What Are The Trending Punjabi Wedding Dresses?

Punjabi wedding customs have developed over time and are a significant manifestation of Punjabi culture. Unquestionably, Punjabis are among the most giving and compassionate people. Punjabi wedding dresses are quite popular both in India and abroad. A Punjabi bride wearing a gorgeously embroidered Punjabi lehenga will look stunning in a well-made sherwani.

Many Punjabis reside outside of India yet remain firmly rooted in and practice their traditions there. Their rituals, dress regulations, and wedding customs have affected other Indian cultures, giving their weddings a respectable atmosphere.

What Punjabi wedding dresses in opposing colors would be ideal for the bride and groom to wear?


  • A scarlet turban and a maroon lehenga look great together with a patterned sherwani in a golden tint.
  • The red or pink lehenga will look finest with a sherwani in the hue mint.
  • The pre-wedding events will also look fantastic in bright yellow and sky blue.


Trending Punjabi Colours For Brides and Grooms

What trending Punjabi wedding dress colors should the Punjabi bride and groom wear to kill it at their wedding? At the moment, pastel colors are popular for both the bride and the groom. If your wedding is scheduled for the morning, you can choose any pastel color type to get a wonderful appearance. For a nighttime Punjabi wedding, you can choose vibrant hues like crimson, which is a favorite of many Punjabi brides, and gold for the husband, who wears a sherwani.


Punjabi Wedding Dresses for Grooms

Male Punjabis have a warrior mentality, and they take great pleasure in their turban, which is their most valuable possession. The groom must wear a suit that exudes class and elegance befitting of a warrior.


Printed mint sherwani: Punjabi wedding dress option

The groom should wear this mint-colored sherwani to complete his stylish, decency-oriented, and magnificent groom look. Any hue of lehenga can be readily contrasted with this mint sherwani.


Sherwani Jacket For A Punjabi Wedding Dress

The groom must appear to be nothing less than Royal at his wedding to be a showstopper. Therefore, he looks the finest in these jackets and sherwanis.


Floral sherwani

Although it has a busy floral print, this sherwani is decent and stylish and will give you a weighty look. This outfit can be styled with a few accessories. And a green turban will look stunning with the floral patterns on the material.


Achkan Sherwani: A Punjabi wedding dress

Designs from the Achkan era are timeless. Achkan-style clothing is the greatest choice for a good appearance, and this design sherwani will make you look sharp on your wedding day.


Sherwani In A Pastel Color For A Punjabi Wedding dress

Morning weddings in Punjab use pastel colors that are incredibly calming to the eyes. A turban would brighten the look, and a cantaloupe-colored sherwani with a lovely white design would be a wonderful choice. The sherwani looks gorgeous when worn by the groom with a long dupatta and a five-layered pearl neckpiece.


Anarkali Sherwani

Anarkali dresses aren't exclusively for women; guys can also wear them. This beige-colored ready-made pure silk mandarin collar full-sleeved sherwani should be worn with a white tissue fabric Anarkali kurta to appear well-dressed. A designer kali might be added to the safa by the groom to honor the occasion.


Punjabi wedding dresses for brides

The wedding attire of the Punjabis is an example of elegance and beauty. The bride's wedding gown is made up of lovely hues that convey a sense of beauty and striking accents. Here is a selection of wedding dresses for brides to rock.


Lehenga, A traditional Punjabi wedding dress

The lehenga is the first dress that comes to mind when we consider a wedding. The bride's lehenga, which also has an attractive double dupatta, has a broad variety of styles and designs. A bride can accessorize these lehengas with a stunning choker necklace and one-sided heavy matha patti designs for a stunning appearance.


The Salwar Kameez

The trend among Punjabi brides is the salwar kameez. On their wedding day, Punjabi ladies typically don salwar kameez. It can be worn with maangtika or other bulky gold jewelry.


Dresses for weddings in pure pastel colors

The greatest colors for a morning wedding are these pastel hues. In broad daylight, these hues accentuate the bride's elegance and command admiration. On their big day, most celebrities also wear similar pastel colors. If you like to follow trends, you can just choose these pastel hues.


Embellished Bridal Lehenga in Multiple Colors

The bride looks gorgeous in one of these colorful lehengas on her wedding day. This outfit can be complemented with a double dupatta. Although the two dupattas are of different colors, they complement the bride's lehenga well.


Green lehengas are Punjabi Wedding Dress

These days, Punjabi weddings frequently feature these dark green flowery lehengas. The market is currently showcasing lehengas with dark colors and floral prints. The Punjabi wedding dress takes on a distinctive appearance when rich Kundan jewellery is added to this selection.


Anarkali Wedding Wear in Punjab

The popularity of Anarkali suits has endured for a very long time and will do so in the future. Put on this Anarkali suit to draw attention from the public. Heavy prints by Lehariya, Bandhej, and Mothra on Anarkali enhance the bride's grace.


Punjabi Wedding Dress: Saree

All weddings undoubtedly have sarees, and in a Punjabi wedding, the bride also dons a saree to complete her stylish and lovely appearance in addition to the bhangra and dhol. It's true what they say—a Punjabi wedding would be lacking in sparkle and glamour without a saree. In contrast, a bride can choose hues that differ from the groom's sherwani. A spectacular appearance can be achieved by jewelry with heavy jematha paid a designer matha patti. If your wedding is scheduled for the evening, this appearance will work great.

Here are a few of the nicest Punjabi Wedding Dresses for the bride and groom to rock at their wedding. One of the main questions asked by many people that, Can a bride who is not Punjabi wear these Punjabi Wedding Dresses? Of course, you can simply pair these dresses with your cultural accessories to achieve an intercultural wedding feel. Check out or connect to Event Planet to get more interesting and nicest wedding dress ideas for both the grooms and brides.