Want to Plan a Destination Wedding? Here are some Tips and Tricks for Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding? But are you becoming perplexed and troubled by your thoughts about how things will turn out? Take no stress; we have gathered the greatest Tips and Tricks for a Destination Wedding from seasoned professionals. We are familiar with the procedure. As soon as you become engaged, you may think, "Gosh, organising a small wedding sounds like so much labour. How about a modest destination wedding instead? You begin contacting far-off suppliers and making travel arrangements when all of a sudden you realise, "Wow, this is MUCH harder than I imagined." This story is all too familiar to us. A big local wedding is considerably easier to plan than one that is far away. So, we are here with some Tips and Tricks for a Destination Wedding to help you in planning your destination wedding smoothly.


Some Tips and Tricks For Destination Wedding 


Tip:1 Send Packages Ahead!

Send Package

Make sure to ship your fragile décor, especially if you intend to bring a lot of it with you on your trip abroad, at least two to three weeks beforehand. This allows for delivery with plenty of lead time and reasonable shipping costs, as well as inspection on the receiving end in case anything does break or becomes damaged.


Tip:2 Hire Local Planners


Hire a wedding coordinator who is knowledgeable about the area or has experience with destination weddings. They will be able to guide you in choosing the best regional locations, activities, and vendors. They will also be aware of interesting "insider" information to provide even more uniqueness and customization to your wedding or event.


Tip:3 Local Planner must have a connection with local Vendors


The wedding planner should be Hired. Destination wedding planning can be full-time work, and the bride probably already has one of her own where she is compensated. The main point of contact for vendors, support with your timeline, new creative ideas, and control of the setup and details of the weekend of your wedding are all things that planners can provide. Additionally, planners have extensive vendor lists and can help you locate the ideal location for your ceremony, a photographer who matches your aesthetic, a florist who will work within your financial constraints, and much more.


Tip:4 Keep your nature welcoming!

Greeting guest

Keep in mind that your visitors are here to see you and your special someone! Take the necessary actions to make them feel at home as they are travelling a great distance. Your guests will feel liked and cherished during their stay if you provide them with things like welcome packages, suggestions for things to do while they're in town, maps, itineraries, and even games to play in their hotel rooms.


Tip:5 Don't forget to inform guests as soon as you plan your destination wedding.

don't forget

Providing your guests with information about the area's attractions, the event's schedule, and the weather will help them prepare their luggage. For these clients, we always have a wedding website so they can put it on their save-the-dates and their guests can start making plans. Additionally, we enjoy including items from the area in the welcome bags for visitors to help them get a sense of the place.


Tip:6 Email backup for welcome bags

emial backup

Fill them up with all the essentials, then top them off with water and a couple of local delicacies. Give them a thorough schedule of events, contact information for your event planner, and a specific itinerary, and they will be ready to go! In case guests lose their information, this item should also be given by email so that it can be found. If the budget permits, nightly turn-down gifts tied to the events of the following day are a delightful addition that is greatly appreciated by guests.


Tip:7 Be Kind to Others!

Despite having five-star resorts and top-notch service, so many of the stunning sites for destination weddings are struggling economically. Visit a charitable organisation that is close to your heart to give back to the community. You should be able to get this set up through your event planner, and you'll be happy you did. You can even donate in your guests' names instead of party favours.


Tip:8 Skip the busy weekends.

When arranging a wedding at a location over a holiday weekend, especially on the beaches, you may want to consider the transport details for getting your guests to your wedding because not everyone is aware of how hectic popular tourist spots may be. Some areas begin their peak seasons during particular holiday weekends or times when students are on vacation. If at all possible, avoid making your guests endure heavy traffic on their way to or from your location or charging them exorbitant rates for hotels or flights. You'll probably pay much higher during those weekends as a result.


Tip:9 Ask politely. It's Worthy.

ask politely

Your vendor team's travel expenses might not always be included. Some suppliers, such as photographers and videographers, would adore the chance to participate in destination events for their portfolios and could go for a travel fee. Furthermore, don't feel constrained by the vendor options in your target city. It never hurts to approach a local vendor you're in love with and whether they'd like to be a part of your special day.


Tip:10 Small Gestures Matter a lot


travel book

I would HIGHLY recommend making a list of all the crucial details about the country that your guests need to know if it's a destination that many of them haven't been to yet. We made a "travel book" with all the necessary information on currency exchange rates, transportation, cultural differences, and some of our favourite phrases for one of our weddings. A small gesture can go a long way in helping your guests feel more at ease before your destination event!


Tips and Tricks for a destination wedding will help you in planning a wonderful and memorable wedding and if you are facing any other problem contact us at "Event Planet", We are here to help with all your problems in planning a wedding.