The wedding boom is here, and couples are prepared to have the biggest wedding celebrations in 2022. Larger guest lists, destination weddings, and significant design moments are making weddings more like they once were, yet there are still some limitations.

This year, we are also observing that couples are usually more intentional with everything, emphasizing the guest experience, producing more customized elements, and spending more money per guest to make them feel truly engaged in the experience. For more information about the current and next wedding trends, keep reading!

Relaxed Luxury

The Big Fat Indian wedding will always be known for its outrageous extravagance and international novelty, but during the past two years, casual luxury has begun to gain ground. People now favor intimate gatherings over fussy affairs over formality, a trend that is largely attributable to the pandemic.

A rise in digital technology in the wedding sector:

The survey claims that the sector is adopting digitally faster due to safety concerns, a lack of in-person interactions with wedding vendors, and other factors. Except for venues, 70% of couples hired their vendors offline, and 54% of couples booked their vendors through apps, social media, etc. In addition, as a more economical method of communication, more and more couples are sending e-invitations as opposed to only traditional ones. As many as 90% of these couples claim they sent an e-invitation (some with real cards, others without)!

Narrating stories through food:

One of the most significant and lasting aspects of your wedding celebration is the cuisine, and more and more couples are choosing unique and customized meals. Food or ideas that are particularly important to your love stories, such as your first date, first anniversary, favorite restaurants, favorite trip, or special memories, are terrific ways to connect. It not only gives your party a unique touch but also leaves a lasting impact on your visitors.

The guidelines for wedding entertainment have been revised.

Celebrations increasingly include a significant amount of entertainment, not just live music and dancing acts. After two difficult years, couples want to celebrate with their loved ones, be let free, and have a good time at all of their events, not just Sangeet night. So couples are embracing creative photo booth concepts, disco nights, rain dances, stand-up comedy, in-person live entertainment, circus acts, magic shows, dance floors that spill out onto the beach, and much more to inject some fun and uniqueness into every occasion.

Fairytale Luminous:

While there are several options for decorations, fairytale lighting cannot be beaten for adding that unmistakable magic to your celebrations. They instantly lend a romantic, elusive touch to any decor setting and can be used in myriad ways to make your wedding special. They are ideal for both small and large weddings. You may utilize these adaptable lights to fit your theme or location, from lit installations, design areas, or mandaps to perimeter tree lights, sparkling canopies, beautiful entryways, and more.

Pearl adornments are used on wedding dresses:

As more people fall in love with the delicate, precious stone, not only for jewelry but also as embellishments on bridal gowns, sarees, and lehengas, pearls' timeless attractiveness is luring brides. Substitute priceless pearl artistry for the customary sequins on your bridal garments for a unique look. To start small or go all out with all-over work on an evening gown or your bridal lehenga, look for pearl edging or embroidered on sarees and dupattas.

Dressing for dopamine

Dopamine dressing, also known as "mood-enhancing" dressing, is a styling method that links appearance to mental state. It has been more popular since the epidemic since people are eager to celebrate fully and go all out. To make people feel good and bring more joy and excitement to celebrations, outrageous colors, styles, and accessories are guaranteed to become more popular.


People worldwide have recently shown their compassionate side due to their cooperation in fighting a pandemic. Weddings and celebrations, like everything else, are becoming more considerate as more couples decide to honor their special day by giving back to society. Examples include:

  • Managing wedding waste.
  • Distributing food to the less fortunate.
  • Asking guests to make charitable donations rather than bring gifts.

The Wedding-Sutra Charity Registry is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your wedding delight while transforming lives.

Travel has returned!

The lifting of travel restrictions in most countries has been wonderful news for individuals worldwide, especially couples, as they may finally plan their ideal celebration or honeymoon at their preferred locations. This comes after months of at-home weddings and staycation honeymoons. However, do remember to observe health measures to enjoy your celebrations safely and be mindful of the travel guidelines and health advisories of the locations you visit.

Therefore, we organize your wedding in such a way that both the couple and their families will have unforgettable memories.