Unique and amazing South Indian Bridal Jewellery Sets For 2023 Brides

When a traditional South Indian bride wears lavish South Indian bridal jewellery, she resembles a goddess in every way. So, when wearing a classic Kanjeevaram saree, a South Indian bride might also evoke the spirit of an Indian goddess. And in the most trendy way, South Indian brides maintain their status while remaining genuine and faithful to their traditions.

Therefore, we've compiled a list of all the South Indian bridal jewellery that accents a bride's most vital look to aid you in making the right selections. It will also complete the appearance of your South Indian bridal jewellery set. Here is our guide to the many South Indian bridal jewellery items to assist you in deciding how you want to dress for your wedding:


Primary to South Indian Bridal Jewelry Set: Maang Tikas

A Nethi Chutti, also known as the Maang tika, is a crucial component of any South Indian bridal jewellery. It does so because a bride's grace and attractiveness are enhanced. They are therefore intricately crafted ornamental items. Additionally, it has numerous precious stone inlays, including rubies, diamonds, sapphires, and pearl clusters. As a result, it is positioned in the middle of the bride's forehead. Despite the fact that there are numerous available styles. On a South Indian bride, however, a traditional Nethi Chutti in temple jewellery design appears radiant and exquisite.


Layered chains and necklaces are essential components of South Indian wedding jewellery.

A bride from South India is wearing bulky gold necklaces. which include a choker set with priceless stones. In essence, the South Indian bridal jewellery set consists of a statement necklace and several more tiered chains. South Indian jewellery patterns include Kasu Mala (Kaasumala), Palakka Mala, Nagapada Thali, Karimani Mala, Mullamottu Mala, Mango Mala, etc.


Armlets for a South Indian Bride: Baju Bandh/Vanki

Well-known South Indian temple jewellery patterns can be seen on wedding baju bandhas. Thus, baju bandhs highlight the attractiveness of a traditional South Indian bride. They also have a big part in the South Indian bridal jewellery collection. Try to choose a shirt with a cap or shorter sleeves when wearing a vanki. It is because it will successfully draw attention to it. They are therefore appropriate for displaying your beautiful vanki.


South Indian hair ornaments for brides

Long hair is typically braided for South Indian brides. And it has flowers or carefully created, one-of-a-kind hair jewellery as decorations. Thus, they add flair and sparkle to the otherwise plain and straightforward braid. Additionally, brides have a variety of braided jewellery options. As a result, the jewellery for their South Indian hair jewellery could be temple jewellery or even ones with diamonds. But nowadays, brides also choose to have a strip of jewellery wrapped around their entire braid. Additionally, it will give the impression that the braid is composed of diamonds or old gold. So, Kanjeevaram sarees go well with this style of South Indian hair jewellery.


Nose rings: A Popular South Indian Wedding Trend

The nose ring/nose pin is a conventional style that has evolved with the times and entered the South Indian bridal jewellery set. Additionally, it's crucial to pick the ideal nose ring for your face shape. South Indian brides are thus seen donning both types of understated yet stylish nose pins. Additionally, they decide on a larger, more ornate nose ring.


Manga Malai

Another well-liked piece of South Indian bridal jewellery is the manga malai or mango necklace. When worn with Kanjeevaram sarees, one can look elegant at weddings and other events. The necklace's incorporation of mango forms in the design gave rise to the name. The unconventional design gives the bridal outfit more originality.


South Indian bridal jewellery designs by Kamarbandh

South Indian brides have an enduring aura about them. Therefore, everything from her sari to the substantial South Indian wedding jewellery might be included. Additionally, she looks stunning yet composed because to the Kamarbandh, which completes the look.


South Indian traditional bangles

Every South Indian bride's favourite piece of temple jewellery is the bangle, also known as valayal in Tamil, gajju in Telugu, and bale in Kannada. As a result, they complement traditional South Indian sarees amazingly well despite being heavy and beautifully constructed.


Saltla Haar

The Nizams of Hyderabad's Satlada haar, a wedding adornment, has found its way into South Indian wedding jewellery sets. Seven layers of golden chains and tiny pearls make up the necklace. Along with the pearls, several priceless jewels like rubies, emeralds, diamonds, etc. may also be present. The Satlada Haar is a striking decoration that lends an air of regal beauty. Brides can wear the Satlada Haar alone or with a choker.


Temple jewellery Jhumki

A South Indian woman has a variety of earrings to pick from to go with her bridal saree. further influenced by temple architecture and idols of gods. As a result, these jhumkis, or South Indian bridal jewellery, can be rather weighty. In order to make it easier to endure lengthy pujas, some brides choose for more delicate and light patterns.


Floral Jewellry

Floral or flower jewellery is one of the most recent trends in South Indian bridal jewellery sets. These modern ensembles give the bridal look some freshness and are ideal for events like Haldi. Brides are choosing floral jewellery sets with flower necklaces, earrings, maang tikas, and other accessories more frequently these days.


Sets of old Indian Jewellery from the south

South Indian bridal jewellery is typically made with a lot of gold. And the best illustration would be antique jewellery sets. South Indian brides have long preferred ancient jewellery, which ranges from Kundan haars to gold beaded chains. The antique jewellery lends a traditional yet timeless quality in addition to adding richness. The bridal look gains a certain amount of delicacy as a result.


The Finishing Touch for a South Indian Bridal Look: Anklets and Toe Rings

A South Indian wedding jewellery outfit would not be complete without anklets and toe rings. And they increase the South Indian bride's glamour. They, therefore come in various styles, and brides can select from options that are heavier or lighter.

These South Indian wedding jewellery inspirations are ideal for future brides since they have the ideal balance of Elegance, Royalty, and Simplicity. And it's for brides who adore maintaining their ethnicity whilst keeping up with current trends. So stick to the traditional style. But don't forget to play about with the appearance.