curly hairs

curly hair

In the beginning, it is preferable to use a straightener to get smooth hair. The best black wedding hairstyles feature huge accents.


d. Hairstyle For Wavy Hair

wavy hair

It is better to curl your hair first, then style it into tidy curls as you work. You can even straighten your hair; it all depends on what the bride wants and how she wants to look for the wedding. To achieve a smoother result, use hair cream.


8. Braided Hairstyles


If we're talking about the natural wedding look, the braid suite braided hairstyle is a solid option. Braids feature delicate, harmonious lines that are fashionable on practically every bride.


a. French Braid Hairdos

french braid

 Represents classic wedding solutions.


b. Dutch Braids

Dutch Braids

 It will complete your laconic style.


c. Fishtail Braid

Bride hairstyle

Comets gentle look and with it use calm and modern accessories.


d. Stylish Crown With Milkmaid Braids

The best option for all outdoor weddings


e. Half-Up With A Waterfall Braid

It goes best with the open back dress and small earrings


f. Face Framing Lace Braids

 It is a natural option for an elegant and simple look.


g. Mermaid Braid Hairstyles

 It adds great volume and some falling strands.


9. Hairstyle with bangs


Any hairdo can work with the bangs. It can be used to braided hair or simply used to join the bang to the hairstyle.


a. Ideas with straight bangs

How about a high bun, it is the best variety of bangs.


b. Ideas with side bangs

Side bangs are possible for almost all hairstyles. Before going with side bangs think about how to make it unique according to me use petals and flowers to decorate your hair to make it unique and more attractive.


c. Trendy Curtain Bangs

This hairstyle is known as trending g hairstyle for brides. The messy styling of this hairstyle adds charm in the look.